America's 10 most highly taxed destinations for travelers


Published December 18, 2013

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America's 10 most highly taxed destinations for travelers

America's 10 most highly taxed destinations for travelers

In some popular destinations, tourism taxes are adding big bucks to your daily vacation spend.

Chicago: $41.04 a day

The Windy City taxes its visitors on almost every front: a 9.25-percent sales tax, a 16-percent hotel tax, a deep-dish 10.75-percent restaurant tax and a whopping 20 percent on car rentals—and that’s before the extra car rental flat tax of $2.75 per day.

New York City: $38.65 a day

Here's why you should embrace the subway when visiting the Big Apple: the car rental tax nears 20 percent a day. Otherwise, NYC sends the taxman to collect 18 percent at hotels, which includes a daily $2.50 flat tax. By comparison, the 8.88-percent restaurant and sales taxes seem pretty mild.

Minneapolis: $36.70 a day

This Minnesota twin city tops the charts for the highest car rental tax in the land—almost 22 percent a day—as well as the highest restaurant tax, at 10.78 percent. But there’s good news if you’re heading to the Mall of America: shoppers pay no sales tax on clothes or shoes.

Kansas City: $36.61 a day

The Missouri city has one of the highest hotel tax rates in the country—an overall 17.27 percent, when you factor in a daily flat tax of $1.50. Car rentals also carry a $4-a-day flat tax beyond the basic 15-percent rate.

Indianapolis: $36.00 a day

Hotel taxes in this Indiana hub are a steep 17 percent, and there’s also a 17-percent car rental tax, and a 9-percent restaurant tax.

Cleveland: $35.41 a day

This Ohio city plays it tough with tourists, ranking in the top 10 for both hotel taxes (16.5 percent) and car rentals (18.52 percent, including a $6-a-day flat tax). The local sales tax also pushes 8 percent.

Boston: $35.32 a day

Beantown is fairly tourist-friendly when it comes to both hotels (14.45 percent) and sales tax (just 6.25 percent). But car rentals carry a tax of nearly 24 percent a day, including a daunting $10-a-day flat tax.

Seattle: $35.11 a day

While the Emerald city lands among the 10 worst for car rental taxes (17.2 percent), what pushes Seattle into the overall most-taxed list is its 9.5-percent sales and restaurant taxes.

Nashville: $34.75 a day

Shopping and eating out add up fast in Music City—9.25-percent taxes for each—and the hotel tax approaches 18 percent, thanks to a daily flat tax of $2.50.

Houston: $34.16 a day

The old saying that “everything is big in Texas” loses its charm when those things are taxes. Your car rental comes with a 15-percent tax, the sales tax is 8.25 percent and hotels lob on a 17-percent tax.

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