I get asked this question most by friends and family during the summer: where are the deals right now? 

We all know that finding great bargains during the summer can be a daunting task, and finding one at the last minute – well, most people probably consider that nearly impossible. But, with some insider tips and hints on exactly where to look and when to book, getting a last-minute, late-summer getaway is very possible. And the destinations where you can score those deals will surprise you even more. 

By looking at hotel bookings made at the last minute so far this summer (within a week or so of check-in), as well as those made with more time to spare, I was able to uncover great cities that are offering larger discounts to travelers the closer in they book this season.

It may be surprising to see popular destinations like Chicago, D.C., Seattle and Los Angeles on this list, but their popularity actually leads to big last-minute savings. 

Each of these cities hosts a large amount of both business and leisure travelers, so there’s a high volume of hotels to accommodate visitors. As a result, there are often more hotel rooms than travelers, but hotels usually don’t know that will be the case until the very last minute. 

This means that they will drop prices as you approach the date of travel to entice people to book – often offering the biggest discounts the day of arrival. So if you don’t mind a little spontaneity on exactly where you’ll be staying, I recommend showing up in your destination of choice and booking your hotel while on-the-go. You’re likely to find some of the deepest savings this way.

Here are the top 10 cities that are offering fantastic last-minute savings for summer: