Rep. Perry speaks out about threat of government shutdown

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CHARLES PAYNE, "YOUR WORLD" GUEST HOST: To the Freedom Caucus, which is signaling that they're not going to sign on to any short-term spending bill without military funding included. So, is that a risky move?

We're going to Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Scott Perry, who is a member of the Freedom Caucus.

Congressman, of course, the American public just grappling with the notion of yet another continuing resolution, kicking the can down the road, and nothing resolved in D.C., yet you're willing to even forego that if you don't get the military spending?

REP. SCOTT PERRY, R-PENNSYLVANIA: Well, nothing is -- Charles, nothing is going to be resolved unless somebody stands firm on something.

This isn't the first time we have done this. As a matter of fact, members of the Freedom Caucus said we should have stayed in August, stayed through in the August break and worked through this.

And since the Senate didn't want to do that and many members of the House didn't want to do that, then we came back September, we passed 12 appropriations bills. It's been 100 days. The Senate has passed zero.

They have no reason to do anything. They're just going to continue doing these one-month C.R.s. Meanwhile, you got troops in contacts. You got troops out on the front line. You got people that aren't flying, people -- we got half the ships that we used to.

And we're not going to fund that, and go month to month to month, and then finally give them some funding, oh, I don't know, maybe four months before the end of the fiscal year and then blame them when they can't spend it correctly. It's absurd.

PAYNE: Right. It sounds like your argument is as much with your Republican colleagues in the Senate as it is with Democrats.

PERRY: Well, if somebody wants to say they're willing to shut down the government because they don't want to fund the military or because they want to put people that are here illegally in front of funding the military, they can make that argument.

But I think we can agree that we need to find solutions. They're in hand. But we have got to get to it. We wasted the month of August. We could have been here. The Senate has wasted 100 days passing no appropriation bills.

And if we continue to just do monthly C.R.s, why would they ever pass any appropriations bills?

PAYNE: Well, the bottom line is, I think the stakes are pretty high. And there are a lot of things out there.

President Trump wants his national security policy implemented. He wants the border wall. He wants the enforcement of immigration laws. He would like to change chain migration and some of the other things. Democrats desperately want DACA.

Isn't this a perfect backdrop to perhaps finally get something done, and, if so, can the Republicans themselves find a way to unite?

PERRY: Well, we have a bill in the House that we're asking our leadership to have a vote on. And it's a compromise bill for us.

We want to put that thing on the floor, and see where everybody stands on it.

And I don't understand why we must take the Senate version. I understand there's going to be some differences, but that's why you have conferences, as opposed to, well, it's the only thing the Senate can pass, so you have to accept that.

Nobody ran for the House of Representatives to take orders from the Senate.
We have two bodies here. We should be working together.

PAYNE: Representative Scott Perry, thank you very much.

PERRY: Thank you.


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