The media's reputation takes another hit

The news media is one of the least popular institutions in America and somehow things seemed to get even worse this week; reaction and analysis on 'The Five'


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JESSE WATERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello everybody, I'm Jesse Watters along with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Juan Williams, Meghan McCain and Greg Gutfeld. It's 9:00 in New York City and this is "The Five."

The news media is one of the least popular institutions in America. And some other things seems to get even worse this week. Three CNN journalists resigned Monday over retracted story about a Trump advisor's ties to Russia. And much of the media went into a collective meltdown over President Trump's tweets yesterday about two cable news hosts. Watch as MSNBC guests dramatically change his point of view in just a year's time.


DONNY DEUTSCH, ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE: Donald Trump is a feminist, he is an equal opportunity employer and insulter. He will make fun of a man's appearance. He will make them -- we can't have feminism. Almost everything is on the table.

He is a pig. He's a vulgar pig. He's physically disgusting to look at. I mean, that's what I find ironic about the way he starts to always go after other people's physical attributes.

Donald, if you're watching, we're from Queens, I'll meet you in the schoolyard, brother.



WATTERS: I'm sure you do. And if things couldn't get any even worse, listen to MSNBC's Chris Matthews suggested President Trump should be kill senior White House advisor Jared Kushner who is also his son-in-law.


CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC HOST: This is the Romanoff's, just a thought. The Romanoff's, is it?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, I mean, that is certainly something --

MATTHEWS: Is it a Royal family instead of democratic and Republican form of government or is it a family running the government? Is it Ivanka or Jared and the president sitting around in the White House upstairs ruling the world? You know, one good thing on what he did was execute his son-in- law. I mean, I'm sorry --


WATTERS: Mussolini. President Trump's counselor Kellyanne Conway spoke about the media this morning.


KELLYANNE CONWAY, COUNSELOR TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: It's incredible to watch people play armchair psychologist ridiculing the president's physicalities.
His mental state, calling him names that you won't want your children to call people on the playground. You would punish them for doing that. And then all of a sudden, feigning shock when he wants to fight back and defend himself. And hopefully change the conversation. Because the conversation right now is a one-way conversation of toxicity.


WATTERS: Gutfeld, I think the media is used to destroying Republican politicians and trump won't play that game and now their failing because they don't have a plan B.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: You know, I have, I want to ask a couple of questions here, test your memory. Do you remember when Donald Trump jokingly threatened to hit Mika with a backhand? That was Joe Scarborough January 30th, 2008.


GUTFELD: Do you remember when Donald Trump asked if Fred Thompson's wife Jeri works the pole? I'm sorry. That was Joe Scarborough.


GUTFELD: June 4th, 2007.

WATTERS: Okay. Good.

GUTFELD: Do you remember when Donald Trump asked a group of people if they should vote on whether Miss California Carrie Prejean was actually good looking? No, no, no, that was Joe Scarborough. May 13th, 2009. So who is sexist? So who is sexist there? Can we please stop turning this pretentious pair into victims? Because they've been trafficking in this stop forever.

The entire staff of "Morning Joe" as we saw by those clips are a bunch of hypocritical drama queens. They cultivated this relationship with Donald Trump, they kissed his butt, they ripped him when they felt that it benefits them so they gain respect to cocktail parties. And then they try and reel him back in and cultivate his friendship, so he might do the show.


GUTFELD: They are actually a media swamp.

WATTERS: They are.

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS HOST: I agree with you, you know? But I was --

WATTERS: Juan, Juan jumping in --

WILLIAMS: You know, but I would agree with you that they can pretentious their selves because I think all of us in the media were all about the -- in being self-serving. But let me just say --

WATTERS: Speak to yourself, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Oh, yes. No. We don't care.

MEGHAN MCCAIN, FOX NEWS HOST: Don't throw us in the swamp with you.


WATTERS: That's right.

WILLIAMS: It's swamp to say, we care about success? No! I'm all for it.

GUILFOYLE: -- But not a swamp.

WILLIAMS: Okay. Okay. But I would say, wait a minute, even if you were arguing that they might be guilty as some sexism, I don't think you can get away from, look at that face on Carly Fiorina or, oh, there's Hillary Clinton, I was watching from behind.

WATTERS: The party that is offended, Bill Clinton in the White House --

WILLIAMS: Oh my God!

WATTERS: -- with Monica Lewinsky has no standing to talk about dignity in the White House.

WILLIAMS: Are you kidding?

WATTERS: Kimberly Guilfoyle --

WILLIAMS: That's what your argument goes. That's the best you can do.

WATTERS: That's pretty good.

MCCAIN: I can do better than that.

WILLIAMS: Oh, good, I want to hear.

WATTERS: Okay. Meghan.

MCCAIN: Okay. You know, it's really easy to forget that these same hosts came after my show and came after me and my co-host, not only for the way we look and what we wear on television. That's the very definition of misogyny and sexism.

Let me finish. Something that I find deeply offensive is all the women that come on Fox News, especially on "Outnumbered," are very capable, strong, independent, intelligent women, it's why Fox puts us on television. But Mika Brzezinski said that we were just legs, and dress and short skirts. I believe was the exact quote. That is the definition of misogyny. Did I get any media attention?


