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China opens world's first panda hotel

  • panda_hotel4_reuters.jpg

    The Haoduo Panda Hotel has 32 single, twin or double rooms. (Reuters)

  • panda_hotel1.jpg

    Cuddly creatures come with these rooms, painted in bright colors --and in black and white. (AFP)

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    Even pandas need a break for tea once in awhile. (Reuters)

  • panda_hotel2.jpg

    Panda decorations include black and white beds, tables, murals and panda paw prints on wardrobes. (AFP)

  • panda_hotel3.jpg

    An employee dressed up as a panda sits on the bed in a themed room that depicts a scene from the "Titanic" movie. (AFP)

It's pure panda-monium.  A Chinese hotel in the country's Sichuan province has claimed to be the world's first hotel dedicated expressly for pandas.

The Haoduo Panda Hotel, which lies at the foot of Emei Mountain near the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding facility, has decked out its rooms with panda pictures, cuddly panda toys and furniture decorated with the endangered animal.  Like other theme hotels, such as at Disney resorts, the staff even dress in panda costumes so guests can have a real-live panda experience. 

The themed guest rooms have panda-painted walls, and one appears to show a scene from the "Titanic" movie where Kate Winslet stands on the bow of the ship while Leonard DiCaprio stands behind her. 

The hotel, which officially opens in May, have room rates that range from US$48 to $80 per night.