As the leaves begin to change and people pull out their winter coats, squeezing in an extra trip before the holiday season sounds like a good idea to many.

At Hotwire we make it our jobs to stay on top of travel trends to make trip planning a bit easier --and cheaper, too.

America's booking habits are changing and this is influencing the destinations that turn into deals, and when those deals show up. The abundance of mobile apps and mobile-specific discounts are shifting people’s preferences on when they book – with many travelers opting to book at the very last minute.

Providers in several cities are adapting to the increase in mobile bookings by waiting until the very last minute to drop prices or offer up deals on sites like Hotwire. This can be confusing because seasonal price reductions may happen later than normal, which can make it seem like a destination is going to be pricey all season long. 

In reality, there’s still a chance that a given city will actually shape up to be quite a deal market in the end. 

To help travelers navigate this changing environment, we’ve sifted through our wealth of data and picked the brains of both our internal experts and our travel partners. 

The result is a list of cities that pinpoints where to look for deals this upcoming fall. Even if prices seem a little high right now, just sit back and wait.