Rep. Darrell Issa on what he expects from DOJ's IG report

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LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Good evening from Washington, I'm Laura Ingraham and this is "The Ingraham Angle." We have an unbelievable show for you tonight. You do not want to miss a minute. I will be go head to head with Reverend Jesse Jackson, we're going to debate the NFL protests now that Collin Kaepernick wants to force the President to testify in his lawsuit against the NFL, oh okay. Plus we've learned that when the IG Report will be out. The FBI and DOJ will be releasing it next week and that it may cover much more than the Hillary email investigation, oh enticing. Meanwhile Chuck Grassley wants to find out if the FBI broke its own informant rules by potentially infiltrating the Trump campaign. Also the video you have to see to believe, a big city mayor unseemly celebrating over a policy that frankly brings death and destruction. But first the Dems and the Porn Star, that's the focus of tonight's "Angle."

The news just keeps getting better and better for the country and the guy leading it. Today the government reported that jobless claims fell in June to their lowest level in 44 years. Lay-offs are also way down near a 50 year low and 223,000 jobs were added to the economy in May. Voters are feeling the improvement in the economy and they're rewarding President Trump with higher approval ratings. A new Wall Street Journal NBC Poll has the President at 44%, the highest ever in that poll, which is also on par with where Reagan was in 1982 and where Obama was in 2010, pretty good. At the same time the President is trying to expand his base, which is really smart. While making gains with African Americans, trying to has been a dream of traditions Republicans for time, this President actually might find some progress. Unemployment is at a record low for Blacks and new record low for Hispanics, its great news. And his administration is working really hard on prison reform, which let's face it would have an enormously positive effect on African American families. And after that nudge from the reality star Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump commuted the sentence of Alice Johnson. She's been a model prisoner serving a life sentence for drug conspiracy and money laundering and she offered these words to President Trump today,


ALICE MARIE JOHNSON, SENTENCE COMMUTTED BY PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you so much that I am going to be that one that is going to make you so proud. And I hope that my life will encourage him to do this for others.


INGRAHAM: Now putting the merit to this particular case aside for a moment, this is a really smart political move by the President, sharp. Now just maybe this will spark a conversation among Black voters who are traditionally skeptical, let's face it, about the Republican Party. Maybe more will give a second look at Trump and his policies despite what certain pro-athletes, certain civil rights activists, Jesse Jackson's going to be joining us shortly, are saying about him. So while Republicans make inroads with new voters, what does the other party do? Well the party that once stood for the working man, the Democrats, has now taken a radical turn as former Bill Clinton Pollster Doug Schoen told me this week.


DOEG SCHOEN, DORMER CLINOTN POLLSTER: That's why I am so upset with the current direction of the Democratic Party where the progressive left is pushing the party farther and farther. We distribute, resist, guaranteed jobs, guaranteed healthcare but no individual initiative--


INGRAHAM: Now having abandoned the middle of the country, basically, the Democrats reflexively protect and defend fringe causes and individuals with absolutely no constituency. Case in point porn star Stormy Daniels. The other day in Israel Rudy Giuliani, a member of the President's legal team offered this personal appraisal of Stormy Daniels.


RUDY GIULIANI, ATTORNEY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP: I respect all human beings, I even have to respect criminals. But I'm sorry I don't respect a porn star the way I respect a career woman, or a women of substance, a career woman who great respect for herself as a woman and as a person and isn't going to sell her body for sexual exploitation.


INGRAHAM: Now one can quiver whether Giuliani should have gone down this road at all. But the manufactured and selective moral indignation all over the media today, including the ladies from the View was totally over the top.


MEGAN MCCAIN, ABC HOST: First if all I just want to say that we interviewed Stormy Daniels on the show. There's no reason anyone should question this woman's credibility, sex work is work. And like any other business it's bad with lies, criminalizing consensual and transactional sex. It is legal, it's consensual, by the way, it's the only industry where women make more money than men, okay. So can we stop with the judgement on her profession?

WHOOPI GOLDBERG, ABC HOST: We've always had women who worked and worked on the street. A lot of them have put their kids through college. They have had incredible lives going on to do all kinds of stuff. So the mere fact that you would make such a blanket statement about someone you don't know who does something you seemingly know nothing about, seems kind of


INGRAHAM: I don't even know what to say about that, man. I'm not often speechless but well I'm glad the left found a cause that they can rally to. I don't remember their standing in support of another sister, well Melania Trump when she was being defamed. Or Ivanka Trump when Samantha Bee went on the attack, or frankly Sarah Sanders when that filthy comedian whose name alludes me, what is it? Maggie Something, attacked her at the White House correspondence dinner. And what about the women who claimed they were sexually abused by Bill Clinton, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey? Earlier this week Gennifer Flowers joined me for an exclusive and made this charge.


