Women Steal More Than Men...From Hotels

ARE you a thief?

How about the last time you stayed in a hotel and slipped the slippers into your bag?

Or squeezed a fluffy bathrobe into your suitcase? (I confess to pocketing plastic pens and designer-label toiletries - irresistible.)

According to the Australian Hotel Association (AHA), millions of dollars a year are lost in the hotel industry due to theft. And it seems, when it comes to five-fingered discounts - females are champions.

Accor Hotels' annual Novotel surveys reveal women are consistently more likely to pilfer than men. Women are most likely to souvenir shampoo bottles, soaps and towels. Men, when they do steal, are more likely to take bottle openers, shoe shine kits, glasses and mini bar items.

But where do hotels draw the line?

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