Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch under investigation

Senate Judiciary Committee launches probe; reaction and analysis on 'The Five'


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DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello everyone, I'm Dana along with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Richard Fowler, Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld. It's 9:00 in New York City and this is "The Five."

Well, Democrats have been obsessed with Russian meddling in the 2016 election earlier this month. Former FBI Director James Comey revealed some possible interference much closer to home. Comey testified before Congress that Obama's Attorney General Loretta Lynch told him not to use the word investigation while discussing the Clinton email case. News that even troubled prominent Democrats.


JAMES COMEY, FORMER FBI DIRECTOR: At one point, the Attorney General had directed me not to call it an investigation. But instead to call it a matter, that gave me a queasy feeling.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would have a crazy feeling too though. I think we need to know more about that.


PERINO: Now Senator Feinstein and the Judiciary Committee are now taking bipartisan action, announcing today they are investigating, quote, "Alleged political interference by Miss Lynch in the Clinton email case." And in related news, is reporting that the State Department is investigating whether Hillary mishandled classified information which could lead to the former secretary of state losing her security clearance.

Now, do not adjust you set, this was not a story from two years, this is actually still going on. Richard, you did also have Feinstein today saying that he does not believe that Attorney General Lynch played any role in influencing the investigation of Hillary Clinton. These letters are just to request an information to put to rest speculation about the issue. What are you hearing?

RICHARD FOWLER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Oh, well, here's the thing. I said this before on the show, I think no Justice Department we can now admit is above politics. Every Justice Department is played politics in recent history. So, there's no, nothing, there is no there, there. I think this is very interesting. I think that Loretta Lynch clearly probably made some mistakes in which he did here. I'll be the first to admit that. I mean, Hillary Clinton lost the election. She is taking a walk in Chappaqua. Just let her walk in the woods.

PERINO: But that's not, like he is doing in fact, as Greg pointed out earlier, Hillary Clinton is actually quite active calling the Republicans with the death party.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: Yes. I mean, again, after all of this stuff that we've gone through, here she goes, demonizing a group of people calling us killers, that's not a good thing to do when this heated political climate Hillary. But it's always about Hillary, it's always about the Clintons, they are the acid reflux of a Democratic Party, no matter what, they just give common back up. Every year -- there's another Clinton problem. Anyway, the letters are meant to put the risk of speculation.

That is exactly what Donald Trump watered from Comey and he didn't get it. And so, we can see there is no, there there but I don't know. This is truly the anti-transparency party. This is about using a manipulating speech to hide truth. They didn't want us say investigation. They wanted to say it's a matter. Remember man caused disasters, those Janet Napolitano's way of replacing the word, terror.

PERINO: Work place violence?

GUTFELD: Yes. With work place violence. So, it's like -- they have a real problem with truth. They have no transparency whatsoever. And again, this proves the case.

FOWLER: I just think you guys really like Hillary Clinton.

GUTFELD: I love her.

FOWLER: All the time. Including the President who continues to tweet about her after he has beaten her and defeated her.


GUTFELD: She's like your acupuncture. She's the Democrat acupuncture.

PERINO: Kimberly?


PERINO: What sort of legal trouble might hypothetically a former Attorney General be in for something like this?

GUILFOYLE: Loads. Loads of trouble. I still, well, here's the thing. She's not going to make a case against yourself, now is she? The last time she testified in front of a Senate Committee, 70 separate times, she refused to answer the question. I think that she's going to say, I am not going to testify, she subpoenaed, if she subpoenaed, she will try to say, you know, the Fifth Amendment or something. She's not going to sit there and spill the beans on any of this whether there was any kind of an appropriate behavior or not.

And as it relates to Hillary Clinton as security clearance, it is, it is Groundhog Day all over again. Because we've been doing this over and over again. Maybe this time, they'll actually pull the security clearance. Because that would have been very messy while she was running for president of the United States mashing blackberries and keeping a server by the toilet. How true.



JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Do you know what the headline of the story is? The headline of the story is that Hillary Clinton still has a security clearance. She still has it. It's unbelievable.

PERINO: I think the former secretaries keep it.

WATTERS: Of course they keep it.

PERINO: As long as they don't abuse the privilege.

WATTERS: Okay. Because she's shown such a great track record of not abusing privileges. Hillary kind of reminds me, the person, you know, that graduated from college and then they come back to college afterwards and start hanging out at the parties.


WATTERS: And everyone was looking around like, what are you doing here, get out of here? It's time for Hillary to get lost. And she could be in more trouble. I mean, they're looking into whether she mishandled classified information. I've been saying this for a longtime that Donald Trump needs to do this, I'm very glad he's been listening. If they're going to play games with this Russia investigation and all of these conspiracies, let's reopen some Hillary investigations. Let's have the State Department inquire about whether she mishandled information. What's fair is fair. Let's look into Loretta Lynch --

PERINO: And that is happening.

WATTERS: All these things are started to boomerang --


Exactly. Trying to boomerang on the Democrats and then once again, if Mueller comes out and says, you know what? No evidence that Trump did anything wrong and neither of his associates did anything wrong, you have, who is in the crosshairs still? You have Lynch in the crosshairs still. Hillary still in the crosshairs. Susan Rice was slapped with a subpoena. Clapper, Samantha Powers. Everybody is now under suspicion. And the Democrats will spend the next six months talking about Russia instead of talking about --

FOWLER: Clearly, you probably had a drink with Steven King before you came on the show tonight.

WATTERS: I had too.

FOWLER: Thank you. We can tell. Because this is -- you are just spinning this crazy story once again, those back where I started this, Dana. You got us obsessed with Hillary Clinton. Stop talking about it. This should go away.


GUTFELD: -- obsessed with Trump. All right. Let's focus on the media really quickly, okay? The Dems have been beating up on Donald Trump over conversations. What are these? These are conversations. I don't think Bill and Loretta were talking about their favorite soaps on the tarmac.

PERINO: Right.

GUTFELD: So, these so-called conspiracies or obsessions are similar and that they're both about conversations, but when you look at the coverage, are they comparable? Are they balanced? Are they equal? No. They treat a conversation with Trump as obstruction, as some kind of deep conspiracy but with Hillary, the media is like, oh, it's nothing, it's nothing. Nothing to see here. Move along.

PERINO: Same with Lynch.

GUTFELD: Yes. Right.

PERINO: And basically she got to pass it, like, and it will be interesting to see. If she does actually answer questions. If she answers, if somebody instructed her to say something like that from somewhere. But I do think it's a little flimsy. One of the letters from the Senate Intel Committee, it was based on some reporting from The Washington Post about a document, that the FBI even said, its own assessment that the document was bad intelligence and according to people familiar with this content, possibly even a fake to confuse the FBI.



WATTERS: To tell everybody what it is, okay, so I think it was Debbie Wasserman Schultz of the DNC was emailing with someone at --

PERINO: No, no, no. I think we should clarify that since the Fox DC News Bureau said, the Fox DC News Bureau said in an investigation, they couldn't find that Debbie Wasserman Schultz that actually sent that.

WATTERS: Can we actually talk about how juicy is this before we knock it down, Dana? Okay. Let's just talk about how juicy is this.

GUILFOYLE: Yes. Enjoy Watters' World though.

WATTERS: Knock it down, all right?

PERINO: Let's do some fake news.

FOWLER: This is America -- before we start -- this is hashtag fake news.


FOWLER: This is fake news.


WATTERS: So, the DNC Debbie Wasserman present an email to a think tank saying that someone in the Hillary Clinton campaign has said that Loretta Lynch was going to spike the Hillary Clinton email investigation if it got too heated.

FOWLER: Can you believe this?

WATTERS: Now, it could be fake news.

FOWLER: It is fake news.

WATTERS: Let's look into it. Maybe that's why the DNC didn't turn over the server to the FBI. Maybe they didn't want that exposed.

FOWLER: The good journalist at our DC Bureau indicated that this is fake news.

WATTERS: I just want the audience to know what the debunked story was.

PERINO: Now, here's something you're going to like. This is, based on a story that President Obama knew a lot more about the Russia attempts to interference that maybe we have known up until now, and the President is talking to our own Pete Hegseth, of "Fox & Friends Weekend." He is going to have a full interview tomorrow. But right now, here's a clip of the President responding to that.


TRUMP: Well, I just heard today for the first time that Obama knew about Russia, a long time before the election and he did nothing about it. But nobody wants to talk about that. That the CIA gave him information on Russia a longtime before they even, you know, before the election. And I hardly see it. It's an amazing thing. To me, you know, in other words, the question is, if he had the information, why didn't he do something about it? He should have done something about it. But you don't read that. It's quite said.

PERINO: Okay. So, Kimberly --


PERINO: Now after the President says that, at least, could we, are we all on the same page that Russia tried to interfere in the election? It seems like, now, we can all at least be on that same page.




PERINO: Now, where do we go from here?

GUILFOYLE: The rest of it, is all they are saying, untrue, no evidence of collusion, no evidence of obstruction. But lots of taxpayer money, lots of people coming to testify and so far nothing has been --

FOWLER: I think that, wait, wait, wait, wait, I think that you're mixing two different investigations. The Senate investigation is not prosecutorial. It's a fact founding mission to figure out how to protect our elections. The Mueller investigation is in fact could be a criminal investigation into what happened in Russia and what this White House could have possibly done to cover up. And we don't know. And we don't know.
Here's the thing because we don't know. We don't know.

GUTFELD: Yes. We never know.

