Trump returns to his element, holds rally for supporters

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DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Dana Perino, along with Lisa Boothe, Juan Williams, Eric Bolling, and Greg Gutfeld. It's 5 o'clock in New York City. And this is "The Five."

President-elect Trump kicked off his nationwide thank you tour last night in Ohio, one of several swing states that helped him pull off his victory. He delivered his first major address since winning the White House last month, firing up a large crowd of supporters.


DONALD TRUMP, UNITED STATES PRESIDENT-ELECT: We are going to bring our country together, all of our country. We're going to find common ground. The advantages are going to come back to our country. And they haven't for many, many years.

We pledge allegiance to one flag and that flag is the American flag.


TRUMP: From now on, it's going to be America First, OK? America First. Never again will anyone's interests come before the interests of the American people. It's not going to happen again. The era of economic surrender is over. We're going to fight for every last American job. It's time to remove the rust from the rust belt, and usher in a new industrial revolution. Somewhere along the way, we started thinking small. I'm asking you to dream big again. Americans will be the captains of their own destiny once again. We are going to come together and make America great again.



PERINO: So, in case you missed it last night, that was an excellent recap. I got to miss the rallies. I think he misses them, too, Eric. That was fun.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: We see him in his element there? That was just fantastic. You know, President Obama is very good at delivering a speech that's been written on the teleprompter. There's nothing -- I'm not being condescending or hateful on that. He is really good at it. You watch him, you are intrigued, you listen. Trump has an equal amount of -- I don't know, magnetism when he is off teleprompter, most of that speech. There were bullet points you could see. But when he went off and the crowd was responding, he is really in his element. Remember, early in the campaign, he was doing all of those. Then he would start to go down rabbit holes. They started to get him on prompter. I got to tell you, that was one of his best hours or hour and a halves that I have seen since early in the campaign.

PERINO: Just wait until his next one.

BOLLING: OK. I shall.

PERINO: Watching for the next one.

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Well, they're fun to watch. I have to say, he was gloating big time. But the difference is, he was gloating for them.

PERINO: Right.

GUTFELD: He wasn't saying I. In fact, he was saying we almost entirely through this entire event.

PERINO: He almost never says I.

GUTFELD: Yeah, which is another departure from President Obama. Obama was -- we used to count the I's. And he just goes we, we, we. So the gloating is actually -- in a way, he is kind of like putting himself out there and saying I will do this for you. I'm saying this is for you. It's not for me, it's for you, because you stood by me. So I think that's interesting. I was wondering though if you turn this on and you -- will this change any minds? It doesn't matter. He already won. But will this win over anybody? It's like for me when I turn on and see Pierce Morgan, I turn the channel. Is there going to be half of America that goes, you know what, I'm going to give this guy a chance?

PERINO: Well, I do think that people -- some people felt that way about President Obama.


PERINO: Some people lunged for the mute button.


PERINO: . when he came on. So, maybe, turnabout is fair play. Welcome, too, Lisa. Did you have a good time watching last night?

LISA BOOTHE, CO-HOST: I did. And look, he should be -- to Greg's point, I mean, he should be gloating a little bit because he defied conventional wisdom. He got outspent you know more than three times by Hillary Clinton and her allies through paid media. So this is a guy who defied all odds from both the primary campaign, throughout the duration of the general election as well. So there should be a sense of gloating because he did win.

But this is what Donald Trump does well. And part of the reason why he was able to defy the odds to break through a lot of the negative media attention that we know that he received was because of things like this. He spoke directly to the people. And I think this is also why he was elected as well. People felt like he was speaking to them. He was able to speak past the media and reach voters. I think it's smart he says he is going to continue doing these types of tours throughout his presidency. And I think it's smart because I think that's the way that he is going to break through with his message.

PERINO: OK. In 2004, Juan, when President Bush won, when we worked at the White House, he said to all of us, no gloating. So that may be an example of the Victorian era that we used to live in.

