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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Welcome back America. I'm Greg Gutfeld with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and a key cup is our hot tub, Dana Perino -- "The Five" at 5.

What the hell, NFL?

They're kneeling. They're standing. They're locking arms. What's next, downward dog? Some players kneeled for the anthem in England, but stood for God Save the Queen, yeah, because the British Empire was so amazing it sent three millions Africans into slavery. The players stood for the most imperialist empire of all time. I am officially outraged. I now protest the protesters. See how easy that was? Some Redskins took a knee. So they're fine with what's on their helmet but not the flag. Maybe because this issue has only one extra ingredient: Trump. How about those Raiders? Their emblem is a pirate. I'm not sure, but I bet pirates weren't community organizers.

So kneeling is now a protest against racism. Others say it disrespects the flag. Others see it as a time to stretch their quads. That's LeSean McCoy, stretching during the anthem. He got 21 yards on 14 carries. So keep stretching, champ.

Now this all started with Colin. Nancy, can you help me with his last name?


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF.: Kaepernick doing what he did.


GUTFELD: Uh-huh, exactly. Colin took a knee. But let's not forget, he also wore socks with pigs dressed as cops on them. So don't blame Donald Trump for politicizing football. He didn't wear the socks or inject division into a game. Now you can disagree with him, but don't be shocked by him. You protest on the clock, a businessman is going to want to fire you. You run a restaurant and a waiter starts chanting, "meat is murder," you're going to fire him. That's how bosses think. Believe me, I know.

So you notice a trend here? What do the NFL, ESPN, the Emmys, the college campuses, the Democratic Party all had in common? They're all crippled by identity politics. This politics of separation replaces patriotism -- here, literally -- and wraps around your brain like a warm suffocating blanket, so goodbye football. Bow down to the new national pastime, identity politics. The worst team sport ever because we all lose.

All right, Juan. How awesome is this? Now the anthem is the most exciting, important part of the game. I mean, that's kind of a net plus here.

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Well, it was on the news all weekend. It was bigger news than any of the football, except for that guy who kicked the field goal at the end of the Eagles-Giants game and set a record.



WILLIAMS: I did that for you. I disagree with you about who introduced divisiveness here. I think Trump was being very and intentionally divisive, when he said this down in Alabama. I think he's thinking it's going to stir his supporters, and his supporters are on the other side of the black lives matter issue. You know he says, oh, I don't have any awareness this is a racial issue. I mean, come on.

GUTFELD: I think he offend and upsets every race, creed, or color. I mean, Paul Ryan is not black. John McCain is not black.

WILLIAMS: Robert Kraft is not black. Robert Kraft is his buddy. And Robert Kraft said.

GUTFELD: There you go, so it's not a race issue. There you go. Thank you for proving my point, Juan. This is the end of the show. We'll back to 9:00.


GUTFELD: Kimberly, everybody seems to be taking a knee everywhere but church.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Yes. Well, that's the thing. Look, I don't like to see this happen in sports and in the NFL. And, you know, people staying in the locker room, but I love the guy who came out. Let me tell you that was fantastic. So I think that the problem is the media has such an obsession with President Trump. They love him but they hate them and they love to hate him. You know, they want to keep this thing going. He's going to be himself. He's not going to go through some magic transformation because he became president. His personality, the way he is and focus as a businessman, that's where he comes from in his center is talking about that, what's practical. OK. Well, this is my business and this is what people are doing. This is what I would do. So he's giving, sort of, unsolicited advice. Does it have an impact? Sure. But is now people want to react and say, OK, we're not going to stand for the national anthem. We're not going to respect the country and the Patriots because we're actually now peeved -- we're peeved at Trump, and we're irritated that he told us that we should stand.

GUTFELD: Jesse, you know what? President Trump did what Colin Kaepernick did. He raised awareness. He protested. He used his voice. By the way, his name is Alejandro Villanueva. Top selling jersey in the last 24 hours.

JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: That's right. Trump is not being divisive. The people that kneeled during the anthem, I consider that divisive. Trump is criticizing divisive behavior, and ripping people that kneel isn't racist. He spent the last week criticizing crooked Hillary. She's as white as you could see. The only time the left defense football is when people disrespect the country. For the years, the left -- before the controversy, you know, it's a bunch of hooligans. This is a bunch of knuckled draggers.


WATTERS: They're domestic violence abusers. You're taking men away from their wives on Sunday. The logos are racist. Now it's completely the opposite. Tim Tebow took a knee to pray. He was mocked.


WATTERS: These guys kneeled to trash the flag and they're celebrated as heroes. Now Trump got a little carried away, I think in Alabama when he use the phrase SOB. I don't think he'd use that word to their face. But, I do think he was expressing the view of the majority of the country. No one thinks these guys should be kneeling during the anthem. It's disrespectful. It's not your platform to do it. You can't do whatever you want at work. You have the right to do it, but the boss has a right to fire you. The time -- during the anthem, it's a time to honor the soldiers who died fighting for the flag, not a time to push your grievance.

GUTFELD: You know, Dana, I'm OK with the protest. It's nonviolent. Nobody is getting hurt. But then you must be OK with the response.


