In case you missed it, it's hot out there. The northeastern United States is trapped in a scorching summer heat wave. To make things worse, forecasters predict no relief. Instead, they call for stagnant, sticky air and no wind.

"Plain and simple, this week may feel the worst of any week for this summer in the Northeast," said meteorologist Alex Sosnowski told Reuters. "The I-95 region will be a virtual sauna bath," he said.

If you can't literally escape the heat, you can at least do so in your mind (we put in the icy, snowy pictures to help.). Using data from the NOAA's National Climatic Data Center, we've compiled a list of some of the coldest cities in America.

To keep this list from being dominated by one or two states, we simply picked the coldest locations in several states across the county.

So mentally strap on your parka and journey with us to some of the cooler cities in America.