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Well, as I said, I'm old school on this. Listen, it's interesting for me to hear this. I think there's some part of me that wants to give him a chance. Then I said yesterday, boy, if he comes out tonight and speaks to the American people in terms of a unity message, I'm all for it. And in fact, he had a little bit of a unity message in what looked to me to be the written portion of the speech when he spoke about we don't want anybody part of bigotry or hatred, none of it. This guy is good for me.

But then when he starts to disparage journalists, when goes off on Raddatz, when he starts the stuff about Hillary Clinton again and gets the lock her up, lock her up, and we're going to build a wall, build a wall, it looked like he was back in campaign mode. So then I think, gosh, I'm not buying this.

GUTFELD: That's my point. But the thing is, I want to be clear, when I say he is gloating, he is actually gloating for them. He is not -- I don't think he is saying, hey, hey, I won. I'm thinking that he is saying, you won. And a lot of that stuff, a lot of the performance when he is making fun of the media is for them.

WILLIAMS: Well, OK. But then when he says stuff about John Kasich, the governor.


WILLIAMS: We don't have upper echelon leadership in this state without him in the center who did very well. I think he is even putting down Republicans.

GUTFELD: But is that kind of funny? It's kind of funny.


WILLIAMS: From the guy that is the president?


GUTFELD: We have to admit, this is a departure.

BOLLING: This is a thank you tour before he is sworn in. I mean, look, here is what -- watch this. Here is what I think you will see. You will see the same message that he had during the primary, during the general election only then it was we're going to do this, right. Now, he is the president-elect, he is saying, we are doing this. He has Carrier in his back, rearview mirror right here. He has got Ford in his rearview mirror, saying look, we are going to do this. And that's the beauty of it. The problem is Hillary's message was never we're going to do this. Hillary's message throughout the campaign.


GUTFELD: I'm with her.

BOLLING: I'm with her and it's not his time. There's something wrong with him. And that message didn't resonate.


BOOTHE: I would also say you mentioned him taking the dig at Kasich, and he divided the Republican Party. He has actually gone a long way in trying to unite the Republican Party since he was elected, extending olive branches. And I think even some of his cabinet picks are a reflection of that, the fact that he tapped someone like Nikki Haley for U.N. ambassador who did speak very critically of him. The fact that he is picking Mattis, who Senator Kaine -- more of defense talks as part of the party, who love, they adore him. The fact that you have someone like Senator Sessions, who is a little bit more of a populist, tea party wing. He is extending all of the branches. In fact, he even sat down with Governor Romney who was so critical about him throughout the general election. So he has done a lot to try to unite the Republican Party, also giving the nod of the head to Speaker Ryan to be able to run again and to be the next Speaker of the House. He has done a lot in terms of uniting the Republican Party.

WILLIAMS: What's he talking about when he said last night, those stupid politicians in Washington, I don't think he said Democrats.


BOOTHE: People think politicians in Washington are stupid.

WILLIAMS: Sure. OK. But now.


WILLIAMS: This is the difference, Lisa. Guess what, the American people elected him to be the leading politician in Washington.


BOOTHE: He is uniting people.

WILLIAMS: He has that weight. He has the bully pulpit. How do you chose to use it? I hope you use it for good, Mr. Trump.

PERINO: Well, yesterday, right before the show, remember we had John Roberts on the phone.


PERINO: Getting the latest about a possible pick for defense secretary. And then he said, wait, wait, wait, too soon, like don't want announce it's going to be Mattis because it probably isn't going to be. And then, a couple of hours later, because he wanted to announce it himself, you had the president-elect say this.


TRUMP: I don't want to tell you this because I want to save the suspense for next week. We are going to appoint Mad Dog Mattis as our Secretary of Defense. We're going to be announcing him on Monday of next week. Keep it inside the room. But that's what we have. And he is our best. They say he is the closest thing to General George Patton that we have. And it's about time. It's about time.


PERINO: You like the pick, Greg?

