Chic hotels with gorgeous gold rooms



Though they can quickly turn from gilded to just plain gaudy, gold style accents (done right) are some of our favorite design trends, and can bring a unique luster to any room. So whether they have subtle metallic accents throughout, or are just unabashedly gold from every angle, these are our favorite rooms for feeling royal on the road. After all, you don’t have to be The Donald to appreciate the finer things in life. Just take a look at some of these gilded greats: When it comes to giving us the royal treatment, these rooms have the Midas touch.

The Gold Room at the Michelberger Hotel shines from top to bottom.

Hotel: Michelberger Hotel, Berlin

Stay: The Gold Room

Undoubtedly one of our favorite gold rooms for its sheer commitment to the look, the Gold Room at this Berlin boutique is eccentric, playful, and just plain fabulous. Take look at the disco-inspired bathroom. Even in all it’s metallic glory, the room has a romantic vibe — complete with an in-room whirlpool —  that is sure set the mood for any guests lucky enough to spend the night in its opulence.

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Live like a Queen (or King!) in the Royal Suite at the Palace in New York.

Hotel: The New York Palace

Stay: The Royal Suite

As one of New York’s most iconic hotels, the Palace trumps many other luxury hotels with it’s over-the-top design. Fittingly, the Royal Suite shows the Palace at its best, with stunning views of the Big Apple and, of course, decadent golden decor throughout the massive suite.

Queen Elizabeth's digs don't have anything on the Buckingham Suite at the Lanesborough Hotel.

Hotel: The Lanesborough, a St. Regis Hotel, London

Stay: The Buckingham Suite

If your suite is named after the residence of the Queen herself, expect nothing less than the very best in your palatial digs. This London stay promises to treat you like Elizabeth II with a classic look accented by a sophisticated gold palette.

Suites at the Ambasciatori Palace in Rome will make you feeling like a god.

Hotel: Ambasciatori Palace Hotel, Rome

Stay: The Suite

With a great proximity to the Trevi Fountain and an elegant look from top to bottom, this Rome hotel offers suites decorated with crystal chandeliers and gold-tinted fabrics in bed canopies and curtains.

This Royal Penthouse in Athens if fit for a King George himself.

Hotel: Classic King George Palace, Athens

Stay: Royal Penthouse Suite

This luxury property is one the most exclusive in all of Athens, with stunning Acropolis views and chic touches at every corner. The Royal Penthouse, along with most spaces of the hotel, is decked out with illustrious golden accents, from the furniture to the bathrooms fixtures. And for any royal celebrations, the all-gold meeting space is perfect for royals and Grecian gods alike.

This Vegas pyramid is filled with gilded excellence.

Hotel: Luxor Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Stay: Tower Deluxe Room

Las Vegas has plenty of gold splashed across its famed Strip and beyond, but the look is done especially well at the Egyptian-themed Luxor hotel. You’ll feel like Cleopatra or King Tut upon entering its gold-accented rooms, including Tower Deluxe Rooms, with extravagant enhancement pieces that take you right back to the days of the ancients.

For a true taste of grand Paris, only this Golden Triangle hotel will do.

Hotel: Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris

Stay: Deluxe Suite

This famed luxury hotel, with its chic Golden Triangle location, exudes Parisian sophistication with sleek marble and golden accents from the lobby to guestrooms. The Deluxe Suite has rich gilded decoration in the living area, bedroom, and bathroom, even boasting gorgeous gold details in simple features such as the lighting control.