Trump takes to Twitter to hit Sens. McCain, Blumenthal

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KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Hello everyone. I'm Kimberly Guilfoyle along with Bob Beckel, Eric Bolling, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld. It's 5 o'clock in New York City and this is "The Five."

President Trump started his day off swinging against anyone who came in his way. Taking to twitter, the president lashed out at both Senator John McCain and Senator Richard Blumenthal. Here's the background and let's start with McCain. The two are feuding over comments the Arizona senator made about the military raid in Yemen.

McCain has said he thinks is a disservice e for the White House to characterize that raid as a success because one of our Navy Seals lost his life. Well, it prompted this response from the president. "Senator McCain should not be talking about the success or a failure of a mission to the media. Only emboldens the enemy. He's been losing so long he doesn't know how to win anymore, just look at the mess our country is in -- bogged down in conflinct all over the place. Our hero Ryan died on a winning mission, according to General Mattis, not a "failure." Time for the U.S. to get smart and start winning again."

OK, so this is the first thing, batting leadoff this morning, this battle. What do you make of it, Bolling?

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Me? So, yes, there was a lot going on this morning. There's a lot of twitter activity going on this morning. I'm finding it interesting that all day, if you watch cable news, you switch the channels, look all over the place, what you see is Democrats outraged that Donald Trump was pushing back on Senator Richard Blumenthal's assessment of the two words.

The two words were driving the cable news world crazy on the left saying, how can he say this? How can Donald Trump pushback on it? Instead, figure out what the -- it's like, you know, fake new. That wasn't fake news, that fake outrage. All day. There was a couple of worth (ph), OK. So he said that you get along, and by the way may be Blumenthal will now vote in favor of Gorsuch anyway so it might help him even further.

Instead of focusing on a really, the most important news of the day today, it was Donald Trump and then Sean -- tweeted and then Sean Spicer followed up with some very, very interesting news for a lot of people that affects everyone. Tax cuts are coming -- two to three weeks -- massive new tax reform that would affect every single human being watching TV. But instead, were going to worry about a couple words that Gorsuch may or may not have said.

GUILFOYLE: So let's listen to those exchanges of back and forth now if you would roll it.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STAES: These comments were misrepresented and what you should do is ask Senator Blumenthal about his Vietnam record that didn't exist after years of saying it did. So, ask Senator Blumenthal about his Vietnam record. He misrepresented that just like he misrepresented Judge Gorsuch.

SEN. RICHARD BLUMENTHAL (D), CONNECTICUT: I am simply repeating what Judge Gorsuch said to me and I hope he will repeat in even stronger terms clearly, unequivocally, emphatically saying the president of the United States is absolutely wrong to be attacking the judiciary.


GUILFOYLE: OK. So Dana, what do you make of the back-and-forth in terms of -- DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: So I see these two things as very separate like on the comments against Senator McCain. In anytime there's a raid, you will have an after action report, the DOD does, and there will be criticism. There will maybe even be some maybe internal criticism -- often it doesn't play out necessarily like this.

But presidents for as long as we can remember going back have received criticism from people on Capitol Hill or civilians who have no idea what is going on a national security-wise. They will say something as a failed effort. And presidents have to not focus on that and just focus on the mission and be able to move forward with that.

So, I would never have said that about Senator McCain and I think that it was interesting that yesterday Kristina vanden Heuvel, is that her name?

BOLLING: Katrina.

PERINO: Katrina vanden Heuvel from "The Nation" which is the left of the left, called John McCain an armchair warrior and I just think here is -- we have a senator. You might disagree with him politically but I don't think that anybody needs to discredit him and like in what he did in Vietnam for our country.

And I think one of the things Donald Trump might find is that as president, one of the best things that he could do instead of tweeting about it in the morning, if indeed he wants the media to cover the story about the tax cuts that are coming, instead of tweeting about it, pick up the phone and call Senator McCain because they will actually be able to get a lot of work done together.

They're going to need all 52 votes and Senator McCain is going to be one of them and can be very effective. When it comes to Gorsuch, I've seen two -- there's two ways to look at it. Do you want me to start --

GUILFOYLE: Yes, Dana, I would have said get in really quick. We just got some big breaking news that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will in fact announce its decision today, so will bring that to you --

PERINO: So we will not talk about tax cuts at all.


PERINO: Every day you wake up at the White House and you think I really want to drive a message today on something and today it was tax cuts but you undercut yourself if then you are tweeting about somebody's senate record or military record or you're tweeting about your Supreme Court nominee and you're making comments about another senator. The media will always cover the sugar and they don't want to eat the vegetables necessarily. But if you keep giving them sugar, they're going to eat it and that's your fault.

GUILFOYLE: And now there's going to be this big story that everyone will be covering as though (ph), which is important.

BOLLING: I like vegetables.

PERINO: I know you like vegetables. You're writing a book about the vegetable.

GUILFOYLE: But you don't eat meat.

BOLLING: -- trying to talk about the vegetables.

PERINO: I know and you're ignoring the sugar.

GUILFOYLE: We're going to guess all of it -- jam-packed show with vegetables. OK, Greg, so what do you think?

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: I'm completely confused of what this segment is about now. There's like 60 --


GUTFELD: Let's start over again.


GUTFELD: All right. Stupid fight to pick. Like, is this a success or a failure? You're both on the same side. You both want more of these raids. McCain wants more of these raids. Trump wants more of these raids. We gave Obama lot of crap for overselling the progress against ISIS.