MCCAIN: No. It did not --

WILLIAMS: But let me ask you something. Are you guys now telling me that Mika and Joe are the president, they are that level? No!

MCCAIN: There's deep hypocrisy going on.


MCCAIN: When you can say these things about conservative women on television. And again, I don't condone what the president tweeted because in general world, mention talks about women's cosmetic surgery just as a blanket overall statement. That being said.

WILLIAMS: That's good.

MCCAIN: The idea that they are somehow biggest martyrs of the media, and it's somehow they are above all the lists that you just said, Greg. It's absolute hypocrisy. They're using these and using these tweets to go after President Trump right now and using it to weaponize these things against him. And I think at a certain point, the media needs to stop acting so hysterical over a tweet. One we can point to things like I grew up and learned about certain sexual things I can't say on television because President Clinton was president when I was coming up in my formative years. So let's just stop the idea of comparing -- let's not compare a tweet to what happens in the Oval Office.

WILLIAMS: You know what Tucker Carlson said --

WATTERS: Juan Williams get to respond.

WILLIAMS: You know what Tucker Carlson said yesterday? He said, you know, the president's tweets brought joy to his enemies and made his supporters ashamed. Now, you stop and think about that. In other words, it actually not only distracted from his agenda which is like a serious political argument, but you see, Republicans and people who defended him. Sean Hannity, Jeffrey Lord over at CNN saying, this was not a good thing to do.

MCCAIN: I did not defend the tweet but I am saying this media reaction that's going on right now is so completely overblown and the idea that Joe and Mika Brzezinski are somehow these tenants of feminism or -- one way or another is absolutely --

WILLIAMS: I agree with you.

WATTERS: Kimberly, let me get you in here for a second. Because "Morning Joe" has been a platform for a lot of misogyny when it comes to attacking Sarah Palin's personal appearance.


WATTERS: The way she speaks her family life. They don't really have a solid ground to stand on when it comes to calling Donald Trump sexist, do they?

GUILFOYLE: No. And by the way, this is the best thing that happened to them. Okay?

WATTERS: It's true.

GUILFOYLE: They want to push Joe's album --


Is this all been played? Is this pre-planned?

GUILFOYLE: No, really.

WATTERS: Joe's album.

GUILFOYLE: The whole thing was before, you know, President Trump used to go on the show. When he was, you know, DJ Tee (ph), and now they're like, oh, no, we're so offended by him. I think it's part of their whole desire to be like culturally acceptable and cool.


GUILFOYLE: And he released like the video with his hair's -- like Mika swooning over him. By the way, they love this. They're laughing and because now they feel like, okay, we are like the stars here. Everyone talking about us.


GUILFOYLE: We are getting like the sympathy and everybody is bandwagoning on our side because before he was supposed to be a conservative.

GUTFELD: So, Donald Trump, can I just say, Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to Mika since she stole Dana Perino's haircut.

WATTERS: No! Wow! Those are fighting words.

GUTFELD: I know. The old haircut.

MCCAIN: Right. I will say you're making the point.

GUILFOYLE: Why are you making track?

MCCAIN: But for anyone who lives outside the beltway, I have good friends that they speak to all the time throughput in Phoenix. They have never heard of Joe and Mika.

WATTERS: Great point.

MCCAIN: I have friends texting me, asking me, who are these people? I don't know who they are.


MCCAIN: And the fact that we've given them -- the president has given them, this attention is unfortunate.

WATTERS: Great point. So, she makes a point that basically the country has no idea who Mika Brzezinski is, they can't even pronounce her name. So, they see Donald Trump hitting back at a weak MSNBC anchor. And they think, you know what, if he fights back that hard over his brand being attack on cable news, he's going to fight back that much harder when America is attacked by our enemies.

WILLIAMS: Wow! What a leak, because it looks to me like he's thin- skinned. Like he is just jumping as what you guys described what Meghan described as a little-known cable talk show, not getting great race, and yet, he is in there with vulgar, you know, arguably misogynistic comments to these women about blood and let me just say --

GUTFELD: No, he got a bad surgery, Juan.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, come on, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Oh, get out of here!

GUTFELD: It was a surgery.

WILLIAMS: Oh, yes. You know, come on, Greg!


GUILFOYLE: Juan, he said, she's bleeding badly from her face lift.

WILLIAMS: I want to give him --

GUTFELD: You're saying, get a better doctor.


WILLIAMS: Okay. What about Scarborough's comment today that says basically, you know, the president said, oh, you know what, I was intervened with the National Enquirer needs to stop an embarrassing story. If you guys apologized, what is this? That looked like extortion.

MCCAIN: And then you would ask to reveal his sources, and he is saying he won't. So, again, if you're going to make an analogy --

GUTFELD: And then why did you wait until now?

GUILFOYLE: Fake news, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Fake news.

WATTERS: Juan, Juan, Juan. Speaking of fake news, I want to look at a Gallup poll, only 27 percent of Americans this year saying they have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in newspapers.


WATTERS: So, as much as you would like to talk about how Donald Trump is this or that, no one is believing you.



WATTERS: I'm talking about the poll right now.

WILLIAMS: Let's talk about polls because if you look at, they don't believe cable news, they don't believe newspapers and this has been going on for years. Not just now with this incident. This is trust in American institutions but the press has gone down. So, you're right about that. But remember, Donald Trump approval ratings are like mid-30s. He's not much higher than the press.