GENNIFER FLOWERS, BILL CLINTON ACCUSER: He came onto me that night, I told him to knock it off. He proceeded to continue to come onto me for three months, in hindsight, it was definitely sexual harassment. I would like for the Me Too Movement to be so kind as to recognize myself and Paula and Juanita and Kathleen and many, many other women starting many years ago that have come out with claims of sexual harassment from Bill Clinton.


INGRAHAM: Gals on The View had nothing to say about that, not one word. I guess some women are just beyond respectability, not worthy of it. When Chris Cuomo broached the topic with Chuck Schumer last night, this is the response that he got.


CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Bill Clinton said about me to a lot of controversy. Your take?

SENATOR CHUCK SCHUMER (D), NEW YORK: Not getting into that.

CUOMO: Because?

SCHUMER: I think it's irrelevant to what we need to talk about. It may make nice news but it doesn't help the cause.


INGRAHAM: Oh so Clinton's accusers are irrelevant. Imagine Republicans said that, it would run off television. The only women worthy of the left's embrace right now in this last 24 hours is a porn star who happens to be suing the President. Mika Brzezinski and Stephanie Ruhle were undone by Rudy's comment.


MIKA BRZEZINSKI, MSNBC HOST: He says look at her and laughs derisively. What a pig. If I know your value platform, I feel really strongly about these comments and they made my blood boil. This is a really bad day for women if this is exactly the person the President wants speaking for him. It's a bad day for humanity, it goes down to value.


INGRAHAM: A bad day for humanity. There's no over statement there whatsoever. Oh please, come one guys. Imagine, for instance, if after four years of college, you've slogged to put your daughter through school, and any one of our daughters announced that she wanted to be a porn star, or maybe a stripper. Okay, what mother wouldn't be making a value judgment about that vocational choice? Oh great honey, that's fantastic, hanging off a stripper pole is much better choice than business school. Yay. The selective outrage and the twisted morality of the left never fails to amaze me. But through all this the Democrats have revealed themselves. With nothing else to run on, they now have become essentially the party of 'MS13, not animals.' I guess transgender bathrooms, open borders, NFL protests, filthy comedians, partial birth abortion, oh and let's throw in pot, oh and now the porn industry. Can you pit that on a bumper sticker? We'll see how that plays out in November. And that's the "Angle." Well let's find out what our distinguished guests think. Juan Williams is a co-host of the Five here on Fox News, Matt Schlapp is the Chairman of the American Conservative Union, and in San Francisco, Harmeet Dhillon, an attorney and RNC Committee Women. Great to see all of you. Harmeet I got to start with you because it's a bad for humanity. You can't make a value judgement now about one profession over another, they're all the same because we as mothers never do that, okay. We do that every day our kid walks out the door and we look at what she's wearing, come on. But what do you make of the left getting totally unhinged about Rudy's comments in Israel?

HARMEET DHILLON, RNC COMMITTEE WOMAN FOR CALIFORNIA: Well a piece of them getting totally unhinged on every single issue as you pointed out Laura, they have become the party of MS13. They've become the party of open borders. They have become the party of pot legalization, of abortion on demand, under every circumstance. They've forgotten about the men and women who the President has promised to help and so they have completely lost it. They have not been able in the midterms here, so far, to articulate a message that's positive and they can only talk about these horrible extremes. And if it's a sad day in America when a porn star who has repeatedly lied and changed her story is the standard bearer of the left, I mean come on, you know I think that all people are equal and should be treated with respect. But they can do better than to lionize this lady and feed and perpetuate this side show, it's not good for America. We should be focusing on what can be done to better the lives of all of our citizens here not on this garbage side show.

INGRAHAM: All right let's go to Juan, your reaction to this today.

JUAN WILIIAMS, FOX HOST: I think if anybody's lionizing Stormy Daniels, I think it was Rudy Giuliani who defamed her and said that she lacks credibility given she's a porn star and that at some point he said that she was selling her body. That kind of thing, I think this is all part again of undermining anybody who's been critical of President Trump but the fact is that what we know is that Michael Cohen said that in fact there was $130,000 paid. If there's any issue of credibility here, the issue is the people who said, "Oh no, we only think about this payment". That's President Trump on Air Force One as you recall Laura, to reporters, so to me he's just going after her and when women respond because they say, you know, lots of people have posed for Playboy or GQ or whatever, and you don't immediately savage them say, "You lack credibility, you lack intellect because you did that". That's not fair.

INGRAHAM: But I see where your point, I think that Rudy did say, we have to respect all people. He respects criminals, all he said basically was he doesn't have the same respect for someone who's a port star or hangs of a stripper pole, and because she's now the woman of the moment trolls the President wherever he goes around the country. Big deal, we are all much little babies if we can't make a value judgement. The left makes value judgements if you dot recycle for goodness sake. Now they're upset if someone says well, being a molecular biologist is probably a better choice for a woman than objectifying herself, that's all.