So, we shouldn't, you know, we don't want President Trump to oversell the progress. We want him to be realistic, but I think for now, raid now, evaluate later. Why do we have to evaluate? It's like not even the first inning.

You just got in. You got to go out and kill a lot of these terrorists and it's a long game. It's a forever game, but the other thing too about this and what I've learned to accommodate in my own brain is that this will use a long "Comedy Central" roast. There is no safe space in the Trump administration.

He doesn't pick the battles. He lets the battles pick him and then he goes after them and (INAUDIBLE). I have no doubt that him and McCain actually would probably get along if they would just -- but instead what you're watching is your kind of watching --

GUILFOYLE: If you understand where they're both coming from though but here's the fact. The fact is that the mission was very successful because it was a tremendous amount of intelligence that was gathered. They compared it to the intelligence grab and trove of information they got --


BOLLING: Can I just finish my point.

GUILFOYLE: No, no, that is true. That is true.

GUTFELD: But that's the -- the point is --

GUILFOYLE: But a life was lost.

GUTFELD: -- is the discussion is poor. If you have Sean Spicer saying you shouldn't comment on any effort if people die, then I guess you can't comment on the Iraq war, which I believe the candidate who won spent 18 months commentating on the Iraq war.


BOLLING: But also, McCain, if I'm not mistaken, through the fight (ph) lobbied the first shot in this war. Look, McCain has been doing -- listen, everyone knows I'm not a big fan of John McCain. He's a war hero. I get it. I agree with that completely, I just don't like his politics.

I don't like his policy. I don't like what he's done with the last 15 years. But he's been taking shots. This whole (ph) we need to investigate Russia.

GUTFELD: Is he not conservative enough for you?

BOLLING: No, he's inconsistent, Greg.

GUTFELD: Not like Trump.


GUTFELD: He's (ph) always been a Democrat and a Republican.

BOLLING: I don't like his pro-amnesty stand on things. I don't like --

PERINO: What about the --


BOLLING: I don't like the fact that there's never been a war he hasn't ascribed to or voted for. I just don't like it, but here's -- or cap and trade. He is pro-cap and trade. There are a lot of things I don't like about John McCain.

PERINO: All right.

BOLLING: Well, the biggest thing I don't like about him is that he's a senior -- well-respected senior senator who was very vocally pushing back on a lot of Trump initiatives. This is not the time.


BOLLING: I just gave you three reasons why I don't and you shouldn't like him either being a conservative. Cap and trade, amnesty --

GUILFOYLE: Can everyone agree with me so I can get Bob in?

BECKEL: Everybody, welcome back to "The Four." The point here is a couple of things. One, you don't want to pick a fight with somebody like John McCain through twitter when you're going to need him on a lot of things he's going to be helpful to you, number one.

BOLLING: Like what?

BECKEL: He could be helpful -- he could be harmful if he wants to be. This is a tough guy.

BOLLING: He's going to screw his constituents just to get back at Trump?

BECKEL: Can I finish this sir? Why in the world does a president of the United States -- I've never seen a president of the United States take on two sitting senators at one time and not just talk about that, you know, they disagrees with him. He says he's a loser.

John McCain a loser when it comes to the military or Blumenthal? Blumenthal said that this judge said in his office -- there was a White House guy there with him and he confirmed it. So that's not -- I mean Trump is just flat out lying about it, number one, which is something he just does automatically.

But I mean, talk about stepping on messages. If tax reform in fact is going to happen, which I doubt, but let's assume it does. He steps on the message today. He has a habit of stepping on messages every single day. The good news gets buried under things like this. The guy should put that twitter thing away and learn, but he can't because he still thinks he's a CEO of a company and he makes all the decisions. And guess what, Don, you don't.

GUILFOYLE: Well, he does. He's the president.

BOLLING: He is called the commander-in-chief so he's making the calls unless he gets pushed back by Republican senators.

GUILFOYLE: All right --

GUTFELD: But just remember, we don't work for him. He's not our boss. He works for us.

BOLLING: Correct, and as does McCain who works for the country --

BECKEL: So you think it was okay for him to take him on like that?

BOLLING: I think there's been a war going back and forth between John McCain and Donald Trump for a year and a half.

GUTFELD: That's true.


BECKEL: Yes, but should he tweeted about it?

BOLLING: Donald Trump is not pushing -- he's not going to sit back and let John McCain undercut a lot of things that he's trying to do. I don't blame him.

BECKEL: And all he did was get a bunch of senators including Republicans to stand up for John McCain, number one. Number two, and Dana is exactly right.

BOLLING: No one is questioning John McCain's war service or his heroic act --

BECKEL: No it's not that --

BOLLING: -- decision to stay in a concentration camp while others --

GUIFOYLE: Or service to the country as a senator.

BOLLING: -- that's 15 years of his life.

BECKEL: Donald Trump said he was a loser and will continue to lose. Now this is a guy that's going to lose anyway, Trump. That he takes on a guy like John McCain, calls him a loser, and then with Blumenthal, he goes back to his Vietnam War record and what was he talking about telling the truth, nothing --


BOLLING: -- happier than if John McCain decided to retire and we get a real conservative Senator in Arizona. That would be -- look, I'm out there. I'm not --

GUILFOYLE: Well, he's done a very good job for Arizona and served the country very well.

GUTFELD: How is Trump more conservative than McCain?

BOLLING: Well, I think Trump is trying to close the border, not open borders --


BOLLING: -- against cap and trade and think he's against --

PERINO: What about the report today that Donald Trump is open to going forward with the Gang of Eight?


PERINO: I saw that today. That was one of the vegetables I ate. I don't know if it's true but I mean, that's what they reported. Looks like that he might be open to it, which I think it's refreshing, and I don't think you have to be an ideologue and if it's good policy, let's go for it whether you're Republican or Democrat. Far left or far right.


BOLLING: But John McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts. I mean what more do you need? Look, I hate to do this but, you know, if you want to talk about swishy Republicans, there it is. I'm sorry.

BECKEL: You know, if you're to have the Republicans that you like, your brand of republicans --

GUILFOYLE: -- just going to be one of those --

BECKEL: -- then Donald Trump would not have to be an authoritarian -- I won't use the word -- because you have -- everybody in the congress going wait a minute, people are not like you. You're a small minority. You and Donald Trump and all this crap, people don't want walls. They don't want to have tax cuts for rich people. They want cap and trade. You better get used to this. You better get used to this.

BOLLING: Do they? Do they?


BOLLING: Then they should have voted for her. Then they just have voted got that because they had that. They had that in Hillary Clinton.

BECKEL: You're apologizing for Trump's mismanagement of his job.

BOLLING: I'm not apologizing for Trump at all. What are you talking about? I'm saying John McCain and Trump are having a fight and I have said why.

BECKEL: I've said do you think it was the right thing for Trump to do?


BOLLING: I think that you knew that was coming. It's been going on for a year and a half.

GUILFOYLE: Apparently they're like, can you not hear me? Hello! And I'm going to alert this. An amazing food court is coming up.

GUTFELD: That is true.

GUILFOYLE: I mean it is --

PERINO: We've been working on this since 6:45 this morning.

GUTFELD: I don't think we are going to have time for it now.

GUILFOYLE: And I like my vegetables too but with a little sauce, little sauce, a dipping sauce. Ahead, the lone black Republican in the senate, Tim Scott reveals some of the racist, despicable feedback he's been getting for supporting our new attorney general, Jeff Sessions. Where is the outrage from Democrats on that? Next.


PERINO: This is a Fox News Alert. We have gotten word from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that they will make a decision on President Trump's travel ban by the end of business today, pacific coast time. So they're three hours behind us here on "The Five." We will follow the developments and bring you the ruling as soon as it comes so you don't want to miss that.

Meanwhile, former Alabama senator Jeff Sessions was sworn in today as attorney general after a long and bitter confirmation battle. Some of the attacks on Sessions supporters (ph) were vicious, especially toward Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina. He read some of his hate mail on the floor last night. Listen to this.


SEN. TIM SCOTT (D), SOUTH CAROLINA: You are a disgrace to the black race. You are an Uncle Tom Scott. You're for Sessions, how does a black man turn on his own? I'm in complete horror. A black man who is a racist against black people. A big Uncle Tom piece of fertilizer.

I left out all the ones that use the N word. I just felt like that would not be appropriate. The liberal left that speaks and desires for all of us to be tolerant do not want to be tolerant of anyone that disagrees with where they are coming from.


PERINO: I just admire him so much, and he had went on, Greg, to say that, "I just wish my friends who called themselves liberals would want tolerance for every Americans including conservative Americans, and that he's grown used to being called unhelpful to black America despite this fact that he's one of 10 Africa-Americans ever to serve in the United States Senate, and the first from South Carolina.

GUTFELD: But I mean this is nothing new. If you stray from the left-wing plantation, a black free thinker will be vilified. That's how it works. Nothing scares a left-winger more than a black conservative because that shakes the foundation of that whole identity black coalition they got going.

If the black coalition leaves, what happens to the rest? Will they follow suit? The Democratic Party, the progressive party right now are white social justice elitists. They are pampered, petulant, and pasty.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, and not nice to Dr. Ben Carson or Colonel West.

BECKEL: Listen, this is twitter we're talking about.

GUTFELD: I know, I know.

BECKEL: If you read my twitter --


PERINO: Or maybe we should add that.

BECKEL: This is small stuff. And the fact is there are some passionate people on this issue because --


BECKEL: -- including me about Sessions. I did not send in a tweet or whatever it's called. But I think that it's not surprising he would get that. He didn't read probably the hundreds he got which were favorable, number one. Number two I think the guy -- he is sitting there complaining about this. What does he expect in a high-voltage situation like Jeff Sessions? Why does he think he gets --


BECKEL: And also, he says it represents the left. It does not represent the left. Those people who sent that kind of stuff, I denounce it.

PERINO: Let me ask you Bob --

GUILFOYLE: But they are the one sending it.

PERINO: Bob, let me ask you this --

GUILFOYLE: What do you know?

PERINO: I want to see if Kimberly or Eric thinks that this represents the left. Here is Senator Schumer about the Sessions confirmation.


SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D), NEW YORK: When Jeff Sessions was passed, it turned my stomach. He's probably almost certainly the most anti-immigrant senator of the hundred (ph). On civil rights, voting rights, he's probably one of the top three or four against these sacred rights, civil rights and voting rights. He doesn't belong there.


PERINO: It's pretty strong because they've turned his stomach.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, it turned his stomach. I mean, his talking points turn my stomach and he's looking down and not being a good communicator, turns my - -

GUTFELD: It's their weed (ph).

GUILFOYLE: We're not going there. So here's the deal. I think that this is bad politics. I thought Chuck Schumer is behaving in a way that he has in the past and is now taking on this role politically because it's expedient.

