Michelle Malkin and Joe Concha react to 'Fake News Awards'

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And welcome to "Hannity."

We have breaking news at this hour: President Trump has now released his highly anticipated fake news awards. It crashed the GOP.com site in seconds that most traffic they've ever had. We have the report coming up.

Also tonight, the Trump-hating liberal media, they are just refusing to accept the fact that your president is in excellent health and more than fit to serve maybe for two terms. Now, the partisan press, they're going down the conspiratorial rabbit hole and they're now Trump health truthers. I'll explain that and we have all the video proving this insanity.

And CNN use the word hole hundreds of times last week. Tonight, we will unveil our name for that fake news network. Plus, brand new stunning developments about the Clinton bought and paid for phony Russian dossier, the anti-Trump dossier. According to "The Washington Post" tonight, the FBI shared information with the dossier creator. This is the guy that lied to us, using Russians, Christopher Steele. This is so corrupt.

And Sara Carter reporting that close Clinton advisers Sid Vicious Blumenthal, he was interviewed by the FBI about that phony dossier.

But before we get to our opening monologue, Ed Henry is at the White House. He has more on the president's fake news awards.

I literally burst out laughing.

ED HENRY, FOX NEWS CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, Sean, as you noted, there's a lot of interest in this, especially among the president's allies. The website GOP.com crashed when the president tweeted out that this was here. We should know today, Senator Jeff Flake attacked the president for attacking the media, compared him to Stalin. He got strong pushback here from the White House number one and number two the president went right ahead and said, here you go, here are what he's calling the fake news awards.

Number 11, by the way, was Russia collusion. The president says there's no collusion.

Number 10 on that list, as you go through the top 10, "The New York Times" falsely claiming on its front page that this White House had hidden a climate change report. That was not true.

Number nine: CNN falsely reporting that the former FBI Director James Comey would dispute the president's claim that he had not been told -- his claim that he was told he was under investigation, when, in fact, James Comey had told him that. CNN reported the opposite and had to correct it.

Number eight: "Newsweek" falsely reporting that the first lady of Poland did not shake the president's hand. There was video proving that that was simply not true. They had taken a screen grab that that showed right before the handshake.

Number seven: CNN making the list again, falsely reporting about Anthony's Scaramucci's meeting with the Russian, retracting it because of what they called a, quote, significant breakdown in the reporting process.

Number six: CNN hit by the president again for falsely editing a video to make it appear as you see there that the president had to finally over fed fish during a visit to Japan with their prime minister. Actually, the prime minister had led the way with the feeding and had suggested the president do it. That video was also attacked.

Number five is interesting. It was about a rally a political rally the president had in Florida. He's attacking the fact that a reporter, you see him, Dave Weigel, there, had suggested it was not a large crowd. He was using a photograph that was taken that apparently hours before the event.

Number four is interesting because it was literally from day one of the administration. See the bust there of Dr. King. Time Magazine falsely reported that the president had removed that bust from the Oval Office after Barack Obama had put it in the Oval Office. Simply not true. President Trump kept it there. Time Magazine falsely reported otherwise.

Number three: CNN makes another appearance. The president in his words says CNN falsely reported that candidate Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. had gotten special access to hacked documents from WikiLeaks before they were made public. That was not true. CNN had to walk that back.

Now, number two is particularly interesting. It's ABC News's Brian Ross. Remember that he got suspended for this report.


BRIAN ROSS, ABC NEWS: He's prepared to testify, we are told by a confidant, against President Trump, against members of the Trump family and others in the White House. He's prepared to testify the President Trump as a candidate, Donald Trump ordered him directly to make contact with the Russians, which contradicts all that Trump has said at this point.


HENRY: Now, that report suggested that General Flynn was going to tell the special counsel Robert Mueller that there was Russian collusion dating back to the campaign. That was not true. ABC had to retract it.

The problem, of course, is that the stock market had had a bit of a crash after that news, suggesting that there was collusion in the campaign. That was fake.

And number one: this is interesting, The New York Times columnist Paul Krugman on the day of the president's election victory, you see him there, Paul Krugman always touting his economic credentials said that the economy would never recover from the Trump victory. The president cites that as number one in what he's calling the fake news awards, particularly fitting on a day perhaps, Sean, when you saw the stock market reached yet another record high.

But perhaps more importantly than that just that barometer, the fact you had a company like Apple saying that because of the Trump tax cut, they are going to repatriate billions, that's billions with a B, of dollars that they had parked overseas because of the previous tax laws that they're now going to bring back to America and invest here, jobs, build a factory in the United States, put a call center in the United States. Jobs, money pouring back in the United States, something the president touted earlier on Twitter, Sean.

