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Gutfeld: US one-ups North Korea with 'Mother of All Bombs'

Hit on ISIS in Afghanistan doubles as message to adversaries


It was the mother of all bombs and the mother of all messages.

So we just dropped a big, beautiful bomb and made ISIS pay for it. It smashed ISIS tunnels but it did more than that: it ruined North Korea's weekend. As you know, they're coming up on their founder's birthday which a means a missile test. And what did we do? We preempted it. We out-North Korea-ed North Korea. I mean, we just dropped the massive bomb that destroys underground stuff. Who has a lot of stuff underground? North Korea. Talk about a surprise for your birthday. It beats balloon animals and face painting.

See, if Earth is a village, North Korea is town drunk and we just smacked that drunk upside the head while beating the crap out of the village gang which is ISIS. Of course, North Korea will respond with their own party favors, but we've seen the act before and today, we hit first. It's like a jerky neighbor plans to throw a party and you decide to throw one earlier inviting the whole city and getting Van Halen to play with the original lineup. That is what we did.

North Korea looks lame, we looked persuasive, especially with President Trump's meeting with China, which could signal a change. And the good news about North Korea: Unlike the Middle East hotspots, there's no Islamic death cult waiting in the wings to fill a toppled regime's void. A change in North Korea could mean 25 million people who live like caged inmates, they'd finally be free. So it's not just about ousting a nut but liberating the world's largest prison camp. Maybe a big, fat, beautiful bomb is the laxative that will move things along.

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