President Trump calls Sessions uproar a 'witch hunt'

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DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Hello everyone. I'm Dana Perino along with
Kimberly Guilfoyle, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld. It's
5:00 in New York City and this is "The Five."

It's a witch hunt. That's how President Trump is responding to the outcry
from Democrats over his attorney general's contact last year with Russia's
ambassador. In a new string of tweets the president calls Jeff Sessions an
honest man. He says, "The Democrats are over playing their hand. They lost
the election and now they have lost their grip on reality. The real story
is all of the illegal leaks of classified and other information. It is a
total witch hunt." Does the attorney general agree? Tucker Carlson asked
him during his exclusivity interview last night.


JEFF SESSIONS, U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL: I don't think what was said about
that meeting I had with the Russian ambassador was legitimate. I think it
was hyped beyond reason and I think it was unfair. I was glad to be able to
address it today.


PERINO: Tucker Carlson also asked him about why they didn't amend their
statements. Here is his answer.


SESSIONS: The question came to me, was from Senator Franken, and he went
into a great length saying that that day some new story had come out and
said that various Trump surrogates were meeting continually with Russian
officials as part of the campaign. I focused on, that I had not had any
such meetings. It was not meeting with Russian officials on a continuing
basis to advance any campaign agenda. Some time before that I had met in my
office, in an official way with the Russian ambassador. And so I -- that
was the answer I gave.


PERINO: And then we have these two tweets as well. President Trump
tweeting, "that we should start an immediate investigation into Senator
Schumer and his ties to Russia and Putin, consider there's a picture, a
total hypocrite!" he calls him. And then another one saying, "I hereby
demand a second investigation after Schumer, of Pelosi for her close ties
to Russia and lying about it," and there's a picture there. So, here we go,
one more day of the Russia story. Kimberly --

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Russia, the country that just keeps on

PERINO: It really does and I thought the attorney general by reclosing
himself help put some distance between them and like they got some space
and moved on but what do you think?

GUILFOYLE: Well we did. We talked about that yesterday and I think that he
did himself and the president a service by getting out in front of the
story, getting ahead of it, and then he wasn't, you know, avoiding any
questions. He went on with Tucker Carlson last night. Talked to Tucker
right before he's going to do the interview about, you know, asking some
questions about it.

So he appears, like you said, we loved the transparency, the idea of it
yesterday. He is certainly a man who is learned in the law. He knows what
he's doing and it appears thus far, you know, that there isn't any
wrongdoing. In fact it seems like this guy has met with quite a few people.

And so you see some of the left hysteria, the hypocrisy where they're
trying to create and flood the news media with this situation to try I
think to further delegitimize President Trump and to separate him from some
of his closest allies like they did with General Flynn and now they're
following suit with Jeff Sessions.

PERINO: You said right before the show started that you have a theory.

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: I do have a theory.

PERINO: What is your theory?

GUTFELD: I am equally outraged that people are actually talking to
diplomats, you know, at a diplomat conference. Next thing you know, you're
going to meet a German at Oktoberfest. What's that about? OK, how do we
know -- we've seen all of these instances now of Russians meeting with
Democrats like Schumer, Feinstein, McCaskill.

How do we not know that the Democrats all this time were secretly meeting
with the Russians to help destroy destroy Donald Trump? You could easily
flip this back to them and they go -- they have to prove what they were
talking about with those Russians, so we know that they were in fact
colluding to get Hillary elected so she could sell them more uranium.
That's my theory by the way.

PERINO: It's actually an interesting way to just like flip it over.

GUTFELD: You know what this scandal it? It's like those nesting dolls in
Russia, you keep opening one and a smaller one comes out. And you open that
one and --

PERINO: That happens with the Russian ambassador.

GUTFELD: And then you open it and there's nothing there.

GUILFOYLE: No, the last one is you.

GUTFELD: That was unnecessary Kimberly, and you were on my show the
tonight, but I think I'm going to cancel you.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, yeah, right.

PERINO: Some Democrats, Jesse, are still calling for the attorney general
to resign. They're saying this is not enough.

JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: Well, I mean, when Loretta Lynch met with
President Bill Clinton while Hillary was under investigation, on the tarmac
for 45 minutes. They just spoke about their grandchildren. So maybe
Sessions should have said I just spoke about the grandchildren with the
ambassador. Maybe then he would have gotten off scot-free.

Listen, they're embarrassed that they lost the election in such a huge
upset and they set up land mines during the transition and now during the
first 100 days. And there's leaks like god knows what coming out and you're
getting these 24 hour scandals -- so-called scandals -- where even
Republicans are piling on.

You have Chaffetz and you have other guys coming in and saying, oh, you
know, he should step down, he should resign, and then 24 hours later the
Trump puts these people in a body bag on twitter and makes a fool of them
and the scandal is almost gone.

PERINO: No Republican has called for him to resign. They just --

WATTERS: No, but they're getting close to that line. And as a Republican,
wouldn't you just want to wait to hear from Sessions himself --

PERINO: You don't say -- well we did hear him. We did hear from him.

WATTERS: -- before you jump on the bandwagon. You heard a statement at the
beginning, but even before he went on Tucker's show last night you have all
these people coming out demanding he recuse himself. Let the guy speak. At
least watch Tucker Carlson.

PERINO: Well, what he was saying is that -- actually he said on Tucker
Carlson last night one (ph) and he was actually thinking about recusing
even before because they had a scheduled meeting yesterday morning that
just happen to coincide with the breaking of the story.

