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Amangiri Resort

 (Amangiri Resort)

When you want to get away from it all — really get away — there are plenty of remote destinations around the globe that allow you to disappear off the radar and recharge your batteries. You can head for the great Australian Outback, the far reaches of Asia or the deepest recesses of the South Pacific. Our ten best remote hotels in the world are not the most accessible, but whether you hike across steep inclines, glide in via floatplane or drive for hours off the beaten path, each of these far-flung properties promises to be well worth the effort.


Canyon Point

Located in southern Utah, in the ancestral home of native Navajo and Hopi tribes, Amangiri is tucked into a protected valley with views that span all the way to Escalante National Monument. In this secluded setting, guests can escape in style. Views of dramatic rock formations are featured from nearly every corner of the property, from the glass-walled Living Room to the dining room to the pool. The 34 suites were designed to blend in with the landscape, while the open-air desert lounge embraces its surroundings, offering a memorable spot for sipping drinks under the starry sky. While exploring, keep an eye out for endangered California Condor, fossils and dinosaur footprints. And when you return, take advantage of the spa's outdoor terrace and treatments that incorporate Navajo healing traditions. For more information, read the Amangiri review.


Longitude 131°

Located in the heart of Australia's Northern Territory, Longitude 131° is a luxurious eco-sensitive resort and the perfect spot to watch the sunrise over Uluru (Ayers Rock), the country's celebrated, 600-million-year-old, red sandstone mountain. While here you'll stay in one of fifteen elevated tent-like structures, each with a specific theme paying tribute to early Australian pioneers. Guests can hang out with fellow explorers at the Dune House, a central meeting place where they can dine or visit the library with its array of maps and historical books. There are also numerous activities and outback excursions to choose from, including aboriginal dot painting lessons, a Kata Tjuta and Walpa Gorge walking tour and explorations via camel, Harley or helicopter. Click here for more information.


Easter Island
Posada de Mike Rapu

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is considered to be the remotest inhabited island on the planet. But that hasn't stopped intrepid tourists from turning up to view the haunting monolithic stone figures (moai) whose mysterious origins have made this out-of-the-way place belonging to Chile famous. To reach Posada de Mike Rapu, you'll have to take an uninterrupted five-hour flight over the Pacific — the journey is well worth it. This eco-friendly luxury resort offers 30 rooms, pristine sea views, a bar, pool, massage salon and open-air Jacuzzis. The hotel also features fifteen custom-crafted excursions, the top choice being the moai route, which passes toppled moai and the quarry from which the stone was extracted to craft the ancient moai sculptures. Click here for more information.


South Iceland
Hotel Ranga

As if Iceland isn't remote enough in and of itself, you'll have to hop in a car once you get to Reykjavik and drive for another hour to reach Hotel Ranga. Within The Ring of Fire in South Iceland, this log cabin-style hotel is surrounded by dramatic natural activity. Year-round helicopter tours explore nearby volcanic Mt. Hekla, and from September to April you can lounge in one of the geothermal hot tubs and watch the Northern Lights shimmering above. While Mother Nature has done some of her finest work in this area, crafting glacial lagoons and volcanic black sand deserts, getting away from it all doesn't have to mean leaving civilization. When you're not river rafting or whale watching, you can dine at Restaurant 4, whose modern Nordic menu includes reindeer and Icelandic lobster, accompanied by an impressive selection of fine wines. Click here for more information.


Song-Kul Yurts

If you've ever wanted to stray thoroughly off the trodden path, here's your chance. In Central Asia's Kyrgyzstan, you can trek through the region of high mountain glaciers, alpine pastures, semi-deserts and river valleys that wild mountain goats and snow leopards call home. And since you've come all this way, make sure to visit Song-Kul Lake. Located at 9,895 feet above sea level, the lake is regarded as one of the country's jewels. Trips can be arranged through Dragoman Adventure Tours, and if you arrive in the summer, which we recommend, you'll have the opportunity to stay with local families in traditional nomadic yurts — lightweight, portable shelters designed to withstand the high winds and inclement weather that are all part of the adventure of visiting this unexplored corner of the planet. Click here for more information.