GUTFELD: . because the response is part of the protest. The protest is meant to upset people. So when people get upset, how can you be surprised, how can you be mad? Donald Trump is essentially a viewer. He's a viewer who watches -- he's every guy at home going, why are they doing it?

PERINO: And increasingly a lot of women. I mean, that's one thing that's actually been impressive about the NFL in the past ten years, that they're marketing program has been about family. It's actually quite a conservative message, which is everyone should gather together. You should see like their marketing expertise when it comes to these jerseys. If you go and look at how many women are actually buying those jerseys, I bet it was pretty high. So they've actually diversified and done all these great things. And then, Kaepernick does his kneeling thing -- was it two years ago?


PERINO: And no one does anything, right? So if you're wearing the uniform, I'm assuming that mean you're at work. If you're at work, are you allowed to do things that are against the rules of the organization? If we did that, we'd be fired. That has actually happened.


PERINO: I think that -- the thing about divisiveness, I agree with Jesse. It started with Kaepernick wanting to make a protest. I understand -- absolutely, willing to do that. But what I think is amazing here is that I don't necessarily think Trump meant to do this.

GUTFELD: Really?

PERINO: I don't know.


PERINO: Oh, by the way, then all of a sudden.

Kim: I agree.


PERINO: But, it actually helped solidify his base even more because people are like, you know want, heck yeah, this is exactly what I believe. But I would bet for all of those people that protested, that kneeled, I think -- was it 13 percent of players. OK, that means that 81 percent or whatever.


PERINO: They didn't do it. OK, fine. But if you were to ask all of them, why are you protesting? So it started with Kaepernick complaining that white officers were being let off for having killed black children in the line of duty. And he's mad about that. So he protests about that. Now, if you were to ask, why are you protesting? Well, I'm protesting because he called my mother -- he insulted my mother when he said SOB. I'm protesting because he insulted the franchise. It was about him. It was about them. So basically, now the protest is completely watered down.

GUTFELD: Yeah. Actually now if you're protesting the flag, you're protesting Donald Trump, which I think it's a win for Donald Trump.

Kim: Exactly, inflating the issue.

GUTFELD: Inflating a great word. Shall we go to Donald Trump? I think his saying something below a helicopter or near one.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: I think it's very disrespectful to our flag and to our country, so I certainly think the owners should do something about it. There was great solidarity. I watched a little bit and I will say that there was tremendous solidarity for our flag and for our country. This has nothing to do with race. I've never said anything about race. This has nothing to do with race or anything else. This has to do with respect for our country and respect for our flag.


GUTFELD: Kimberly, this is quite a contrast. People see the flag and they go, symbol of oppression. He sees the flag and he says this represents the courage of the country. Can we reconcile this?

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, and service to the country. We can even reconcile. They'll be no problem. So yes, he see it as service to the country, patriotism. And you know what -- I didn't just wake up one morning and say, OK, I'm the president and I've got an opinion. He has an opinion. He's giving it. He's entitled to it. The people that are upset with him now I guess they're kneeling because they're upset. They don't support, you know, President Trump. I don't know. Again, let's talk about coming together as a country and about what unites us that makes this country so special, and accepting an open and inviting to so many people from all over the world that have made families here and careers and established, you know, for generations to be able to live and thrive here. So this is the wealthy, strong, powerful country, a loyal country that can help others in times of need like we've seen. That's the kind of country that I think we should be focusing on. And people are just letting -- they're kind of like -- I think their own inner insecure or upset about the ideology overshadow the purpose of the anthem, and that to me is sad that it's getting lost and sort of misused in this fashion.

WILLIAMS: You know who was divisive? And I come to this, it's Donald Trump. I don't think there's any question. I think the NFL owners said quite clearly the reason they stood on the field with the players, right, is because they said we are not going to allow ourselves to be divided by President Trump, who is using it as a political football, the NFL. I mean, there's no question when you look at the history of sports, right now, the teams that get on the field for the anthem until recently. I think at some time in the early 2000's


WILLIAMS: They used to play the anthem. Then you saw the military starts to buy events. They paid -- I thought that teams -- like my team, the Washington football team just put on this military display. Now they were being paid. The military sought this out very purposefully.

PERINO: It's part of their marketing budget because they were looking to try to find people who would want to join the armed forces.

WILLIAMS: Correct. And also just to build this whole sense of patriotism up. They're the ones that conflate it. And the final point -- the key point to me is that what Colin Kaepernick did -- and by the way, Colin Kaepernick's jersey is the top selling, generally, jersey in the country.

GUTFELD: Social justice warriors out there.

WILLIAMS: And this guy for the Steelers, guess what he said, I agree with Colin Kaepernick.

WATTERS: I think the NFL completely mishandled it, as they mishandled deflate gate, concussions, and domestic violence. Right now you have the NFL finding players for trying to commemorate fallen officers with a decal in their cleat or 9/11 victims. But there's no sanction whatsoever for kneeling during the national anthem. It's crazy. The Steelers player, Villanueva, you brought that up. He's now being criticized by his own coach for standing with his hand over his heart during the national anthem.