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: With his own staff and the staff recommended
that he recuse himself, and guess what Jesse, you have Republicans all over
saying that he acted properly and they're glad he recused himself.

WATTERS: Well, listen he came to the --

WILLIAMS: So, I mean, that's amazing --

WATTERS: -- politically --

WILLIAMS: -- by Republicans.

WATTERS: Politically like Kimberly said that might be good in the short
term to give some space to the scandal and set everybody up, but at the
same time, this is a brass knuckle president. He doesn't really cower to
the establishment. I expected him to say, you know what, we're not recusing
ourselves. Get lost.

WILLIAMS: You know, that's not --

PERINO: Even if the facts show that he had met with him.

WILLIAMS: That's not going to help.

WATTERS: -- met with him. He was imprecise with his language. I remember
Clapper came out and testified under oath that they didn't spy on Americans
phone calls. No one asked him to sit down.

GUTFELD: Everybody in D.C. has met with this Russian guy. This guy has
been around town more than Bill Clinton's tongue. He's met with, I mean,
have you seen -- they say he's at every party. He's at every opening.

PERINO: Yes, he's doing his job, right.

GUTFELD: Exactly.


WILLIAMS: You're missing the point.


GUTFELD: -- with the Democrats.



WILLIAMS: But nobody is denying it except Jeff Sessions says oh, I don't
remember. Guess what, all of a sudden Jared Kushner says, oh yes, I was in
that meeting with Mike Flynn and the ambassador or was suddenly hear, oh
yes, so many people in the Trump administration or Trump campaign or
associates of Trump had series of meetings with the Russians. I can't
believe that you guys don't think, hey maybe there's a pattern here. Maybe
something suspicious is going on.

GUTFELD: Remember before he became president and I said we have to keep
track of the Russians.

WILLIAMS: That's true.

GUTFELD: Because the whole point is the guy -- the person who gets the
most out of this is Putin. It's all about disruption.

PERINO: Chaos.

GUTFELD: Creating instability internally and externally.

GUILFOYLE: Misinformation campaign.

GUTFELD: It's to prove his own nation, his own country that democracy is
on its way out. That's all it is. So we have to be careful but at the same
time we also have to be aware that this is nothing, talking to a diplomat.
I understand you always have to watch the Russians.

GUILFOYLE: But why are they allowed to do it and Republicans are not? It's
like, he was like saying not as I do.

WILLIAMS: It's not the meeting. You can meet with anybody you like. It's
that when you start concealing or denying that you had the meeting.

GUTFELD: I think it was a bait and switch. They were asking about whether
he was meeting over campaign -- Trump's campaign and he said no. And if
they had said, did you meet with him during your role as arm's chair --

WILLIAMS: Look, he said -- even he said he should have been more
forthcoming, he should have slowed down and thought it out.

GUTFELD: Maybe so.

WILLIAMS: But last night Tucker Carlson said to him, hey, what about your
staff after you testified? Didn't anybody come up to you --

PERINO: And written testimony --

WILLIAMS: Yes, don't forget.

PERINO: -- as well because that does go through staff.

WILLIAMS: That's right. And Senator Lahey of Vermont asked him in writing
about did you meet this, and so why didn't the staff help him out, Greg.

GUTFELD: Actually you're answering my --

WATTERS: His word is as good as the staff on "The Five" Juan. "The Five"
staff could definitely help them out.

PERINO: Kimberly would have caught that.

GUTFELD: Yes, but you know what, you're answering your on question.

WILLIAMS: How's that?

GUTFELD: Because if the Trump campaign was truly colluding with the
Russians to win an election, you think they'd be better at hiding it. I
mean their own candidate stood up in front of thousands of people and said
hey Russians could you look into Hillary? Do you think if he was -- they
were actually colluding he would have done that?

WILLIAMS: You're saying the Trump campaign is a bunch of babbling idiots,
you think they orchestrated this international conspiracy to rig an
election? Come on, Juan.

WILLIAMS: I didn't say that first of all, but I think that the point --

WATTERS: You've been saying it the last nine months.

WILLIAMS: No, it isn't. No, I don't think they --

GUILFOYLE: Explain double standard politics.

WILLIAMS: All I'm saying to you is I think that you are confusing the idea
that someone purposely or he may not say this intentionally, but it sure
looks like several people have intentionally concealed their relationships
with the Russians. And of course this right here is --

GUILFOYLE: And to what end?

WILLIAMS: That's the point. Did the Trump campaign coordinate? No evidence
whatsoever. But the threat would be that the Russians have something on
President Trump that they have somehow penetrated the White House and they
have now control of our foreign policy.

WATTERS: You know what, see we're upset because you're such a hypocrite.

WILLIAMS: How's that?

WATTERS: Because when Hillary was letting the Russians take all the
uranium you didn't say anything. When Bill Clinton was getting paid half a
million dollars from Moscow you didn't say anything.

WILLIAMS: You know what --

WATTERS: When the election was going --

WILLAIMS: You know a moment ago--

WATTERS: You only care about Russia on November 9th.

WILLIAMS: Oh, get out of town.

WATTERS: You know what, your girl lost.

WILLIAMS: You know what, a moment ago you were so complimentary of "The
Five" staff but I'm going to personally deliver your copy of the "The
National Inquirer" for you in the future because that's where you get your
information from.

