How to unplug on vacation

Published August 26, 2013


How to unplug on vacation

How to unplug on vacation

We’ve all been guilty of this: checking in at the office while on vacation.  

Bring an old-fashioned camera

If you normally take pictures with your phone, use a digital camera instead. If you don’t have a digital camera, a good old fashioned SLR (the one where you use real film) or disposable one will work just fine.  You’ll be less tempted to share images on Facebook and other photo sharing platforms if you don’t have access to it.

Scrap your apps

Addicted to killing time with Temple Run or on Facebook?  Delete the apps from your phone before you leave.  Don’t worry; you can reinstall them after you get back.

Do Internet-related searches before you leave

Go into pre-planning mode and research all your maps, site locations and restaurant recommendations before you leave.  Take a real travel guidebook for backup--  and then leave your cell phone at the hotel –or better yet, at home.

Set a time to check voice mail

You put your out-of-office message on your office email account, but on occasion, you may have to check in with work to deal with an emergency.  To protect your down time, set up a time of day when you can respond to urgent voice and mail messages.  But remember to stick to it.

Allow time for re-entry

Knowing that you have hundreds of unread emails waiting for you the Monday you’re back from vacation can ruin your vacation.  That’s why you should allot some time amid your unpacking to go through emails and reconnect with your team.  You can set up a time and date ahead of time so the first day back isn’t a scramble.