WILLIAMS: I think the pint is that she's going after Trump--

INGRAHAM: They don't defend Conservative women, Mika does sometimes I've got to give her credit.

WILLIAMS: Oh yeah, true.

INGRAHAM: But a lot of these women do not defend Conservative women when they are attacked. They laugh and they ridicule them along with the, Matt Schlapp.

MATT SCHLAPP, AMERCIAN CONSERVATICE UNION: Look women should be respected, I've got five daughters--

INBRAHAM: All women.

SCHLAPP: I've got five daughters, do I want them to grow up and be in the porn industry? I really don't.

INGRAHAM: Yeah. Apparently you are a horrible person for saying that. That is the crazy town we are living in. If you say that you don't want your daughter to be a porn star I guess you're a bad person now. That's where are, okay.

DHILLON: It's a value judgement.

SCHLAPP: I don't and what I really want to focus on is fact that there's all this Me Too Movement. There's a lot of victims out there and what I want to hear from the left is a conversation about all the victims, right? And what you is the ones that are politically convenient to talk about, and if we're going to do that, we are going to get to a place where the American people look at the Democratic Party and they see it for what it is. It's craven, it's not practical, it's radical, it's all about destruction and taking over. Whether it's the boy scouts, whether it's the church, any institution, they want to take them over. And I think that's what the American people are realizing, that's why they are connecting to Trump, not because he's any kind of perfect person, but because he fights, and he's candid, and he's honest and by the way, he's making a big difference in the country.

INGRAHAM: I think the economic news speaks for itself. I want to play a sound bite for you guys from Nicole Wallace. She has a show on MSNBC and this is the example of what I was talking about. You treat and regard women who support Trump one way, and every other woman, especially if you're anti-Trump, you are held up on a pedestal, let's watch.


NICOLE WALLACE, MNNBC HOST: Let me ask you. You know more about the Trump women, the Trump family than anyone. What do they do on day like today? Are they just the most stoic human beings? Are they numb, are they dead inside? Are they paid off, I mean what's their deal?


INGRAHAM: Are they paid off? Are they numb inside? Are they dead inside? Now if you are going to be a victim, if you are going to be worried about getting offended, that's a lot more demeaning to a woman to say than to say well look at, by the way don't porn stars want to be looked? Isn't that part of being a porn star? I'm sorry Matt I don't mean to be looking at you right now.

SCHLAPP: Why you looking at me?

WILLIAMS: Poor Matt's a married man, I love his wife. So give him a break.

SCHLAPP: Leave my wife out of this.

INGRAHAM: I'm sorry this whole thing has gotten crazy town. All right, Harmmet I got to have you chime in on that one from Nicole Wallace who, by the way, despises Trump and everything he stands for, go ahead.

DHILLON: Yeah I mean these people objectify our First Lady every day. They mock her, they treat her like some kind of alien life form. They have no problem objectifying people on the right and yet they get on a moral high horse about some comments about a particular woman who's lied on television, that's true. And now she has a different story, she seeking fame. The double standard is very clear as Matt said, American people are looking at this and they are like, "Huh?" They can't really relate to this negativity and this hatred. There's a lack of solutions. I guess all the Democrats have left here is to call names and ridicule other ones. Samantha Bee is out there saying the most vile and vicious things about Ivanka Trump.

INGRAHAM: Well she apologized.

DHILLON: Oh she apologized, right. And it's one thing after another with these people. She has no shame and it's just sad, it's just sad.

INGRAHAM: All right so now let's move onto what the voters are thinking here because clearly Trumps numbers are up. Even NBC's Wall Street Journal, they had to admit the highest number he's had in their pole, he's now at 44%. Now he's not over 50. I think that if we had a media that was even slightly fair, he'd be over 55% with this economy, no doubt about it. But he's at 44% and we have a chart that shows you what people are saying about who gets credit for the economy. Trump is getting 49% credit for the economy but Barack Obama is getting 38%. Juan Williams

WILLIAMS: Well I think you know that's about right. Donald Trump's been in office a year and a half Laura, so eventually it's going to become his economy but the one who pulled us out of the recession going back to'08/'09 was Obama and we are seeing the continuation of a lot of Obama policies. I think what you'd hear from--

INGRAHAM: He's undoing Obama's policies, what are you talking about? What Obama policies is he continuing?