And for him to say that about Sessions, who is widely admired by his colleagues as someone who was a civil rights champion, it's really, to me, unbecoming that he's making these comments.

BECKEL: You said Jeff Sessions was a civil rights hero?

GUILFOYLE: Did I stutter?

BECKEL: Did you stutter? I mean that is the most crazy thing I think I've ever heard.

GUTFELD: He put a cake KKK leader to death.

BECKEL: He also got voted down by the senate when he wanted to be a federal judge.

GUTFELD: That was more than Al Sharpton ever did.

BECKEL: Let's, well, (INAUDIBLE) its apples and oranges.

PERINO: What do you make of the left, Eric, going after these senators -- their fellow senators?

BOLLING: So, here's what I think. "Time" magazine's cover this week is Senator Schumer standing right there and the type says, "Do They Matter Anymore?" And this is what's going on.

PERINO: Who? Democrats?

BOLLING: The Democrats, right. Do the Democrats matter anymore? So, they see that and they think we have to matter, right? And so the rhetoric is going to be more hyperbole. The rhetoric is going to be ratcheted up and they are going to make crazier and crazier comments. More, I don't know, provocative comments just so that they can stay relevant and stand on TV until they figure out what went wrong and they -- the problem is they're wasting so much time coming up with hotlines like that, turns my stomach about Sessions, instead of figuring out what went wrong.

BECKEL: As if the Republicans did that to Obama every single day. Are you kidding me? Those right wing sobs never let him go.

BOLLING: Bob. Bob, Cory Booker stood up and trashed Senator Sessions.

BECKEL: Fine. After everything he said in three weeks is something I threw up.

BOLLING: Three weeks after he co-sponsored a bill with Senator Sessions.

GUILFOYLE: You see that is called hypocrisy. They lack -- its hypocrisy. They lack character and integrity to do that so don't dismiss --.

BECKEL: How about all the right wing nuts who said these things about Obama?

GUILFOYLE: Really? Who?

BECKEL: Who? Have you met Haffetz?


BECKEL: All I got to do is pull tape.

GUILFOYLE: What did they say?

BECKEL: They called him probably everything except for a word.

GUILFOYLE: They called for a Benghazi investigation.

PERINO: They never say it turned their stomachs.

GUILFOYLE: They never said anything like that.

PERINO: Actually Marco -- we don't have it but -- or we could lay right now, but Marco Rubio gave a speech about stability and commenting on the senate floor, which actually --

GUTFELD: It's terrible.

PERINO: No, it's very good and it's not even a reading assignment. It's a viewing assignment.


PERINO: Ahead, there's a big divide here in America about President Trump's travel ban but there seems to be a great deal of support for it over in Europe, a continent with a very serious migration and terror crisis on its hands. Greg has more on that, next.


GUTFELD: According to a large poll in 10 European countries, most support a halt in immigration from Muslim countries. I guess Islamic terror isn't simply the concern of Trump voters but citizens in Poland, Germany, the U.K. -- crossing borders and political lines. I guess that makes them all deplorable.

Now, majority opinion doesn't make the opinion right. Millions still prefer Justin Bieber over The Ramones, and that's wrong. Still, the poll makes sense. When massacres increase along with rising levels of migration, liberal politicians must realize their role in this.

When you call people bigoted for worrying about their own safety, you don't persuade, you inflame. Would it hurt to discuss small steps first -- like a temporary halt -- to simply check things out? That's common sense. But today, common sense is seen as mean and safety is always trumped by sentiment.

So who suffers? Believe it or not, the innocent migrant. Migration is not a right but a compassionate act that those lucky enough to be born here should welcome. But by not admitting that the fusion of terror, technology and infiltration has changed immigration forever, and then not prioritizing the safety of its citizens, our world leaders screwed the migrants over.

Their PC paralysis due to Islamophobia-phobia prevented them from accepting that bad eggs exist. So now we must temporarily treat everything as rotten, a tragedy that flowed from the top, not the bottom.

Indeed Dana. So is everybody in this poll a racist?

GUILFOYLE: That was like a word salad teetering on the edge of --

GUTFELD: Of what?

GUILFOYLE: -- being verbose.

GUTFELD: Verbose? Really? I tried to keep it at about at 1:17, one minute seventeen seconds.

GUILFOYLE: Do you? Not true.

GUTFELD: Yes, I figured that's when everybody stops listening.

GUILFOYLE: That's really interesting. Can you back that up by science?

GUTFELD: No, I have stats. I have stats.

BOLLING: I listen all the way through.

GUTFELD: Thank you.

PERINO: We all listen.


BECKEL: I get the first 30 seconds down through.

GUTFELD: So after we've made fun of my monologue --

GUILFOYLE: Monologue (ph) king. Monologue (ph) King.

GUTFELD: Any thoughts, Eric? Any thoughts in this poll.

BOLLING: Yes, the poll. It's probably a small poll. Not too many people.

GUTFELD: Ten thousand.

BOLLING: Ten thousand, wow! So, there is a lot of people. Here's what strikes me. Austria and Hungary are 64-65 percents agreed with the comment that, yes, there should be some sort of temporary ban or some sort of re- vetting of people coming from these certain countries.


BOLLING: Not religions -- these certain countries -- as the Trump temporary ban would be. France, 61 percent, Nice, ring a bell? Belgium, 64 percent -- terrorist --

GUTFELD: Yes, they've got problems.

BOLLING: -- if you don't listen to them then there's no reason to even have this discussion anymore. People who've been at center of this, who've had open borders and now experiencing terrorism, that should be more --

BECKEL: So that's -- it's not a surprising poll. Each one of these countries have suffered because they've never had an immigration policy that was as strict as we have had since 9/11, and they've allowed people to come in. If you've been to London and look at the Muslim community around London or in Paris, of course they're going to be for that. Right now, these people are suffering terribly because of their own mistakes.

BOLLING: Right. And that's what we're trying to stop from happening.

GUTFELD: Yes, that's the point.

BOLLING: Avoid the mistakes of Europe.

PERINO: And part of the problem is that -- that the assimilation of years past is not continued with the Muslim populations. And one of the problems is that the European governments, having been so leftist, had made it very comfortable for them to not have to assimilate.


PERINO: OK. So now you see some measures where you're trying to then take things away and say, "Maybe you won't get your council house or you won't get, necessarily, these benefits or you won't be able to bring over additional family." Then -- now they're trying to do that, and that's why you see some of the politics in Europe changing, as well, with people challenging the status quo and possibly winning elections.

GUTFELD: These are basically people, Kimberly, who are saying, in this poll, "We wish we had the opportunity you have..."


GUTFELD: "... to have actually fixed this. We don't anymore."

GUILFOYLE: Yes, and so what does that tell you? I mean, this is part of the larger context you saw with Brexit and wanting to be able to be responsible and own your own decisions as it relates to economy, as it relates to national security. And just to touch on the comments by the pope, I mean, one of the most highly protected and secured places in the world is the Vatican.

GUTFELD: Vatican, right.

BOLLING: They've got a wall.

PERINO: Remember when they (ph) brought the nine Syrians (ph) back?

GUILFOYLE: And they've got a wall plus. Like, they've got a whole situation there. I don't think that it's unreasonable. And I'm not sure - - the pope has to understand, like, we have an obligation to protect the citizens of the United States, people that come here, people that live here. That's the job and obligation of the president of the United States, and it is one of the most serious.

PERINO: Do you think that the pope would support Donald Trump's suggestion of safe spaces at the source? So you solve the problem there so that people don't have to become refugees.

GUTFELD: By the way, we have to...

GUILFOYLE: I think he would like that, Dana.

GUTFELD: ... the pope -- the pope was criticizing Trump but saying he wasn't.

GUILFOYLE: ... a humanitarian.

GUTFELD: He said, like, we should be building bridges, not walls.

PERINO: He's like don't tweet me.

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly. "Please leave me alone."

He said it wasn't a personal attack, but he was basically targeting Trump, I think. Right?

BECKEL: I want to know where you're getting us (UNINTELLIGIBLE) to put walls up through all those countries. I guess you could do it, right? You could do...

BOLLING: Or you know what else you could do, you could just enhance your vetting process from people trying to get in.

BECKEL: Well, that's what we've been doing for a long time...

BOLLING: No, we didn't just push back...

BECKEL: ... which is why we will never be like they are.

BOLLING: That's the Trump plan. That was the Trump plan, and you said it was such a horrible, awful idea.

BECKEL: First of all, go back to George Bush and the vetting process was very tough, very tough. And so -- and we're not going to have -- allow immigrants to come in without any questions. We don't do that in this country, and we're not going to do it. And since 9/11, we're particularly not going to do it.

GUTFELD: It's amazing how much tougher Muslim countries are on other Muslims.

GUILFOYLE: Right. Right.

GUTFELD: You know what? It's like, we're -- we're finally catching up to everybody else.

GUILFOYLE: So Bob, you're speaking specifically about the vetting process in this country. What General Kelly and others have said -- and we talked about this yesterday, Dana -- is the countries that they are objecting to are failed states that lack the adequate means to properly vet people there, to authenticate identity, past, background, all of it. So we cannot rely on those countries.

When you objected to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, they are actually on record, documented, well-documented that they do engage in in proper vetting there. Which is why they were not added to that list, even though they are Muslim countries.

PERINO: You might have to add Venezuela. Did you see that they are basically -- it looks like they gave passports to terrorist organizations?


PERINO: Add Venezuela to the list.

BOLLING: Thousands, in fact...

GUILFOYLE: Look at the state of the government there. Right?

BOLLING: ... may have -- passports may have been stolen and given to potential terrorists.

GUTFELD: Also Canada! They're coming from Canada!

GUILFOYLE: Sarah Palin is...


BECKEL: Look, I'll bet you -- how many people you think are carrying Yemenis passports are getting into this country?

GUTFELD: All right.

GUILFOYLE: OK, Yemen is really a hotbed of terrorism. It's like the "Star Wars" bar scene for radical Islamic jihadists.

BECKEL: That's right. I was in that bar scene, and I didn't seen anybody like that.

GUILFOYLE: Bob, what about the raid that we just did?

GUTFELD: It's raining Yemen.


BECKEL: The raid we just did, you said we got a lot of intelligence out of it.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, we did.

BECKEL: Didn't -- we lost a guy, and it was failed?

GUTFELD: We've got to go.

BECKEL: Our military is...


GUILFOYLE: OK. Awful that we lost Ryan Owens, but not...

BECKEL: Bob, you can't do a call back to an early segment.

GUILFOYLE: That's what he does.


GUTFELD: All right. Well, I guess you could. All right. It's "The Five." You can do whatever you want. Except meet our time cues.

GUILFOYLE: Not a real show.

GUTFELD: I know, I know. All right.

Up next -- am I on air?


GUTFELD: OK. The Trump administration is under fire for throwing a fit after retailers like Nordstrom dropped Ivanka Trump's fashion line. We will discuss this earth-shaking news next.