WATTERS: And you know what, the Democrats approval ratings are lower than Trump's.

WILLIAMS: No, no, no. What are you talking about?

WATTERS: Kimberly Guilfoyle, I have a question for you.

WILLIAMS: That is not true.

WATTERS: Donald Trump doesn't pretend he's an aristocrat.


WATTERS: He doesn't pretend the hit these blue bloodied Bush dynasty, I owe the presidency to myself.

MCCAIN: -- say about dynasty.


WATTERS: Sorry. Meghan McCain.

MCCAIN: It's a low blow.

WATTERS: The media doesn't understand, the media doesn't accept the fact that Donald Trump is a street fighter.


WATTERS: And they're constantly surprised. Why don't they're going to give the guy the respect he deserves because he took down the Bush dynasty and the Clinton dynasty, about 17 Republican presidential candidates.

GUILFOYLE: Strong candidates.

WATTERS: When are they going to give the guy the respect she deserves?

GUILFOYLE: Well, listen, I don't know. I mean, if they actually pay attention to the series of accomplishments and the agenda that he wants to put forward, perhaps. I mean, as a pro-growth economy, I think perhaps no one will be able to deny the accomplishment.


GUILFOYLE: But the problem is, they want him to magically transform out of Aladin's lamp into somebody that he's not. And the reason he won is because he's not your average politician, and the working class, men and women across this country and a lot more people actually related to him, believed him, trusted him to go in there and do something radically different in Washington. And that's why he won. And the poor candidate of Hillary Clinton which was a rejection of that establishment kind of candidate and Clinton corruption did not prevail.

WILLIAMS: But I don't think people bought into this kind of behavior. You guys always want to say, oh, Juan, it's the liberals that --

GUTFELD: Can I respond to Kimberly?

WILLIAMS: Let me finish this point, Greg. But I just want to say, I listen to Republicans.


WILLIAMS: I listen to Charles Krauthammer last night on special report say, you know, this guy it reminds me of Duterte, how do you pronounced the Filipino dictator's name, or Hugo Chavez, that this is not normal. This is crazy, this behavior by this president. I listened to Republicans and the Senate. I listened to Murkowski, Graham, Connell --

GUTFELD: It doesn't matter.

GUILFOYLE: It doesn't matter.

WATTERS: Go ahead, Greg.

GUTFELD: I'll tell you why.


GUTFELD: Because these are words and not deeds. You need to reframe this. You need to look at it the way a lot of people not look at it includes Condoleezza Rice and myself. I will take the little stuff. If somebody is right on the big stuff. If you believe that ISIS must be destroyed, and then guess what, you destroy it, which is happening, I can live with a few misguided tweets. I can live with a bit of rudeness. I can live with a bit of obnoxiousness. If I realized that probably the worst group of people that ever existed right now are being incinerated in the desert.

WATTERS: Coming up. More immigration madness in San Francisco, you won't believe what the sanctuary city did this time. Details coming ahead.


GUILFOYLE: Welcome back. An absolutely shocking story out of my hometown of San Francisco. The city has agreed to pay an illegal immigrant a whopping $190,000 in a settlement. Why? Because police officers turned him over to federal immigration authority in violation of the city's sanctuary city policy. The settlement was announced on the same day that the House passed Kate's Law which gets tougher on illegal immigrants who repeatedly defy deportation.

Kate's Law is named after 32-year-old Kate Steinle who was allegedly murdered by a five times deported Mexican national. Tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of her death.


JIM STEINLE, FATHER OF KATE STEINLE: The day she was killed, we were walking arm in arm on Pier 14 in San Francisco enjoying the wonderful day together. Suddenly, a shot rang out, Kate fell, she looked at me and said, help me dad. Those are the last words I will ever hear from my daughter.


GUILFOYLE: All right. So, Jesse, you've covered this a lot and I have this well. Very disturbing. I was a prosecutor at the city of San Francisco and I saw this policy at work and was just abhorrent to see a loss of life like this. It was so preventable.

WATTERS: I just want to thank Bill O'Reilly for pushing this Kate's Law situation. He was a driving force behind this legislation. And he deserves a lot of credit for this. And the Steinle family I'm sure owes him a lot of credit. And I think we should honor the Kate Steinle's family tonight. Because this was a preventable death.

Yes, it was. When you come back over and over and over again, five times after being convicted of a felony and still are allowed to just live freely in the city of San Francisco is just abhorrent. And, you know, the sanctuary city defunding act that was good from Congress, the Kate's Law that was good from Congress, you know, that is just one step.


WATTERS: We have to build the wall. We have to put these people behind bars. You know, it's not just good enough to give lip service to this situation because I know President Trump knows these families personally and I have respect that. But, you know, to have Americans die at the hands of illegal immigrants that are already convicted and don't belong in the country is just wrong. And San Francisco is out of control. You know, if you're an illegal immigrant and you get paid to be arrested, it's ridiculous. You know, San Francisco is out of control. The San Francisco board of supervisors --

GUILFOYLE: Well, you've been there.

WATTERS: I have and I've reported on this a lot.

GUILFOYLE: You've been there.