WATTERS: OK, Juan. I'll give you my (INAUDIBLE) back that I learned from

PERINO: What is the next step in the investigation? There's been four
investigations. Catherine Herridge has reported that and it could take
awhile so then how do they figure out a way to answer those questions but
stay on message?

GUILFOYLE: I think they're going to be able stay on message because
they're ready because of his transparency. The fact that he's been
answering the questions, he right away recused himself. I don't believe
that he had to do that, but he did in an abundance of caution to not create
a problem for the president. That's what I believe his intentions were.

I think this is going to proceed along. I do not believe unless the
investigation will come forward, with what we know right now, I do not
believe there's something going to come out of this. And by the way, may be
the Democrats want to take a look in their own house because they seem to
be huddling all around him at the cocktail parties, eating pigs in a
blanket with the Russian guy.

WILLIAMS: Let me just respond very quickly to your question. I think that
where this goes from here is that Richard Burr, the senator from North
Carolina who is head of Senate Intelligence, is going to try and get this
thing moving to hold on to it. I don't have much confidence in what's going
on in the house. The problem for Burr is that Burr was so close to Trump
during the campaign. He was campaigning with him.

GUILFOYLE: So, you're going to ask for him to recuse himself, too.

WILLIAMS: The pressure is for a special prosecutor. Democrats haven't
asked for it yet. The question is --

PERINO: There's a really good piece in the "Washington Post" today that
says if you are wanting answers on this, don't let it go to a special
prosecutor because that where -- if there's nothing indictable then
everything gets suppressed and it will never see the light of day.

WILLIAMS: Right, well the problem is the Democrats are right now saying if
you let it stay in the Senate Intelligence Committee then there are no
public hearings, information could be hidden away and they want it out in
the open.

GUTFELD: You know what, I have to say most of America is hearing right
now, noise. You have to remember what happens during a commotion. Stuff you
have don't see coming. You ask yourself how come we didn't see Bin Laden,
because we had commander-in-chief embroiled in scandal. We have a lot of
amazing threats around us -- artificial intelligence, we have large scale
cyber attacks, and we have the rise of apocalyptic terror. Those things are
here. It's not going to be Putin and Sergei.

GUILFOYLE: By the way, he was at the Obama's White House 22 times.

PERINO: And so the guy gets -- I guess he was doing his job, he must happy
with him.

GUTFELD: I rather have him in there than Al Sharpton.

PERINO: He got a review. OK, we got to move on. Rush Limbaugh is
convinced there's something else at play here. He thinks the Democrats and
the so-called deep state are scheming to destroy President Trump. Hear
Rush's theory, next.


GUILFOYLE: Welcome back. President Trump is accusing Democrats of a witch
hunt in their latest pursuit to takedown another member of his team. Rush
Limbaugh thinks there's more behind this. A shadow government filled with
Obama operatives actively working to destroy our new president.


RUSH LIMBAUGH, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: There isn't any evidence of anything,
except the Obama administration and its hold over in the deep state trying
to sabotage the duly elected president United States. That is the story.
That is what is happening. And it's happening right in front of our eyes.
It's not even a secret. I have no doubt, special prosecutor, everybody
clamoring for -- investigate what?


GUILFOYLE: Well according to the "New York Times," Obama officials set
land mine after land mine on the way out to blow up in President Trump's
face. There are still Obama holdovers in Washington. Should Mr. Trump be
cleaning house? Jesse, you would.

WATTERS: I mean I'd clean house. I'd fire everybody I could see. Until I
do, (INAUDIBLE) government while they're all gone to talk about saving
money. You know what else I would do to fight back? I would re-open the
Hillary Clinton investigation. I'm like, you guys want to play dirty? I'm
opening the investigation back up into the Clinton Foundation. I'm going to
open up investigation to Obama's Department of Justice, apparently they
were doling out cash to left wing groups. I'd open up every investigation.

But you know what, they do fight dirty, Democrats, so this is not hard to
believe. You know, they rigged the primary against Bernie. Obama's IRS went
after their political enemies and then they shredded the evidence. They
laid land mines everywhere. They paid guys to start fights at Trump
rallies. How hard is it to believe that they're playing dirty and doing
some sort of like espionage under the table during the first 100 days? I
mean, I wouldn't put it past them.

WATTERS: It's not hard for you.

GUILFOYLE: So what do you think Juan?

WATTERS: I heard it's hard for you.

GUILFOYLE: Is Jesse just way off?


GUILFOYLE: He's right on.

WILLIAMS: Jesse is the epitome of sanity. You know what, I'm a little bit
surprised though Jesse.

WATTERS: Tell me why. You look surprised Juan.

WILLIAMS: How can -- talk about cleaning house. Most of these leaks,
apparently, if I'm watching what's going on, Sean Spicer and the president
think they're in-house and they're people close to the president. They say
hey, give us your cell phones. Whose cell phones that --

WATTERS: OK, so Kellyanne is leaking?

WILLIAMS: I don't know but I'm just telling --

WATTERS: Kellyanne leaked?

WILLIAMS: Apparently there are a lot of long nights out --

WATTERS: Maybe Barron Trump is leaking.

WILLIAMS: I don't know.

WATTERS: I'm going to give you the "National Inquirer" copy back.

WILLIAMS: Thank you very much but I'm just saying if I'm saying to my guys
around the table give me your cell phones that's not Trump people, that's
my people. And let me tell you something else.