FOWLER: So, it's hard to jump to an assumption, there is no obstruction of justice until the investigation is over.

GUILFOYLE: Well, no, it isn't. It isn't actually and you're talking to a prosecutor so I think I have this covered. Thank you. Thank you.

FOWLER: You would agree that the investigation --

GUILFOYLE: Okay. Educate me about the law. What I'm telling you is, is that Comey testified and said that he did not feel that the President of the United States was trying to obstruct any kind of investigation or justice. So, what happened? The guy was just five minutes ago basically let go and fire. So did something else materialize in between that time that is going to be a game changer and tell you that their actual facts to substantiate these? Where is it going to come from?

FOWLER: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. So, let's be very clear here. It was the Trump Justice Department that appointed a special counsel in this investigation. Therefore, his own Justice Department thinks there is a there there and that's why --

GUILFOYLE: That is not true.

FOWLER: Why else would you have a special counsel?

GUTFELD: I found it --

GUILFOYLE: They don't point on Juan, oh, we think for sure, somebody, they are saying, look, if there is been something, something that, some kind of suspicion or suggestion, and the interest of justice and the interest of transparency, we will go ahead and put this forward. That is very different from saying, well, no, if there is flat out evidence than we do, like Jim -- in a grand jury --

PERINO: Okay. We'll let Greg in for -- last word.

GUILFOYLE: That's my point.

GUTFELD: I'm saying, you will not going to find anything that Trump hasn't already said. He's the most transparent president in the history of the United States. You know his every thought. You know what he's doing. You know where he's at because he's tweeting it. There is no cover-up because he refuses to keep his mouth shut.

PERINO: Right.

GUTFELD: You know everything that's going on.

PERINO: It's just amazing, Jesse. Give me one more second here with Jesse because the President said during the campaign that the election was rigged against them. But basically, what "The Washington Post" story today is saying is that, election might have tried to be rigged, but in his favor, right?

WATTERS: You know, I can't even keep up with how much rigging is going on. What I do know is this. President Obama knew that the Russians were trying to do something with the election did not. Hillary Clinton had a secret server, was potentially hacked nor it did anything to her.


WATTERS: The DNC was warned about hacking. They didn't put up any defenses. And then they got hacked and they didn't do anything about that.

GUILFOYLE: And wouldn't turn on its server.

WATTERS: Right. And then Podesta gave his password to a hacker and the password was password. So, how is this Trump's fault again?

PERINO: Right.

FOWLER: I can't figure out why you're talking about. He's the president. Can we move on? You guys continued to obsess about Hillary Clinton like how I started the segment.

PERINO: Yes. That's a perfect Segway guys, we're going to move on.

Coming up, actor Johnny Depp is apologizing for joking about assassinating President Trump. But is he sincere? That story when we return.

GUTFELD: No, he's not!


GUTFELD: Right now somewhere under a rock, Kathy Griffin is smiling.


JOHNNY DEPP, ACTOR: When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?


I want to clarify. I'm not an actor. I lie for a living. However, it's been a while and maybe it's time.


GUTFELD: Oh, he's drunk. Anyway, that moment, sums up Depp's declining career. In a desperate attempt to be edgy, he figured he can win over the British audience with the joke about killing Trump, when all else fails, go there. It reveals a truth about Depp. He was never a trailblazer, but an imitator. That is why he still impersonates Keith Richards wherever he goes. Remember how Rachel Dolezal decided to as black, Depp is doing the same thing.

He is culturally appropriating Keith Richards. And now Depp is 54. A member of AARP, it's time to stop dressing like your mother's hat rack. Now he since apologizing saying, he intended no malice and he probably didn't. What he intended to do was maintain his relevance. Clean to a coolness. That is dwindling. And easiest way to say stop the Hollywood thinks it's dangerous when it's really not. Now, the real dangerous comment is saying that you like Trump.

But the bloated parrot that is Depp reveals that all celebrities do is copy other celebrities. Act like Keith Richards, talk like Kathy Griffin, drink like Oliver Reid. Who is Johnny Depp, I don't even thing he knows. So, it's not the joke that is the real outrage. It's the banality of it. So how desperate must you be to say, you want to kill the President just for applause. Johnny Depp desperate. He wants so badly to be a rolling stone, but he's just rolling stoned.

Jesse, he apologized, they always do. They always do.

WATTERS: Yes. It kind of like, it was like, oh, yes. It went over your head. You guys didn't get it. It wasn't a real apology. I think Pirate Johnny said too much wrong.


WATTERS: And I think what's going on right now, I'm actually ran out of things to say about celebrities talking about assassinating the president.

GUTFELD: Yes, it's true.

WATTERS: It's gotten kind of old. There is a pattern now that's emerging. The hard core Hollywood left has an assassination fetish.