BOLLING: Welcome back. You might have heard about the retailers who have been dropping Ivanka Trump's fashion line from their stores. One of them, Nordstrom. Here's Mr. Trump's response to that: "My daughter" -- quote, "My daughter, Ivanka, has been treated so unfairly by Nordstrom. She's a great person -- always pushing me to do the great thing. Terrible."

Now, as counselor, Kellyanne Conway also voiced her dismay earlier today.


KELLYANNE CONWAY, COUNSELOR TO DONALD TRUMP: I do find it ironic that you've got some executives all over the Internet bragging about what they've done to her and her line; and yet -- yet, they're using the most prominent woman in Donald Trump's -- you know, most prominent -- she's his daughter. And -- and they're using her, who's been a champion for women empowerment, women in the workplace, to get to him. So I think people can see through that. Go buy Ivanka's stuff is what I would tell you. I'm going to -- I hate shopping. I'm going to get some myself today.


BOLLING: And some are now accusing Conway of crossing an ethical line by plugging Ivanka's brand. Republican Jason Chaffetz said he wants the Office of Government Ethics to review her comments.

The White House today, however, said Conway has been counseled on the subject and that the president, quote, "absolutely continues to support her despite the outrage."

I'm going to start with you, Kimberly.


BOLLING: That was an off-the-cuff comment.

GUILFOYLE: So that was an Associated Press newswire.

BOLLING: She makes a comment: "You know, I love the brand." And OK, so should...

GUILFOYLE: Here's the bottom line. She was asked the question about this situation specifically, which she then addressed and answered and made sort of off-the-cuff comments to say, "Oh, listen, support her," et cetera.

So now they've told her, "OK, be careful in case this comes off the wrong way. It's construed improperly."

That's certainly not what Kellyanne Conway meant or intended to do. She was simply asking -- answering questions that were posed to her during "FOX & Friends."

BOLLING: Dana, on a scale of 1 to 10, how big is this?

PERINO: Not very big at all. I do think that he was expressing fatherly pride in his daughter. Yet, he's grateful to Kellyanne Conway for being aggressive in her defense.

However, I do think that the government should not be picking winners and losers. It's one thing to do it when you are not a government official, but now as president, I do think that that is different. You know, hands off. Let the market decide.

And the other thing is, inadvertently, even though she was just answering the question, it takes away from the message of the day, which is the big tax cut proposal that they want to put forward.

BOLLING: Greg, do you want to talk about this, or do you want to talk about J.W. Nordstrom's decision to pull Ivanka's brand now?

GUTFELD: Sure, I can do it. Whatever you want.

GUILFOYLE: Shame on Nordstrom.

BOLLING: Do you think it was...

GUTFELD: Oh, do you think it was...

BOLLING: ... strictly tied to business? Or politics?

GUTFELD: I think that's the problem, is that I go with "Clinton Cash" author Peter Schweizer, who said this is a problem. You know, you -- when you're trying to boost a business for a family member, that's gross; and maybe Trump should divest and this is the problem that you get.

We spent a whole year going off on the Clinton Foundation about using an office for money. We were yelling about that. So we're kind of being hypocrites here if we don't do this. However...

GUILFOYLE: What are you specifically mad at?

GUTFELD: I'm not mad at anything.

GUILFOYLE: No, I don't understand.

GUTFELD: I don't choose these segments, Kimberly. Honestly, I don't give a -- anyway, but my point is this. What is Nordstrom's supposed to do if their business decisions are predicated on the fear of angering a dad president? No business -- that's -- again, he works for Nordstrom's. Nordstrom's doesn't work for Trump. FOX News doesn't work for Trump. Everybody must be reminded of that.

BOLLING: All right, Bob, your thoughts on either the timing of Nordstrom's pulling Ivanka trump's brand or Kellyanne getting a lot of backlash for an off-the-cuff comment?

BECKEL: Well, I mean, I agree that she was asked the question, and she answered. She didn't answer the way she should have, but she answered it, and I think it was all right. Chaffetz is going to find out that this is not a big deal.

But as far as Nordstrom's is concerned, the implication here is that it's all political. When in fact, Nordstrom can't sell the stuff, and so they dropped 15,000 -- as I read today, 15,000 different products every year that don't sell. And her stuff is not selling.

Now, maybe because her name is Trump, and it's on there -- I don't know what it is. But it was a business decision, clearly. I mean, look, if it was selling a lot of stuff, they'd keep her name on it.


GUTFELD: Eric, they did drop my Gutfeld onesies, because they claimed they weren't selling.

PERINO: They're too -- well, they're so small.

BOLLING: Too small, yes. They couldn't keep them in stock.

PERINO: Nobody -- nobody can fit in them. Even small boys were like, "Wow, I can't put my legs in here."

GUTFELD: By the way, I love Nordstrom's.

GUILFOYLE: Babies love them.

GUTFELD: Nordstrom's is such a great store. Did you ever go? They have the mall in...

BOLLING: They have everything. Shoes.

GUTFELD: They have everything, and the return policy is incredible. Used to be the return...

GUILFOYLE: Can bring it back six months later.

GUTFELD: You can return without a receipt.

GUILFOYLE: This is why their business isn't...

BECKEL: We're going to put you in front of the ethics crew, OK, for promoting Nordstrom's like that.

GUTFELD: And they have restaurants. They have nice little restaurants. Wait, it was -- Nordstrom's.

PERINO: There's none in New York.

