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Gutfeld: No outrage over electronic device ban on flights?

Move reveals an obvious truth


Meanwhile, the White House announced a ban on electronic devices larger than cell phones on planes coming from eight Muslim-rich countries. I know: Eight Muslim-rich countries. So where is the outrage here? True, this ban actually targets machines and not men, but these devices are carried by people. People from Muslim-rich countries. Yet, no outcry.

The gist: Politically we can't stop terrorists, only their gadgets. But at some point the bombs inside these gadgets will exceed our ability to detect them. Nano-weapons, mini bombs and tiny robots will soon be bigger threats than the conventional stuff and good luck tracking those.

But the device ban reveals an obvious truth: The threat comes from radical Muslims and therefore more likely to come from Muslim-rich countries. Is it bigoted to say that? No, it's what scientists call a "duh." It's not about religion but of ends. Not all people who follow a doctrine pose a danger. But the truly dangerous have twisted that doctrine to their evil end. If you're looking for evil members of X, go to where all members of X happens to be first.

So what's the difference between this gadget ban and the previous executive order? Well, the gadget ban targets places with infrastructure. If the travel ban countries weren't so lawless, they'd probably be on this list too.

So show of hands critics of such bans: If there were an airline that rejected all such measures against terror, would you take that airline? I don't think so.

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