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Gutfeld: Media ignore brutal attack in Florida

Maybe you saw this disturbing video. On Saturday, an elderly woman and her dogs were brutally assaulted after she asked some partiers in the pool to turn down the sound.

Note the bystanders. What moral champions they are.

So what if she had asthma or a heart condition? How isn't this felonious assault?

Now imagine if the cops had showed up. Would CNN inform us that the honor students were celebrating the successful end of the school year and were then assaulted by the police?

Speaking of police, Broward County confirmed this attack took place in North Lauderdale, Florida. They don't know the woman's condition yet. Of course the media usually helps in such matters -- if it fits their assumptions. But right now they're trying to find the name of the lady who berated a Muslim at a supermarket. No joke. That's the lead on some sites.

The pool story is not so much about the assault, the story is the lack of a story and how big the reverse would have been. Imagine an elderly, infirm black woman walks into a frat house pool party filled with white crew cuts. One body slams her then chucks her and her small dog into a pool. Now that's not national news. It's international news. Soul-searching and national conversation are the terms that we hear all week. Stephen Colbert shouts "welcome to Trump's America." MSNBC jumps in with both feet. The lawsuits are filed before the woman dries off.

But here that's not the case. Instead, we're the only show doing the story. I guess clearly this woman didn't check her privilege at the gate.

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