WILLIAMS: No, no, no the federal polices with regards to industries, the federal policies with regard to trying to get our economy going. I don't think they have radically changed. You could talk about regulation or lack of call-ins. The tax cut, you know what you have being going on about tonight about Democrats have no idea, let me tell you something I think the tax cut was supposed to what Republicans had to run on in the midterms and as you can see Laura, there's more talk now about immigration. More talk now about NFL players kneeling. More of these hot button red meat issues, the Republicans, they are the one who are laughing. Oh no it's not,it's like saying why are we talking about Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels without saying, "Who was the one who was involved with a porn star".

DHILLON: Juan, you should get outside of LA.

INGRAHAM: The tax cut. That's a big deal. No I think the economy is driving it. I disagree, I disagree. That's the conventionalism. He says he wasn't, but go ahead.

SCHLAPP: Juan, let me explain this to you. Let's focus on what the voters care about. They sot care about Stormy Daniels, they're not going to vote on Stormy Daniels. Let me explain to you really quickly about these numbers Laura. Two years ago the Right Track, Wrong Track under Obama was 25%.
We're inching towards 40% Right Track for Donald Trump. If it gets to 40+, this is not going to be a big blue wave, this is going to be very good night for Republicans. The fact is the American people are practical, they want jobs, they want economic prospects to improve and they want to feel safe in their homes and in their families. And that's what happening, and the Democrats have no alternative to it.

INGRAHAM: Again, pot, porn industry, abortion, open borders and MS13.

WILLIAMS: What about healthcare? What about healthcare?

SCHLAPP: The Russian part too.

INGRAHAM: What about healthcare? How about they ruined our healthcare? That's what they did. How about they wrecked our healthcare and they promised we could keep our doctors and they all retired them all because they hated being in medicine now. That's what they did.

WIILIAMS: Check the same poll that Matt was just talking about Laura and you'll see the American people want something reasonable done with our healthcare. People want something done with regard to education.

INGRAHAM: Matt, freebies.

SCHLAPP: Juan, we voted on healthcare four elections in a row and it was the American people who overwhelmingly say Obama Care failed.

INGRAHAM: I've got a question.

WILLIAMS: Look at the polls now Matt it's going to be a hot issue going into the polls.

INGRAHAM: I think is Kathleen Sebeluis running for anything? That's all I can say? How's that website--I think Kathleen should run.

SCHLAPP: I hope so. I hope so. Doesn't she run a website company?

INGRAHAM: I don't know what it is exactly. Oh guys, fantastic segment as always. By the way, the Inspector General may have a bombshell surprise for us. We're going to tell you why coming up. This report could cover much more than the Hillary email investigation? Wow, stay there. Today we learn the Inspector General intends to release his much anticipated report on the DOJ and FBI one week from today. Michael Horowitz revealed the news in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley that the IG will also testify to the Senate on the 18th. Now we've been told that the report will cover not just the FBI's investigation of the Hillary Email Scandal, but the IG Report could be much broader as Grassley titled the IG hearing, `Examining the Inspector General's first Report on the Justice Department and FBI Actions in Advance of the 2016 Presidential Election'.
With lots of ground to cover here with Californian Congressman and Oversight Chair Darryl Issa, Former US Attorney of New York Daniel Goldman and Investigative Reporter Lee Smith, whose work, we've highlighted on the Angle. Okay Congressman, let's start with you you've been around the block on this stuff. What gives, do you think this is going to be broader report?
Why would Grassley title it the way he titled it?

REP. DARRYL ISSA, R--CALIFORNIA: Well first of all Michael Horowitz has been around a long time. He's done a lot of investigations of the problems of the justice in a previous administration that wouldn't deal with those problems, even when they were reported to Congress. So I think first of that's going to be part of it. He'll be asked questions that we know from the past, he couldn't speak on. And second of all, when you look at the endemic misconduct of Comey, including, for example, the Apple Scandal where he claimed you couldn't get information and it turned out not to be true. Or the various handlings of Hillary Clinton from the very time he came in, it gets broad pretty quick and especially when you look at other decisions that may have happened including obviously the Pfizer warrants.

INGRAHAM: LEE, lots of things are bubbling up to the surface, this leak that came up yesterday. Now to say that Comey was insubordinate and defied authority and that Loretta Lynch didn't handle the tarmac meeting well. If that's all they have, is that a big bombshell or, if that's it, I think people are going to be disappointed by this report.

LEE SMITH, JOURNALIST: Yeah I think there is a lot of anticipation. It may have been built up too much. There is certainly an enormous amount to cover though and I think that that may answer Senator Grassley has titled this as well we'll be looking at a number of things. And also the public is keen, the public keeps hearing leaks, we public keeps hearing that this has been pushing back. They're looking at this as being blocked. I think they're eager to get out a number of these different things before it interferes too much with the election cycle. I think that that's one of the key issues.

INGRAHAM: Daniel one of the issues that popped up today was with Papadopoulos. George Papadopoulos' wife is saying that she believes that the approaches made to him could indicate that they were trying to entrap him, use him as this way to push this investigation forward. What is your reaction to that?