WILLIAMS: Why, Jesse?

WATTERS: Because he was the only one who didn't do it as a member of the team.

WILLIAMS: No, Jesse. Because they have a team -- it's like all of us got together and we made a decision.

WATTERS: Sometimes the country comes before the team. He's a veteran who served in Afghanistan.

WILLIAMS: I'm all for it.

WATTERS: He's not going to stand inside while everybody else.

WILLIAMS: I'm just saying, Jesse.


WILLIAMS: The coach was not criticizing him for having a political stand. In fact, I think everybody would say hats off. This man served three tours. But the idea is the team made a decision, and even his teammates who love him said we thought we were all in this together.

WATTERS: This guy is not a hero, but Kaepernick who is the only one who kneel is a hero? You can't have it both ways, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Yes, I can because Kaepernick, in fact, to many people is standing. You've got to go back and look.

WATTERS: How's Kaepernick standing?

WILLIAMS: Standing on principles.

GUTFELD: We can continue this in the B-block because this story is not going away, much like us. We're here to stay at 5:00 PM. We're not doing that again. Nine is scary. It's too late.

GUILFOYLE: You go, Greg.

GUTFELD: Mean people on the street out there. All right, more on President Trump's feud with the National Football League. And later, Sean Hannity joins us on set. You've might heard of him. He hosts the Lou Dobbs tonight, I believe.


WATTERS: Continuing now with President Trump's anthem outrage at the NFL. A lot of people have been chiming in on the controversy who have no idea what they're talking about. Here's one of them, Grey's Anatomy actor Jesse Williams.


UNINDENTIFIED MALE: This anthem thing is a scam. This is not actually part of football. It was invented in 2009 from the government paying the NFL to market military recruitment, to get more people to go off and fight wars to die. This has nothing to do with the NFL or an American pastime or tradition. This is to get boys and girls to go fly overseas and go kill people.


WATTERS: So now it's completely gone off the rails with this whole protest thing. My theory is, is that the fans don't want these people kneeling. The audience doesn't want them kneeling. Ratings are down. The jersey of the guy that actually stood is the highest seller. Yet the media thinks this is a big loser for President Trump.

GUTFELD: I just like that now everyone has to issue a statement.


GUTFELD: Every analyst, every athlete, they're trying to steal our jobs. This is what we do at The Five. I don't need to hear an actor from General Hospital. Nobody watches that show.

WATTERS: I think its Grey's Anatomy.

GUILFOYLE: Grey's Anatomy.

GUTFELD: Who's Grey?

GUILFOYLE: Meredith Grey, she's like the main female character.

GUTFELD: I don't care about her. I love it how patriotism today -- it only matters when it's dissent. But whey talk about their planes flying. They call it flag-waving. Bob Costas -- oh, that's his flag waving. But if you dissent, oh, that's patriotic.

WATTERS: There's a big disconnect, I think, between fans out there, like I was saying -- and it's only a few players that are really doing this. The owners are caving because they don't want to upset a few of their players. But people don't like this, Dana.

PERINO: They don't. And I think what you're going to see is that this will trickle down to high school -- your college, high school, little league, and it will be like, well, my team stood and your team didn't. You imagine the parents of these teams? Civility hangs by a thread.

WATTERS: It does.

PERINO: And I think that was one of the complaints about that President Trump could -- I think he could have done this a different way which is to say, can't wait for you to come to the White House and we can all be together. It's going to be great. And he wouldn't have the teams that say that they don't want to go. What amazing is that, this week we could have led with any number of stories, with Jared Kushner revelation about possibly using a private email account for government business.

GUTFELD: We're not doing that story.

PERINO: No, we're not going to do that story because we have this story to do. You could do the thing about Trump's back candidate likely to lose the election tomorrow, the Obamacare repeal and replace failing once again. But instead, what President Trump is able to do is to flip this around, and so the story everyone is talking about is how he's on the side of the flag and the country against a few greedy billionaires and overpaid athletes. So therefore, somehow this guy keeps winning.

WATTERS: And we don't even think he did it on purpose. You think.


GUILFOYLE: I agree with Dana. I think that it would came up. He's very spontaneous. He speaks exponentially. That's why the speech was over like an hour and 20 minutes, whatever it was. So because he's just talking, he's saying what he thinks, top of his head. He doubled down on it. He's not backing off on it. That's his opinion.


GUILFOYLE: So, you know, like it or not, whether you agree with him or not, you know, he's authentic in that sense is that he tells you what he's thinking and how he's feeling, and that's fine. And his friends can disagree with him, like Bob Kraft. He's very close. President Trump called him like every day when his wife passed away. And he's friend with Tom Brady. But Tom Brady did appreciate this, he's a businessman, he's the highest payed player in the NFL.

GUTFELD: They're scared.

GUILFOYLE: They don't love this because, you know what, ticket sales are way down, and the numbers, the ratings, all of it.

PERINO: Yeah, they want to save their franchise.

GUILFOYLE: You know who wants this?


GUILFOYLE: NASCAR. NASCAR wants no part of it.

GUTFELD: Tom Brandy doesn't want to be harassed on Twitter. He wants just to be popular.