WATTERS: There is a death cult surrounding the President. Now, could you imagine if, let's just say, Vince Vaughn or, you know, Greg Gutfeld, a cabal of entertainment right wing celebrities started fantasizing about assassinating President Obama. It would be earth shattering.


FOWLER: I think his name is Ted Nugent.

WATTERS: Won. Okay. Not like 16, like we do this every night on "The Five."

FOWLER: I know.

WATTERS: And I just want someone in Hollywood to at least condemn this guy. Can they condemn him? I mean --

FOWLER: I'll do it. I'll do it. I'll condemn him. I'll condemn him and I'll condemn Ted Nugent and I'll condemn all of this people who are trying resurrect their careers, by trying to get into the news cycle by attacking the President. Where there be Barack Obama or Donald Trump or George Bush for that matter. They are all bad, condemned.

GUTFELD: There you go.

GUILFOYLE: Okay. So, I would actually take this seriously --


GUILFOYLE: And so, because, and so should the Secret Service.

GUTFELD: Forgets the law, isn't it?

GUILFOYLE: Well, yes. This is a problem actually. If you think that the Secret Service doesn't let this guy anywhere near the President of the United States.

GUTFELD: He wasn't joking at the end. Did you notice that?

GUILFOYLE: He is not kidding.

GUTFELD: He wasn't kidding.

GUILFOYLE: And also, he has actually troubling past of addiction with alcohol --

GUTFELD: Violence.

GUILFOYLE: Domestic violence, restraining orders just in May by his ex-wife, she filed a restraining order against him, was documented by an eyewitness. One of her friends Rachel Pennington (ph) was there. He threw a phone, hit her in the face, had a big magnum of wine, was swinging and trying to hit her. He's really got a lot of problems. He's getting close to broke.

He is in a huge lawsuit with his business managers and the people that -- you know, handling his money. So, the whole thing is a big disaster. So, this is somebody who is coming a little bit unhinged. They take these things seriously and I think they should. Who knows? But you know, nevertheless hopefully he's learned his lesson and, you know, sobered up a little bit about it.

GUTFELD: Dana, what do you think?

PERINO: Well, I like your point that it was sobered. That it gets to be so routine that it's like it fails to shock.


PERINO: Because that's what they're trying to do. So, Kathy Griffin if you remember when she held up a severed head of President Trump in the video that post, she talks to the cameraman and she says, you know we are going to get in a lot of trouble for this.


PERINO: And so, she intended to get all of this attention. And even though, I guess we can't say for sure because we don't have videotape of Johnny Depp doing the same thing. I imagine that he knew he won't really pay that big a price because in Hollywood, you really won't be condemned.

GUTFELD: Uh-hm. Yes. It's true. But that last line he said maybe it's time.

PERINO: Right.

GUTFELD: So, it was a joke in the frontend and then he said, I'm not an actor, I'm a liar. And then at the end, he comes back and he goes, well, maybe it's time.

WATTERS: It's inciting.

GUTFELD: Yes. Yes. It was a joke up -- it was a party up front but serious in the back to reverse of a --

WATTERS: Mullet.

GUTFELD: Mullet.

PERINO: You two are like on the same wavelength.

WATTERS: That is scary.

PERINO: What is that tell you?

GUTFELD: Up next, Ainsley Earhardt, exclusive, yes, it's an interview with President Trump. He had a lot to say about former FBI Director James Comey. More when we come back.


PERINO: President Trump made this week the frenzy speculation when he suggests that he might have tapes with his conversations with ousted FBI Director James Comey.

Well, yesterday, President Trump confirmed that he had, no tapes, and discussed the issue with Ainsley Earhardt.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I didn't tape him. You never know what's happening when you see that the Obama administration and perhaps longer than that was doing all of this unmasking and surveillance. I don't have any tape and I didn't tape. But when he found out that, you know, that there may be tapes out there, whether it's governmental tapes or anything else and who knows, I think his story may have changed. My story didn't change. My story was always the straight story. My story was always the truth. But you will have to determine for yourself whether or not his story changed. But I did nothing.

GUILFOYLE: All right. Greg, so yes --

GUTFELD: It's okay.

GUILFOYLE: Okay. So, he said that he's talking about his -- he doesn't have any tapes.

GUTFELD: I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it. He never said there were tapes. He just said, I hope, for Comey's sake, he wasn't recorded, which was brilliant. Because what he did was he ran circles around the media and the media spent how many weeks just -- and many said like, you're going to be very disappointed, believe me. It's just like, this is what he does. When are people going to figure out, this is what he does and he's really good at it and I love that he's giving her a tour of the White House.



PERINO: Well, I already said that I didn't think it was brilliant. But I also think it's not a revelation that Mueller and Comey knew each other because they've actually, it's a small group of people that actually work at that level of the FBI and the Justice Department and they all sort of know each other. I don't know if Mueller actually asked for FEC data of the people that he was hiring.