HANNITY: All right, Ed, you can't make this stuff up and it dovetails perfectly in tonight's breaking news opening monologue.


HANNITY: All right. So, the sick, the twisted, the mentally unstable anti-Trump media again working itself into a new manufactured frenzy now we have been explaining how the biased press operates in this country for a while.

Here's how it works: they rush from one fabricated meltdown to another and in the process, these brain-dead so-called journalists, they bounce around the same talking points in their little fake news bubble echo-chamber and it becomes a competition to see well who can say the most outlandish the most offensive the most completely false thing about President Trump. It's like they're hypnotized, lobotomized robots that kind of programmed every, wake up, hey, Trump. It's really pathetic and it's sad and it's predictable and they are not serving you the American people.

Now, members of the media, sadly, their sheep, they're closed-minded, they have actually convinced themselves, this is that psychotic part, through their own conspiracy theories, that president Trump is, oh, he's suffering from dementia. He has early onset Alzheimer's. He's deranged.

Now, the newest fake news fixation is all about the president's health. Think he'd be happy. And naturally, after the president's doctor told them that he was in excellent -- I repeat -- excellent physical condition, and the shock them, could easily serve for two full terms, the media could not believe it. It goes against everything they have all been telling themselves hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month.

The press, they can't stand the fact that the president scored a perfect 30 for 30 on a cognitive exam, and my guess is most of the people in the media world would probably fail that test if they took it themselves. I'd love to test them.

Now, before we show you new examples, it's important to highlight just how utterly insane the media was yesterday at the press conference with the president's doctor. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you keep a tally of how much golf the U.S. president plays?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Some of the president's friends have told reporters in the past, they think he's a germophobe, that he washed his hands obsessively, and is concerned about that. Do you see any indication that type of behavior?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Does he watch too much TV?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you see any evidence of bone spurs which the president said that he suffered from?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is he limited to one scoop of ice cream now?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you any concerns about the president's use of Twitter?

DR. RONNY JACKSON, WHITE HOUSE DOCTOR: I know, I don't -- yes, Twitter doesn't involve me as a doctor. I don't -- I don't -- I don't have any concern on that.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Does the president wear dentures?

JACKSON: He does not. The president has no partial or wearing dentures of any kind.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You said he doesn't drink and he doesn't smoke. And other than the diet issue, did you address drug addiction?

JACKSON: Drug addiction?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I mean, any other drugs?

JACKSON: Yes, no, no, he has -- he has no drug addiction.


HANNITY: This is real reporting. This questioning went on for 49 straight minutes. The media just refused to face the truth. The reality President Trump is perfectly healthy, you'd think they would be happy. Apparently not.

Now, of course, it didn't take long for what we're now calling Trump health truthers. Think about this -- that come out in the media and now they're questioning everything that the doctor said. This is unbelievable. Watch this.


WHOOPI GOLDBERG, "THE VIEW"/ABC: The alleged excellent medical exam results the fellow in the White House was -- has spawned a new conspiracy theory. It's known as the girther movement.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He said he's an excellent health. I mean, Sanjay Gupta came out, was like, no, I'm not so sure about excellent health.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE, CNN: He seemed like a Trump fanboy.

DON LEMON, CNN: And he said 239 pounds.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Whatever, but I mean --

LEMON: I know I'm being a girther. But I mean, come on --

JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC: If that's what 6'3", 239 pounds looks like, it's a shock to me.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI, MSNBC: Not sure if it makes me feel better that this doctor says that he has no cognitive issues. It makes me feel worse and more worried for the country.

LAWRENCE O'DONNELL, MSNBC: The White House press corps seemed stunned that the president who cannot button the button on his suit coat isn't much heavier.

HOWARD DEAN, ON MSNBC: The Montreal cognitive assessment is actually a fairly low level test. It is unbelievably good at predicting dementia or pre- dementia. That doesn't say that he's not morally or even mentally unfit to be president. It just says he doesn't have pre-dementia.


HANNITY: Yes, we're going to really listen to Dr. Joe, liberal Joe, and Dr. Mika.

And, by the way, CNN, they took things even further with this morbid and sad prediction -- this is nuts -- about President Trump.

Take a look.