WATTERS: The San Francisco board of supervisors. They, I mean, it's almost better to be a conservative than be an illegal in San Francisco. They ban paper bags, they ban plastic bags, you're not allowed to get circumcised there. You could be nude there with a permit. It's disgusting. This place is out of control. It's the people's republic of San Francisco. It's no wonder these things happen in San Francisco.


WATTERS: And you know, I know you have a personal connection there so I don't want to really drive the point home too much, KG.

WILLIAMS: Yes. You haven't said enough.


WATTERS: But it's really, the city is not a good city if you're a regular citizen.

GUTFELD: Can we point out the amazing absurdity of this. An illegal sued the city because the city violated a law that encourages violating the law. He won a 200 grand. It's like rewarding a guy for looting during a riot.


GUTFELD: San Francisco is like the fun house mirror of cities. Everything is reversed or upside down.

MCCAIN: It's true. I was in Los Angeles for about two years and I would say, it's just as that in San Francisco if not worst. The left is losing the culture war I think. If the left can't prove nothing else, it proves that. And I think part of the problem is, when you have a group of people who were saying, people who commit felonies is, you can just come in and out of the country and do whatever you want.

And by the way, you have a whole section of a state where you can also do whatever you want. And by the way, my tax dollars are going to pay for it.


MCCAIN: I don't care how you feel about immigration, I tend to be a little bit more moderate on the hard line. People that have ultimately won election. But this makes people like me even more extreme. And I think the left understands that when you do things like this and shove -- like this down the American people's throat, it makes people like me join the other side. Which could be really dangerous.

GUILFOYLE: All right. So, Juan, I don't think. I don't know. I'm hoping to hear something wonderful.

WATTERS: Juan, what do you got?

GUILFOYLE: Go ahead.

WILLIAMS: Well, I just want to correct the record. The man was not arrested, they found a stolen car, and they asked him to come into the office to get his stolen car, and then they discover, oh, well, gee, and then again --


GUILFOYLE: Let him go. Let him go!

GUTFELD: No, you lifted out! You lifted out! No. You embroidered the truth?

WILLIAMS: You can't handle the truth!

GUTFELD: You hopscotch the truth!

WILLIAMS: No, no, I am not hopscotching the truth. He came in because they said we have a --

GUILFOYLE: They followed the law.

GUTFELD: And he got an arrest warrant.

WATTERS: Juan, I researched the sanctuary city policy situation --

WILLIAMS: There you go. There you go.

WATTERS: -- because I know you said last show that sanctuary cities were safer. Phoenix got rid of their sanctuary city policy and you know what happened? Crime went down by 25 percent.

WILLIAMS: Oh, I see. I see.

WATTERS: Property crime went down 25 percent.

WILLIAMS: I don't know --

WATTERS: The Sheriffs Association in Phoenix said, they prefer to have a non-sanctuary city policy.

MCCAIN: But the weirdest part about this is, you defend an illegal immigrant who is a felon, but you probably wouldn't defend a felon who is legally here. That is the strangest part of this argument --

WILLIAMS: I wouldn't defend any felon.

MCCAIN: Juan, you just defended that man.

WILLIAMS: Meghan, no, Meghan, let me just say --

MCCAIN: You just defended that man. No --


WILLIAMS: I'm stating the facts because the facts were not properly presented.

MCCAIN: The left does it all the time.

GUILFOYLE: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

WILLIAMS: The fact is the guy was not arrested, he came in because of a stolen car that was --



WILLIAMS: No, no, I just want to finish. Let me finish the point.

MCCAIN: You can commit crime in this country and people on the left were ultimately --

WILLIAMS: I'm not defending any felons. I'm simply saying to you for example that you said, Meghan a minute ago, oh, you can come into this country illegally with no penalty.

MCCAIN: This is a ridiculous conversation. This is a ridiculous conversation.




WILLIAMS: And we're having a great time.


WILLIAMS: But of course --


WILLIAMS: But of course Kate's Law simply increase the penalty from the existing felon, it's illegal to come into the country if you've done it and you committed a crime.

GUTFELD: Yes. And an arrest warrant, Juan. You left that out.

MCCAIN: Yes. An arrest warrant.

GUILFOYLE: The police officer did the job that he was sworn oath to do, which was the guy had an arrest warrant, you have got to take him into custody. He is supposed to follow the law.

GUTFELD: And he got 200 grand orbit, you should be happy.

GUILFOYLE: And this guy gets paid.

WILLIAMS: I should be happy.

GUILFOYLE: This is what's going on with this country. And why people end up dead because people make apologies for this kind of behavior. And they don't want to --


WATTERS: All illegals -- in San Francisco.


GUILFOYLE: Ahead. Some more strong words from President Trump today for North Korea. They have it coming. Will the U.S. take action soon? They will. And before we go, a programing note and guest hosting Hannity. So, please stay tuned for a big show on live. So, be with me.


WILLIAMS: It's Friday night. Anyway, President Trump met with the president of South Korea at the White House today to discuss their joint adversary to nuclear arm North Korea. Mr. Trump had some harsh words for the hermit kingdom.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Together we are facing the threat and the reckless and brutal regime in North Korea. The nuclear and ballistic missile programs of that regime require a determined response. The era of strategic patients with the North Korean regime has failed. Many years and it's failed. And frankly that patience is over.


