Texas making move to enforce Trump's extreme vetting order

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST:  Well, this is why they say don't mess with Texas.  

Despite what courts are saying, it is trying to find a way to enforce the president's travel order, vetting, whatever you want to call it.

The lieutenant governor of that beautiful state joins me now, Dan Patrick.  

Governor, good to have you.


CAVUTO:  Governor, what are you doing here?  

PATRICK:  Well, our attorney general has filed a brief supporting the refugee ban.  Governor Abbott is in support.  I'm in support.  Texans are in support.  

I found it interesting, Neil.  I read a story last week that, in Seattle, one of the complaints was, they didn't want the government interfering with kids on the college campuses.  

But yet, when Obama was president, they had no problem with the government telling each state, including Texas, how many refugees we had to take, even if they weren't vetted.

So, look, the president is right on this.  He was in his constitutional authority to do this.  And everyone in America knows it, except some people on the Ninth Circuit Court and some local judges.  


CAVUTO:  But, for the time being, that court kind of rules on the subject. So, they can't take any further action.

I'm no lawyer, but...

PATRICK:  But he will have a new plan.  He will have a new plan.  

CAVUTO:  ... what happens here?  The president has indicated he is going to come up with something.  

PATRICK:  Yes.  

CAVUTO:  But ahead of that, can you really do anything now?  

PATRICK:  Well, as has been recommended, he will issue a new policy, I believe, in the very near future, which will address this issue.  

CAVUTO:  Right.

PATRICK:  And then, if he wants to follow up in the courts, he can.  But he can just issue a new policy that addresses some of the concerns by the court.  

Even though there were concerns, they never really ruled on the law.  Look, the president has the authority to protect every American.  And if he thinks there's a danger from someone coming here from another country, he has a right to do that.  

Had it come to the Texas courts, we would have been ruling in his favor.  
And we're fighting for him now.  

CAVUTO:  I know you were looking -- and switching gears like a crazy guy...


CAVUTO:  ... I'm wondering whatever happened to Tom Brady's jersey.  


CAVUTO:  And you were going to look at it.  It was a crime that happened in your state.

PATRICK:  Yes.  

CAVUTO:  And you're trying to get to the bottom of it.  

PATRICK:  Whoever has it, just know the Texas Rangers are on the trail.  

CAVUTO:  Really?

PATRICK:  So, I do believe it will be found.

CAVUTO:  What do you think happened to it?  

PATRICK:  You know, my guess is, since no one really can scope out that locker room, except people who have authority to be in there, the media or friends or family members, it was probably...

CAVUTO:  I think it's a teammate.  I think it's a teammate.  

PATRICK:  I think it was a crime of opportunity.  

CAVUTO:  Yes.  

PATRICK:  Someone in there just saw it and grabbed it.  It wasn't like a George Clooney, "Ocean's Thirteen" plot.  


PATRICK:  This was a crime of opportunity.  

CAVUTO:  All right.  

PATRICK:  And someone has it.  And it will be returned.  

CAVUTO:  All right, thank you, my friend.  

Very good seeing you on this truncated news days, Dan Patrick, the lieutenant governor of Texas.  

PATRICK:  Yes, sir.  Good to be with you.


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