The Trump administration's plan for health care

Kellyanne Conway joins 'The O'Reilly Factor' to discuss the President-elect's strategy for handling ObamaCare


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BOLLING: We continue now with our conversation with Donald Trump Counselor Kellyanne Conway. A short time ago, we spoke about the escalating fight to repeal ObamaCare along with a shot over the bow of her boss from Vice President Joe Biden.

All right. We're back with Kellyanne Conway. Take a listen to Joe Biden. All was the entertaining guy to listen to when he had something to say about Donald Trump. Please listen.


VICE PRES. JOE BIDEN (D), UNITED STATES: Donald, grow up. Time to be an adult, your president. You've got to do something. Show us what you have.


BOLLING: All right, Kellyanne, the reaction from the guy who has threatened to take Donald Trump out behind the school yard or something to that effect.

CONWAY: Well, it's really disappointing to hear the Vice President speak that way, not surprising. To what is he referring? The fact that his Democratic Party under his watch has been a number two guy in the country within the Democratic Party, they lost over 1,000 state legislative seats, they've lost over a dozen governorships, over a dozen Senate seats, they lost 68 House seats. They lost the elections in 2010, 2014, 2016. And large part because of the policies that he supported like the also unaffordable, inaccessible care act, ObamaCare.

Like these Draconian taxes and regulations on small businesses and on the rest of us. Like all of these bad trade deals that never benefited our American workers and if Donald Trump who came in, you know, without Joe Biden and Barack Obama, there may not have been a President Donald Trump and a Vice President Mike Pence. So, I'd like to tell that Vice President, thanks for the non-advice (INAUDIBLE). And very much appreciate all the failed policies that allowed us to usher in a new era of hopefulness and buoyancy, fresh blood and excitement in this administration.

You're going to see President Donald Trump very quickly, Eric, deliver and perform and be accountable to results as he's always done in his wildly successful business. It's going to be brand new. I think not just the tone but the content in Washington.

BOLLING: Uh-hm. And one of the things, I'm glad you brought that up. One of the things that Donald Trump is promising to repeal and replace ObamaCare. President Obama weighed in on his signature legislation. Listen to this. It's pretty surprising.


PRES. BARACK OBAMA (D), UNITED STATES: Now is the time when Republicans I think have to go ahead and show their cards. If, in fact, they have a program that would genuinely work better, and they want to call it whatever they want, they can call it Trump care, they can call it McConnell care or Ryan care. If it actually works, I will be the first one to say, great. You should have told me that back in 2009. I asked.


BOLLING: Okay. I think the Republicans are trying to help in 2009. They were complete shut up.


BOLLING: They couldn't vote for ObamaCare. But how is this? TrumpCare?

CONWAY: He's just being sarcastic. I don't know why. It's not very becoming, here's the thing. I was in the closed door meeting with the Republican conference on Wednesday that was led by our Vice President-elect Mike Pence. The main topic of conversations is repealing and replacing ObamaCare. Having a very serious ultimate conversation about how exactly to do that, knowing that millions of people rely upon it, knowing that pre- existing condition coverage is popular.

But Eric, we did try to help in 2009. We were rebuffed and won everything not nailed to the ground in 2010 because ObamaCare was the first major entitlement pass in this country without a single vote from one of the two political parties. A pass without a single Republican vote, his party owns it. And it will not be a great part of his legacy because you have millions of Americans who are paying higher premiums, 116 percent increase in Arizona. Fifty three percent increase in Pennsylvania but rate example.

You've got people with fewer choices, lower quality, less access, and more frustration and less certainty. The biggest lie and the biggest piece of fake news I've heard in the last ten years, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Big lies that had real consequences for Americans. Donald Trump and Mike Pence are going to allow you to buy your health insurance across state lines.

They're going to allow you to have a health savings account where you control more of your spending, your health care spending, they're going to permit individual polls. They're going to block Medicaid to the state. And there is so many positive free markets reforms in health care and more patient's centric and less government's centric. And people are excited. Look, the Republicans won in 2010, '14, and 16 in large parts because of ObamaCare. They nominated RomneyCare in 2012 and couldn't talk about the issue.

BOLLING: Kelly, I only have about half a minute or so. But is there a way to get the Democrats to play ball and work with Donald Trump?

CONWAY: I think so.

BOLLING: Chuck Schumer has already said, we're not going to work with them. Nancy Pelosi said forget it, we are not working with him.

CONWAY: Well, look at where they represent there. Chuck Schumer represents New York and she represents San Francisco. Not exactly represents with the rest of the country where people are suffering under ObamaCare. I believe that the his ten Democratic senator that after the election in states that Donald Trump won and five of the states he won by double digits, I think they will play ball on ObamaCare repeal. And I think they'll play ball on tax repackage because they know what their constituents won. If they're being honest to those they represent. They will go according to those constituents and not according to petty partisan politics.

BOLLING: Kellyanne Conway, always great to spend some time with you. Thank you very much.

CONWAY: Thank you, Eric.

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