That might be a good question to ask him if he didn't or if he did like why or why not. If there's truly nothing there, who better than to have announced that Clinton affiliated folks? Because that will actually solidify it. So, President Trump is actually set himself up, so either way. If it comes back that there was nothing there, the Clinton people say it. Done deal. If it comes back that there might have been something there, was when the satellite that he talked about a couple of weeks ago, then it's biased because they're Clinton affiliated people. That's how I see it.

GUILFOYLE: She summed it up. There you go. Jesse, I don't know if you can top that, I am going to give you a chance.

WATTERS: As much as it pains me to say, I agree with Dana.

PERINO: Why do you always do that? I am wondering about that.


GUTFELD: First you rip on her dog yesterday.

PERINO: Right. It's like every week, it makes them feel better -- it pains him to agree with me.

WATTERS: No. I think you are exactly right. I think you are exactly right.

PERINO: You're getting better.

WATTERS: Actually, I'd like to advance the story too.


WATTERS: I think what Trump is doing is he's playing into the rigged system. Remember what he did during the election, with the FBI investigation was rigged, the fake polls were rigged, the media is out to get me. You know, it's all rigged, rigged, rigged. So, when he sets this Mueller investigation up, it's potentially biased, that plays into Trump's army against the establishment.

On the Comey tapes, that was a bluff obviously. Some people think, it backfired, because the now special counsel, other people think it made Comey have to say things that he wouldn't have otherwise said, it made him more honest. But Trump has the history of doing this. When he tweeted about Obama spied on him, that led to the unmasking scandal. When he tweeted that, you know, about Mueller, he's kind of like working the refs. And then, you know, he says something about --

GUILFOYLE: Working the reps.

WATTERS: ... Pelosi. You know, Pelosi, we love Pelosi. Wanted to stay there forever. He's great for Republican Party. That's like reverse psychology for the Democrats. And now the Democrats are scratching their heads like, oh, Trump likes Pelosi too, like, maybe we should get rid of her. So that's what he does, and it works.

GUILFOYLE: Okay. So, how is it broken out?


FOWLER: If it launches an investigation against you that has mired down you White House...

WATTERS: Three for four.

FOWLER: Wait a minute. Which mires down your White House as entire agenda, then I don't think it's working. But I actually not painfully agree with Dana on this point.


FOWLER: And I think the other point...

GUILFOYLE: Gleefully.

FOWLER: Gleefully agree with Dana on this point. And the other point that I want to make is I think Republicans need to be very careful...


FOWLER: ... about this argument that, oh, all the Mueller people gave money to Hillary Clinton, all the Mueller people gave money to Democrats (inaudible) Democrats. Trump and Jared Kushner, they hosted a fundraiser for Cory Booker in their condo down the street from here. So are they out to get the president too?

WATTERS: That was when they were business people.

FOWLER: That was last year.

WATTERS: That was when they were...

GUILFOYLE: They were also (inaudible) the election.

FOWLER: That's my point. The point is...

GUTFELD: Everybody is friend.

FOWLER: ... everybody gives money.

GUILFOYLE: Everybody is friend.


FOWLER: I would give Dana money because Dana is my friend.

WATTERS: And Dana would (inaudible) that donation because you are filled with scandals, Richard.

FOWLER: Not much as scandal as you.


DANA PERINO: ... running for office is Kimberly Guilfoyle.

FOWLER: I would give to Kimberly.

GUILFOYLE: There we go, thank you very much.

FOWLER: Democrats would accuse me of giving to Republicans. So this is a silly argument. And not to mention, I guarantee if you look at FCC filings, you will find out that sometime in Donald Trump's history, he gave money to Democrats. Remember, the Clinton (inaudible) wedding.

GUILFOYLE: That's documented. He gave money to everybody.

FOWLER: So let's quit this argument because it makes no sense.

GUTFELD: Again, going back to Trump being the most transparent person on the planet. He talked about, they were at my wedding, you know, what do you expect? I need them there. It's like I do business. This is what I do. He's a real estate developer. I got to get these people over here.

GUILFOYLE: He sprinkles a little sugar here and there.

FOWLER: (inaudible) sprinkle sugar, that's all I'm saying.


PERINO: I think we need a weekend.


FOWLER: Thank God it's Friday.

GUILFOYLE: Maybe we need to go (inaudible), right? Facebook Friday anyway.

GUTFELD: What's wrong with everybody? This show is going great.

FOWLER: It is going great.

GUILFOYLE: I know, fine, never mind. An unbelievable story up next. A Democratic official is caught on tape saying he's glad that Steve Scalise was shot. We are going to play it for you next. You won't believe it.


