Gutfeld: Trump is making the media great again

So last night, President Trump released his fake news awards. It's like the Oscars without the molesters.

Paul Krugman won big for saying the stock market would collapse instantly under Trump. The stock market gained 40 percent since then. But that's not the real point. Trump not only held Krugman accountable for his idiocy, he turned the reveal into a much-anticipated event, which is great. Krugman is treated among his peers like some moronic oracle immune to reality, Trump proves otherwise.

There were other winners, but you probably already know them since, get this, the press had to cover it. It's genius: Trump got the media to cover their own screw ups. And it's a good thing.

The media gets stories wrong, not because they lie but by rushing to judgment. They adjust stats in order to fit their biases. If the square peg doesn't fit the round hole, simply shave off the edges. Take Trump's so-called attack on the press and the flaky fallout. They say he called the press the enemy of the people. But if you look around, he was actually saying fake news. By conflating fake news with the whole press, that criticizing their errors was criticizing all of them, it's actually the media smearing the media. They do this with everything, including even terror. If you criticize radical Islam, the media calls you Islamophobic for they claim that you're actually knocking the whole religion. Likewise, point out the mistakes the press makes and you're knocking a whole religion too.

It's a shame. We could all use healthy criticism. The media should be thanking Trump for it. He's making them great again whether they like it or not.

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