Love the thrill of downhill sports? Lose your woolly socks and thermal fleece and get ready for sandboarding—arguably the coolest new way to have fun on a beach or desert getaway.
Kids have long been sledding down sand dunes on pieces of cardboard and plastic snow sleds. 

But in recent years, surfers and out-of-season snowboarders have taken it to the next level with sandboarding—riding down dunes on boards and sleds made out of a slicker material that glides on sand.

Want to try sandboarding or sand sledding on your next getaway? A waxed snowboard or snow saucer will probably do. If your kids are up for serious careening, then you’ll want to rent boards and sleds made specifically for sand.

While this emerging sport is a natural fit for beach destinations, some of the best places to try sandboarding and sand sledding may surprise you. (Michigan and Colorado? Who knew?) Here are five of the best dune destinations in the United States: