Gutfeld: Trump gets mowed by the press

Remember that tyke named Frank who offered to cut the White House lawn for free? And Donald Trump, knowing a good deal, said, sure. It was great:


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: This is Frank. He's going to be very famous. He is going to be a Navy SEAL someday. He's going to do great things for our country. Thank you, man. You take care of yourself.


So that's adorable, unless you are Steven Greenhouse, who thinks it's horrible. A former New York Times writer tweets that this sick act boosts child labor and mocks occupational safety. So, while we saw a cute kid experiencing the dream of a lifetime, this wet rag tweets out stats on mower injuries. So, nothing is safe -- especially fun -- if you are around Steven. The dude must be a blast at a picnic. Volleyball? Nope, too many eye injuries. Tug-of-war? Nope, all of those rope blisters. Bobbing for apples? A child in New Zealand drowned once.

But I wonder if you would have been so panicky under President Obama? Remember, he rode bikes in mom jeans. He went hand gliding. He body surfed and casually smoked. I'm pretty sure that is all riskier than a once-in-a-lifetime grass cutting.

But in the Trump era, everything is extra harmful to your health. Including Donald Trump. Washington Post writer Dana Milbank details a physical where he reports suffering from chest pains, headaches, high blood pressure and blames, quote, "Trump hypertensive unexplained disorder" or what he likes to call THUD. He's joking. But once healthy, now eight months into Trump's presidency, he's really sick. So, is it Trump's fault? Of course it is. But the bright side for Milbank, the president helped him craft a cheeky piece out of tired, predictable whining. As thanks, Milbank should trim the White House hedges. Better wear a helmet or Mr. Greenhouse will come after you.

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