WATTERS: Yes, what else Juan.

WILLIAMS: I got to imagine that if President Trump says where are these
leaks coming from, he had better get a hold of all the people he's been
calling Nazis in the intelligence agencies, all the people that are
threatened they feel their job are at stake in State Department and

WATTERS: I just don't think Sean Spicer is leaking to the "Washington
Post" about bad things coming out of the Trump administration.

WILLIAMS: I didn't say it was Sean.

WATTERS: It doesn't make a lot of sense, Juan.

GUILFOYLE: Or bad things about himself. All right, Dana, voice of reason.

PERINO: It's because there are two different kinds of leaks that they're
upset about. There is the one about the intelligence and then there were
internal White House leaks which apparently have stopped so, at least for
now, that looks like that is taken care of. I just don't know how many -- I
don't believe that there are that many Obama, meaning, Obama political
appointees in terms of that designation left over because they all got --
they had to leave unless they were specifically asked to stay.

That doesn't mean that before they left they didn't leave some sort of a
trail. The Clinton administration did that to President Bush on coal-fired
power plants in December of 1999 -- I'm sorry, December 2000, they filed
lawsuits against all sorts of coal-fired power plants and they had no
intention of prosecuting those cases because they were about to leave.

So then, every single day President Bush was asked are you going to
continue the lawsuits against the coal-fired power plants, and it was in
the front page of the "The New York Times" every single day for nine months
until he finally said, no, I'm not. And it was a terrible news story and
they got through it.

So I think the back of that but I just don't think there's that many Obama
holdovers left. There could be career people that are leaking, for example
State Department officials who leaked that they were unhappy with Obama's
Syria policy, or the ones that said they wouldn't go to Iraq. I mean that
actually does happen but they're not political appointees.

GUILFOYLE: The holdovers could be at still people that are sympathetic or
aligned politically, ideologically with President Obama versus Trump.

PERINO: I don't know but that would be a Schedule C and I wouldn't be
surprised if there were very many Schedule C left in the administration
because you actually have to leave on January 20th. Unless you're
specifically asked to stay and if those people are asked to stay and
they're worried about them and they should fire them, but there's just
actually not that many.

GUILFOYLE: All right, Greg.

GUTFELD: Well, you don't need that many Dana, and I'm surprised you would
say that. Deep state sounds way too cool for what these people are doing.
They're basically just jerks. They're lifetime loyalists who fear they're
going to lose their job so this is what they're doing. And you only need,
you know, two or three. Believe me, when I lost my job many years ago.

GUILFOYLE: Which one?

GUTFELD: Yes, which one -- one of three. I have loyalists do the same
thing for me. So I think, you know, it is a problem but it's a problem that
every president has had to deal with. So I don't think it's anything new.
By the way, deep state is an anagram for sedate pet. So I would look to
anyone who has an obedient dog, that's your leaker. By the way, it's also
an anagram for tasted pee.

WILLIAM: Oh my god.

PERINO: So disgusting.

GUILFOYLE: All right, whatever.


GUILFOYLE: Ahead on "The Five," President Trump keeps warning he's going
to deport illegal immigrants committing crimes in our country.


members, drug dealers and criminals that threaten our communities and prey
on our very innocent citizens. Bad ones are going out as I speak.


GUILFOYLE: One judge is doing everything she can to stop and she allegedly
helped at least one illegal in her courthouse escape the feds. Details,


WATTERS: The Trump administration is in the process of kicking out
criminal illegal immigrants from the country, but its finding resistance
from some on the left including those suppose to be protecting our
citizens. Meet Monica Herranz everybody. She's a circuit court judge in
Oregon. She allegedly helped this hombre, an illegal alien charged with
DUI, evade ICE agents in January, letting him escape through her private
exit in the court house.

PERINO: Terrible.

WATTERS: Here's more from prosecutor Billy Williams.


BILLY WILLIAMS, U.S. ATTORNEY: Obviously he was allowed to exit the
courtroom and the facility through one of those doors, without being
detected by the ICE agents. The judicial system whether it's federal or
state, you have an expectation that people are going to abide by the law
and not take steps based upon their own motivations, their own politics,
whatever the motivation was.


WATTERS: -- says they won't be launching a criminal investigation into
Judge Herranz but her court is doing an internal investigation. In the
meantime, she remains on the bench. We reached out to her for comment. She
says she's unable to give one. So Kimberly, two questions --

GUILFOYLE: You were supposed to say Guilfoyle.


GUILFOYLE: You blew it. You were so good. What's going on with this?


WATTERS: -- Watters has made a judgment.

WILLIAMS: Oh my god.

WATTERS: In all seriousness Miss Guilfoyle, can she be charged --

WILLIAMS: You should not be mocking the man.

WATTERS: I'm not mocking him, I'm flattering him. No one knows what you're
talking about.



WATTERS: Can you charge this judge with anything, and another hypothetical
question, say she let's this guy out and he accidentally drives drunk and
kills someone, can you charge her with like aiding, abetting, accessory or
something like that?

GUILFOYLE: No, but clever. So to the first part of your question which
actually made some sense, OK, so obviously what she's done here is totally
improper. She should be investigated. I mean how outrageous this is that a
judge is essentially allowing, helping someone to escape. She's violating
all the canons of ethic. She should be removed from the bench.

