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Cavuto: There's no bravery in ignoring our Constitution

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So Nancy Pelosi says the new sanctuary cities law in Texas is an act of cowardice.

So not looking after the needs of legal residents and their wallets is an act of bravery?


Is it me, or is the whole world turning upside down?

Just look at the grief Texas State Representative Matt Rinaldi is getting for dare threatening to call ICE on illegal immigrants who had somehow gotten into the state chamber holding up signs claiming, "I am illegal and here to stay."

And now the media's pouncing not on the threats made against him, including from a Democratic colleague who all but pulled a Tony Soprano to say he knows where Rinaldi parks.

That trigger event isn't getting covered.

What is getting covered is Rinaldi's promise to shoot the guy in self-defense if he did.

No, Rinaldi is the crazy gun-carrying bigot in an open carry state and Texas is the even crazier sanctuary city-killing state. Simply because he and lawmakers there want to make sure that in Texas at least, law enforcement agencies in such cities comply with federal immigration guidelines. In other words, follow the law. And if they don't, pay some steep daily fines.

If that's cowardly, how is it refusing to call law-breakers what they are brave?

I don't know. All I do know is it's been going on for a while. Remember these illegals protesting across the street from the White House back in 2014.

Not a one arrested.

Not a one, even questioned.

They weren't hiding who they were. Authorities were too afraid to do what they should.

Don't ask. But do tell.

We live in an age where illegals can demand rights they do not have,

Supported by powerful Democrats ignoring a Constitution they do not uphold.

When did anti-illegal immigrant become anti-immigrant?

When did shielding those who shouldn't be here take priority of those who already were, and are?

When did we go from melting pot to a nation of crack-pots?

My friends, it's not cowardly to say you're looking out for those here legally. It's cowardly not to.

And there's no bravery in ignoring our Constitution. What's cowardly is refusing it even exists.

We are a nation of laws, honored by those who respect them, not flaunt them.

Who value them, not ignore them?

Because it's one thing to provide and brag about a sanctuary for people who shouldn't be here.

It's quite another to say it's cowardly to look after the very real legal citizens paying the bills here.

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