WILLIAMS: One thing that bothers me in this is people saying this is disrespectful to the flag. You know, I mean, I think we all honor the flag, but the fact of the matter is this is about a social protest, and people choosing their method of protest. These people are not burning the flag. They're not inciting violence. They're protesting -- very clearly, they're protesting how the police engage in brutal tactics.

GUILFOYLE: Not anymore.


GUTFELD: Cops are there. Protest the cops. Have the guts to go to the cops.

WILLIAMS: That's not -- no, this is a mistake.


WILLIAMS: You're generalizing about all cops. It's not all cops. It's bad cops.


WILLIAMS: If you talk about who politicize football in America, you go back and you look at who wouldn't hire black players. And you look at Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia, no black players. You look at pro football teams that -- oh, we're going to protect our heritage and tradition and that means no black players. That's part of the tradition.

GUTFELD: Is that part of his protest, too? I want to be clear.

WILLIAMS: No, it's not. But I just want to be clear, you say, oh, bringing politics into it. Why do you have to.


GUTFELD: There are cops there on the field. Why don't go in and have the guts to protest against them instead of the flag because they don't.

WILLIAMS: What are you talking about?

GUTFELD: There are police officers on the field.


WILLIAMS: The cops standing on the field.

GUTFELD: Protecting the players.

WILLIAMS: Yeah. So that means bad cops.

GUTFELD: You don't see the irony in that?


WATTERS: I just think, Juan, that kneeling for the anthem does not garner any sympathy for the cause these people.

WILLIAMS: Is that why Stevie Wonder.


WATTERS: It's actually failing.

WILLIAMS: You watch. This is going to blow.

WATTERS: Yeah, I am watching. And no one else is because the ratings are down. Sean Hannity joins The Five next. He has a big show to tell you about, brand-new time slot with a special guest who rarely does interviews. Sean, coming right up.


GUILFOYLE: As you could see we've moved back to 5:00 PM. But make sure you are still watching at 9:00 PM Eastern because our good friend Sean Hannity is taking over that time slot, and he's right here to tell us what we can expect on his big show later. Welcome back to The Five, Sean.

SEAN HANNITY, THE SEAN HANNITY SHOW HOST: Thank you. Thank you. You hated being at 9:00.

PERINO: I didn't hate it, and I tried not to complain. But the truth is I never got used to it.

WATTERS: You know the key word, I tried not to complain.

PERINO: I tried not to complain. And I never really got used to it. And I would prefer to go to bed, but I won't go to bed until after your show.

HANNITY: You know, there are a lot of people that said to me, I can't stay up and watch a show at 10:00, and I'm like, yes, you can. I mean, it's important.

GUILFOYLE: Fox & Friends is happy. They said they're going to watch it, because -- says she used to doze off of like 10:30. It's the halfway mark, so.

HANNITY: You know, it's fine. When you really think about cable battles, wars, we lost three quarters of our primetime audience. And the fact that the channel -- I'm saying thanks to all those people out there, because they've been so supportive.


HANNITY: He was laughing. He's saying, who would have ever thought Hannity made it -- who ever thought he would be the last man standing?


PERINO: Oh, my gosh. It's terrible.

WATTERS: I was wrong. I admit it.

GUTFELD: You have to be nice to Sean. Before when you're with O'Reilly, you didn't have to be.

WATTERS: This is the first time we've been on the set together.


WATTERS: It wasn't allowed before.

GUILFOYLE: This is interesting. Yeah, arm wrestle, although he'd smoke you.


GUTFELD: Good point. If there were like eight or nine serious crises that this company went through and one could have sunk any network, and it's a testament to the audience.


GUTFELD: And I think this system.

GUILFOYLE: There's loyalty.

GUTFELD: . that's been created, and loyalty, because one of these could have.


HANNITY: You know, I'll say this, one of the reasons -- and all of you that have been here from the beginning, I think you know that I've been the biggest champion fan of the show. And you guys used to ask me, why do you think -- I said this is a hit show. And I said there's such amazing chemistry. And the numbers you guys pulled from the -- from pretty much day one has been phenomenal and amazing, and almost unprecedented in a cable news. But with all that said, yeah -- I never would have thought I'm the bridge between the generations.


GUILFOYLE: You know what, it's like going back to the beginning because you're at 9:00, so many years ago. So to me, it feels really good. It's like going home again. And I'm sorry excited to watch tonight because you have a huge interview with the man who doesn't give interviews.

HANNITY: He doesn't.

GUILFOYLE: . Steve Bannon. You're going to talk with him...

SEAN HANNITY: He doesn't. I have interviews this week with four people that rarely give interviews. Four.

WATTERS: Can you give us a hint?


WATTERS: Come on.

GUILFOYLE: What can we expect tonight?

HANNITY: Well, tonight is going to be really good. Obviously, we're talking about the same football issue you're talking about.


HANNITY: You know, the NFL is going to have a make a decision. If they're not going to let the Dallas Cowboys put on their helmet in respect of The Five slain officers last year, and they're not going to let -- what was the name of the linebacker? Avery Williamson wanted to put "Never Forget" on the 9/11 -- on the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

And then they're going to allow the players to take a knee. Either they allow it or they don't allow it.


