Gutfeld on Russia's anti-Trump rallies

According to the Mueller indictment after the 2016 election, Russians organized anti-Trump rallies which were then breathlessly covered by a hopeful CNN and MSNBC:


UNINDENTIFIED ANCHOR, MSNBC: NBC's Morgan Radford is in Union Square in New York City, that is where the anti-Trump protest is just about to kick off.

UNINDENTIFIED REPORTER, MSNBC: I want to show you some of the signs and the posters they're holding up here. You can see one here that says knowledge, Trump, protect our public schools, teachers against Trump.

UNINDENTIFIED REPORTER, CNN: They're not going to be tolerating any sexism or homophobia.

UNINDENTIFIED REPORTER, MSNBC: This is something different. It's something unique. The energy here is electric.

UNINDENTIFIED REPORTER, CNN: There are thousands of people, right now, taking over Fifth Avenue with several messages, all aimed at our president-elect.

It is the most organized protests that I've seen happen here in New York City.


Because it's organized by Russians!

Now we ran a short clip of the same protest, but at least we showed some restraint. The point is, Russia is able to yank America's chain by picking at our own existing team sport mentality. They don't really need to organize these rallies. We hated each other already. But when one angry group won't accept an election how can the Russians resist? Like a global Iago, they spread rumors to undermine all sides. And the media, of course, as you can tell, laps it up.

So here's a tip: Don't trust the Russians. I know, talk about breaking news. But every conservative awake in the 1970s knew this, and that's what kills me about the left. Russia is a fraction of what they were during the cold war, and now the Democrats are worried? Decades ago when the right fiercely challenged the USSR, the left aided the Soviets, leading the anti-anti-communist charge. Meanwhile, communist influence helped repel American protests at rallies, backing every left-wing cause, charming every dumb celebrity on the left. They didn't mind at all. Better to be on Joe Stalin's side than Joe McCarthy's.

So now they're mad about the Russians? Screw them. They're like the guy who offers to help you move apartments but shows up when it's already done and the pizza's arrived. Sorry, we don't need you anymore. All of the heavy lifting has been done.

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