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China introduces futuristic super yacht

  • mw-630-trimaran-.jpg

    The engineering masterpiece, the Adastra yacht, looks more like a spacecraft than an actual vehicle. (John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs)

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    The massive vessel's unique triple hull design — also known as a "trimaran" — was created with speed, fuel efficiency, and weight in mind. (John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs)

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    The yacht features a luxurious interior, complete with a dinning area, fancy sleeping spaces, and a bathroom and shower. (Jepsen Design)

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    The Adastra's top speed hovers around 22 knots, while its 1,150hp Caterpillar engine allows it to travel 4,000 miles in a single trip. (McConaghy Boats)

  • mw-630-adastra-structure-.jpg

    The ship features a master cabin as well as two guest cabins that house a total of nine guests. There's also crew quarters for up to six, and plenty of deck space. (Applied Structural Technologies)

On Friday, the Adastra Superyacht was launched in China’s Pearl River. The $15 million, 140-foot vessel floated majestically above the river, looking more like a spacecraft than an actual vehicle. 

Five years ago, Hong Kong shipping industry billionaire Anto Marden commissioned Chinese boat engineer, John Shuttleworth Yacht Desgins, to craft a yacht unlike anything the world has ever seen, says Now Marden's dream has come to fruition.

The Adastra features a luxurious interior, complete with dinning area, sleeping spaces, and a full bathroom and shower.The ship can comfortably house nine guests in two guest cabins and a large master cabin. There are also crew quarters for up to six crew members. Even when there's no crew to steer the ship, the yacht can be controlled with an iPad from a range of 164ft. The Adastra is said to be used by the owners to travel between two Indonesian islands that they allegedly own.

Don't get too excited about this recent innovation in boating. Even if you can afford the $15 million yacht, there's no way you can get one. There's only one of these space age vessels in the world and it's already spoken for.