HANNITY: To me, one of the things I love about sports is that we get out of the political world. It unites everybody, and we like to see the most talented, gifted -- why are you looking at me like that?

WILLIAMS: Because your guy -- your guy, Donald Trump, brings this into it and then you want to blame the players.

HANNITY: Blaming the players that took the knee, the players that aren't respecting those that fought, bled, died.

WILLIAMS: You know what? Most NFL players were not doing anything until Donald Trump called their...


WATTERS: Now we can see who the real men are.

GUTFELD: You want to hear the hypocrisy? You resent people introducing politics into sports. Yet, you throw a football on your show. You introduce sports into politics.


HANNITY: I do introduce sports into politics. And you really want -- and everyone makes fun. The only reason it's a nerf football is because, when I use the real football...

GUTFELD: You hurt people.

HANNITY: ... I have to pay for every broken light.

WATTERS: And these lights are expensive.

HANNITY: They're not cheap.

GUILFOYLE: Patriotic. Red, white and blue.

PERINO: You should pay for throwing lessons.


BASH: I'm awake now. It's been six months.

HANNITY: You were playing tennis this weekend.

BASH: I did. Very good.

HANNITY: And your shoulder hurt.

BASH: My shoulder is better now, because...

HANNITY: I've got a rotator cuff, and I'm not letting somebody operate.

PERINO: Really? I thought that was the only way that you could get it healed, was to operate.

HANNITY: Yes, that's the only way.


HANNITY: That's why I throw -- I go a little sidearm.

GUILFOYLE: She's a good tennis player. You ought to see. I particularly like the coach.

WILLIAMS: You're going to talk to Bannon, and Bannon will be down in Alabama. And we've got a big Senate race there tomorrow.


WILLIAMS: Big Senate race. Now, he is supporting Judge Moore, Roy Moore, right?


WILLIAMS: The ayatollah of Alabama.

WATTERS: Ooh, wow.

HANNITY: The ayatollah of Alabama?

WILLIAMS: That's what he is.


WILLIAMS: Get out of here.

WATTERS: The ayatollah is not a nice guy, Juan.

HANNITY: I find this show is so good, fair and balanced.

WILLIAMS: But I think -- but I'm thinking to myself, my man Sean is not going to buck the president. He's not going to buck Trump. But Trump is supporting big Luther.

HANNITY: OK. I've already endorsed Roy Moore. And before that, I endorsed Mo Brooks. So frankly, Luther Strange is one for three.

I'll tell you why I think it is. My anger is at Mitch McConnell right now. He's at an 18 percent approval rating in his own home state of Kentucky. And it's really simple. And it's when you make promises in life and you give your word, you show a sense of urgency.

My biggest complaint about all of government, Republicans and Democrats, is they're not serving the 50 million Americans in poverty, on Food Stamps, out of the labor force, 51-year low home ownership rates. These are real Americans. They're really suffering, and government is failing them at a spectacular level. And maybe as somebody that's a conservative that votes more Republican, I expect more out of them. I know you're the party of "no." The Democratic Party.

WILLIAMS: The party of "no." I say -- oh, I forgot. I forgot who was the obstructionist party last eight years.

HANNITY: You're the party of "keep your doctor plan and save money." That party.

PERINO: Can I say something about that? Because I don't know a ton about that race. But so Roy Moore has said from the beginning that he was against the wall. He's recently backtracked on that.


PERINO: And he's been against the Graham-Cassidy bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. So wouldn't he be just as much a problem for President Trump as he is for Mitch McConnell?

HANNITY: I think the reason Mitch McConnell, last I read, I think it's about $3.5 million he's put in. Other -- what we call -- you and I have this discussion privately a lot -- establishment. I want people that really are jazzed and motivated and don't go on vacation. They have the best health care. They have barbershops. They have workout rooms.

PERINO: No, I get that, but I'm actually just curious about this one, this race in particular.

WATTERS: Barbershops?

HANNITY: You didn't hear about the Senate barbershops?

WATTERS: You can't tell.

HANNITY: That's a good point.

PERINO: At least you still need one.

HANNITY: Good point.

You know, look, at the end of the day, I think we can do so much better for the American people.

PERINO: I don't disagree. I just -- I'm curious about this particular case, because he actually works against -- he says he was against it. I know he's changed his mind on the wall of late, but Luther Strange has actually been for it and for President Trump all along. But I think that's...

HANNITY: As long as we have the agenda done, I'd be happy.


HANNITY: And my -- it's funny. In 2014, I put out the Conservative Solution Caucus. And the solutions are simple. You balance your budget. You live within your means. You repeal and replace Obamacare. Health cooperatives, health savings accounts. You control your borders. You have a tough national defense.

You know, we want every American -- I'm a dishwasher. I'm the guy at 12 washing dishes by hand. And I have had an opportunity to have the American dream work in my life at a spectacular level that I can tell you right now I never deserved. And I just want every single person to have the rung of the latter put in place, and government is an obstacle. And this is something we would agree on.

WILLIAMS: I think we would agree.