DR. SANJAY GUPTA, CNN: This coronary calcium score is a score that a lot of cardiologists use to try and be predictive and be proactive. And if the number gets up over 100, that is concerning to a lot of doctors. It's concerning because you can start to say, well, if you do nothing different, if you -- if things don't change, you can start to predict the likelihood of having some sort of heart event, cardiac event, a heart attack or something like that within a certain number of years.

So, the president has heart disease. Those numbers qualify him for having heart disease and it clearly needs a plan to try and prevent some sort of heart problem down the road.


HANNITY: Really? He's never examined the president.

Now, we know that fake news CNN, I have a new name in a second. Then we know they hate the president, but really, they're going to predict a guy that's never examined the president, that he's going to have a heart attack. Now, this type of behavior, it shouldn't be surprising, especially coming from what we're now calling.

You see it right there. CNN, the ssh-hole network or the shh-hole fake news network. It fits.

CNN somehow managed to say that word hundreds of times in one week alone. Here are just a few of the examples I promise I played them all I have too much news to cover tonight, but here's some. We'll put it on our Website tomorrow.


LEMON: What was your reaction when you heard the president called, you know, African nations (EXPLETIVE DELETED) holes?

FAREED ZAKARIA, CNN: It's not care of what he meant by (EXPLETIVE DELETED) hole countries.

LEMON: Are you shocked or surprised by this?

PHILIP MUDD, CNN: Not surprised. In one way, I am proud. I am a proud (EXPLETIVE DELETED) hole.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE, CNN: No, we are not all created equal, at least not if you are born in, as the president put it, a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) hole country.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN: The word house instead of hole, as in (EXPLETIVE DELETED) house countries, not (EXPLETIVE DELETED) hole countries.


COOPER: Is there a difference if the president said (EXPLETIVE DELETE) hole than (EXPLETIVE DELETED) house?

LEMON: Do you think these countries are (EXPLETIVE DELETED) holes?

ANA NAVARRO, CNN: Donald Trump is turned the Oval Office into a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) hole.

MUDD: (EXPLETIVE DELETED) built this country 110 years ago.

LEMON: This is the president's (EXPLETIVE DELETED) hole comments yesterday, a few more.








COOPER: Rich, do you have any example of (EXPLETIVE DELETED) hole country that the president referred to that is dominantly Caucasian?




MUDD: I work for (EXPLETIVE DELETED) hole.




MUDD: I am proud to be a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) holer.


LEMON: I never in a million years thought I would be saying (EXPLETIVE DELETED) hole on television.


HANNITY: Congratulations, CNN. You've done more than enough to earn your new nickname. The shh-hole network, fake news network, keep up the good work.

Now, you would think that CNN after hearing this over and over and over again for the American people, when I'm about to play, maybe they would listen and say, wow, maybe we're not doing something right here. Take a look.


HANNITY: Are they not listening? Apparently, they are so hard-headed that nothing sinks in.

Also, tonight, we have major breaking news. This is important tonight about the phony fake news Hillary Clinton bought and paid for Russian propaganda document and dossier. Sara Carter reporting that longtime Clinton aide adviser Sid Vicious Blumenthal apparently was interviewed by the FBI in 2016 about this fake news anti-Trump dossier.

And that's not all, according to The Washington Examiner's Byron York, congressional investigators are now working to determine whether or not the Obama State Department was involved in gathering and circulating fictitious and totally fake information that was found in that dossier. It's getting deeper every night.

And according to another new report, an FBI agent exchanged information about the bureau's Russia investigation with the former spy that was getting the phony Russian information, Christopher Steele. He's the guy that put the dossier together.

So, you have Steele being told by our FBI about their Russia investigation at the same time Steele is getting paid by Hillary Clinton to dig up phony Russian propaganda source dirt on Donald Trump. You can't make this up.

And we also know from Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, his testimony, that Steele briefed the FBI about the dossier before the election. This is corruption at the highest levels.

We've got so much to get to tonight. Joining us with reaction: Fox News national security strategist, Sebastian Gorka, Fox News contributor Sara Carter, and Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett.

On top of the Sid Vicious Blumenthal things, so we now have our FBI, Sara Carter, literally telling. This is new to me. The guy that's paying for Russian lies, salacious details on a candidate to basically fix an election with phony Russian propaganda, they're giving him information?

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I think that's incredible. You know, you would think that the FBI would be close hold about their own investigation before sharing that obviously with an ex-British spy who's working for Fusion GPS, who's being paid by the DNC in the Hillary Clinton campaign. Sean, the FBI usually does not share information with people that they're interviewing and if you -- if Steele is delivering information to the FBI, it should be the FBI questioning Steele, not Steele questioning the FBI.

