NYC's Waldorf Hotel Charges Couple $22 for Room

Robert and Edith Scalise at their wedding in 1950

Robert and Edith Scalise at their wedding in 1950  (MyFoxNY)

Sixty years ago, Robert and Edith Scalise spent their wedding night at the Waldorf-Astoria. They remember celebrating with family and friends late into the night.

They just went back for their 60th anniversary, and paid the same price for the room.

The Waldorf only charged them $22 for the night. That was the going price in 1950. And this time they got an entire suite. A room rate today can go from $500 to over a thousand dollars.

The Scalises say their daughters joined them at the hotel on the night of their anniversary for a family celebration.

Edith Scalise says, "It was wonderful. They treated us like celebrities. We were shocked. We do not expect it."

Robert Scalise says, "They treated us royally."

The couple still had their receipt from their wedding night.

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