DANIEL GOLDMAN, FORMER US ATTORNEY OF NEW YORK: Well legally it's not entrapment if there's any indication from an individual that they are willing to do whatever their conduct is. So I think she's using perhaps a colloquial definition of what entrapment is and what we do know is that George Papadopoulos made some drunken comment to the Australian Ambassador to the UN, then that spurred further conversation

INGRAHAM: Initially it was reported though Dan that he knew that there was lots of emails out there, Clinton emails but then that was backed out from that and said that he knew that they had dirt on Hillary, right? So that story had shifted. That's a big difference, someone has dirt on Hillary and someone knew that there emails that were hacked and were going to be released.

GOLDMAN: The other thing is I will say is having spent 10 years in the Department of Justice and having had cases that were reported on by news media and, no offence to you Lee, but generally about 50% was right. And it's not necessarily the journalist's fault, sometimes the sources are a little too far removed and they don't as have much of the information as you would like. So let's not jump to conclusions as what actually was in that meeting. I think the broader point here was that there was some indication that Papadopoulos knew that Russia had information that he was trying to get access to. And at that point, it is absolutely incumbent upon the FBI to investigate that to see if there's a national security risk of any sort.

INGRAHAM: So you don't think anything happened before that period of time. You don't think anything of these text messages, December 2015 they were looking at Trump. They were talking about the `lures', putting `lures' inside. We don't know really what that was about, that one un-redacted text but that's just some weird stuff. Again maybe it's all innocent and they were having lures all over the place. I'm sure they do but something about this just sticks in my craw. I want to play something about the informants. Kevin Brock who actually supervised the rewriting of the rules of informants of the FBI joined us week, week before on the Angle, let' watch what he said.


KEVIN BROCK, FORMER FBI ASSISTANT DIRECTOR FOR INTELLIGENCE: An FBI agent can't go out and just open the source and gather information willy-nilly. They've got to abide by the guidelines. And the guidelines are very specific particularly to counter intelligence investigations and even more particularly when you are directing your source towards an American citizen.


INGRAHAM: The guy who rewrote the rules Congressman.

GOLDMAN: Well you know, and that's why when you said its incumbent, that's hogwash. The fact is every single political campaign, Senate, House, Presidential, they're all looking for dirt. They want it wherever they'll get it. They pay for it, they hire attorneys to--

INGRAHAM: Hillary paid for the Dossier, for goodness sake. Why isn't she being investigated?

GOLDMAN: They hire law firms to obfuscate the whole thing. If the department of Justice/the FBI was investigated every time there was a credible attempt to get dirt, no matter where the source, you'd be investigating hundreds and hundreds of--

GOLDMAN: Oh come on, obviously it's different if the source of the information is a foreign country than if the source of the information is someone within the country.

ISAA: Okay a vague allegation that there may be something is very different than, well, we have Russian intelligence. And let's remember, in this case at some point the Department of Justice knew that in fact the DNC and Hillary Clinton were part of the source of that long after that.

GOLDMAN: Long after this.

ISSA: Long before the election.

LEE SMITH, REAL CLEAR INVESTIGATIONS REPORTER: I am very uncomfortable with the idea that the FBI is running agents, opening an investigation based on what a campaign team member says and is overheard in a bar. I think that's peculiar. I think if we went to a bar and have a conversation on the FBI and I am on a campaign and you are on a campaign, and the FBI says let's run an investigation on that guy, I think that's not what we want to see the FBI doing.

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: That's a pretty low threshold for opening an investigation, don't you think? I see what Lee is saying there. Especially during a charged political season. This guy is like a minor dude. He's not any big fish.

GOLDMAN: Exactly, but that's why I think you have to recognize the investigation did not start --

INGRAHAM: We don't know when it started. We don't really know when it started.

GOLDMAN: I am not talking about the timing. I'm saying I would bet a lot of money that when they started this investigation, they had no idea who was involved. They didn't think I'm sure at the beginning it went to Donald Trump or went anywhere that high. They were following a lead of a suspicious and specific statement is my guess that George Papadopoulos gave to somebody else. And they're going to chase that down as you would want them to do, I think, to make sure that nothing nefarious is going on.

INGRAHAM: Did that Bill trip to London in May of 2016, does that seem --

SMITH: I think it's unclear right now exactly what that is. But I will say we don't know whether or not, what kind of mechanism that was transmitted to the FBI. It suggests it was irregular, so the idea that it came from the State Department is an issue.

INGRAHAM: Fantastic conversation. It's very complicated stuff. We really distilled it well.

GOLDMAN: What's simple is they don't do this normally.

INGRAHAM: We are out of time. What's simple is we are going to black.

In just a minute Jesse Jackson versus yours truly. You're not going to want to miss it.