I think what's interesting to me is after Steele got this information, where did Steele go with it? I mean, this is a question that needs to be answered. Did Steele approach Papadopoulos? Did he approach sources of Papadopoulos? How much information did he get from the FBI on George Papadopoulos? And those are questions that still need to be answered.

HANNITY: Gregg Jarrett, from the legal side of this, you see any legal issues, and you've been the one that was been pointing out, you have four levels deep a hearsay --


HANNITY: -- that would never be accepted in any court.

JARRETT: You know, this just underscores the FBI was politically motivated to damage Trump. They're meeting with Steele. They're trying to connect the dots with Papadopoulos. They're offering to pay money to Steele to continue to dig dirt on Donald Trump.

They became in a way just a political arm of the Democratic National Committee and the Trump campaign after the FBI cleared for political reasons Hillary Clinton in the email scandal and then launched a political vendetta to frame Trump over Russian collusion without a scintilla of evidence.

HANNITY: All right. Sebastian, let me get to you, Dr. Gorka.

So, she fixed the primary with Bernie Sanders. She had the legal issues so she could stay in the game, she had the FBI director and Peter Strzok who hates Trump, loves Hillary, fix it so she can keep working. Otherwise, we know felonies were committed, mishandling classified information et cetera.

Then, we literally have that fake dossier you know used to fix the general election and then it's used for a FISA warrant against the opposing candidate in an election year and it's used to surveil than a president- elect on his team.

SEBASTIAN GORKA, FOX NEWS NATIONAL SECURITY ANALYST: Sean, I'm a legal immigrant to this country. I'm proud to be an American. I am ashamed and horrified by everything we are learning every day from Sara, from her colleague John, from you, from Gregg.

Jeff Flake should be concerned with the Stalinist tactics of the Obama administration, not insulting this president who loves his country. What we are seeing is the systematic targeting of political adversaries using trumped-up intelligence files full of propaganda and using domestic surveillance. We have to use that phrase, Sean, it is the domestic surveillance for political purposes against people who were running against them as their political opponents. That's what communist authoritarian regimes.

HANNITY: I hear now, we now know that the DOJ had to release the documents that the FBI had subpoenaed. They did it last-minute. Rod Rosenstein tried to prevent it. He goes in to Paul Ryan's office begs him not to do it.

We're getting some insight as to what we will learn next week. Sara Carter, what are you hearing?

CARTER: Well, extensive FISA abuse. What Sebastian just brought up is very important. I mean, we have to look at what type of surveillance was being conducted, what warrant, what did they have as far as evidence to obtain warrants to actually spy on members of the president's --

HANNITY: But the phony dossier was used and then the FBI is --


HANNITY: -- collaborating with the guy that's getting the phony Russian propaganda, you can't make this up.

CARTER: No, you can't. And I think Byron York brought up some really interesting facts in his column today, the fact that Steele could have been doing separate reports, other reports, other than the dossier for members of the State Department.

HANNITY: And we suspect he was paid.

CARTER: And they suspect he was paid, and he had a very close relationship with members of the State Department. So, this is something that's being investigated.

JARRETT: You know, when you hire a spy who's trained in lies and deception, who relies on Russian spies, trained in lies and deceptions, you get nothing but lies and deceptions. That is the basis of the dossier.

And for the FBI to believe this document which on its face is fictitious is an abuse of power because --

HANNITY: Glenn Simpson never looked at it.

JARRETT: They went to a judge to get a warrant to spy. You can't -- that's a fraud on a court to use a fake, fictitious document.

HANNITY: I want to hear from that judge. That judge -- no judge I know likes being lied to.

All right. Last, so we have the fake news awards release tonight, Sebastian Gorka. It's not only the purports they get wrong, it's also the stories they will not cover, these stories and I just see nothing but egg all over their face coming.

GORKA: I am so -- it's so magnanimous of the president to put Russian collusion at the bottom of the list. Russian collusion, not Paul Krugman, that laughable individual, that should be at the top of the list.

And I'm glad you've got a sense of humor because you have to have a sense of humor. Fifteen minutes on what the president's belt sizes and whether he has two scoops, it's a parody of media, Sean. It's an absolute joke.

HANNITY: The list is great. We'll have more on it with Michelle Malkin and Joe Concha, when we come back as Hannity continues.


HANNITY: Tonight, President Trump unveiled his fake news awards. Here with reaction, the host of "Michelle Malkin Investigates" on CRTV, Michelle Malkin, and The Hill's Joe Concha.

