Chinese officials release guidebook on how its tourists should behave abroad

A page in the handbook tells travelers to give up their seats for the elderly.

A page in the handbook tells travelers to give up their seats for the elderly.

Chinese authorities are warning its citizens to not pick their nose, pee in pools or steal life jackets while traveling aboard. 

Following a string of incidents where Chinese tourists were criticized for being bad global travelers, China’s National Tourism Administration released a new guidebook outlining social etiquette for its tourists.

According to Sky News, the 64-page Guidebook to Civilised Tourism, provides tourists with a list of dos and don’ts, including instructions not to pick your nose in public, leave footprints on public toilet seats, or steal life jackets.

It also warned travelers not to use their fingers to pick their teeth, and, when in Germany, only snap their fingers to beckon dogs, not humans. Those traveling to Japan, it warned, should not to play with their clothes or hair during a meal.

Chinese tourists have recently been ruffling feathers with their behavior. In July, a 15-year-old received international condemnation after he wrote graffiti on a wall with 3,500-year-old hieroglyphics at Egypt’s Luxor Temple. Following that, visitors to North Korea were accused of throwing candy at local children "like they’re feeding ducks." 

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Vice Premier Wang Yang warned that Chinese tourists were developing a stereotype of "uncivilised behaviour" which is damaging the “image of the Chinese people."