INGRAHAM: Colin Kaepernick reportedly wants to put President Trump on the witness stand. Kaepernick is a quarterback who began the NFL's kneeling protest during the National Anthem as you recall, and Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Kaepernick's attorneys want to subpoena Trump to testify in his lawsuit against the NFL. Kaepernick filed a grievance case against the NFL after no team would hire him. So does Kap have a case? Let's debate that with the Reverend Jesse Jackson. Reverend Jackson, I don't you and I have talked since like 1998, so I'm glad to have you on the show. Thanks so much for being with us. Let's talk about what is going on with these NFL protests. Do you actually think that the NFL lawsuit that Kaepernick apparently is going to file his grievance would be a proper grounds to have Donald Trump, the president of the United States, testify, and why?

REV. JESSE JACKSON: Well, he is exercising his First Amendment right to protest. This was really about police brutality that went unanswered.Rodney king beaten nearly to death without consequences, shot and killed in New York by police without consequences, nearly bled to death in New York.
The case of Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. And so the message don't black lives matter upped the consequences to what's happening to us. The kneeling was an appeal to the flag and a peaceful protest. He was not burning or desecrating the flag on the field. We were on our knees appealing to our government for the right to vote in 1965. So there is nothing harmful or threatening about kneeling to the flag.

INGRAHAM: I understand what your point of view on that is totally, I get that. but what does that have to do with President Trump testifying in a grievance against the NFL?

JACKSON: By interfering in the process. He has convinced his constituents and the owners to in fact put a penalty before the players if they in fact choose --

INGRAHAM: He stated his opinion.

JACKSON: His opinion is no ordinary opinion because he is the president. And he is --

INGRAHAM: OK, so but the NFL --

JACKSON: No, no, no.

INGRAHAM: We're not going to get past that, because as a legal matter that's just preposterous. The president is not going to testify in Colin Kaepernick's suit. It's never going to happen. His lawyer knows it's never going to happen. His lawyer frankly should be sanctioned if he actually tries anything like that. He should actually be sanctioned because it's a spurious --

JACKSON: Part of it is now the way, for example, protesting using the Philadelphia Eagles who in fact did not take a knee last year as a basis to turn the public against an 80 percent black --

INGRAHAM: I don't think you know -- Reverend Jackson, I would have had them come to the White House. If it was two people or if it was one. I would have made a different decision. But also I think it would be fair if you and anyone examining this would say, if you submit 80 names to the Secret Service and then three days later, say, oh, sorry, we can't make it and two people and the mascot are coming. And we will reschedule it when you are in Singapore, that's just lame. They knew what they were doing.
They did that on purpose and that was low rent.

JACKSON: What Kaepernick and LeBron James and Steph Curry are all saying they're insulted by the violations of our people by this president.

INGRAHAM: Is that the black unemployment? Is that part of the violations of the people? Is there any good news for black America under this administration? Do you like the unemployment numbers, do you like small businesses being created?

JACKSON: He inherited a growing economy. When president Barack came in we lost 800,000 jobs that month. And then a net gain of jobs for every month for eight years.

INGRAHAM: Wages weren't going up. Wages weren't going up. Jesse, they were not going up.

JACKSON: And they are still not because 54 percent of all blacks make less than $15 an hour and a significant number make less than $10. But right now it's premature to determine what's going to happen with this provocative action toward Canada and Mexico, our neighbors. The trip --

INGRAHAM: We'll actually better paying jobs in the United States. We'll actually have more manufacturing where people who don't go to fancy colleges actually can get a really high paying job like they used to when we actually had tariffs that were put in place by Democrat presidents and Republican presidents. So the tariffs thing, how you're turning that into an anti-black thing is beyond me.

JACKSON: It's not just black. If working folks, half of America have more monthly money, and if in fact they have a job, in Chicago you have to go three transportation transfers to get the right transportation. Student loan debt, credit cards debt.

INGRAHAM: So Reverend Jackson, are you OK when millions of jobs were being sent overseas due to globalization and millions of jobs were being bled off to countries like Mexico? That was good for black America? Because call me crazy, I don't think that was good for working class people at all. We lost millions of jobs. And this president is actually bringing back jobs into the United States and doing stuff like prison reform with Jared Kushner and others who are working together, including with Democrats. So from what I can hear, this president has done nothing good for black America, is that what you are saying tonight, nothing?

JACKSON: I am not saying that. Laura, you are cutting me off. But my point is, if 54 percent of all blacks are making less than $15 an hour, you are the working poor, and you're working but you can't afford health care because they want to cut that and ship the money to the top one percent.
Working, but you can't afford the college education. Working but you can't afford --

INGRAHAM: How did Barack Obama change that?

