Gutfeld: Obama knocks Trump in France

Last Saturday Barack Obama was in Paris, what I like to call the poor man's Cleveland, where he knocked Donald Trump for pulling out of the climate deal. Hmm, I wonder if he said he grants that, at the moment, we have a temporary absence of American leadership in the issue.


FORMER PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I grant you that, at the moment, we have a temporary absence of American leadership on the issue.



He's so predictable. But so is the French audience, who laughed. They also find mimes funny.

The fact is, making a decision that bugs the French is not bad leadership. Actually, it's the opposite. Knowing you'll come off as the bad guy among our more sophisticated European peers and you still do it anyway, that's cool. And let's face it, how many times have we been right versus the French?

Trump expressed real leadership here. Remember, even environmentalists admit that the accord sucks. It takes $100 trillion -- funds that could wipe out global poverty, hunger and disease three times over -- to maybe affect a fraction of a degree over a century. It's murderous, callous virtue signaling.

Worse, as Obama jokes, terrorist plot to kill England's prime minister. Terror, remember where there was an absence of leadership on that? That's the real lesson of 2016: a priority adjustment regarding global threats. Something France could use, too. That country has suffered from so many deadly terror attacks and yet here they chuckle with a guy who, after one attack, sent them James Taylor.

But I guess in Obama's mind, ISIS was always JV and coal was always varsity.

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