GUTFELD: I know. I went to the Hillsdale Mall and the one in Stanford.

BOLLING: See, and Geraldo said the reason why he's calling Nordstrom's hypocrites is the one in New York was using the Ivanka brand as part of their flagship retail space.

GUILFOYLE: Right, yes.

BOLLING: Like they'd draw people in. Use her, but then drop her. I can't confirm that. I can't confirm.

GUTFELD: It's from Geraldo.

BOLLING: It's from Geraldo, who's outside.

GUTFELD: There he is.

BOLLING: All right. Coming up, Matt Drudge isn't happy with the Republican Party right now, and Bob is loving it. Hear Bob actually pay tribute to Matt Drudge and "The Drudge Report," next.

GUTFELD: The Drudge.


BECKEL: Usually, Matt Drudge and I don't see eye to eye. There's a first time for everything, however.

The conservative founder of "The Drudge Report" has been tearing apart Republicans on Twitter for not delivering on promises made during the campaign. Here's one of the tweets: "The Republican Party should be sued for fraud. No discussion of tax costs now, just lots of crazy. Back to basics, guys!"

My man, you're spot on. The GOP is a mess.

Now, let me just say this. The tax cut thing, you know, they've done this before, because they have talked about that. We'll see what they produce. But you know, Drudge is saying something that I think is right. This White House is not doing much of anything.

GUTFELD: Are you serious?


PERINO: I think he's complaining about. I think he's talking about Congress.

BOLLING: Yes, you're pointing the finger in the wrong direction. Not at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He's talking down the road. Down the Russell Rotunda. I think that's where he's pointing.

GUILFOYLE: That's what he's saying.

BOLLING: Not the White House.

GUILFOYLE: Your geolocator is a little bit off. Drinking a cup of crazy.

BOLLING: The -- the Republicans that are being obstructionist. The Republicans that are being obstructionist. That's where he's...

BECKEL: That's not what he said -- he said on the campaign trail.



GUILFOYLE: Do you want to pick a different topic for this?

BECKEL: Not at all.

GUILFOYLE: Do you want a mulligan?

BECKEL: Well, we could have said -- I could say Ivanka Trump's shoes are made in China. But her father didn't say anything about that.


GUILFOYLE: They are beautiful.

BECKEL: I think you're wrong. You don't think he's referring to Trump?

BOLLING: No, he wasn't. He's been pro-Trump for a year and a half.

PERINO: The thing is, is that it's funny, because like, even this morning after they ran, then Donald Trump was the one, President Trump was the one who said big tax cuts are coming. So I think that he was maybe giving a little cover..


PERINO: ... to his Republican colleagues on Capitol Hill.

GUTFELD: Matt Drudge pulls the strings. He runs everything.

GUILFOYLE: Bob, the producers said they did tell you. I'm like, "Why didn't you let Bob know. Like, look what just happened."

BECKEL: They told me what?

GUILFOYLE: That it was the GOP.

BECKEL: The producers told me that?


BECKEL: I think it's wrong. The producers never tell me anything.

GUILFOYLE: In another episode of "Where Is My Frontal Lobe?"

BOLLING: Wait, can we show the greatest file that's never been opened?

GUILFOYLE: Open that, Bob.

BECKEL: I read that thing from top to bottom.

GUILFOYLE: Bob's research! Bob's research. Is that from 2011?

BOLLING: Here's what you do.

BECKEL: This is against human relations -- human intelligence things. You guys are assaulting -- assaulting me.

GUILFOYLE: Human resources.

BECKEL: Oh, I just insulted you. Stop it. OK, excuse me, I won't say anything.

All right. Let's go back to Ivanka's shoes. No.

GUTFELD: You said they were made in China.

BECKEL: When you say, the promises you make on the campaign trail...

GUILFOYLE: Her line is actually really good.

BECKEL: ... he has got to be talking about Trump.

GUTFELD: But wait a second.


GUTFELD: To your point, Ivanka's shoes are -- everyone loves Ivanka's shoes, but they're made in China. Right?

GUILFOYLE: Well, fine. Great.

GUTFELD: There you go!

GUILFOYLE: OK. OK. But her shoes are great. The dresses. I mean, you know, I bought one.

BECKEL: Are you saying the Chinese make better shoes than we do?

GUILFOYLE: I didn't say that. I mean, I wear French shoes, too.

BECKEL: You want to get back to the topic? OK.

GUTFELD: I wear wooden shoes.

GUILFOYLE: And Jimmy Choo.

PERINO: I think that -- here's the thing. I'll say on the...

GUILFOYLE: Made in Italy.

PERINO: There is an indication from some people that want the Republicans to move forward quickly with the legislative package on all of the things that they have promised, including the tax cuts. They also have to move forward with Obamacare and the infrastructure bill. So all of those things, you have to figure out how to sequence them and how you're going to pay for them.

And I do think on the -- on the taxing, it's -- explaining the border adjustment tax is really difficult. The corporate tax, you could probably figure out how to do that pretty easily, but the -- I'm intrigued by what President Trump said this morning, that there's a big tax cut coming.


PERINO: To me, I think that that's not for corporations. I'm expecting that to be something big and bold for people in the heartland in the middle class that voted for him.

BOLLING: And he said it was going to be massive tax reform.

GUILFOYLE: Way to hang in there, Lisa Simpson.

BOLLING: and he also pointed back to the 1980s. You know, there's that style tax reform.

BECKEL: He also said next week we were going to have Obamacare -- a fix for Obamacare. That was two weeks ago.