JACKSON: Well, he did not change it significantly enough. But the fact is unemployment 10 percent down to five percent.

INGRAHAM: Now it's at a record low. "The Atlantic" headline, Jesse, "The Atlantic" headline on this, "How Barack Obama has failed Americans." The country's first black president never pursued policies bold enough to close the racial wealth gap, December 22nd, 2016.

JACKSON: And 26 million Americans have health care did not have it before.
And --

INGRAHAM: Right, and rates are going up now because the system was unsustainable. Look, we could -- I actually think there is a lot you can do with this president. I really think there's a lot you can do to work with him on prison reform and other issues. I think these NFL players could work with the president. I just think there's a lot you can do.

JACKSON: Well, Laura, when you lock people up for crack cocaine --

INGRAHAM: That's not just him. That's been done for decades. Don't blame him for that.

JACKSON: And then you free them up. Opioids are a health crisis. Of course you should set people free.

INGRAHAM: You used to be pals with him, right? You were pals with President Trump when he was not a president. You were pals with him. What happened?

JACKSON: Well, until he changed. He is a guy that looked at five kids, at the Central Park Five, determined they were guilty enough to be executed. Here's a guy who looked at the marches in Charlottesville, Virginia, he acquitted the marchers. So he changed. I didn't change.

INGRAHAM: So he is a different person, you think? OK, we're glad you came on. Sorry we couldn't find more common ground. I think you could find it with this president because I think he is going to do great things for black America. I appreciate it.

By the way a big city mayor -- I'm sorry, we are out of time. A big city mayor caught on camera celebrating a policy that brings death and destruction, can that be? You have got to see this to believe it, next.


INGRAHAM: This is one of those unbelievable pieces of video. And listen very closely.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're a sanctuary city, yes.



INGRAHAM: I just want to use that on a continuous loop for Republican. That's Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney doing his happy dance while singing we are a sanctuary city. He's celebrating a federal judge's ruling yesterday barring President Trump from cutting off grants to Philadelphia over its immigration policies. The White House was disgusted, put out a statement pointing out that many people in Philly have been killed, raped, or assaulted by criminal aliens. Let's discuss this with Congressman Dave Brat, and former DNC Deputy Press Secretary Jose Aristomuno. Great to see both of you. Dave Brat, doing the Snoopy dance for the sanctuary city, how did we get here?

REP. DAVE BRAT, R-VIRGINIA: Yes, it's not funny to the parents involved. In Virginia we had a governor ran as a Democrat and said he would not allow this kind of sanctuary policy and then vetoes it two weeks after he's elected. So the Democrats always run as centrists, moderates, and then nothing. And of more important interest, the bills we're debating up here in D.C., we have a discharge petition put in by 25 Republicans working with 200 Democrats. And interestingly the Goodlatte bill included sanctuary city policy. And the Trump four pillars which is being watered down by the day as we speak because we're under the gun to reach a terrible compromise because we're under pressure to pass any bill now, otherwise you get a Democrat bill because our 25 Republican colleagues --

INGRAHAM: Everyone is confused right now. But amnesty, you are saying Republicans in Congress are going to pass some type of amnesty, but they'd also get chain migration reduction? Get visa?

BRAT: E-verify goes away, sanctuary policy goes away.

INGRAHAM: You get something. Governing is the art of the possible, right? You're going to get an explosion in immigration or you're going to get no progress on the other fronts.

BRAT: It's not progress, though, because if you look at the DACA, you're going to have a DACA problem in three or four years again if you don't solve with E-verify. You need some piece that solves DACA from happening again, and it's not in our --

INGRAHAM: I want Jose to weigh in on this because if we keep going the way we're going with immigration, we have a complete demographic change in the United States. Let's look at Philly, for instance, we're focusing on the Philadelphia mayor. The foreign born population of Philadelphia, in 1980 it was 108,000. In 2000 it was 137,000. In 2016, it was 232,000 people. It's an increase of 69 percent. It looks like the growing demographic, the fastest growing demographic, is actually Chinese immigrants into the city. And look, I think most people say, Pugh Research said today in their study that came out there is some good stuff, a lot of entrepreneurs. But we have increasing school pressure for non-English speakers. We have some poverty problems and we have some other problems with indigents. So there is a price to be paid for all this, Jose.

JOSE ARISTIMUNO, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Let me just say one thing, and with all due respect to the Congressman, we've got to make sure that we get our facts straight. The congressman loves to say time and time again if DACA, if we get all of these DACA kids out of the shadows, not only is their immediate family going to get legalized but their whole extended family is going to legalized, which means we're going to get 8 billion people, 8 million people more into the country. And that is just not true. What we ought to do as Americans is we have to protect the lives of 800,000 kids that are American in everything but a piece of paper. Are going to literally as Americans, we're going to say nope, you've got to leave. You've lived in this country for over five, 10 years, you graduated from our school. You go to our churches, and we're literally just going to kick them out.