GUILFOYLE: That's right.

WILLIAMS: Greg, what do you think this means? By the way, I heard you say, you were like hermit kingdom.

GUTFELD: Hermit kingdom sounds like more fun than it really is. It is like an amusement park, you could go and -- these little riots and you can flick around right. But it's not.

MCCAIN: Perfect for you.

GUTFELD: Here's the thing. We should have let North Korea keep Dennis Rodman because that would qualify his term warfare. I want to -- I can't believe I'm going to do this, but I'm going to defend something about North Korea. North Korea is a terrible place. It's the world's largest prison.
They brutalized their people. They're need to regime change.

But I understand their logic with nuclear weapons. What they're doing is they're saying, if you can have them, why can't I? They're basically applying the Second Amendment -- they're applying the Second Amendment --

GUILFOYLE: That's what Iran says as well.


GUTFELD: -- to nukes. They're saying like, you know, we have a right to self-defense. So we have to come to grips with that logic. We have to put ourselves in their shoes to go, OK, we would never give up our nukes. So we have to talk to them and figure out, OK, you can have your self-defense, but somehow you have to join the world -- you have to join the world -- because if you don't join the world, then we're taking the stuff away.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, but they don't so in Iran --

WATTERS: I think they're never going to do that.


GUILFOYLE: They don't follow the rules, that's the problem so there's just, you know, it's completely high risk situation. It's untenable. But don't worry, because President Trump is here. No, it's really true. Wait and see.

MCCAIN: Can I add on to that --

GUTFELD: What does that mean?

MCCAIN: -- but it's not just President Trump --

GUILFOYLE: I can't actually tell you.


GUTFELD: Wait, wait, wait, you're on a show. You can't say I'm not going to tell you.

MCCAIN: I will tell -- I will hold on to this because --

GUILFOYLE: Rhymes with ill.


MCCAIN: I don't what that means but I will say --

GUTFELD: Appointed (INAUDIBLE), no.

MCCAIN: What I do know and everyone knows we have we absolute A-team (ph) when it comes to national security.


MCCAIN: McMaster, Maddox, absolutely -- if I could manifest in my fantasy who would keep America safe, these two men are the top of it. Absolute generals of -- let me finish, OK. So I was going back, number one, the problem is we're dealing with an irrational actor. Kim Jong-Un makes Putin and Bashar al-Assad look like normal people.

So going forward, I think we have a president who is proven time and time again that if they can continue their missile tests in Pyongyang, obviously he's going to probably ultimately use force in one capacity or another. But I have never felt more secure that the future of this country under the leadership right now specifically, not just President Trump, but if you don't know enough about the two men, they are our Secretary of Defense and his National Security Advisor. I mean it is the absolute A-team.

GUILFOYLE: And our Homeland Security, Kelly --

WILLIAMS: And you understand that those advisors that --

MCCAIN: Yes as well.

GUILFOYLE: Kelly, yes.

WILLIAMS: you just cited -- those advisors you just cited have said --

MCCAIN: He's listening to them as well, by the way.

WILLIAMS: -- have said that if we have to get involved militarily, millions will die. You know, we have 28,000 troops right there and of course the South Korean people are right there.

MCCAIN: Right.

WILLIAMS: So let me ask you this --

GUILFOYLE: It's going to be regime change and --

WILLIAMS: Today the big news was this, President Trump took steps against China for not helping to rein in the South Koreans. He says now he's going to impose sanctions on banks --

GUILFOYLE: You mean the North Koreans?

WILLIAMS: Yes, on the North Korens, thank you very much. On the banks, on (INAUDIBLE) citizens, on a shipping company, and is going to sell weapons to Taiwan which, you know, the Chinese just go crazy when you say you can do any business with Taiwan.

WATTERS: I think Trump's had enough with China. I think he gave China a chance and China failed to deliver. And now he's going to impose sanctions on China and we'll see what the aftereffects are. I think North Korea is poison. I think, as George W. Bush said, is the axis of evil. It's a cancer and we've let it metastasize over the last 10 years.

GUILFOYLE: I would say 20.

WATTERS: Otto, the way they treated Otto is so disgusting that I think every American, every patriot, and Kimberly touched on this the other day. Everyone that has a beating heart in this country wants to avenge Otto's death.

There is gulag's in this country, in North Korea. The only way to solve the North Korean crisis is a coup. I believe there's no way I think, you know, massiveness of strikes or invasion. It has to be a coup.

GUILFOYLE: But China has to help with this.

WATTERS: China has to help --

GUILFOYLE: And that is what you expect.

WATTERS: And you know what, I think this -- I think Trump is running out of patience.

MCCAIN: But they do have --

WATTERS: And I think China knows that.

GUILFOYLE: Trying to tell you how it's going to be then.

WILLIAMS: But I want to talk about what you just said about China.


WILLIAMS: So, but he had that breakfast meeting where the great chocolate cake was served with the president of China and he said China's going to help us --


WILLIAMS: -- breakfast you say?

GUILFOYLE: It wasn't for breakfast.

WILLIAMS: Well, I didn't say it.

GUTFELD: I've had chocolate cake for breakfast, it's weird.

WATTERS: You're making me hungry, Juan.

