Hotel Hitler? Former Nazi Jail Now Holding "Prison Parties"

Hotel Sdadt Hameln

 (Hotel Sdadt Hameln)

HAMELIN, Germany -- A German hotel that was once a notorious Nazi jail organizes "prison parties" complete with striped T-shirts and ferocious guards, Der Spiegel reported Thursday.

Hotel Stadt Hameln, a four-star hotel in the northern city of Hamelin made famous by the Pied Piper legend, charges guest $62 to attend the parties.

Guests, who wear black and white prison uniforms, are even forced to stand to attention when they ask guards for permission to use the restroom, the report said.

The hotel, built as a jail in 1827, was taken over by the Nazis and 474 people died there before the Third Reich collapsed, a local historian was quoted as saying.

The hotel confirmed that it organized prison parties, but said they were harmless.

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