GUTFELD: Well, it's interesting. Mr. Trump isn't just building a cabinet. He's like creating his own version of the Magnificent Seven. It's like a remake of a classic film if you haven't seen it. And this candidate is an important candidate because he wasn't seeking the job. I think it was Ralph Peters who pointed this out that the best candidates are the ones who aren't actively trying to get a job. The other thing is people are scared because he has a nickname like Mad Dog. It's kind of good to have a general with a nickname like that. It's better than I don't know, like Captain Slinky. And people believe that these lawyers are pro-war. Generally, these old warriors are anti-war because they have seen it up close, and they take it extremely seriously, usually the least bellicose of anybody of anybody in the military.

PERINO: Even though he said some things that are quite strong, I guess, in terms of rhetoric, apparently, he is exceedingly humble and always gives credit to everybody else. Do you think Congress will give the waiver that is needed in order for him to.

BOLLING: I think so. Yeah, he does need the waiver. I prefer Mad Dog to Pussycat. I'm sure our enemies would rather him be Pussycat. The interesting pick is that Mad Dog or James Mattis has told president-elect Trump that he is against water-boarding and he wasn't always against water- boarding. He is against it. Trump has been for water-boarding. And he said OK. And he still tapped him for the Defense Department. Look what Trump has done now in four weeks. You have Pence -- cabinet. Vice- president is obviously -- Wilbur Ross commerce, defense, education, HHS, attorney general, transportation, and treasury. You are down to a handful. One important one, Secretary of State, and then you have AG.



BOLLING: DHS. But he has the very nuts and bolts of his cabinet ready and forward in a very short period of time.

WILLIAMS: So much for drain the swamp, huh? They look very establishment to me.


BOLLING: You can drain the swamp and keep most important people.

WILLIAMS: I just know what the man said. We're going to drain the swamp. We're bringing in new people. We don't like the Wall Street elites, all these rich people. What do we get? But back to Mattis, Kirsten Gillibrand, the senator from New York, already said she is going to oppose the waiver. Now, I happen to think Mattis is maybe the best of all the cabinet appointments that Trump has made. This is a guy known -- my favorite thing is he has some that are profane, but my favorite is, engage your brain before you engage your weapon. And he speaks in those kinds of terms as someone who is a learned warrior. He speaks wonderfully about.


WILLIAMS: Unlike someone else we know who might be at the head of this.

BOOTHE: But he is also someone who has a ton of respect from the military community. This is a general who fought on the front-lines along with his troops. This is someone who is very well respected. He has a distinguished record, a record of winning. And people just really respect him. So I think it's a change in trajectory in a sense that we have someone who is an incredible leader, someone who is going to take the fight to ISIS. And I think it's a signal of strength.

WILLIAMS: So he will now -- from what I read today, outrank Mike Flynn who is going to be the national security adviser. And Flynn has been at times -- you know, people describe him as unhinge and rough.

PERINO: Mattis would go in as a civilian.

WILLIAMS: Right. And Mattis also would go into Trump's ear as a counter and a strong counter. Because I think the military community will line up behind Mattis, not Flynn. But I think a lot of this has to do also with the fact that Mattis was willing to take on the Obama administration and say that he thought that their policy in terms of fighting ISIS lacked a sustained policy.

PERINO: So did Panetta.


PERINO: All right, let's go. Last night, the president-elect talked tough on immigration, taxes, and more. Hear that ahead. Plus, what he is saying now about Mitt Romney. And later, your favorite day, Facebook Friday.


PERINO: Post your questions for us on our Facebook page, We will be back in a minute.


BOLLING: President-elect Donald Trump is busy working on forming his cabinet. But he set aside time yesterday to thank America and to speak with Fox News. We have highlights from his interviews with Sean Hannity. Sean ran through a list of issues with the president-elect. Among them, the border wall with Mexico.


TRUMP: There are certain places you don't need a wall because you have mountains. You have other things. You have large and rather vicious rivers. But we're building a wall. It's going to be a real wall. We're going to stop the drugs from coming in. We're going to have people come in, but they're going to come in legally. And we're going to have a great wall. We're going to have a real wall and we're going to stop what's happening. Because what's happening in our country is very sad in so many different ways. But we are going to stop those drugs from coming in.