HANNITY: We want hope and opportunity for people, and they're not getting it.

WILLIAMS: Well, I don't know that -- you're saying that somehow, because Luther Strange is coming in, he's just not going to knock the table over. And I think that's all he's going to do.

HANNITY: I think Roy Moore is going to be more on the conservative side. He's going to be with the Ted Cruzes and probably challenging the leadership. And whether you like it or not, they had seven and a half years of...

WILLIAMS: Wait a second.

HANNITY: ... telling us.

WILLIAMS: So Mitch is not a conservative anymore, because you're a Trump guy.

HANNITY: Mitch hasn't gotten off his big fat duff and gone to work and rolled up his sleeves with urgency.

WATTERS: Well, they're both from Alabama, so how bad could they be?

GUTFELD: I'm for Luther Strange.

HANNITY: Can I just join in and be done at 6 p.m.?

GUTFELD: Yes, there you go. You've got to vote for Luther Strange. He has the best name ever. He sounds like -- no, he sounds like a villain. Dr. Luther Strange. He was, like, made radioactive. He was a veterinarian made radioactive by a mutant bunny.

PERINO: And he's, like, seven feet tall.

WILLIAMS: Yes. What are you talking...

GUTFELD: His name, Luther Strange.

WATTERS: Once we get Kid Rock in the Senate, we'll be all set.

WILLIAMS: What about Bob Dylan?


HANNITY: Tell everybody what you said to me in the green room.

GUILFOYLE: About how much we love Hannity?

GUTFELD: What did I say?

HANNITY: I'm taking eye drops because I have a problem with my eye. You go, "Can I see it? Is there anything good in there?"

GUILFOYLE: That's what he does. He takes everybody's...

GUTFELD: I always check everybody's medications.

GUILFOYLE: Yes. He helps with that.

WILLIAMS: What are you going to say when a Democrat wins that Alabama seat?

WATTERS: Nothing, because it won't happen.

HANNITY: It won't happen.

GUILFOYLE: OK, so on a personal -- on a personal note from "The Five," we do want to say thank you so much, Sean.

HANNITY: Thank you.

GUILFOYLE: Because when this show first started, you were out there in the front, supporting us and really pushing and saying...

PERINO: Promoting on the radio.

GUILFOYLE: ... special. When nobody believed in us, and this guy was like, "They've got it here." And...


HANNITY: I really mean this. I'm blessed to know all of you personally, except for him.

WATTERS: Are we allowed to get along now?

HANNITY: I never said a word.

WATTERS: You never said a word. Please. You see me in the elevator. I'm not going to repeat what you said.

HANNITY: I'm not going to repeat what you said. All right. I just want...

GUTFELD: You and O'Reilly are friends now. You went on his show. But did he go on your show?

HANNITY: He was recently at my house.

GUTFELD: Yes. That must've been fun.

HANNITY: It was fun, actually.

GUTFELD: He doesn't drink, you know.

GUILFOYLE: I'm trying to go.

WATTERS: "Here's my book. Here, you've got to read this. A best seller."

HANNITY: Actually, I did read his book. It's really good.

WATTERS: I know. It's very good.

GUILFOYLE: I hear you say some -- all right. That's all the time we have for him.

HANNITY: Can I say something? I'm proud of everybody on the show. You guys have done so well.

PERINO: Well, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. Remember?

HANNITY: We love you guys. I love all you guys.

WATTERS: He said you throw like a girl.

GUILFOYLE: All right. See how much we love Sean Hannity? And I know you do, too. So don't forget to catch him at his brand-new time. It is going to be amazing, 9 p.m. Eastern tonight on the FOX News Channel. We are all going to be watching.

Much more to come on "The Five." Stay right there.


PERINO: A declaration of war. That's how North Korea is interpreting President Trump's new tweet over the weekend that the country's leadership won't be around much longer. Kim Jong-un's foreign minister firing back and issuing very concerning new threats this morning.


RI YONG-HO, NORTH KOREAN FOREIGN MINISTER: This is clearly a declaration of war. Since the United States declared war on our country, we will have every right to make countermeasures, including the right to shoot down the United States strategic bombers even when they're not yet inside the airspace border of our country.


PERINO: The White House pushed strongly back on that earlier today.


SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: We've not declared war on North Korea. And frankly, the suggestion of that is absurd.

It's never appropriate for a country to shoot down another country's aircraft when it's over international waters.


PERINO: So Jesse, what they're trying to do here is to say, like, "Just calm down. This is actually not a problem." But this is not -- this is not a season of "24." This is, like -- this is serious business.

WATTERS: Yes. Little Rocket Man is like most Washington politicians: he's all talk and no action. The guy's a great bluffer. He's not shooting down a B-1 bomber. He's not attacking Guam. He's not going to fire a missile at California. He's cagey, though, because he does just enough to keep up the threat and to consolidate his power domestically but not enough to invite an attack.

The issue is every time he does detonate a bomb or launch a missile, his scientists gain enough knowledge to be able to ultimately create the capability to put a nuke on an ICBM, and then we're living under a nuclear blackmail situation. So that's the problem.

