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Cavuto: Fake rage over the leaks is faker than fake news

So it's not the leaks, it's what leaked.

But wait a minute, during the campaign, wasn't it just the opposite?

Not what leaked, but who was behind the leak?

Back then Democrats and a compliant media weren't talking about the stuff that got out but who was behind getting that stuff out.

Back then, a Democratic president decrying that mattered.

And the Democratic candidate who wanted to be president decrying that mattered.

Right now, a Republican president decrying the same thing does not matter.

That doesn't make Republicans saints.

But let's just say it proves Democrats can't say they're not sinners.

Not when they say tax cuts better be paid for because we certainly don't want to add to the debt.

Even though they were perfectly fine with all that spending that wasn't paid for and added mightily to the debt.

Now they want to get to the bottom of these revelations concerning a former national security adviser, who's Republican.

Back during the campaign, they only wanted to get to the bottom of who was behind different revelations concerning a presidential candidate who was a Democrat.

Back then, Democrats said what was revealed about other Democrats was much ado about nothing.

Now what's being revealed about Republicans? Oh, now that is something.

So, to review: a waste of time then.

The stuff of around-the-clock investigations now.

They say turnabout is fair play.

But that doesn't mean it's still not a play.

An act, if you will.

Rage over who knew what and when because it matters now.

Not so much when it concerned Hillary Clinton and electing her president was all that mattered then.

You can't have it both ways.

For Democrats to say leaks were an abomination then.

But not so much now.

It's true it works for Republicans in reverse, who don't much like the shoe being on their foot.

Save the media who'd just prefer kicking only one party in the ass, much more focused on catching a new administration they never saw coming.

Than being a tenth as aggressive covering a woman they were all but anointing.

Phony is phony.

Politics is politics.

Fake rage is fake rage.

Faker, it seems, than fake news.

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