She should be investigated by the State Bar Association because this is
conduct that is completely not in keeping with the canons of ethics and the
oath that a judge takes. It's good that we bring this story up so that
people are aware of what's going on in a situation like this and you do
bring up a good point which is, what happens it when goes out and does
something else and kill somebody, et cetera. I mean, yes, if I were the
family members of that person, then I would try to sue her. You know?

WATTERS: Yes, and then she's probably being liable.

Juan, are the judges now becoming like sanctuary judges? Like, it's like a
church. You know, can churches let in illegals, and they give them, like,
safe passage? Is this what's happening now, these far-left judges?
Emboldened and resisting President Trump's immigration orders?

WILLIAMS: I think that's exactly what's happening.

WATTERS: I mean, that's not good.

WILLIAMS: No, I don't think it's good. I agree with Kimberly. I think
that the judge has a responsibility under law to protect the interests of
the court and of law enforcement officials. So I don't think she should be
interfering in that way. I don't think that's good.

GUILFOYLE: She should get back (ph).

WILLIAMS: I really disagree with the whole thesis of this, I mean, you
using this word hombre. I mean, that's what -- that's a Trump type thing.
I just think it's a put-down of immigrants. And by the way, you know what?

WATTERS: It's Spanglish, Juan.

WILLIAMS: You know what?

WATTERS: Spanglish.

WILLIAMS: The reality is that President Obama was trying to get people who
had committed crimes out of the country. The difference with President
Trump is he's going after people, this guy, on a DUI. Right?

WATTERS: Some people think DUI is a serious crime.



WILLIAMS: It is a serious crime, but it's not--

WATTERS: Especially when you mow somebody down.

GUILFOYLE: Ask Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.

WILLIAMS: It's not -- it's not a felony. It's not a crime that you would
say, "Oh, suddenly, this distinguishes you." This is not violent crime;
this is not damaging to us. And suddenly, these are the people. About 25
percent of the people being deported by Trump, these--

GUILFOYLE: You can have a felony.

WATTERS: I actually think driving drunk is pretty serious, especially if
you mow someone down.

Dana, what do you think about this judge? This is a big problem if this

PERINO: I think that they're going to have to -- somebody from the bench
or I don't know who -- who would her superior be, Kimberly? Like, who
would she report to?

WILLIAMS: The chief judge.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, the chief judge there that should -- yes.

PERINO: Yes, I think they have to say, like, "Cut it out. Even if your
heart, if you think your heart is in the right place, you have got to
follow the law; and that is unacceptable."


WATTERS: This is civil disobedience or this is, like, vigilantism?

GUTFELD: That's -- no, that's the point. This is how you become a liberal


GUTFELD: She is -- judges are human; they fall for the publicity. She
knows she's going to get good publicity, not here but elsewhere. She wants
-- she's actually auditioning for her own made-for-TV movie. She can call
it, "Misjudged."

But you know what? If you are an American felon, I would still -- I would
be really angry. Because I'm tired of illegal law breakers getting
preference over legal law breakers. What is you were in there for DUI and
you go, "She let that guy run but not me, because I'm an American citizen?"
It's -- I mean, obviously, both are wrong. But she's doing it for press
and accolades.

GUILFOYLE: But she's getting investigated. She could be removed, because

PERINO: She could lose her job?

GUILFOYLE: Yes. Jan Nauer (ph) is actually going to -- probably going to
investigate and see if she has to be removed.

WATTERS: That's right. We're going to stay on the story, Kimberly. Thank
you very much. I mean, Guilfoyle.

Liberals love to blame anything but radical Islam for terror. Stay tuned
to hear what one movie star thinks is contributing to the jihad. Up next.



WILLIAMS: How do we win the war against ISIS? An actor in Britain thinks
he knows. You might recognize Riz Ahmed from the "Star Wars" prequel
"Rogue One." He thinks lack of diversity on television is driving young
people to jihad.


RIZ AHMED, ACTOR: If we fail to represent people in our mainstream
narratives, they'll switch off. They'll retreat to fringe narratives, to
filter bubbles (ph) online, and sometimes even off to Syria.

In the mind of the ISIS recruit, he's a version of James Bond, right? In
their mind, everyone thinks they're the good guy. Have you seen some of
these ISIS propaganda videos? They're cut like action movies. Where's the
counter narrative? Where are we telling these kids that they can be heroes
in our stories?


WILLIAMS: Greg, you love to write narratives, so I'm going to ask you. I
know that you have -- are dismissive of the idea that, if we somehow do
things to allow these young people to feel involved that it's going to
lessen the threat of violence. But do you understand what he's saying
about the need--


WILLIAMS: -- to make young people feel that they can be in our story?

GUTFELD: The reason that we're seeing this, whether it's ISIS or al Qaeda
or whatever new incantation, whatever you call it, it's a toxic doctrine.
That's why.

But he is -- he is right about -- we've talked about, on this show about
creating a counter narrative to ISIS. Why is ISIS appealing? He's
absolutely right.

It's exciting to go out and kill and pillage, for young guys with nothing
else. TV and technology now allows the angry and the bitter to see,
globally, success. A guy in Pakistan normally didn't know how successful
Kim Kardashian was. But now you're getting -- you're getting all these
images of success, and you have no way to get it, because you're in a
horrible place.

And so what ISIS does, it reverses the benefits of religion. Religion used
to give civilization a counter to your competing desires. It would say,
"Don't -- you don't need to have what that person has. There are better
riches in heaven. Go to church, love thy neighbor. Your reward is

ISIS reverses that and says, "You know what? You should have that. They
don't deserve it. Join us. We take it. We create the caliphate on this
planet, the Islamic state. They die, you live. Seventy-two virgins."
He's got a point.

