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Wendi McLendon-Covey: Snakebite Kit is Bachelorette Party Essential

Wendi McLendon-Covey in the comedy movie "Bridesmaids."

Wendi McLendon-Covey in the comedy movie "Bridesmaids."  (Universal Pictures)

The task of a bridesmaid lies beyond wearing embarrassing dresses and making sure the bride's bouffant doesn't fall out. They have to help fulfill the bride's every whim to make sure things are perfect.  

But more importantly they're in charge of planning a bachelorette party so the bride-to-be can let loose. To really make a memorable experience, many choose to hop on a plane and travel to a fun destination. But which location should you choose for the pre-nuptial party? 

Fox411 went to task and asked a comedienne and actress who knows a thing or two about bachelorette parties, star of the hit summer comedy “Bridesmaids,” Wendi McLendon-Covey. 

Before her role as Rita, a disgruntled wife and mother, McLendon-Covey, 42, was well known for her role as Deputy Clementine Johnson on the hit TV series “Reno 911.” 

After seeing her fair share of friends get married and her hilarious role in “Bridesmaids,” she recommends two locations: the beautiful beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and ritzy Palm Springs, California. 

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McLendon-Covey gives a comprehensive and unique take on the dos and don’ts of destination bachelorette parties. 

Wendi McLendon-Covey: My circle of friends is not wealthy. We were all getting married ages ago. I’ve been married for 15 years, personally, and did not have a bachelorette party, I wiggled out of that. We just went to the local strip club, felt really bad about it and then went home and atoned for our sins. But if you’re living in L.A., you should go to Can San Lucas because it’s a two-hour plane ride and you really feel like you’re going somewhere fabulous and if you get to a nice resort, there’s no reason to leave the resort. And how much trouble can you get in? And I do mean being eaten by sharks, which is the number one killer at bachelorette parties. Another place is Palm Springs. Palm Springs is filled with senior citizens, so how much debauchery can there be? You go to California Pizza Kitchen, you go down the strip, you unbuckle your belt, but you don’t lift your top up, because that’s tacky. And there are no sharks! But there are rattlesnakes and that’s the second biggest killer at bachelorette parties. 

Fox411: Are you looking for a relaxing time or partying hard? 

McLendon-Covey: Well, let’s face it, if you’re with a group of girls, you’re not going to get any relaxing done. What are you going to do? Go get massages together? That’s a little icky. So, you might as well call it as it is and do what you meant to do. Let’s not sugar-coat it. You’re going to go and sow your wild oats. It’s 1920s, so I thought I’d use that phrase. 

Fox411: What are the bachelorette party must-haves? 

McLendon-Covey: Number one, to make sure you have good time at your tropical, destination, overpriced bachelorette party, you know who you are. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen, I cannot say it enough. Melanoma does not look good underneath a bridal veil. Let’s face it, tequila is not your friend; tequila makes you bloat. Tequila can make anybody puffy because of the salt, you know that little ritual with the salt. The booze does that, so think about that when you’re baking the sun and marinating yourself in Patron. The third is a snakebite kit. So sunscreen, don’t be crazy with the booze, carry a snake bite kit and when you go get fast food, and you will be getting fast food, get one of those big cups because so often you can refill it for free and that can get you through the weekend.

Fox411: Any favorite locations within Cabo? 

McLendon-Covey: In Cabo, I really like the Fiesta Americana Resort because truly all you need to do is jump from pool to pool to pool. There’s absolutely no reason to leave the resort. You’ve got beautiful ocean views, you’ve got delicious food, you’ve got all the hooch you could shake a stick at. There’s no reason to leave and you’ve got a gift shop that sell snake bite kits and anti-bloat tequila preparation and sunscreen. 

Fox411: And Palm Springs? 

McLendon-Covey: In Palm Springs there is a Parker Meridien hotel that is chiq beyond belief. If you want to see and be seen you will go there. Now, they will not have things like a tower of curly fries on their menu, they will not have sliders. It’s all very “she-she,” where you just go to the pool to just check everybody out and make sure they are checking you out. 

Fox411: So what do they have on their menu? 

McLendon-Covey: A radish rose and a promise. Because you’re in your bathing suit and you don’t want to bloat out! It’s where all the beautiful people go. 

Fox411: Any quick tips for budget weddings? 

McLendon-Covey: If it’s a budget wedding, you can all travel down to Walgreens, stick your arm in the blood pressure machine. It’s free, it’s very useful information to have and you’ll think “You know what? I did something good for myself today. This was better than a massage.” And then everybody goes home. It was a good day.

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