PERINO: Do you think that Kim Jong-un is sort of asking for a preemptive strike by doing these sort of provocative things?

GUTFELD: I don't get it. How can you have a declaration of war if we're already technically at war? We never stopped. It's like your ex, 15 years later, announcing that she's still dumping you. It's over.

I get it, North Korea. We are not Facebook friends.

GUILFOYLE: I can't relate to it.

GUTFELD: Here's the good thing. Trump has an uncanny way of taking every existing problem and involving everyone. This is, in a way, like the NFL.

Why is North Korea more bellicose than usual when the threat hasn't changed? Obama said the very same thing about us being able to destroy North Korea, but he said it in an academic kind of way.

The difference is -- the difference is the progress. We have China and we have even the U.N., and we have Russia, to some extent, playing our game. That's new. So that's why North Korea is more bellicose. The threat of annihilation, Obama had mentioned before.

WILLIAMS: No, I think...

PERINO: It's also the progress of the technology on the North Korean side, which is they're much farther along that we thought they would be.

WILLIAMS: Right. I mean, what worries me is the bullying talk, the kind of schoolyard talk. I don't think the idea that it's become so mano-a-mano between President Trump and the North Korean leader, because one, I don't think he deserves to have that stature. But two, all of a sudden, it becomes, like, "You're not going to show me up. But I got it better than you." This is ridiculous.

PERINO: I've got to get Kimberly in here before we have to break, because we only have 30 seconds. Kimberly, your best thoughts.

GUILFOYLE: Thank you. Aren't they always, though? I try.

Look at -- the situation is the president has an obligation to protect and defend the United States from enemies foreign and domestic. And certainly, North Korea has been more than provocative in terms of its threats, in terms of its conduct and its actions in furtherance of those threats. We have to take this seriously.

I don't feel in any way that the president has declared, you know, this a war against North Korea. But at the same time, they have to be very careful, because I think they've push this all the way down to like, you know, first and goal for us.

WILLIAMS: But I think the reason the North Korea response, because what he said at the U.N. suggested that maybe he would take preemptive action.

GUILFOYLE: No, I'm not going to -- I don't buy that at all, and I don't give them any pass whatsoever.

PERINO: And also, retaliation is not a war crime.

OK. Please stay with us, because we're going to celebrate "The Five's" return to 5 p.m. with some of your creative videos and photos about how happy you are that we're back at 5. That's next.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE (singing): Welcome back to 5. It was fun while it lasted till nine. Kimberly, Dana, Juan and Watters, and that "Gutfeld Show" guy arrived. Your interactions make this sound (oh), all the different ways you speak your mind. So keep the magic alive, and no matter what time, I'll be watching "The Five."



WILLIAMS: That was excellent. We really liked that. Thank you.

GUILFOYLE: Bravo! Bravo!

WILLIAMS: That was one of our fabulous fans with a little ditty about our move back to 5 p.m. We asked you on Friday to tweet us videos or pictures to help celebrate. And we've gotten some great ones.

GUTFELD: What's that?

WILLIAMS: We'll be airing them all week, so keep sending them. Use the hashtag #WelcomeBackTo5.

PERINO: Happy hour.

WILLIAMS: What did you say?

PERINO: That's a picture of happy hour, I believe.

WILLIAMS: Happy hour. Excellent. Kimberly, what do you think? People sending in videos like that. That was terrific.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, I thought it was fantastic. I got some videos and pictures sent to me too.

GUTFELD: Sorry about that.

WILLIAMS: Hey, hey, hey!

GUTFELD: I had a little too much wine.

WILLIAMS: Good to be back at 5, Jesse?

GUILFOYLE: You're creative.

WATTERS: Yes, I was never at 5, but I'm happy to be at 5.

PERINO: Whoa! What is that picture?

WATTERS: Yes, what is that?

GUILFOYLE: Is that somebody in bed?

WILLIAMS: You know, we say "DVR 'The Five'."

PERINO: Oh, a unicorn.

GUTFELD: Look at that. Unicorn cup.

WATTERS: Very cute.

WILLIAMS: And that has a horn, Greg.


PERINO: She's happy.

WILLIAMS: She is happy.

PERINO: It's pretty amazing how many people in my...

WATTERS: There we go. Look at the Manhattan.

GUTFELD: This is the whole point.


GUTFELD: The people wanted "The Five" back at 5, because they drank.

PERINO: Because they wanted to start drinking at 5.

WATTERS: Is that the wine.

WILLIAMS: You know what, though? I've run into people...

GUILFOYLE: Look at Greg's face.

WILLIAMS: I don't know.

WATTERS: Greg's got a crush. Man crush Monday.


WILLIAMS: I was going to say, people at the gym say that they watch while they're working out. Apparently, it's a big...

PERINO: We love our work out. And the moms who are cooking dinner with their kids doing the homework.

GUTFELD: You know, at my gym, they don't have FOX on.

WATTERS: Al Jazeera.


GUILFOYLE: Oh, my goodness. Goodness gracious.

WILLIAMS: Wow, looks like -- is that Disney.

GUTFELD: Pictures of Disneyland.

PERINO: That's people saying hi with the five. The five hand. They're pretty happy.