WILLIAMS: He's got a point. Well, this is an interesting point, Kimberly.


WILLIAMS: Because it plays into the whole idea of American pop culture,
shows like "24," "Homeland," and how Muslims are portrayed. You're never -
- they're always connected to terror. Do is that -- does that problem
exist here?

GUILFOYLE: It reflects reality. I mean, this is the problem. So when
they make all these excuses about climate change, about, "Oh, if only there
was the ISIS job fair; they wouldn't do any of this." It's just completely
ridiculous. And I'm sick of it. I'm sick of people making excuses. "Oh,
if there's more guys on TV." So it's the fault now, everything, of
America, because we don't have them represented on television, in --
depicted in a nice way, et cetera.

But that's not the reality of the situation. Their whole mindset and the
way they live and breathe is all the ideology of radical Islamic terrorism.
They want it. They want to own it. They want to be a part of it. And
they will achieve their objectives by any means possible.

So what they're doing, actually, is laughing when we're saying, "Oh,
perhaps if they had jobs or perhaps if they had" -- I'm not saying that you
don't have to have media out there to try to counteract their narrative.
But do not make excuses and put the blame here, when it's right there. You
have to identify the enemy.

WILLIAMS: Well, I don't think it's fair to say all Muslims are involved
with terror.

GUILFOYLE: Did I even say that, Juan?

WILLIAMS: I thought that's what you were suggesting.

GUILFOYLE: No, I did not say that.

WILLIAMS: OK, so -- so Dana, this is very real at the moment, because
there's an argument inside the White House, as we know, between Sebastian
Gorka and H.R. McMaster, the new national security advisor, about whether
President Trump should have said "radical Islamic Islam" [SIC] in his
speech on Tuesday night.

PERINO: Well, here's the thing: he said it. So--

GUILFOYLE: Gorka wins!

PERINO: -- you can't, like -- you can't put the horse back in the barn
there. But what actually helps on propaganda is ruthless winning. So the
more we win, right? Because you know what Usama bin Laden said. He never
thought that George W. Bush would, like, actually do anything. And then
they were surprised. So they're in -- they're in Afghanistan saying, "Oh,
my gosh, we -- we didn't anticipate that."

GUTFELD: That was a great impression of bin Laden, by the way.

PERINO: Thanks, just trying.


PERINO: It's Friday. Anyway, we have to win. And if we win, then you
don't -- then basically, you fill their media up with the fact that they're
total losers. And if they -- if it looks like a losing proposition, you
don't want to join.

GUILFOYLE: That they're getting their butts whooped.

WILLIAMS: Madeleine Albright is talking on a show with David Axelrod, and
she says--

WATTERS: Sounds like a really thrilling show.

WILLIAMS: Well, but what the former secretary of state said was, "Oh, when
the president uses talk will `Islamic jihad,' it's a recruiting tool for
the jihadists." Do you buy this?

WATTERS: You know what else is a recruiting tool? I made a list of all
the things the left said, OK? Gitmo, a recruiting tool.


WATTERS: Saying "Islamic extremist," climate change, air conditioners.
Trump is a recruiting tool.

WILLIAMS: Air conditioners?

WATTERS: The Internet, Hollywood, travel ban was also a recruiting tool.

WILLIAMS: Travel ban.

WATTERS: Lack of jobs.


WATTERS: Drone strikes, boredom. Boredom was a recruiting tool.


WATTERS: George W. Bush, the Iraq War and FOX News, all recruiting tools
for terrorism.

WILLIAMS: I didn't know we were -- is that right?


WILLIAMS: Oh, my gosh.

GUTFELD: I'm going to add Juan Williams.

WILLIAMS: Watch out, watch out.

Still to come, some hilarious late-night laughs with President Bush on
"Jimmy Kimmel." The highlights, straight ahead.

GUILFOYLE: God, I love it when they go to SOT.


JIMMY KIMMEL, LATE-NIGHT TALK SHOW HOST: Do you have people sit for you?


KIMMEL: Do you ever paint nudes?

BUSH: None of your business.



GUTFELD: Time for "Facebook Friday."


GRAPHIC: Facebook Friday


GUTFELD: That cost $16 million.

GUILFOYLE: Now we're not going to get Diet Coke.

GUTFELD: First question, let's start with you, Kimberly. We'll work
around to the little one over here. Gavison A. writes: "If you had to live
the same day over and over again like Bill Murray in `Groundhog Day,' what
day would you want to relive for the rest of your life and why?"

GUILFOYLE: Contrary to your small mind, it's not spending all day eating
salami. I would do that anyway.


GUILFOYLE: It would actually be -- remember before when you asked me the
question, I said I would like to be invisible?


GUILFOYLE: And I would like to go into Raqqah and kill as many members of
ISIS as I could? I would like to do that over and over again. I think I
might put a dent in it.

GUTFELD: But that never happened.

GUILFOYLE: Well, so what? In my mind it does.

GUTFELD: All right, Juan. Try it make it something that actually happened
in your life.

WILLIAMS: That actually happened?


WILLIAMS: The day Trump won election.


WILLIAMS: That was such an amazing day.

WATTERS: That was mine.

WILLIAMS: You know, because I realized--

GUILFOYLE: Jesse and Bolling.