WILLIAMS: But now, the president clearly antagonistic towards China for failing to help, says he's going to have exercises, military exercises with the Japanese and with India in the Indian Ocean. And as the Chinese again are like, you're coming into our neighborhood and you acting like a bully.

GUILFOYLE: Oh my god.


WATTERS: Kimberly is that smart because you know what, we've had enough of China. We're using India to play off China. We're using Japan to play off China and South Korea.

GUILFOYLE: This is called strategy -- this is called strategy.

WATTERS: We're circling China.


WATTERS: China has had enough.

GUILFOYLE: Here's the deal. So this is what President Trump is very good at and he is not afraid to push back and he's like, listen, I gave you a chance. We sat across, you know, the table from each other. You gave me you word. This situation has completely spiraled out of control. You act or we will act. And the thing is that the people know and they got the world leaders know that when President Trump says it, he will do it.

WILLIAMS: All right.

GUILFOYLE: People (INAUDIBLE) about tweets. Give me a break.

WILLIAMS: Big news about the GOP's effort to end ObamaCare once and for all. That story, next. Stay with us.


MCCAIN: President Trump is now pushing the senate to get rid of ObamaCare even if there's no legislation to replace it tweeting, "If Republican Senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately repeal and then replace at a later date."

OK Kimberly, I'm going to you first.


MCCAIN: Do you think that's a smart plan to repeal and then replace it at a later date? Ben Sasse has been saying this on twitter as well.

GUILFOYLE: You know, I would get it all done at once to be quite honest. I mean, I think that you should try and support something very, like comprehensive that makes sense that is actually going to be workable. Why not? What's the excuse not to? I don't know. I mean, tell me.

MCCAIN: You know, I wanted to ask you, Jesse, I was on interview with Susan Collins last night and she doesn't look like she's going hedge at all. It doesn't seem like people like Mike Lee are going to hedge at all. Do you think we're going to ultimately be able to get the 60 votes to pass this thing through?

WATTERS: You know, I don't trust Republicans in the Senate. I don't trust Republicans in the House. Republicans usually screw up big time so, I do trust Mitch McConnell. He's a smooth operator. He might get this thing done. But you know what, is it going to be a great bill? Probably not. Is it going to be better than ObamaCare? Definitely. Are we going to allow to the American people to pass the bill? Probably not.

Are we going to raise premiums? Probably not. Are we going to, you know, reduce the deficit? Yes. Are we going to save Medicare? Yes. Do we want any help from Democrats? No, because they have no credibility on the issue. They totally botched the website. They botched the bill. We don't need any help from Democrats whatsoever. And stop playing games right now. This should be a free market system.

I talked to Sean Spicer the other day on "Watters World" plug, and he said-- I said, when are we going to get the buying insurance across state lines. He goes, in phase two. You know what, can we go to phase one please. I mean, what are we waiting for?

MCCAIN: What if (INAUDIBLE) has phase that there will be a phase two?

WILLIAMS: Before we go on, Meghan, let me just -- let me, you know, explain to the audience what Jesse Watters just said. This will be the greatest. This will be huge.

WATTERS: Did you not just hear what I said. I said it would be better than ObamaCare not the greatest.

WILLIAMS: No, no --

WATTERS: Anything better than ObamaCare is better.

WILLIAMS: You know why, yes, because you know what, 22 million according to the CBO -- 22 million fewer will have health insurance --

WATTERS: Well, when you don't force someone to buy an insurance there's going to be less people buying insurance. That's called logic.

WILLIAMS: Oh, I see. How about premiums will go up? How about deductibles will go up? How about --

WATTERS: Are you talking about ObamaCare when you guys passed it. You said premiums were going to go down $1,500 and they went up to $1,500.

WILLIAMS: Let me just tell you, the numbers -- let me respond to Ms.

MCCAIN: Premiums were already up.

WILLIAMS: Ms. Mccain said, you know, and I think rightly this but the emphasis here is now they're considering just doing away, repeal without replace. And what we know about this is even more people would lose insurance.

WATTERS: I wonder what Gutfeld has to say.

MCCAIN: He's over it. It's Friday night.

GUTFELD: What are we doing?


GUTFELD: I'm just thinking about Mitch McConnell dancing to "Smooth Operator."


GUILFOYLE: This show can be cancelled.


WATTERS: Fourth of July weekend everybody.

GUTFELD: The biggest obstacle for this bill is the previous bill because it already exists. You can't pull a reverse santa. You can't take away the present. So all you can do is to make the present better, which means you have to have whether you like it or not, you're going to have to have more people covered. The only way you're going to do that is with low cost plans that allow for more risks.

And I always say this, to have a low cost plan with more risk, the government handles the big stuff. You talk about catastrophic or the insurance company -- you handle the big stuff and then we handle the little things. The poor get help with both. But you have to have these low cost plans where you handle the doctor's visits and some of the pharmaceuticals.

And then the big stuff. You get hit by a car, you get cancer. That's taken cared off. Catastrophic health insurance is the way to go. Interesting thing too, you talk about diversity, Republican reaction to this bill is like hurting cats on Ritalin. And they get mocked for this diversity. It's like the media prefers the lockstep of the left. But we always talk about diversity. Here's diversity of that.

WATTERS: Exactly.

