MGM Grand offers new 'Stay Well' rooms for health buffs

Courtesy of MGM Resorts International

Courtesy of MGM Resorts International

Some of the new renovations at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas include 40-plus rooms called “Stay Well” rooms, which are intended to help guests feel healthier, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The rooms, which are only $30 more than the hotel’s regular-priced rooms, will “improve sleep, promote healthy eating and reduce allergens,” among other things, said Andrea Peterson of the Wall Street Journal.

The rooms are available starting next month.

The rooms’ features include (but are not limited to):
• Red-spectrum lights geared to calm the brain (this can be help with jet lag)
• Antimicrobial coating on door knobs and counter tops
• A dedicated cleaning staff, who will use UV wands, which help to help sanitize and HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaners
• Two air filters in each room for superior air quality
• Vitamin C infused showers

 Traditional hotel food staples have also been given healthy makeovers, meaning you can order a tofu vegetarian sandwich from room service while munching on raw almonds and drinking the coconut water you found at the mini-bar.

“We know our guests come to Las Vegas to escape and unwind, but we also know that an increasing number of them are looking to take their wellness level ‘on the road’ as an extension of their daily, healthful lives at home,” said Scott Sibella, president and chief operating officer of MGM Grand, in a statement. “The ‘Stay Well’ rooms provide an unprecedented opportunity for a complete wellness experience.”

New York real-estate development company Delos LLC worked with doctors and researchers from Columbia University Medical Center when planning the rooms.

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