WATTERS: More vicious rhetoric from the left. As we reported last week, there were a course of calls to tone down the heat on political rhetoric after a liberal activist went on a shooting spree on a group of Republicans wounding five including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. Mr. Scalise is thankfully now out of the ICU and is listed in fair condition. But, Phil Montag who was recently ousted as chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party's Technology Committee had a different reaction to the shooting.


PHIL MONTAG, OUSTED CHAIR OF NEBRASKA DEMOCRATIC PARTY TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE: (beep) his whole job is like to kick people, convince Republicans (beep) people off of health care. I'm glad he got shot. I'm glad he got shot.


WATTERS: That's one of the most outrageous things we've heard on "The Five" recently and we've heard a lot of outrageous things.

PERINO: Nebraskan are probably reeling from this. It's interesting, as you listen to that, the colleagues are saying, how can you say that? I think it's right that he lost his job. He wasn't the only one. Just this week, Tucker Carlson had Jim DeVine on. He was the one that had the hashtag on Republicans.

I do wonder about the Democrats having any sort of like a pause to realize some of the things that have been said. Greg mentioned one yesterday. About Elizabeth Warren saying that the Republicans want blood money for the health care bill.

A lot of this is just so apocalyptic at the top. And now we actually talk about somebody who did get shot and thankfully his condition is improving. It's so traumatic. It was only a week ago.

GUILFOYLE: It's awful.

PERINO: It's seems like much longer than that because of the news cycles, the way that they are.

WATTERS: It's incredible. Maybe he was just doing his best Johnny Depp.

GUTFELD: How many leftist have said this in private? And they were lucky they weren't taped.

WATTERS: Exactly.

GUTFELD: He said what he really felt. He said what he felt. A lot of people don't. Here's the issue with the Democrats. They can get out of this. This grumpy demonization, what you're talking about, is because they've kind of like neglected the young people in their party.

It's party of children. It's a bunch of emotional, tantrum oriented people. The Democratic Party has to start telling its people to grow up. You're not a kid anymore. You have to start thinking instead of feeling. Right now, they are just a bunch of babies sitting on splinters.

WATTERS: Kimberly, Greg makes a point, and he says maybe more Democrats in the privacy of their own homes feel and think this way. Do you think that is a prevalent feeling within some of these Democratic activists?


WATTERS: They enjoy the violence?

GUTFELD: I took the real road.

GUILFOYLE: I don't think so.

FOWLER: That's the low road.

GUTFELD: I never take a low road. I'm always on the right road.

WATTERS: Go ahead, Kimberly.

GUTFELD: Right fact.


WATTERS: Kimberly was saying...

FOWLER: Kimberly. Kimberly is going to take the high road.

GUTFELD: You are on the high road.


GUILFOYLE: Never mind.

WATTERS: Go ahead, Kimberly. You want to do make a point about Greg's observation.

GUILFOYLE: I was just going to say that I believe that people are inherently good and that the people that I know that are Democrats would never want this to happen to anyone, Democrat or Republican, I think, those sides are equally appalled by what he had to say.

He shouldn't have been fired for it. Really got awful. He should think about it was somebody that he's related to or his family remember. He's not somebody who has the best interest of the people in his heart to serve when he behaved in that way.

GUTFELD: Did you see those activists and those students at Evergreen College? Bunch of fascist. They would love this. You are breeding in the Democratic Party a group of people who reject debate and therefore think about violence because they take the stock out between emotion and violence. They remove it that's why (inaudible).

WATTERS: Because there is no legislative victories, they are not fighting the real fight and not winning the debate of ideas, they are resorting to violence?

FOWLER: First of all, this is a low level -- he's not even a staffer. He doesn't get...

WATTERS: He was a member of Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

FOWLER: No, he wasn't.

WATTERS: Yes, he was.

FOWLER: Where did you get that?

WATTERS: Yes, he was. Part of Hillary Clinton's Nebraska campaign team.

FOWLER: Yeah, the campaign team as Dana can tell you, everybody says they're part of the campaign team, the volunteer who stamped (ph) the envelopes, who packs (inaudible) bags say they're part of the campaign team.


FOWLER: Wait a minute, this is part of the problem that we have in this country. When people say we need to take a chill pill and sort of realized-- we agree or disagree with -- this is part of it. He is (inaudible) just as much as the people who say that Hillary Clinton should be shot for treason. Remember the New Hampshire House said who was a Republican (inaudible) White House this week.

This is -- we have to take a chill pill altogether. We can disagree on policy, we can disagree on how things get done, but we are all humans and we are all Americans. What you do, oh, he was part of Clinton campaign team, is you create more hostility between the two parties. That's ridiculous.

WATTERS: If the Republicans take one chill pill, the Democrats need to take three. Ahead, (inaudible) interview with Dennis Rodman just back from North Korea after playing (inaudible) again with ruthless tyrant Kim Jong-un. Prepare yourself. Up next.