I loved every one of it, never mind the stories they don't cover and this is the tip of the spear, the tip of the iceberg, Michelle.

MICHELLE MALKIN, "MICHELLE MALKIN INVESTIGATES" HOST: It is. It's simply brilliant, I've got to hand it to President Trump and to everyone who compiled this list. I think that the execution leading up to the revelation of these awards was also brilliant, because look at what you had -- you had all of these thumb suckers in the media working themselves up into an Olympic-sized lather. I counted about a half dozen pieces just over the last 24 hours decrying the fake news awards before they were even given as some sort of escalation and a threat of violence against press freedoms.

And, of course , we had Jeff snowflake or corn flake, flake flake, on Senate floor --

HANNITY: Frosty flake.

MALKIN: Right, frosty flakes, embarrassing himself with his hyperbolic speech, comparing our president in a very fun way being able to tell truths about the fake media, comparing our president to Stalin?

These people as you have so deftly pointed out over the last hours and days and months have completely lost their minds. And now, President Trump is going to force them to cover each and every single item on the list.

HANNITY: See, everybody in the bubble, the echo chamber, you know all they are. I mean, we know who -- we could name them. We do name them.

But this is why it's so important -- they've been saying that this is so bad for freedom of the press. We know what's bad for freedom of the press lying and doing -- and not only lying, but those choices, they won't cover the biggest stories that exist in our lifetime, because of their agenda, and they still can't get over that they were wrong on the election.

JOE CONCHA, THE HILL: Or, Sean, you can make the argument that Donald Trump is exercising his First Amendment right by pushing back at the media as he did during this fake news awards.

HANNITY: He has one?

CONCHA: Well, apparently, presidents have never really done that before, right? Republicans are always so worried they're going to get bad press, so they kind of kowtowed and didn't really punch back like this.

I would argue that Trump supporters probably see the media as the opposition party more than Pelosi or Booker or Warren or anybody in the Democratic Party.

HANNITY: Why shouldn't he push back? This is well-deserved awards for losers.

CONCHA: Well, if you see the list here, really is a great microcosm of 2017. Quick rundown of it. CNN won four awards and I would imagine they'll make an ad campaign out of that. I'm not being sarcastic. They'll see it as a badge of honor, and that's fine.

HANNITY: By the way, that's really twisted, because they were wrong in every count.

CONCHA: Right, exactly. I don't think they --


HANNITY: Do you like our montage of the --

CONCHA: Of the s-holes?

HANNITY: The ssh-hole network, the ssh-hole fake news network.

CONCHA: I believe they said 165 times.

HANNITY: I want to say here, but I can't --

CONCHA: Show --

HANNITY: -- because say that, you have to sit in a meeting and get lectured that I shouldn't have said it and followed policy, and I don't feel like sitting through that meeting.

CONCHA: I'll let shell jump back in again. New York Times won two, Washington Post two, ABC, one, Newsweek, one.

Here's the interesting part. BuzzFeed, they released the dossier was not nominated, very interesting.

Also, unscathed, never said didn't get an award, NBC, surprising, CBS and Fox News, shocking.

HANNITY: Maybe. All right. You know, what's happening I think if you look at the statistics we showed last night, 2017, the year they tried to destroy a president with media research.

But it's also a year that they created the biggest disservice to the American people. They are hurt when they can't get the truth, Michelle.

MALKIN: Yes, that's right and just to add an footnote to Joe's tally, "The New York Times" I think what I would actually add one more since, of course, Eric Lichtblau came from "The New York Times" to CNN to commit the same kind of media malpractice that he did at "The New York Times", the fish wrap of record.

Look, to the point that you made, Sean, too, about why shouldn't our president push back against the media -- I would turn that back to against all those Republican Senator is sellouts over the last couple of days, who have been auditioning for jobs with liberal media. Do they not remember the push back under the Bush -- Obama administration? And I'm not talking about the all the spying the Obama administration did on journalists from Cheryl Atkinson to the Associated Press to Fox News. Remember that Obama White House had specifically assigned the White House communications Director at the time Anita Dunn to go out every day at press briefings and specifically attack Fox News. And what do these people want to do, they want to disarm our President and his supporters and grassroots conservatives and independent who put him in office and gag him from using his own first amendment right to push back where the media is wrong.

HANNITY: He will never, ever be the person they want him to be. He will never put cargo plane loads of cash and give them to Iranian Mullahs and kiss their ass and try to bribe them not to be murdering dictators that want to destroy us, Joe?

