Assessing the Trump administration's first week

Kellyanne Conway evaluates the President's executive orders and policies on 'The O'Reilly Factor'


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BOLLING: In the "Impact" segment tonight, we continue now with Kellyanne Conway, senior advisor to President Trump. Now, Kellyanne, he's a very, very busy president. It's only a week. One week for the administration. Are you happy so far and what are you looking to improve on going forward?

CONWAY: I'm happy and I'm proud that we elected a president and Donald Trump who actually made good on his promises and the plans that he put forward to the American people. Even when they weren't fairly or fully covered. The ten-point plan to reform veterans administration for example. The four or five point plan to defeat radical Islamic terrorism. The infrastructure, the repealing and replacing ObamaCare, all of his ideas were made public.

He would save the speeches routinely and then we would publish them on the website or tweet out links to them. And so, I think it's so incredibly important to many Americans in this election and now his execution as president Eric because their major complaint about Washington and typical politicians is that they change their mind, they break their promises, Washington really transformed into something unrecognizable and unseemly and mostly that they're not -- that these elected officials are not transparent enough.

So, everything that President Trump has done this week has been very public and open and transparent. Whether it's tomorrow he's going to have calls with the heads of three different countries, he, of course, he hosted Prime Minister May here today. He made two visits to two different agencies and departments. He's made 17 or 18 statements.


CONWAY: So, it's been -- I think for a press who wants to be informed, it's been a very transparent week. I know it's been a busy week and we appreciate everybody working overtime in that way, but I'm very proud of the impact. I think that the White House should not be about prestige for the people who worked there. I think he should be about impact and it has been.

BOLLING: And what could you have done better this week?

CONWAY: What could he have done better this week?

BOLLING: Well, the whole group. The whole group. Yes. Everyone can improve.

CONWAY: No. No doubt.

BOLLING: I mean, you look back -- I look back -- you know I could have read that better or I could have asked this question better. What could you guys have done better?

CONWAY: No doubt. Perhaps pushed back, perhaps not been so presumptuous what we were doing would be covered fairly and openly. And that people wouldn't glom onto one word or two words or something he has said or not said and missing the entire story. I mean, there are so many great stories here. I think the personal impact on why we're doing so many things that we are doing, talking to those laborers the other day who have never even been near the White House, let alone invited in to talk to a president on day two or three of his administration, inviting to the Oval Office to tell him what their experience and their aspirations and their fears and their hope are for them and their families. I thought that was quite unprecedented. Well, they thought that was quite unprecedented. And so, I think maybe to get some more of the human impact stories out there and not leave to chance that we will be -- that most of what we're doing will be covered openly and freely. But hopes --

BOLLING: So, can I ask you this?


BOLLING: I look back over the week, he had some great initiatives. I talked about ObamaCare --


BOLLING: -- trade deals, breaking the trade deals, the TPP, the safety, the security, the immigration stuff, and then there were some of these other things that I felt like it was taking away from your message. You know, the voter fraud stuff. I mean, is this something he really feels that strongly about?

CONWAY: The President said he does feel strongly about that. But this is really about registration enrolls. This is, who is registered to vote? And you are registered to vote, perhaps you can vote. We know that there are people who are registered in multiple states, we know that there are people who are registered and who are dead. I mean, there are people who are registered who are illegal and therefore not qualified to be registered. And he is, I gave him credit in terms of his ability, his willingness to have an investigation. Many people just talk and talk and talk. That is really the hallmark of Washington, DC. Talk and talk, no action.

He talked and then he put action right behind it. And he's doing it at a time when there is no election on the horizon for him or anyone else. If this were close to the midterm elections, if this certainly were close to the presidential election, and then maybe somebody would clash out. But this is just a president saying that one person, one vote, the bedrock of our democracy should be adhered to. And Eric, I guess I wonder what everybody is so afraid to learn? I mean, this is the investigation that everybody is disagreeing with. This is the, you know, we've had presidents take actions that maybe didn't strike a lot of Americans as very common sense. But they took them anyway. And to this man, wants to call for an investigation of our process, of our registration rules. And I just want to know what everybody is afraid of, were they afraid eventually that dead people -- show an ID before the dead people vote?

BOLLING: For me, it's not even -- it's that bad of an idea. It just that it seems to be taken away from, you know, these initiatives that are big. These are big policy initiatives. It felt like it was a little bit of a distraction. Kellyanne, I am going to have to leave it there. By the way, this is week one. Two hundred eight or 416 more weeks depending on how you look at things. I have to go.

CONWAY: Come and see us.

BOLLING: Thank you so much.

CONWAY: Thank you.

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