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Greg's prescription to ease political anxiety

We all need to lighten up and resist extreme positions


It's true, there's another man in your marriage: It's President Trump. A Wakefield Research surveys finds that 22 percent of Americans know a couple whose relationship was harmed by President Trump's election. Something tells me that there might have been other things wrong before Trump came along. But why not blame him? We blame him for everything else.

Take our celebrities: Some have gained weight, others have lost it and some are losing their teeth because of Trump. Chrissy Teigen, a famous person, just tweeted that she needed to have a tooth shaved down from grinding due to anxiety caused by Trump. She also got Botox injected into her jaw -- much like a Jesse.

Now, I commend her for her honesty and I believe her. See, for many people, "Trump hate" is an all or nothing proposition. He's either a monster or you're wrong about him being a monster, which creates unnecessary certainty in your brain. It's also such an emotional commitment to carry around -- so much anger and so much bitter baggage. It takes up a lot of space in your head to hate someone.

It's why the best prescription to reduce anxiety is to reject extreme positions. Nothing is as bad as you think, nothing is as great either. Life is usually right in the middle pleasing you and disappointing you at the same time.

So we all need to lighten up. This "Trump effect" can be debilitating. I may list is as a preexisting condition.

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