FOWLER: Dennis Rodman will do anything for publicity. That is why he just went back to North Korea to visit his pal, Kim Jong-un. He arrived the same day as Otto Warmbier was released. Rodman's agent say the timing wasn't a coincidence.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you think being there had anything to do with that?

CHRIS VOLO, DENNIS RODMAN'S AGENT: I know being there had something to do with it because when I was organizing the trip, I meet with the delegates here, you know, I addressed, you know, Otto Warmbier.

DENNIS RODMAN, RETIRED BASKETBALL PLAYER: I was just so happy to see the kid released. Later that day, that's when we found out he was ill, no one knew that. I was just so happy he was released. We jumped up and down. All right, man. Some good things came of this trip. Okay, great.


FOWLER: The State Department however denies that Rodman had anything to do with Warmbier's release, and so did Mr. Warmbier's father. Kimberly, what's your take on this?

GUILFOYLE: I wish it were true that we could solve our problems with North Korea with Rodman's diplomacy. A lot might be dreaming at that. It said that he will try to capitalize on a situation like this including his agent going on national television and trying to take credit when the family is grieving.

The family and the father specifically contradicts his recount of the events. Again, I can't stop thinking about Otto Warmbier and his family, and thinking about what in fact we need to do as a country to let them know that this was unacceptable. You don't murder American citizens.

FOWLER: We got to put a sort of stop on this North Korea stuff. What do you think about this, Jesse?

WATTERS: We do. I think Rodman is a prop for an evil dictator. He's either too (inaudible) to realize he's a prop or he doesn't care. He's an egomaniac. Rodman is only about Rodman. Remember in the 90s he was just all about dyeing his air pink and piercings and dressing up like a woman and putting lipstick on. You know, he is a narcissist.

I think he goes over North Korea because it is the only place he gets VIP treatment since the 90s. I do feel bad like Kimberly said for the Warmbier family because it kind of trivializes the (inaudible) of the regime by having some kind of washed up rebounding champ over there, you know, making no sense at all.

FOWLER: So, Dana, part of the trip was sponsored by PotCoin whic is sort of this new currency for cannabis.

PERINO: Sounds great.

FOWLER: What makes this even more bizarre, which makes the whole trip more bizarre. What is your take on the trip?

PERINO: Well, this is not the first time that he has tried to go over and then used that as publicity for himself. If he is really that effective, what about the other hostages that are being by North Korea? I really doubt that Rodman had ever heard Otto Warmbier's name before last week.

GUTFELD: Yeah. If we find out he is telling the truth, I will be the first to apologize. But if he is lying and I believe he is lying, he's lower than a worm, which is his nickname. Why don't North Korea keep him? He is one American that I wouldn't mind North Korea arresting. But I guess they figured they can't put Dennis Rodman in a coma.


FOWLER: God...

WATTERS: Didn't we say, Rodman, if he really wanted to be a hero, would go over there and just choke this guy out?


WATTERS: If you really want to redeem your reputation, Rodman, that's what you should have done.

GUILFOYLE: They got too paranoid about Kim Jong-un wouldn't meet with him directly when all this was transpiring.

FOWLER: The weird part about this is that he has really nice things to say about Kim Jong-un which is sort of creepy. Let's take a listen.


MICHAEL STRAHAN, NEWS ANCHOR, GOOD MORNING AMERICA: Kim Jong-un, you said, the friend for life. But he is a dictator who has suppressed other people, who has taken away basic human rights. You think everyone there is actually (ph) happy.

RODMAN: People don't see the good side about that country.


PERINO: I wonder if Rodman actually addressed with Kim Jong-un, his good friend, the slaves that we talked about last night that are sent to gulf coast countries in order to build stadiums for big world events and when they go home, 90 percent of their income is taken by the state. I want him to be able to talk to him about those slaves.

FOWLER: I don't know. I just think that Kim Jong-un seems to be like a child who never got any attention and so he acts by launching weapons that can't go far enough. Kimberly?

GUILFOYLE: I don't know. I think he got plenty of attention. He has murderous lineage in his blood. With him and his father, you said his uncle to like starving dogs. It's unbelievable.

PERINO: And then don't forget the one that he -- the cousin or brother that he had murdered in Thailand.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah. Female agents.

WATTERS: It was a propaganda victory I think for North Korea.

FOWLER: Absolutely.

GUTFELD: We are talking too much about this loser.


GUTFELD: We really are.

FOWLER: You know what? That's a good point.


FOWLER: "One More Thing" is up next.


PERINO: It's time now for "One More Thing" and Jesse Watters leads us off.

WATTERS: So, I heard there was a Cannabis expo here in Manhattan and I had to go. And who did I run into? Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Take a look.


