Gutfeld on no drama Obama

Let's admit it, America: We miss Barack Obama.

In a recent speech, he said he had no real scandals in his White House. A jab at Trump:


FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: We didn't have a scandal that embarrassed us…. I know that seems like a low bar…. Generally speaking, you didn't hear about a lot of drama inside our White House.


No drama.

So to quote the TSA officer whose dog just sniffed my carry-on, let's unpack this.

Why didn't you hear much about O's White House? Well, who was brave enough to look? There was never a cozier relationship between a president and the media ever. If the White House were a bed, the press was the mutt dozing at the foot of it. Thank God Obama didn't eat it.

The media voluntarily took an 8-year sleeping pill with this liver snap only to wake up when Obama's policies lead to the rejection of his party in the election of Trump. Then, no longer Obamatose, they sprung to action. And it wasn't like there were no scandals under Obama: DOJ, IRS, Benghazi. The media's bar was so high in terms of interest, however, they didn't exist. So now you have a woke press chasing down any incident where Trump has a burger whose center isn't hot pink.

Now, the funny part is Obama's speech was at a conference where participants were rejected if they shared any part of it. So, you want to know why you never heard about Obama? There's your answer: compliance. Compare that to Trump's White House, the most transparent entity since the invention of scotch tape. And still the press scrambles after him as if they're making up for lost time. It's like watching a fat man climb a mountain after a lifetime of couch surfing and pizza. No wonder they want a Democrat in 2020, they could use a rest.

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