JOE CONCHA, THE HILL NEWSPAPER: Saying ass, will not have you sit in a meeting tomorrow.

HANNITY: I am not going to the meeting.


CONCHA: Look, people say maybe things will change in 2018 they clearly seen this year is actually has been worse than last year. Only 16 days in and what happened with Sanjay Gupta, it is incredible to me, he does a diagnosis from afar that is one thing. He is also neurosurgeon. OK. Think of him as electrician and Ronnie Jackson was not the only person involved in the cardiovascular part of President Trump's prognosis and he also was consulting actually consulting with the cardiovascular surgeons from the Cleveland clinic which is in the hospitals in the country and those are the plumbers, right. So you have an electrician talking about what a plumber should be doing. And it's like what I go to get my colonoscopy next month.

HANNITY: Thanks for sharing.

CONCHA: Like my dad had I have to go every four years call the podiatrist.

HANNITY: You don't want to say that on CNN the (BEEP) hole network.

CONCHA: That is a very graphic thing for people on the west coast that are having dinner right now. We have to roll.

HANNITY: We got to roll.

CONCHA: I was trying to make a point.

HANNITY: President has a great sense of humor and they'll never enjoy it. I thought this was great tonight. Good to see you. When we come back. Liberal (BEEP) network and CNN asked the panel of Ohio voters of what they thought of President Trump, didn't go as plan and expected. You'll love this next.


HANNITY: Huge great economic news out today for President Trump and the country and you the American people. Apple announcing it will be giving $2,500 worth as stock as bonuses for most employees following the new Trump tax law. And the company is also saying it will spend $30 billion in U.S. over the next five years and also, today, this is amazing, CNN hosted a panel of Ohio voters that says President Trump had a fantastic year. They were not expecting it. Take a look at the s-hole network.


MARTIN SAVIDGE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: One year in, how is he doing?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Better than I would have dreamt.

SAVIDGE: Really?



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He is doing well, he is doing his task.

SAVIDGE: A year later they all still want the wall. As for President inflammatory tweets and speech Geno said he used to cringe. Not anymore.

SAVIDGE: You don't cringe anymore because you grew numb to it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Not numb at all. But I know what he is done. And I'm starting to get inkle on why he uses his twitter in a way he does. If he had to rely on what people say about him oh, my god I might not like the guy I love the guy and the job he is doing.

SAVIDGE: Justice meant Trump at rally and said he is not a racist.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He was the nicest person and if he was race and if he was racist as everyone paint him to be he could have walked past me and not said a word.


HANNITY: Here with reaction former secret service agent Dan Bongino, former Obama economic advisor that gave eight years of crud Austan Goolsbee is with us. Sorry Austan. Dan these are blue collar workers, factory, iron workers, none of what the media says or what they're saying in D.C., New York, San Francisco, L.A., matters in the people in the country, the people that make the country great.

DAN BONGINO, FORMER SECRET AGENT SERVICE: yes. You know what Sean. Getting a $1,000 bonus in your pay check at the end ever the year will tend to do that. This a whole lot of crumbs in case Nancy Pelosi is watching, by the way. The most amazing take away for this whole thing is not only has President Trump's first year but incredibly consequential and conservative by the way, it is all been done under onslaught never seen in modern American history. A fake bogus special counsel investigation into a crime that never happened and unified obstructionist Democratic Party that won't do a darn thing to help this guy and lying media and a bunch of swamp rat rhino Republicans like Jeff Flake out there attacking the President at every opportunity when triage of needs should be hitting liberals and saving America and he still had a great first year that is two big thumbs up for me.

HANNITY: Austin? Every economic indicator, every economic indicate every economic indicator, every bonus, every dollar repatriation and every dollar for a new factory and manufacturing center, is all because of Donald Trump. Because your guy failed.

GOOLSBEE: Wait. Donald Trump is having a very decent economy, a little bit worse than the last year of Obama created a bit fewer jobs, created a bit fewer jobs, 200,000 fewer jobs and doing very well. The only thing I will note here is that Apple is clearing more than $200 billion of after tax profit.

HANNITY: Wait a minute they're bring -- they're bringing back billions --

GOOLSBEE: And thousands of that money to their employees. They're give they're giving to employees. They're supposed to be giving --

HANNITY: In eight years the unemployment numbers is better and job creation is better and GDP better.

GOOLSBEE: Donald Trump --

HANNITY: Consumer confidence is better it's better for every demographic black Americans and Hispanic Americans, every Americans and you cannot admit you are wrong.

