Gutfeld: Why 2017 was good and 2018 could be better

All weekend, the media take on 2017. Thank God it's over. So much chaos, so much fear. No wonder CNN hit the bomb like a babbling deadhead. Fake news will do that to you.

But how much of this feeling is actually warranted?

Sure, 2017 was bad for ISIS, which means good for us.

2017 was bad for North Korea who faced new pressure from old pals. That's good for us.

2017 was bad for pessimists as consumer confidence returned. That's good for us.

2017 was bad for our other global rivals as we've renewed emphasis on national security. That's good for us.

2017 was bad -- bad for the media, under fire over bias and undermined by Twitter, because you are keeping them on their toes. Good for you.

2017 was bad for colleges all plagued by social justice tyranny. But as the web continued to offer free curriculum to everyone cracking the monopoly of academia, that's good for you. Colleges are dead.

2017 was bad for countries getting rich off our energy needs, but that's good for us Frackers.

2017 was bad for despair as poverty declined and health improved.

2017 was bad for Harvey Weinstein, which is good for everyone else.

2017 upset the irritating from Kathy Griffin to Chelsea Handler. That has to be good for us.

Now, of course, there were awful events and unspeakable tragedies from hurricanes to shootings. These events never truly leave us. They appear every year and they'll do so in 2018, sadly.

But looking ahead, let's not fudge what's been left behind. It's not as bad as they want you to believe, and it could be even better now, or worse. Who knows. Keep your chin up.

Greg Gutfeld currently serves as host of FOX News Channel's (FNC) The Greg Gutfeld Show (Saturdays 10-11PM/ET) and co-host of The Five (weekdays 5-6PM/ET). He joined the network in 2007 as a contributor. Click here for more information on Greg Gutfeld