Sneak peek of Walt Disney World's new 'Avatar Land'

Published October 17, 2013


Sneak peek of Walt Disney World's new 'Avatar Land'

Sneak peek of Walt Disney World's new 'Avatar Land'

Recently released renderings show a world of floating mountains and bioluminescent plants.

Soar on the back of a Banshee

Staggs said that he wanted guests to "discover what it feels like to soar in the sky riding a Banshee."  In this artist rendering, it looks like they may get that chance, as colorfully plumed Banshees --the fictional bird-like predators in the film -- carry park guests. It's all part of new nighttime shows and rides.

Party late under the Tree of Life

Animal Kingdom, the location of Avatar Land, will stay open later for guests.  Outside, the Tree of Life will be transformed into the “Mother Tree” from the movie. At night the park will use electronics and light projections during a new nighttime experience.

Explore the Avatar jungle

Guests will be able to wander through a nighttime jungle of bioluminescent plants  that are alive with light and sound. According to Disney, guests will also be able to encounter floating mountains, just as in the movie. 

Take a boat ride through bioluminescent plants

Renderings show guests taking a boat ride through a land of bioluminescent plants and strange fauna. Along with Avatar Land, the park will have nighttime entertainment, including live performers on Discovery Island and a new nighttime version of the Kilimanjaro Safaris. Disney said that Avatar Land is expected to open in 2017.