WILLIAMS: -- if I can survive this--


WILLIAMS: -- the apocalypse will be nothing. I can get through anything
if I can get through this. It made me feel so strong inside. You know?
Sort of Christian-guided and looking to a higher light, higher power.

GUTFELD: Wow, very good.

Mr. Watters.

WATTERS: I'm going to go wedding day.

GUILFOYLE: You must be in trouble.

WATTERS: Election night was a close second.

GUTFELD: Kimberly was going to do that, but she had to narrow it down.

GUILFOYLE: Well, that also keeps happening over and over.

WILLIAMS: Oh, gosh.

GUTFELD: Groundhog marriage.

GUILFOYLE: You know?

GUTFELD: What about you?

PERINO: I'm going to go -- ten years ago, my husband and I went to New
Castle, Wyoming, where my family ranch is. And we had -- we had an
opportunity to move calves with them. You can move them up into South


PERINO: -- so that they could pasture for the summer. And it was this
beautiful day, like, perfect weather. And on the way back, we were all
galloping together down this meadow, and sort of like "Ponderosa." And my
Uncle Tom was still alive. And it was -- I would love to do that again and
again. Because we thought that was just the best day.

GUTFELD: That's a lot of work.

PERINO: It was a lot of work but fun.

GUTFELD: I don't have a day, because I do relive my life every single day.
I am so routine that I eat the same food. I get up at the same time. I
live my life every single day over and over again.

GUILFOYLE: That's called OCD.

GUTFELD: Yes, that's -- it allows you freedom to do other things.

PERINO: Like what? So what do you do?

GUTFELD: Absolutely nothing.

PERINO: Right. But you think you have the freedom to do it.

GUTFELD: I have -- my brain is free to think of things.

GUILFOYLE: You messed up your routine today. You didn't ask about 5:35
what you were going to have for dinner tonight?

PERINO: "What am I going to eat? What am I going to eat today?"

GUTFELD: Because I've got to do another show, I will. But I'm having
Chinese food again.


GUTFELD: Yes. They know me well there.

Suzanne F., Dana. This is from Suzanne F. Susan F., I'm sorry. "What's
your favorite game show?"

PERINO: I love all game shows. Favorite? I like "$21,000 Pyramid." Is
that what it was?

GUTFELD: Twenty-one?

PERINO: What was it called?

GUTFELD: Twenty-five.

PERINO: "Twenty-five thousand dollar Pyramid."


PERINO: Remember that?

GUTFELD: You don't even know it's time.

PERINO: Well, it's been a long time.

GUTFELD: It certainly has.

PERINO: I love that show.

GUTFELD: All right. Jesse.

WATTERS: I like "The Price is Right." That's one of my favorites. But I
also like when they have, like, high school "Jeopardy," because I can kind
of compete against those guys. It makes me feel good.

PERINO: Did you see the college girl from MIT last week?


PERINO: She was unbelievable.

GUTFELD: You don't have to spell "Mitt."

WILLIAMS: But I thought the kid from Georgetown actually had beaten her.
But then she came back at the last minute.

GUTFELD: You guys actually watch "Jeopardy?"

WILLIAMS: Oh, I like, "Jeopardy."


GUTFELD: What about--

GUILFOYLE: She was on "Jeopardy." You should have picked that.


GUILFOYLE: At least you know the name.

PERINO: I'm too embarrassed I lost.

WILLIAMS: You know how you have this habit, you know, so if I'm trying to
go to sleep, I watch "Family Feud."

GUILFOYLE: I knew you were going to pick--

PERINO: How do you fall asleep watching "Family Feud"? It's exciting.

WILLIAMS: Because it's -- it's exciting?

GUTFELD: It's exciting.

GUILFOYLE: This is a show--

WILLIAMS: I never thought it was exciting.

GUILFOYLE: -- we are supposed to go on, if someone would ask.

PERINO: Yes, we're asking.

GUILFOYLE: "Family Feud."

PERINO: Steve, please.

GUILFOYLE: Well, then I've got to pick something else.

GUTFELD: Come on. Yes, think -- remember "The Dating Game"?

WATTERS: Yes, "Singled Out"?

GUTFELD: With Jim Lang? Remember?

GUILFOYLE: That's the one you have to, like, be blindfolded and kiss

GUTFELD: Yes, and every four years, they find out a serial killer was on
the show. They find, "Oh." They find an old picture of, like, Ted Bundy.

GUILFOYLE: That would be just my luck. I'll go with "Wheel of Fortune."

GUTFELD: That's your life, as well.

I wrote down -- I wrote down "Concentration." Do you remember


GUTFELD: Because that taught you how to remember things. Remember, you'd
have to pick a line. I think that's -- that's very good to get a child,
sit them in front of a game show, and force that child.

PERINO: I credit "The Match Game" with helping me have a good memory.

GUTFELD: I learned a lot--

PERINO: I watched it over and over again

GUTFELD: I learned a lot of terms from "Match Game" that I wasn't supposed

PERINO: Like what?

GUTFELD: -- in the early `70s.

GUILFOYLE: Don't say it.

GUTFELD: They were introducing a lot of words.

GUILFOYLE: I don't want a meeting on Friday.

GUTFELD: And you'd always ask your parents what it means, and they would
lie to you.

GUILFOYLE: All right, let's go.

GUTFELD: All right, tease. "One More Thing," up next.


PERINO: It's time now for "One More Thing" -- Juan.