GOOLSBEE: And the last seven years we didn't have a depression.

HANNITY: Only President never to reach percent GDP growth ever in history, Dan Bongino.

BONGINO: Austan you know I love debating with you. You know, people can see this right? Sean has millions of viewers. You're saying this to actual people. You have a reputation. How do you continue to defend the Obama economy? Socks do don't have a side. He never reached Obama. That is 3 percent annualize GDP growth in any year of his presidency. Here's the first --

GOOLSBEE: And Donald Trump has not either, 2017.

BONGINO: No, no, no, wait, wait,

GOOLSBEE: 3 percent guys, 2017.

BONGINO: Two consecutive quarters.

GOOLSBEE: 2.3 percent.

BONGINO: And we had two consecutive quarters of over 3 percent growth and Austin let's be fair, you are the same guys that blamed Bush seven years into Obama presidency and yet you want Trump to take credit for the first two months? That is an absolute peak of hypocrisy.

GOOLSBEE: You need to settle down you convinced yourself, because three people on CNN said the President was having a good year, that you can ignore the fact that the Republican district, say in Wisconsin where trump won by 17 points it just went Democrat and state of Alabama elected a Democrat to the senate. Donald Trump better be ready, because he is not going to have a very good 2018.

BONGINO: They said the same thing about Ronald Reagan in 1984 and he won every single state but Minnesota which he only lost by 3,000 votes.

GOOLSBEE: That was 1984.

BONGINO: A lot of people thought Ronald Reagan --

GOOLSBEE: He was way ahead of the polls in 1984.

BONGINO: People thought 1982 Ronald Reagan would be in a world of trouble. And in 1984 it was one of the greatest electoral landslides in American history. You know why? Let me quote the Bill Clinton team on this which I'll never do again. It's economy stupid. Don't ever forget it.

GOOLSBEE: Then why is, Alabama now represented by Democrat and why is red --

BONGINO: Because Trump derangement syndrome.

HANNITY: You're going to blame Trump for Roy Moore. He doesn't support Roy Moore in beginning. He did not endorse --

GOOLSBEE: What do you mean he did not support him, he did support him?

HANNITY: Excuse me. He wanted Luther Strange. With all due respect, Roy Moore had a lot of problems.


HANNITY: You sound like the media now, you have Trump derangement syndrome.

GOOLSBEE: Wait, Sean, can you get me a nomination for a fake news award?

HANNITY: The answer I can give you fake information award, because you come on this program and you actually try to convince yourself that the guy that doubled our debt and gave us lowest labor participation rate and literally the worst recovery since the '40s never hitting 3 percent GDP and 51-year low home ownership rate, and you defend this. You should just say Hannity you're right and Bongino you're right.

BONGINO: Austin you know you're economist. We measure economic growth by growth rates this is not mystery. Where is Obama, ah, bottom of the barrel in American history, why do you keep defending this side. Save your reputation here and admit his policies were awful. Just admit it.

GOOLSBEE: Not correct at all. Not correct at all. The tortoise and the hare, gentlemen. The tortoise and the hare.

HANNITY: We have to roll. Good to see you. When we come back former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich weighs in on just how corrupt you media is and where it's all going with the special counsel. That is next.


HANNITY: All right. More on top story tonight, the left wing mainstream media just cannot believe President Trump receive a clean bill of health. Now they're looking for any excuse to discredit the results beyond pathetic. Take a look.


LEMON: When he said 239 pounds.


LEMON: I know I'm being girther.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If that is what 6' 3, 239 pounds looks like it's a shock to me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Not sure if it makes me feel better that the doctor says he has no cognitive issues. It makes me feel worse.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You covered the man for decades.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You feel like you've seen changes. I'm not a doctor, but I can see he is not the sharp mind that he was when I first met him.


HANNITY: Joining us now with more reaction is author of bestselling book "Vengeance" former speaker of the house, fox news contributor, Newt Gingrich and you saw the presser yesterday, I still cannot believe what I saw. Bone spurs? Too much tweeting? TV? And one scoop or two? Is he drug addict? Does the President have dentures? And does the President need sedation? No President has ever had to undergo this garbage. It's funny, but it's really a sick side to this.

NEWT GINGRICH, R-FORMER SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: Well let me say first of all as a historian while he don't it in the press room Abraham Lincoln was attacked with the same savagery and same viciousness as Donald Trump and I think look I'm a hawk on this all right? And I think she they should line up every one of the most idiotic comments and put them own YouTube and have thumbs up and thumbs down. Thumbs up means they get to stay. And thumbs down, kick him out of the White House. You have no obligation as President to have idiot --

HANNITY: Role would be empty.