Manafaru Island
Waldorf Astoria Maldives

Located off the southern tip of India, the chain of coral islands known as the Maldives boasts stunning aquamarine waters, soft white sands and the ultimate in relaxing, get-away-from-it-all vacations. On the small, remote island of Manafaru, Waldorf Astoria Maldives is home to just 83 thatch-roofed villas and suites. Done in contemporary style, each is a sanctuary, but if you really want to indulge, book the Grand Water Villa with its own infinity pool and endless views. Though you're far from so-called civilization, you will find no shortage of luxuries here, from al fresco fine dining at Saffron restaurant to Ayurvedic treatments at Modum Spa. Whether you want to laze on a private beach or embark on a deep-sea fishing expedition, you're sure to find an activity that's just right for you. Click here for more information.


Banyan Tree Ringha

True, this destination isn't James Hilton's legendary Shangri-La from his novel "Lost Horizon." It was in fact given the designation by the Chinese government. But that doesn't detract from its utopian atmosphere. Cloud-covered mountain peaks, deep canyons, raging rivers and clear lakes embrace the Tibetan valley setting of Banyan Tree Ringha. The hotel's architecture and décor take their cues from Tibetan culture, so much so that one of the lodges is an authentic Tibetan farmhouse reassembled on the property and given a glamorous facelift. Along with hot tea in the Jakhang lounge and steamboats at Chang Sa restaurant, dining experiences include dinner on the Tibetan Plateau, reached by horseback. You can also take excursions to see rare black-neck cranes in the upper Yangtze Gorge, the stunning White Water Terraces at Haba Snow Mountain and the holy Tibetan Buddhist pilgrimage site of Dechen. Click here for more information.


NamibRand Nature Reserve
Wolwedans Private Camp

Situated in a quiet valley and surrounded by striking red sand dunes and mountain ranges, the Wolwedans Private Camp is a satisfying payoff for making the long trip to Namibia. Up to four guests (and only four) stay in the wood-framed accommodation, crafted so that canvas flaps open on three sides to create a charming, airy atmosphere. The structure has just two spacious en-suite bedrooms, decks and a central lounge, which includes a study, living room, dining area and fully equipped kitchen. If you tire of simply taking in the breathtaking landscapes or immense solitude, you can sign up for guided activities including hot air ballooning, nature walks or scenic drives. This is a perfect honeymoon getaway or a relaxing vacation retreat for close friends looking for peace and quiet. Click here for more information.


Motu Tetraire, Tahiti
Motu Teta

With cell phones and social networking taking over the world, it can feel as if life is in your face 24-hours a day. But it's still possible to escape. Simply fly to Tahiti and make your way to the Rangiroa Atoll, where your own private nine-acre island awaits. Powder white sand and clear blue waters surround a main villa and guest residence, crafted in classic Tahitian style. A dedicated chef is on hand to create dishes using local seafood and French techniques. This makes it easy to never leave your secluded stretch of beach. That said, there is plenty to do both on the island and a short boat ride away: lobster fishing, outrigger canoeing, snorkeling, ocean reef exploring and shark watching, to name just a few of the activities included in your stay. You can even visit a unique South Pacific vineyard in the middle of a coconut plantation. Click here for more information.


Isla Suasi
Andean Cottage, Suasi Island Hotel

The pinnacle-of-privacy Andean Cottage is part of the solar-powered Suasi Island Hotel. Situated 12,500 feet above sea level and surrounded by the waters of Lake Titicaca, the property is accessible by a four-hour speedboat trip across the lake. The two-bedroom cottage is built entirely out of traditional materials including stone, wood and totora reed, and it includes a bathroom, living room and kitchenette. Furthering the indulgence level are private butler service and a pier for soaking in the lake views. For exploring, there are plenty of trails in the area, and excursions include visiting Andean farming plots and canoeing around the island. Click here for more information.


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