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Travel Books for the Jetsetter and Armchair Traveler

DK Pub/Lonely Planet

 (DK Pub/Lonely Planet)

By now you may have already noticed the holiday songs blaring through mall speakers across the nation.

The holidays seem to come sooner every year and before you know it you’re making your gift list and checking it twice.

If you have someone on your list who loves to travel or is an avid armchair traveler, picking up one of this year’s new travel themed books is a sure fire plan to a great holiday gift.

Great Journeys by Lonely Planet is a compilation of some of the world’s most amazing and historic routes. Journeys that range from river trips down the Rio Grande in Texas to legendary trips like Marco Polo’s Silk Road to Route 66. The hard cover and 320 page book is packed with beautiful pictures and enchanting information from experts who have traveled through these unforgettable experiences.

“This is a big photo-filled book geared to travel dreamers, which of course is everyone. It focuses on those once-in-lifetime journeys that we dream about,” Lonely Planet’s spokesperson Robert Reid told

The book also includes an “armchair” section for each chapter that suggests other books and novels to continue the reader’s imaginary journey.

Price: $39.99.

If you’re buying for someone more on the outdoorsy side, Fifty More Places to Fly Fish Before You Die is filled with the world’s top fly fishing destinations. Some locations that would make any outdoorsman dream list, but there is still a stronger concentration on U.S locations like fishing in the Colorado-Pagosa Springs or South fork snake river in Idaho. There is even an “If You Go” section that provides you with great tackle and bait information like what type of equipment to bring and what the best time of the year to go is.

“The book not only highlights some great outdoor destinations, but includes great adventures. I think anyone with a yen for the outdoors would enjoy the exploits of pursuing mako sharks or riding a dugout canoe up a remote Bolivian river,” Chris Santella, the book’s author and New York Times fly-fishing contributor told

Whether it’s a sport you partake in or not, the amazing photography exposes the true beauty of these unique waters- making them a perfect edition to any man cave.

Price: $15.80.

Out of the hundreds and thousands of travel books on one of America’s most favorite cities, Strawberry Fields: Central Park’s Memorial to John Lennon stands out among the batch.

New York City isn’t all about its busy streets and magnificent sky scrapers. Strawberry Fields in New York’s Central Park is one of the most visited and popular spots in the big apple.

You don’t have to be a John Lennon fan to appreciate the history and beauty behind the famous grey and white marble Imagine mosaic in Central Park. Some 121 countries around the globe contributed stones, plants or trees to the great Beatle’s memorial.

The new book by historian and photographer for the Central Park Conservatory gives readers an inside look on how the international garden of peace came together. The 95 page book is full of exclusive color photos, historic documents and long forgotten black and white pictures of how the memorial came to be.

Price: $13.53.

For some travelers, a destinations menu is just as important as the location. So for this year’s ultimate travel foodie, look no further than Ultimate Food Journeys. The beautiful book dishes out some of the world’s most coveted destinations matched with the origins most delectable meals.

Highlighting signature dishes from across the globe with colorful pictures and detailed descriptions the book recommends the best places to eat. Dim Sum carts in Hong Kong, and notorious crepe vendors in Paris give “street foods” a whole new different meaning in this hardcover.

Patricia Harris, a full time food journalist and a contributor to Ultimate Food Journeys says, “The most memorable travel engages all the senses -- and that should include taste and smell. I love the smell of crisp air on a Montreal winter morning with the aroma of freshly baked croissants wafting down the street and Hong Kong wouldn't be Hong Kong without the pungent, briny tang of the fish markets.”

Price: $24.44.

For the travel buff who can’t get enough Holiday cheer, Christmas in America, Second Edition: A Photographic Celebration of the Holiday Season is a perfect gift choice.

Award-winning photographer, Peter Guttman captures the holiday season all throughout America. From stunning images of carolers spreading good cheer in a snow-topped village to wintry landscapes draped behind a classic ski resort, Guttman reminds readers just how magical the holiday season is.

“Travelers want to be reminded of the great beauty in the world they have seen captured by professional photographers in a way that brings back memories and inspires new or return journeys,” Lee Abbamonte, a worldwide travel expert told “They like to finger through the world,” he said.

Price: $15.81.

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