Gutfeld on Hawaii's grave mistake

Where's McGarrett when you really need him?

After that false incoming missile alert in Hawaii, launch notifications will now require verification by two people. You'd think that would have been in place already. And may be a warning that prompts you to double-check a message before it goes out. I mean, when I want to delete an email, I'm asked, "Are you sure you want to delete an email?" And that's for an email not a state alert telling people they're about to die. And here's a thought: Maybe don't have the menu item for "incoming missile" so close to one that says, "just testing." That's like having the kid's trampoline next to a wood chipper.

This screw-up cannot be overstated. Imagine if it were you: your family being told you're all going to die and for 40 minutes, that's your reality. Then someone comes along and says oops. My wife was there in Hawaii. She saw mothers sobbing uncontrollably, realizing that they would never see their kids again. She watched families saying goodbye. And yet the press is already back to the swearword. What a contrast between real terror and phony posturing. The same people who report this missile accident with such restraint just days ago were melting over "s-hole." When the press conference in Hawaii hit, we took it live. CNN ran a repeat interview with Michael Wolff. A repeat. Maybe if that false missile warning had s-hole in it, CNN would have gone wall-to-wall.

It's disgusting that an event that led mothers to place children in storm drains is of less interest to the press than a crude phrase uttered in a meeting. But I guess if you can't blame the usual villain then why bother. Oh, wait, you can.


REP. TULSI GABBARD, D-HAWAII: Our leaders have failed us. Donald Trump is taking too long. He's not taking this threat seriously and there's no time to waste. We've got to get rid of this nuclear threat from North Korea. We've got to achieve peace, not play politics.


Play politics? What did she just do? Her state's warning system screwed up and now Trump has to make his geopolitical calculations based on that? No. How about setting up a system that doesn't terrify people for 38 minutes and then you can take part in the conversation. Until then, fix your own backyard.

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