But listen, the point here is, if you don't think that this refers -- if this refers just to the Republican Party, this is the head of the Republican Party.

PERINO: At some point, Bob, I think that you'll be right, that there will be a connection. But today I do think that what the complaint is about House and Senate Republicans, who they -- some people on the right think they have not done enough. That they should have been able already to have an Obamacare repeal bill at President Trump's desk, and that they're looking for bigger tax reform than they've gotten.

BECKEL: Why is everybody always picking on me? I've got to go.

GUTFELD: No, no, no.

BECKEL: "One More Thing" is up next.

BOLLING: Haven't done that in a while.

BECKEL: "Groundhog Day."






GUILFOYLE: It's time now for "One More Thing." Kimberly, you re up first. Today is National...


GRAPHIC: Kimberly's Food Court


GUTFELD: Aha! You forgot!

GUILFOYLE: Let me tell you something, little one with the fancy onesies. You want a piece of this, don't you?

GUTFELD: Yes, I do.

GUILFOYLE: Don't you? All right. So this is National Pizza Day. Right? And apparently, the Department of Agriculture is spending money doing studies on pizza; and they have come to the conclusion that yes, people eat it. In fact, wow, 15 percent of men, 11 percent of women.

PERINO: That's all? Fifteen percent.

GUTFELD: That's nothing.


GUILFOYLE: Do you want plain or -- what?

BOLLING: Way higher than that.

PERINO: Only 15 percent of men?

GUILFOYLE: Hold on. One in eight Americans, 13 percent of the population, consume pizza on any given day.

BOLLING: Oh, every -- any given day.

GUILFOYLE: A higher percentage of males.

BOLLING: Every day, 16 percent of the population.

GUILFOYLE: Fifteen percent; and females, 11 percent -- you and me, Lisa Simpson -- consume pizza on any given day.

Children obviously eat a lot of pizza. You probably shouldn't also talk and eat pizza with your mouth open. I apologize.

PERINO: It's charming.

GUILFOYLE: It's delicious. Thank you, Little Italy. But we paid for it. Don't worry. All right.



BECKEL: For those of you who watch the Super Bowl, and many of you did, Lady Gaga had a terrific performance. But if you remember the beginning of that performance, she talked about -- I'm sorry. My earpiece keeps falling out. She sang the song "This Land is Your Land," which was a Woody Guthrie song written decades ago. And it was, in fact, an anti-American song. So a lot of you probably thought this was something that was just terrific and it was pro-American. You know what? It's a communist song.

PERINO: I used to sing that in elementary school all the time. That was part of the indoctrination.

GUTFELD: It's my land, it is not your land.

BOLLING: So isn't that the song that Nancy Pelosi was singing when the microphone wasn't working?

GUTFELD: Yes, yes.

BOLLING: She's a communist.

BECKEL: Well, you know, she is.

GUTFELD: I love it. He's admitting it.

GUILFOYLE: Wait, did you know the top four pizzeria chains? Pizza Hut, Domino's, Little Caesars and Papa John's.


GUTFELD: All right.


BECKEL: Who's up?

GUTFELD: I think it's this.


GUTFELD: Greg's Celebrity Corner.


GUILFOYLE: Don't choke.


GUTFELD: On the slopes of Aspen, we've got -- we've got tape of Schumer skiing.




GUTFELD: Just slide down there. He's got an amazing coat of hair, doesn't he? And that allows him just to slide down on his belly.

PERINO: Is that the weave?

GUTFELD: Yes, that's the weave. Anyway, they're telling me to go on.

PERINO: That looks like you trying to get down that slope in New Hampshire.

GUTFELD: That looks exactly like me.

BOLLING: All right. I'll blow through this very, very quickly so we have time for Dana's. All right. Race and Politics, a history lesson.

PERINO: Don't worry; mine's not that great.

BOLLING: Very quickly, 19 -- 1854, the Republican Party was formed entirely against opposing slavery. OK? Democrats are called Dixiecrats, southern Democrats. They protected slavery in all territories. That was their plan.

KKK was founded by southern Democrat...

GUILFOYLE: Stay seated (ph), Bob.

BOLLING: ... General Nathan Bedford Forrest. He actually spoke at the 1868 Democrat national convention.

And finally, this one, at the bottom. Republicans -- Republicans -- passed the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments. Thirteenth abolished slavery. Fourteenth offered citizenship to all races. And the 15th gave voting rights to all races.

So you want to talk about pro-black party, pro-African-American party, it's been the Republican Party.

BECKEL: That's -- that's a very good history lesson.

GUILFOYLE: What -- Cruz was sitting on that (ph).

BECKEL: And you're right about that, except when you passed the big ones. The Voting Rights and the Housing Act, it was more Democrats and Republicans.

BOLLING: OK. It's my "One More Thing."


PERINO: Valentine's Day just around the corner. I'm sure everybody's getting ready.


PERINO: You might want to buy a Greg onesie for your loved one. But Valentine's Day isn't just for us. It's for zoo animals, too.

GUTFELD: Really?


PERINO: Check this out. In Detroit, they figured out a way to give heart- shaped pinatas to wolves, ice treats with carrots and apples to polar bears. Even camels got some. Penguins got special rocks that were painted for them. And the penguins, you know that they mate for life. So it's, like, a really good Valentine's Day story.

GUTFELD: That's boring.

PERINO: I told you it was a boring "One More Thing."

GUILFOYLE: Set your DVR so you never miss an episode of "The Five." We're eating pizza. That's it for us. "Special Report" next.

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