MCCAIN: You're like you can't pull a reverse Santa --

GUTFELD: I've tried.

MCCAIN: All right, stay right there, "Facebook Friday" is up next.


GUTFELD: "Facebook Friday," the last one of the month. Let's begin. I'm going to go to you Meghan. Thin is from Joe D., "If you could star in a remake of any movie, what movie would it be and what character would you play?

MCCAIN: Any Goldie Hawn movie so like "Private Benjamin" or "Overboard" I love her.

GUTFELD: Yes, she's quite an actress.

MCCAIN: I love Goldie Hawn.

GUTFELD: A natural talent.

MCCAIN: I love Goldie Hawn and everything except the new Amy Schumer movie she was in.

GUTFELD: But that wasn't her fault.

MCCAIN: It's not her fault but I think (INAUDIBLE) Amy Schumer is like the first movie I haven't seen of hers.

GUTFELD: All right, Jesse, keep it clean.

WATTERS: I want to be Chunk from "Goonies."


GUILFOYLE: Oh my gosh.

WATTERS: Are you truffle shuffle?


MCCAIN: I can't.

GUILFOYLE: That's a nice play. I don't think --

GUTFELD: That was fantastic.

GUILFOYLE: What happened to our careers.

GUTFELD: I don't know.

WATTERS: OK, Juan's next.

GUILFOYLE: Juan is just like, what is happening?


WATTERS: Have you seen "Goonies"?


WATTERS: Oh my god, Juan.


GUTFELD: Robert Davi. One of Robert Davi's classic films.

MCCAIN: All right.

GUTFELD: What about you Juan?

WILLIAMS: What is that Tom Cruise movie where he's having so much fun when the parents were out of town?

GUTFELD: Which one?


GUILFOYLE: "Risky Business."

WILLIAMS: "Risky Business." I love that.


WILLIAMS: But that would be so much --

GUTFELD: Well, I was going to say "Eyes Wide Shut" but --

GUILFOYLE: Or "A Few Good Men."

WILLIAMS: You know when he's singing in the back of that car cruising through Chicago --

WATTERS: -- underwear sliding across the floor, right?

WILLIAMS: I don't think I look like Tom Cruise.

WATTERS: It's a family show. Yes, we know, Juan. We know.


GUTFELD: Kimberly.


GUTFELD: What's "Salt"?

GUILFOYLE: It's Angelina Jolie.


GUILFOYLE: An excellent killing movie.

GUTFELD: There you go.

MCCAIN: You wouldn't have to change anything, like you have to have her wardrobe unless -- you look like her in the movie.

GUTFELD: I would like to remake "Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla" and I would like to be Godzilla and kill Mechagodzilla because I think Mechagodzilla was a bad character.

GUTFELD: No one knows what you're talking about.


GUTFELD: All right, from Eric M.

GUILFOYLE: -- stuff was real.

GUTFELD: I think I'm going to start with you Kimberly. "If a genie gave you only one political wish, what would you want?" A political wish.

GUILFOYLE: Oh my gosh. Didn't it already happened?

WATTERS: Make America great again.



MCCAIN: Look at Juan.


GUILFOYLE: Shock and awe --

WILLIAMS: Is that true?

GUILFOYLE: Let's go with it.




WILLIAMS: Well, you know, I mean you can't go back in time can you?

GUTFELD: Yes you can.

WILLIAMS: Or you can all go forward.

GUTFELD: Yes, it's a wish.

WILLIAMS: It's a wish so you have to go forward.

GUTFELD: You can do whatever you want.

WATTERS: Don't over think this Juan.


WILLIAMS: I won't over think it.

GUTFELD: He never does that.

WILLIAMS: But I think -- my rooting is for that we would find a way for America to get the best out of Donald Trump.

GUTFELD: That's a good wish.


WATTERS: I think Anthony Weiner should've won mayor.


WATTERS: I don't know if it is fantastic, better than DiBlasio. Everybody wants him --

GUILFOYLE: I really hope -- I know what you're going to --

MCCAIN: -- the internet.

GUILFYLE: I didn't say this one because I hope you're going to say it.


MCCAIN: I was going to say put the appropriate amount of troops into Iraq and Afghanistan. Let our military win this wars that they absolutely can under Mattis and McMaster, that's what I wish.

GUILFOYLE: That's a great one --


GUILFOYLE: -- McCain would have won for president. We would have never have --

MCCAIN: Well, life turned out well.


GUTFELD: I am to warn (ph). I would say legalize certain substances and certain acts.

WATTERS: Wait, can we get to the specifics?



GUTFELD: Prostitution. Prostitution should be legal. I don't think that consenting acts, people should go to the jail for consenting acts.

MCCAIN: This is not outnumbered.


GUILFOYLE: You mean consensual acts.

GUTFELD: Consensual, consenting adults, consensual acts.

GUILFOYLE: All right.

GUTFELD: This is from Kyra B. I'm going to go with you Jesse. "Who were you in your previous lives and what did you do for a living?

WATTERS: Nothing to do with prostitution.


WATTERS: -- friends. I was an actor on "Friends" great show. Great show.

GUTFELD: Yes. What about you, Juan?

WILLIAMS: In a previous life.

GUTFELD: Yes, what were you?