BOLLING: Greg, you point out rough to not build a wall after promising the wall.

GUTFELD: You got to do it. But he has to name the wall. China has the Great Wall of China. He should call it the Even Better Wall of America.



GUTFELD: But also, let's point out this thing in this segment, we will have thoughts from these various Fox News anchors. This is like the first time we had a president talk to us in eight years.


GUTFELD: My God, this is weird. How do you talk to him?

BOLLING: Dana, your thoughts on Trump's promise to build a wall?

PERINO: Well, that's one of the things when we were going through the cabinet choices so far, that Department of Homeland Security is a really important one. Because that job will be in terms of -- there's not just the idea of securing the border, you have to work with Congress. An immigration bill like Obamacare repeal and replace is going to be difficult. It's going to be hard to do. And it will be highly political. So I think that pick is really important and one I'm keeping my eye on.

BOLLING: Juan, oh ye of little faith, who never believed he was actually going to build a wall.

WILLIAMS: I didn't think he was going to get elected.


WILLIAMS: Let's not forget that. You know, the most interesting thing I heard when he was talking about Mitt Romney for Secretary of State. So there's one line of thinking that says this is all just a dance. Giuliani has it in the bag.

BOLLING: You want to hear this?

WILLIAMS: Yeah, let's go get this.


BOLLING: Ainsley Earhardt also had an opportunity to interview to Mr. Trump. Take a listen, they talked about Mitt Romney. Listen.


TRUMP: He has been very gracious. And don't forget, I hit Mitt pretty hard also. So I understand how it all works. But he has been very, very nice. We had dinner the other night. It was great. There was actually good chemistry. We will see what happens. We will pick our Secretary of State. We have some other announcements coming up literally very soon. People are loving our choices so far. We're going to have an amazing cabinet.


BOLLING: OK. Go ahead.

WILLIAMS: So what was interesting to me then, if so much of the narrative over the last two weeks has been about Mitt Romney, but that one line of thinking is he is doing a nice dance to reach out to the establishment wing of the Republican Party. And in fact, Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, has the job. Here he is now saying, wait a second, you know, it's not just that Mitt Romney is being nice to me and taking back when he called him a fraud and phony and all that. But he says, you know, I hit Mitt Romney, too.


WILLIAMS: Now, this strikes me as a different -- he is thinking, maybe I have some responsibility in all the bad language and bad blood that flowed back and forth. Maybe he is serious about Mitt Romney. It's not building the expectation beyond the point of dalliance. And I'm wondering what's going on.

BOLLING: So all these picks, you hear names, and a lot of times, you hear leaks and you have innuendo. This is one that for me it feels like the president-elect is literally the only one who knows at this moment and he doesn't even know at this moment.

BOOTHE: Yeah, I don't think we quite know here. Look, I mean, if you look at someone like Governor Mitt Romney aside the fact that they you know clearly got into words throughout the general election. Look, he has already picked Nikki Haley. So it wouldn't be surprising if he also brings Governor Romney into the fold. And Governor Romney, despite what people think of him, he is qualified for the position. I mean, this is a guy who is a governor. This is a guy that has run an international business. He saved the Salt Lake Winter Games. And this is a guy who obviously ran for president, has high name recognition. And I think would be respected by other world leaders. So if he picks him or not, he is clearly qualified for the job, I think it ultimately comes down to the fact that -- does Donald Trump trust him to do the job? Does Donald Trump trust him to do the job? And does Governor Romney feel comfortable to carry out the mission and the directive of President Trump?


WILLIAMS: One quick point to you. Steve Mnuchin. Steve Mnuchin is following Donald Trump's example. He is now talking to the press before he is confirmed. I never heard of anything like that.

PERINO: Victorian era.


WILLIAMS: But check this out, Eric.

BOLLING: Would that be medieval times?