GINGRICH: Passionately convince against --

HANNITY: The role will be empty. Maybe you keep Doctor Liberal Joe and Dr. Mika.

GINGRICH: No. It would not be empty.

HANNITY: Pretty close.

GINGRICH: It would not be empty you go to local TV stations and say do you have somebody who would like to try out being White House supporter. And you get a whole new generation of people who are not jaded and part of Washington gang. They don't sit around every afternoon every cocktail talking about how utterly stupid Trump is and create a whole generation of reporters.

HANNITY: OK so well have been unpeeling on this program. You had been a big part of our coverage, the layers of the onion. A lot of progress had been made, we now found out the uranium one in fact has been the DOJ investigation, nobody knew for months. We have an 11 count indictment at the end of last week. Then we now know that the email server scandal were the fix was in with Comey and Strzok, that is now back before congress. Now the dossier is blowing up and next week I'm told we will have news to shock the conscious. Here's my question. You have Hillary and we now know rigged primary against Bernie we have no shot and Donna Brazile confirms it. Then we have her pay for Russian lies and propaganda to influence the American people and rig that election and then had Comey and Strzok, because they so wanted her they rigged investigation, and an exoneration before investigation. With all we talked about in the media, there's very few of us discussing this. And I don't mind being out on a limb. I have done it my whole career. But now it matters because the constitution is in play. Your reaction.

GINGRICH: I agree. It is very parallel to what they did yesterday about the health question. How can the "Washington Post", or "New York Times", gets up in the morning and look at themselves and not cover this? I mean, there is something really that is almost pathological, because as you're pointing out, week after week, more and more things are coming out and it's not just hearsay or investigative reporting, as you point out, an 11 count indictment and frankly, because I had talked to you earlier today I talked to business people a while ago that said to me oh, well, how do you think all this will play out and they clearly were thinking only of Trump. I think 11 count indictment on uranium one probably doesn't bode well for Hillary. They know nothing about her. They were shock that it occurred. And I think you begin to see the pieces come together in what I think will only be unbelievably big scandal and makes me feel that defeat of Hillary even more important than electing Trump, defeating Hillary so the corruption could not go on and not be noticed. All of this at the end of the road.

HANNITY: It's a cartel. And I agree with you wholeheartedly and I really believe she is in deep trouble.

GINGRICH: Clearly she is in trouble. I think the foundation is in trouble. And I think frankly Comey is in trouble and I think you know, 98 percent of FBI are honorable, hardworking serious people.

HANNITY: Agreed.

GINGRICH: But at the top they had a layer really had been corrupted and didn't even realize how corrupt they had become.

HANNITY: All right. Mr. Speaker, always good to see you and we will keep on peeling that layer, because we deserve to know the truth it's about influencing a Presidential election and gaining a FISA warrant against an opposition candidate and incoming President and this is serious stuff. All right. Two videos of the day and some very apparently mean calls on the hot line. Can I get one nice person, hello? Straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right, I have a very, very special video of the day. Might be our best clip yet. I'm worried I might be losing my job. There's somebody, up and comer, that is amazing.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What is your name? Introduce yourself.




HANNITY: That adorable girl is Abigail, Abigail is the daughter of one of our audio technicians, Moses. I don't think I have much longer for this business that was pretty darned good. All right, hit me with your best shot, "Hannity" hotline. Let us hit it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Okay, Sean, I'm not going to cuss you, so I doubt this makes the cut. But, dude, you're killing me. I watch you since you and Allen first started. I agree with you most of the time. But since the '90s I've heard you tell the world your rags to riches work history. You mowed grass, trimmed trees, walked dogs, shopped hogs, painted barns, churned butter, built outhouses, washed dishes, bused tables, answered phones, sold cars, poured concrete, and you've even farted dust. Please, dear god, stop.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A sad man, real sad. In the end you will be battling in the corn, drooling on yourself, you are such a fool.


HANNITY: I am trying -- talking about the jobs that I have had. I still consider myself a dishwasher. Well, a bus boy and a waiter and a bartender and a painter and a paper hanger and tile layer and roofer and your friendly host I tell the story a lot. It meant a lot in my life. Hannity sound off, 877-225-8587, that is all the time we have this evening, let not your heart be troubled, we will never be the fake news media, we will never be propaganda news, Laura.

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