WILLIAMS: I can imagine me being one of those people in India who is like going through junkyards looking for food.


GUTFELD: Wow! That is crazy. Kimberly.

WATTERS: I can do that.


GUILFOYLE: I am, let's see. Who would be fun to be? I would say maybe somebody like Cleopatra.

GUTFELD: Everybody says that.


WATTER: -- regal.

GUILFOYLE: It's my choice. Give something else --

GUTFELD: No, of course. Of course it's the royal -- of course.

GUTFELD: What about you?

MCCAIN: I don't know, a hard one. Who would I be in a previous life, more like this life, and I don't believe in previous lives so, I abstain from this question.

GUTFELD: That is a very good question.

MCCAIN: I like my life now.

GUTFELD: And the answer to that question.


GUILFOYLE: -- this show is falling apart.

MCCAIN: Sorry.

GUTFELD: No it's not, it's falling together. Who would I be in my previous life? Me because I'd never die.

MCCAIN: A weed smoking prostitute.


WILLIAMS: Oh my god. It's the walking Greg.


GUTFELD: When "The Five" returns, KG won't be here. She has to head up now to "Hannity" studio to fill in for Seam Hannity. Make sure to catch her at 10:00 p.m. "One More Thing" is up next.


WATTERS: It's time now for "One More Thing." Greg Gutfeld.

GUTFELD: All right. Tomorrow night, Saturday, 10:00, it's an amazing show. I got Amy Holmes, I got Joe DeVito, comedian Kat Timpf, with Tyrus. We are going to have a lot of fun with "Morning Joe." I got some good tape people. I got some good tape. We dug deep. And now it's time for this, "I Hate These People."

You know, I understand kids getting excited the first time they see fireworks, but let's be honest, fireworks have not changed in decades. So, when you're an adult and you're looking up at the sky, I don't want to see your fireworks face. I don't want to hear the ooing and the ahhing and oohh. No, no, no, you've seen it before and it's so fake. Oh, fireworks. I like fireworks but let's be -- we want better fireworks, OK. No more fireworks face.

WATTERS: OK, Greg just put a real damp room.


WATTERS: Juan Williams everybody.

WILLIAMS: All right, so end of June, graduations, weddings and retirement. And tonight we celebrate a big retirement at our Washington bureau, Betsy Burkhardt is retiring today after 18 years as a leading hand in building Fox's Washington bureau. When Fox was created, our Washington bureau was pretty small and Betsy came along and helped to herd all the cats, that means journalist are a top bunch to control, you know. with studios, office space, parking, finances.

And tonight, when I say, Betsy, we really appreciate all that you've done to make Fox into one of the best news bureaus in the nation's capital. She's a painter, an oil painter and we wish her the best with her art as she retires to a beautiful new home in winding river in rural Virginia.

WATTERS: All right, speaking of winding rivers, "Watters World" --


WATTERS: -- Saturday and Sunday and we got some great guests. We love fireworks as opposed to the Gutfeld Show. Tommy Lauren (INAUDIBLE) and Anthony Scarmucci. This weekend, "Watters World" fireworks --

GUTFELD: Heavy hitters.

WATTERS: "Watters World."

GUTFELD: Heavy hitters on Watters. Heavy hitters.

WATTERS: Meghan McCain, what do you have?

MCCAIN: OK, so I really hate liberal Hollywood. Everyone knows that and I've been particularly hard on them the past few weeks. But I want to say there is one good person, Adam Driver, who actually was a Marine, which is why I've always liked him.

He was in "Star Wars" and on the show "Girls." He shocked a military family when he turned up to present them with a college scholarship for their daughter. There's a video posted online. The actor was spotted driving in Brodsville, Pennsylvania where he delivered a scholarship to Hayley Grace Williams who is studying to become a nurse.

Her father was injured during a training exercise before "Operation Desert Storm." So wonderful he's giving scholarships to a woman who's family unfortunately passed in "Desert Storm."

GUTFELD: You know, it is odd how --

MCCAIN: So he's a real person and he's a veteran and he can stay.

GUTFELD: It's an odd thing to see because after World War II and the Korean War, a lot of actors were in the military. A lot of musicians were in the military, and we don't see that as much anymore. So when you hear about this, it's refreshing and you know that this guy has a background in a history and I think that's good.

WATTERS: You know what I think is refreshing, the "Greg Gutfeld Show." Greg Gutfeld, apparently you love barbecue and that's all you eat. Is that true?

GUTFELD: That's all I do is eat barbecue. That's true --

WATTERS: Ribs, chicken wings --

GUTFELD: Tomorrow, I will be down somewhere eating barbecue.

WILLIAMS: You know, I like that about you but I just can't believe what you just said about fireworks because I love fireworks.


WILLIAMS: -- fireworks before.

GUTFELD: -- fireworks face.

WILLIAMS: No, no, that's the other --

WATTERS: Can you give me you fireworks face. Give me Juan Williams --


GUTFELD: Yes, that's it. That's it. That's what I'm talking about.

WATTERS: You don't like that?

MCCAIN: I love that.


WATTERS: Let me see your fireworks face.



WATTERS: Never miss an episode of "The Five." We'll see you back here Monday. Have a great holiday weekend everybody. Judge KG hosts "Hannity" up next.

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