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Gutfeld: Why the Paris accord is a terrible idea

The Paris Climate Agreement is the world's worst lotto ticket


President Trump may have us pull out from the Paris Climate Agreement. But the question isn't why we pull out, but why we pulled in to begin with. That was Obama's choice and he did it on his own, which sadly he could. When a pal spends cash on lotto tickets instead of toothpaste, it's a bad decision but you can't stop him. And that's what the Paris accord is: the world's worst lottery ticket.

Imagine a ticket where the prize is way smaller than the price of entry. A ticket that cost 10 grand that gets you five bucks in 100 years. That's the accord's most optimistic prediction: that it will cut temperatures by 0.05 Celsius over a century. Let that sink in. In scientific terms, it's trivial. In human terms, it's homicidal.

Trivial because there'd be no difference if we did nothing. But it turns homicidal once you think of the things we might have done instead with all those trillions of dollars. You could solve everything from malaria to malnutrition. The U.N. estimates that for $75 billion a year, we could give education, basic health care, sanitation, clean drinking water to every person on Earth. By diverting funds from that, the climate accord signers hurt millions of people they never have to meet so there's no guilt.

And that's what this is really about: It's about guilt. The climate accord is fueled by a lie that the West is so foul that only chucking trillions at a problem will absolve us of our exaggerated sins. But instead, the Paris deal makes life a whole lot worse.

Kill it then let's dance on its grave.

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