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Experience the Wild Spirit of Denver at Red Rocks, Larimer Square

The Mile-High City is just as invigorating as the rush of cold air blowing in from the Rocky Mountains’ Front Range to the east. Denver is both the capital and most populous city of Colorado, the Centennial State. The Bronco Buster near the capitol grounds is an emblem for the city, a gritty and respectable cowboy maintaining his cool throughout the turbulence of the bronco’s kicks. Denver has you covered from musical icons and geological wonders to hearty dining and delightful shopping. Red Rocks Amphitheatre Red Rocks is an open-air amphitheater founded in the beautiful rock formations of nearby Morrison, Colorado. Two 300-foot towers of red sandstone—named Ship Rock and Creation Rock—create the unprecedented marvel of natural acoustic perfection. Some of the region’s sandstone splendors date back 250 million years. Experience the area by hiking, biking or taking guided tours. Appropriately, this area was originally known as the Garden of Angels before the city of Denver purchased it in 1928, ultimately creating the preeminent rock venue in the Denver area. Throughout its history, the amphitheatre has hosted some of rock and roll’s most groundbreaking and captivating artists, including The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull, The Grateful Dead, and Neil Young. The venue continues to attract today’s top performers as they tour the U.S. United States Mint Headquarters for the United States Mint are in Washington, D.C., but there are many branches throughout the country, including Denver. An often overlooked but nonetheless fascinating attraction is the historic Denver branch. It began as an assay office after gold was discovered near Denver in the 19th century. In 1906, it officially became a working mint. According to the U.S. Mint, the Denver branch can produce over 50 million coins per day. You will need to register online before touring the facilities. You can watch coins being created, view preserved products from the U.S. Mint’s early days and experience a slew of educational exhibits. At the U.S. Mint, you will better understand the creation and life of the currency you carry in your pocket every day. Larimer SquareAfter a day of educational activities, Larimer Square is the perfect place to unwind with friends. Although always changing and evolving with the times, the everlasting essence of Larimer Square is pleasure and excitement. The shopping, dining and overall merriment is unrivalled. Located in the heart of downtown Denver, Larimer Square is the home of Russell’s Smokehouse. This stronghold of Denver’s cowboy spirit offers the finest smoked meats and fish. Corridor 44 presents various types of Champagne and sparkling wine for the aficionado in your family. The menu was designed to complement your beverages, bringing out Champagne’s loveliest tastes. The fashionistas in your family will find plenty of stores to satisfy their style obsessions. LaFame Boutique is dedicated to making women look and feel special for every occasion. This commitment causes LaFame Boutique to hunt for the very best products from the greatest manufacturers and designers in the fashion industry today. The Bent Lens is an optical boutique that sells high quality eyeglasses that will keep you seeing well and looking stylish throughout the year. The options in Larimer Square, like the options in Denver generally, are plentiful and will keep you enticed throughout your trip.