WATTERS: Were you high when you sued Chris Kyle's widow?

JESSE VENTURA, WRESTLER: You know, that's (beep) question I expected from someone (inaudible).

WATTERS: Serious question.

VENTURA: No, because I never sued the widow. I sued him.

WATTERS: Okay. She is suffering a lot of pain.

VENTURA: No, she isn't.


WATTERS: Jesse "The Body" Ventura. You are going to see that on "Watter's World" this Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern.

PERINO: I'm in. Tune in for that. All right. Kimberly?

GUILFOYLE: I have -- You guys probably saw this but it's so nice, in case anybody didn't at home, I am going to tell a heartstrings. Take a look at this photos. All over the internet showing an incredible act of kindness. This is a young man helping a scared elderly man down an escalator. It happened last Thursday at Holyoke Mall in Massachusetts.

He is 23-year-old Alonzo Johnson and he noticed that the elderly man paused at the top of the escalator. He is a little bit afraid to like step on there to get on it. So, he told I've been stuck on an escalator before so I'm worried about it. So he offered an outreached arm and said I would help you sir, and the rest is explained in the photo. It was posted to Facebook. It has got 430,000 likes and 25,000 comments.


GUILFOYLE: This is why I believe in inherent goodness of people.

PERINO: Absolutely. All right. Greg, how about you? How do you feel about showing goodness to people?

GUTFELD: I used to do that to me people. I have a problem going on escalators.


GUTFELD: It's a great story. It was a great story, Kimberly.


GUTFELD: All right. So, anyway, my show is tomorrow night. It is doozy. I don't use that word lately. I got (inaudible). It's really exciting. He's got a new chair. Everybody is happy about that.

PERINO: An armchair.

GUTFELD: The armchair. We got some great stuff. We are covering everything. All right. It's time for this. I hate these people. Can you see what's in here? You can pretty much see what's in here, right?


GUTFELD: It's my hand. Yes, you can see my hand, right?


GUTFELD: Okay. So this is a bag that's used at a pharmacy. What do you do when you go to the pharmacy? You go when you buy certain things. Some of the things you don't want people to see, some things that can be embarrassing, some things that can make people worry about you. I'm telling you about a lot of the OTC stuff with the big flashy that have letters in them. Anyway, this is Walgreen's (inaudible) real bags, double bag.

But I'm walking from Broadway with my stuff that is treating certain things, reoccurring things. And I'm walking around and I'm checking out the people and people say -- and I look out and I can see everything. Everything. The names of all the stuff. They don't need to see that. What are you trying to do Walgreen? Trying to take over the world and embarrass grade A celebrities like myself.


FOWLER: (inaudible).

PERINO: Oh, my God.

GUILFOYLE: You have to ask him to double bag it.

GUTFELD: I would assume one bag would be enough.

FOWLER: Just bring your own bag.

GUTFELD: I'm bringing my own bag.

PERINO: That's actually the solution.

GUILFOYLE: It's for environment. They want it, you know...

PERINO: That's right, Kimberly, that's right. Okay. The Washington Nationals' Jayson Werth visited Alexandria shooting victim Matt Mika. Here is a photo of them. Werth visited him at JW Hospital, leaving with him some signed memorabilia. Werth is currently not playing baseball due to a foot injury but everybody loves him down in Washington.

Matt Mika is a former congressional aide and is now a lobbyist. He was there helping the Republican members of congress get ready for the baseball game. He was released from the ICU and is expected to make a full recovery after undergoing multiple injuries. Also a quick update, Congressman Scalise was also released from the ICU today. He is doing much better. A long way to go but certainly a week later, we will have a lot better news than we did last Friday.


PERINO: Okay. Richard?

FOWLER: Big shout out to GW and all the staff there and go colonial (ph).

PERINO: What does that mean?

FOWLER: That's (inaudible) at George Washington University.

PERINO: Wow. Are you one of those guys? Like one of those guys that went to GW?

FOWLER: I am one of those Washington guys...

GUTFELD: Talk about the bubble.


FOWLER: Listen. Anyway, back at the ranch. The first ultra-acceptable water park has been opened. Yes, indeed, America, it's true. It is a $17 million San Antonio Water Park Morgan's Inspiration Island and had dozens of features. It is the most handicapped accessible park in the country. It is a non-profit park and everybody who is disabled goes for free.

They have everything from allowing you to skip the line if you have a child who has trouble skipping a line. They adjust water temperatures for folks who have sensory issues. They even refills for the water if you have immune issues. Into the big deal. All of the rides are wheelchair accessible.

WATTERS: Inspiring.

GUTFELD: I love water parks.

FOWLER: This is a big deal.

GUTFELD: I love them. I love a good log ride.

PERINO: Okay. Set your DVR, don't miss an episode of "The Five." Have a good weekend. "Hannity" is up next.

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