WILLIAMS: Well, today I learned about another level of hard work. Derek
Taylor, 19-year-old who lives in Alabama, walks to his 4 a.m. shift at UPS
every day. Derek does it to earn money for his disabled mom, who's not
working. And his coworkers have always admired that work ethic, so they
got him a surprise.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Everybody come together, and we've got something for
you. You got your own ride now.


DEREK TAYLOR, UPS DRIVER: This is, really, you know, really going to
change a lot for me. So thank you again.


WILLIAMS: It's unbelievable. If you didn't get that, Jesse's [SIC]
coworkers all chipped in, and they got him his own Jeep! They got him a


WILLIAMS: Derek was overwhelmed, as you saw, and he hopes to keep moving
up at UPS. One day, he hopes to get a degree in business and music
engineering. Jesse [SIC], you are inspiring to all of us.

WATTERS: Thank you.

PERINO: That's amazing. Not Jesse.

WATTERS: I thought you were talking to me, Juan.

PERINO: That was great.

GUTFELD: You are amazing.

PERINO: After that, you might need to laugh. President Bush joined Jimmy
Kimmel last night. He as promoting his book "Portraits of Courage," and he
talked about a wide range of topics, including whether President Bush knew
anything about pop culture. They even talked about the Oscars. Here's the


KIMMEL: Do you know who won the Academy Award for Best Picture? Because
we don't--

BUSH: Pass the envelope, please.

KIMMEL: You were involved in many notable full faux pas, which we had a
lot of fun with.

BUSH: Mission accomplished.

KIMMEL: There was mission accomplished. That was a big one.

BUSH: Yes.

KIMMEL: Do you take pleasure or do you feel sorry for someone--

BUSH: I feel sorry for them.

KIMMEL: Yes, in that situation.

BUSH: I kind of feel sorry for you. You looked a little lost.

KIMMEL: I get that a lot.

BUSH: Right? "Waterhouse did it."


PERINO: He's had a good week, and the book is amazing. I recommend it for
everybody. It makes for a great gift.

GUILFOYLE: He's the best.

PERINO: Gutfeld.

GUTFELD (IN A BRITISH ACCENT): I have a show tomorrow. It's at 10 p.m.
It's called "The Greg Gutfeld Show." You might want to check it out. And
if you haven't yet, well, you're missing out. The guests includes Ms.
Kimberly Guilfoyle. You know her from "The Five." David Ruben, he's a
very funny man. Tyrus, and of course, Katherine Timpf. I urge you to
watch it, after you've watched the young man, Jesse Watters's, show.

WATTERS: And Judge Jeanine.

PERINO: Is that all you've got today?



GUTFELD: I said it in a very strange voice. Make it interesting.

PERINO: Then Kimberly, save it.

GUILFOYLE: So here's where I stretch.

GUTFELD: There should be a whole segment about you stretching.

GUILFOYLE: There should be. Exactly.

GUTFELD: Like my "Ab News" for "Red Eye."

GUILFOYLE: Perfect. Highly acclaimed.

So in other stretching news, for Women's History Month, the iconic Brawny
man, right? This guy. Is going to be replaced by this lady.

WATTERS: Not you, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Oh, I thought she was talking about.

GUILFOYLE: Not me. There you go. So they're going to do this as a
special promotion, because strength knows no gender. A woman is going to
be. She's wearing the little plaid. It's limited edition, eight-roll
package in Wal-Mart. We looked for them today but could not find them.

GUTFELD: I'm against it.

PERINO: They're probably sold out.

GUILFOYLE: I know. So there you go.

GUTFELD: Why do they have to take another guy's job?

GUILFOYLE: The Brawny woman. Because women pay more for dry cleaning. So
we have something coming to us.

But here's the best part. All right? So they're also going to showcase a
series of short films on its web site that highlight women in STEM fields,
like science, technology, engineering and math, making a $75,000 donation
to Girls Inc., an advocacy group focused on inspiring young girls to enter
these fields.

So I like this all the way around.

Also, I just want to say really quickly that you can separate this into
three little sections, and it actually saves money, instead of just getting
the ones that have the one big sheet. It's perforated.

PERINO: Yes, I like that.

GUILFOYLE: That's my cleaning tip of the day.

PERINO: Kimberly likes a bargain.


PERINO: She is.

Do you have something to promote, Jesse?



WATTERS: Well, there's going to be a lot of cleaning up after my show this
weekend at 8 p.m. Eastern. I went out to the streets and asked Democrats,
can they be bipartisan at all? Check it out.


WATTERS: Do you think there's anything you can get on board with, with
Donald Trump's agenda?


WATTERS: So you don't want to destroy ISIS?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I mean, I'm not against them. They ain't doing nothing
to me.



WATTERS: There you have it. Saturday at 8 p.m.

GUILFOYLE: More winners, right?

WATTERS: That's right. The best and the brightest.

PERINO: So this has been a really good thing.

GUTFELD: Really?

PERINO: A good show. We had Eric Bolling's birthday yesterday.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, we did.

PERINO: Kimberly's is next.

GUILFOYLE: I'm going to be on -- next Thursday. I'm going to be on
"Dobbs" tonight at 7.


PERINO: We're promoting lot of things.

GUILFOYLE: On "Dobbs," yes. On the show.

PERINO: Set your DVRs. Never miss an episode of "The Five." That is it
for us. Have a great weekend. "Special Report" is up next.

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