Gutfeld on Democrats' skewed priorities

So after scaring the crap out of millions of people, what has Hawaii chosen to do? Sue the FCC to block the rollback of net neutrality.

Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin said in a statement, "Big business must not be deciding what people in Hawaii can access on the Internet."

I don't know, Mr. Chin. Something tells me big business wouldn't have placed an incoming missile notification next to the frigging light switch. And they wouldn't reassign just one worker. They'd reassign the entire staff to Siberia. But such are liberal priorities: It's not Saturday's catastrophe, but the speed at which citizens can get their cat videos.

My theory: The Democrats have fallen in love with resisting Trump so much that they've forgotten that they're supposed to be working to make lives better, not worse.

Let's review what else gets Democrats' attention. As the rest of us focus on cop killers, they hold us hostage over DACA; and while the economy charges ahead, they normalize socialism; and while they give citizens heart attacks, they go after the FCC.

Yes, did you hear about Sean Shields? He's a dad who nearly died from a massive coronary in Hawaii during that false alarm while he was talking to his kids. I'm sure he's thrilled Hawaii is going after the FCC in court. After that, they can talk to his lawyers, too.

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