PERINO: I would say that my scientific survey says 98 percent of people are happy with our return to five.

GUTFELD: I'm just tired of getting. Don't email me or text me anymore or tweet me about...

PERINO: Being back at 5?

GUTFELD; ... being at 5 and complaining. Do not.

WILLIAMS: But I think there's some people who think, "We used to watch you when it was 9 at night."

GUILFOYLE: You know what? Juan, DVR. DVR.

WILLIAMS: Or come. You know what? Switch over. You know the show now, and you know how much you like it. So watch at 5. We're great. We're great at any hour.

GUTFELD: That's right, we are. We are great at any hour.

WILLIAMS: So you know what?

GUILFOYLE: The show that keeps on giving.

WILLIAMS: Well, that's my point. We're going to keep celebrating, Kimberly...


WILLIAMS: ... next week, and we're going to play your song choices as bump-in music.

GUTFELD: Not me.

WILLIAMS: So send -- yes you are, Gregory.

PERINO: Yes, you're included.


PERINO: Do it.

GUTFELD: No. Not doing it.

WILLIAMS: Keep sending them using the hashtag #WelcomeBackTo5.

GUTFELD: Not doing it.

WILLIAMS: "One More Thing" is next.

PERINO: Why not?


GUILFOYLE: Shocking.

GUTFELD: "One More Thing." Jesse.

WATTERS: All right. So yesterday, I was in Washington, D.C., at a charity event. It was a Full-Court Press on ALS event. There I am with Michael Onrichs (ph), who's a friend of mine. ALS is Lou Gehrig's disease. Remember, that's why everybody was dumping buckets of water over their head. Now we know what that's about.

I was given an award there for some of my work. It was actually kind of like a wrestling belt. If you can see it right there. Kind of an unorthodox thing. I'm holding it up like a champion. And if you guys want to donate to Full-Court Press on ALS, they have a GoFundMe page. Full- Court Press on ALS.

PERINO: And are they making progress?

WATTERS: Making progress day by day.

GUILFOYLE: Terrific. That's great.

WATTERS: Thank you very much.

GUILFOYLE: Good job, Jesse.

GUTFELD: You are -- you are a nice person.

GUILFOYLE: He cares a lot about that.

WATTERS: Despite what people say.

GUTFELD: Despite what your family says.



WATTERS: Cheap shot.

PERINO: One thing is, you thought I was getting to go to bed early tonight, and I'm not. For this week, I'm the host. It's called "FOX News Tonight" for one week only at 10 p.m. So please join us tonight. Ben Shapiro will be on tonight. It will be fun.

GUTFELD: Oh, that's a good "get."

PERINO: The other -- well, my "One More Thing" is that country is coming to "American Idol." Because you know, that is the most important music genre that we have. It was announced today that Luke Bryan will be named as a judge on "American Idol." It's going to air next march on ABC.

The reason I'm doing this is that last week when I did my "One More Thing"...

GUILFOYLE: You cut him out of the photo!

PERINO: I did, but not only that, we spelled his name wrong. So lovely young producer, new to country music but she's learning. She said "Luke Brian," and I've been embarrassed ever since. So we apologize. And congrats on "American Idol."

GUTFELD: All right, all right. Enough. No one cares. Glad we fired that producer.


GUILFOYLE: Everyone cares about this. Time for "Kimberly's Royal News."

All right. Oh, no. Oh my -- all right, fine. Prince Harry and his girlfriend, American actress Meghan Markle, made their first public appearance together today. Now, the young royal couple held hands and sat together at a wheelchair tennis game in Toronto.

As you know, Prince Harry is visiting over there for the Invictus games for wounded veterans. And he founded the Paralympic-style competition to raise awareness about the challenges that wounded service members face and allow them to compete internationally against other soldiers. Fantastic cause. I'm very excited for them. And I look forward to many more segments like this.

GUTFELD: All right. Time for something...

WILLIAMS: Looking good.

GUTFELD: ... less inspirational.


GUTFELD: I hate these people!


GUTFELD: Last week I did six different airplanes in three days, and one thing that kept popping up. Young people with giant bedroom pillows. They look like they're going to a slumber party, but they're going on a plane. And they have their giant -- it's a bedroom pillow. No, no. Leave that at home.

WATTERS: A neck pillow.

GUTFELD: No, it's not a neck pillow.

WATTERS: They've got to get the neck pillow.

GUTFELD: They've got to get the neck pillow. It looks very silly. You don't impress anybody.

GUILFOYLE: You don't have any pictures of this?

GUTFELD: No. I would never photograph that.

GUILFOYLE: Wow, you mailed that in.


WILLIAMS: All right. Well, no early fall break for Chelsea Manning. The Canadian government won't let her into the country. Yes, Thursday morning she was blocked from entering Canada on grounds of serious criminality. The offense she was convicted of -- this is according to the Canadians -- would equate to an indictable offense, namely treason, if committed in Canada.

So Manning says she's going to challenge the decision. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he's going to look into the case.

GUTFELD: All right. Set your DVRs. Never mitch [SIC] -- miss an episode of "The Five."


GUTFELD: "Special Report" up next.

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