INGRAHAM: They'll all in little league. I love these anecdotes. Everyone is little league and saving cats from trees. I'm sorry.

ARISTIMUNO: Most of them are.

INGRAHAM: You don't know that all of them are.

ARISTIMUNO: Republicans love to say they are all MS-13.

INGRAHAM: I'm not saying they're all -- it's neither.

BRAT: I think you miss the basic point. The Goodlatte bill takes care all 700,000 DACA kids. They're all taken care off, out of shadows just like you just said, and the Democrats said no. Then Trump says --

ARISTIMUNO: Is there a path to citizenship?

BRAT: Then Trump says 1.8 million DACA, it's a path towards out of the shadows to the labor market, and yes, a path to citizenship just like any other immigrant has. They have to wait in line, go through the process like everybody else did. But Trump expanded it to 1.8 million, and the Democrats, where are they? Steny Hoyer, where is he?

ARISTIMUNO: Because you want to decrease legal migration. You want to decrease chain migration. That's what makes us America.

INGRAHAM: It makes us great, 400,000 of the 1 million green card holders are chain migration. That's nothing to do with merit. That's because you're an uncle or aunt of someone who is already here. Guys, fantastic. On the eve of the G7 summit, President Trump and foreign leaders having a spat. Stick around for a treat insight from one of Maggie Thatcher's former aides.


INGRAHAM: U.S. ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell is facing calls for his ouster after he said it was his goal to empower anti-establishment forces in Europe. German lawmaker Andreas Nick warned if he is not here to be a traditional ambassador but a P.R. person for the alt-right in Europe, we will have an issue. Meanwhile, the bloom may be off the romance between President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron. Let's discuss this with Nile Gardiner, director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation. OK, this thing with Ric Grenell, we have to get into that before we get into the G-7, first of all, he is one of the most amazing people, number one. Number two, he's a fantastic ambassador. Number three, he is very pro-Trump. Economic nationalism, he's more of a populist. What is going on here? And tell me about the involvement in the Iran deal in all this?

NILE GARDINER, HERITAGE FOUNDATION: Yes, certainly. So first I would say I think that Richard Grenell is doing a terrific job in Berlin. And he is basically advancing U.S. interests in Europe. And he's saying of course a lot of things that are pro-American, but for the Germans of course or some elements of the German political leadership are reacting negatively to that. But I think he is doing absolutely his job representing the United States. He is not representing Germany. He is representing the American people. And he rightly pointed out as soon as he got to Berlin that the German companies who are investing in Iran should cut out. And that's absolutely the right message to send.

INGRAHAM: They are going crazy on that right now. Luke Oil, Reliance Industry, Siemens Corporation, they made big bucks over there in Iran.

GARDINER: Right. So you have got a lot of German companies up to their necks investing in Iran. The United States has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal. That deal is dead in the water. And Grenell has pointed that fact out, and that of course upset a lot of big sort of political and business elites in German.

INGRAHAM: And they know what he thinks about the great migration. He is in line with what the president things. The great migration of Islamic immigrants all throughout Europe, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, they don't want any part of this. And now they're being ostracized by the EU, and Italy now we've got the populist movement in Italy catching fire. I think the Germans are on the wrong side of popular opinion.

GARDINER: Yes. I think we are looking at the end of German dominance in Europe, the time when Angela Merkel could tell everybody what to do. That time is over. And she made a big mistake letting 1.5 million migrants into the country against the will of the German people themselves.

INGRAHAM: They don't want, the Swedes don't want it. It's been a disaster. Macron, he tweeted the American president may not mind being isolated. But neither do we mind, signing a six country agreement if need because these six countries represent values, they represent economic market, has the weight of history behind it, blah, blah, blah. They were two peas in a pod just a short while ago. It's like breaking is up is hard to now. What's going on.

GARDINER: It certainly is the end of the Macron-Trump bromance which I think was very, very superficial because at the end of the day I think Macron has an entirely different vision to that of President Trump. And I think the French think very differently on many, many things.

INGRAHAM: They've going to come around. They need us on the trade. They need our market. Do you think Trump is every going to call him French fry or anything like that?

GARDINER: I am not sure if he is quite going to go that far. But I think the French understand they are dealing with a very tough, tough president here.

INGRAHAM: Different world. We'll be right back. Great segment.


INGRAHAM: OK, Washington Capitals are about 2,900 miles away from Washington, D.C., but that is the street. About three or four blocks from where we are right now. They are anticipating the luck holds out and they win the Stanley Cup tonight. I don't want to jinx it. Its' four to three right now. Shannon Bream and the "FOX News at Night" team is here. And we're going to at least try to get through that traffic.


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