Cedar Point amusement park in northern Ohio says its new rides--part of the line up of the park's new thrills next year--will include one that blends features of a spinning thrill ride and a roller coaster.

The ride, called Pipe Scream, seats passengers in a carriage that spins horizontally as it rolls along the hills of a wavy, 300-foot track at a maximum height of 43 feet above the midway and top speed of 43 MPH.

A second addition to the Sandusky park's midway will carry riders in eight suspended carriages and simulate flight. Called Lake Erie Eagles, it will send visitors more than 28 feet above the ground.

[youtube -eyjjSZkMbQ]

These rides are part of the park's planned updates for next year, which also includes changes to rides in a family-focused area.

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The kid-friendly ride Frog Hopper will be relocated to family-focused Camp Snoopy section of the park and re-themed as Woodstock’s Airmail. Also, the Jr. Gemini roller coaster will be renamed Wilderness Run and its entrance will be moved into Camp Snoopy.

Cedar Point also said its two-year renovation project to Hotel Breakers will begin this winter and be carried out in two phases.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.