WILLIAMS: I said old school. Here you get Mnuchin, right, Mr. Zillionaire, he says oh, there's going to be cuts for the middle class, tax cuts, but not necessarily for the wealthy. Well, wait a second, Donald Trump ran saying there will be tax cuts. Last night, he said tax cuts for everybody. What is going on here?

BOLLING: You are confused.


BOLLING: OK. I think I'm going to be wrong. I'm hoping Rudy Giuliani gets the nod for the Secretary of State. It's really telling, some of the -- we had good chemistry?


GUTFELD: I don't know if he is trolling Mitt or he is messing with Newt. I'm going to make Newt jealous. It's like you know, when you have a cat and you bring home a puppy. And you just play with the puppy. The cat gets angry.


BOOTHE: That's very devious.

PERINO: That's a great tease for my one next thing.


BOLLING: The election is over, but tempers are still flaring between Team Clinton and Team Trump. Top aides from both campaigns actually got into a pretty heated shouting match when they took part in a forum at Harvard University yesterday. You are not going to want to miss this next.


WILLIAMS: Yesterday, aides from the Trump and Clinton campaigns gathered at a post-election conference at Harvard. And boy, it was icy. A lot of emotions filled the room. At one point, the discussion completely went off the rails. Here is part of the testy exchange between Clinton communication director Jennifer Palmieri and Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.


JENNIFER PALMIERI, CLINTON COMMUNICATION DIRECTOR: If providing a platform for white supremacist makes me a brilliant tactician, I'm glad to have lost -- give me a minute, David. I'm more proud of Hillary Clinton's speech than any other moment on the campaign.



PALMIERI: She has the courage to stand up. A dispute erupted between Conway and Clinton's former chief strategist.

CONWAY: No, you wouldn't.


CONWAY: That's very clear today. No, you wouldn't, respectfully. I'm sorry, how exactly did we win. So go for it, Jen, how exactly did we win. I would like to know because.


CONWAY: . last four months of my to do this.

PALMIERI: Excuse me. And we did it.


WILLIAMS: A dispute also erupted between Conway and Clinton's former chief strategist, Joel Beneson.


JOEL BENESON, CLINTON'S FORMER CHIEF STRATEGIST: Listen, you guys won. That's clear. You won the Electoral College.


BENESON: Let's be honest. Don't act as if you have some popular mandate for your message. And Tony will talk about the wrong track number again like you and I just did. The fact of the matter is that most Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump.


CONWAY: And there is nothing that says the road to popular vote, anywhere.


BENESON: I premised my statement by saying that.


CONWAY: Guys, we won. You don't have to respond.


CONWAY: Seriously, hold on. Why is there no mandate? You lost 60 Congressional seats since President Obama got there. You lost more than a dozen senators, a dozen governors, one thousand states.


CONWAY: A mandate.


WILLIAMS: Lisa, a mandate. So it's a difference now the Clinton people point. First of all, folks choking up, somebody wrote today it was like Jerry Springer without the chairs being thrown. But you could hear Jennifer Palmieri choking up. She is so angry. So I guess the feelings remain, huh?

BOOTHE: Well, I think this all right racist-driven narrative by the Democratic Party as the reason why they lost. And the division is what the Democratic Party does best. Look at the nearly 700 counties that went for President Obama, one-third flipped for Donald Trump. Look at 194 out of 207 counties.

WILLIAMS: You mean, went from Obama to Trump?

BOOTHE: To Trump, yes. Flipped from Obama to Trump. You look at 194 out of 207 counties that Obama won in 2008 or 2012, went for Donald Trump. Are they all racist?

And you also look at the fact -- I don't know how the Democratic Party can say this on the same breath. And you have Senator Chuck Schumer, who's going to be the minority leader in the Senate, who is endorsing Keith Ellison, who has previously said that black Americans need a separate country and that the U.S. Constitution -- this is his own words, Juan. He said the United States Constitution is evidence of a white racist conspiracy to subjugate other people.

So how you can possibly drive that narrative when you are propping up someone who's going to lead your party nationally, potentially, who says things like that?

WILLIAMS: Well, the Constitution, obviously, didn't give citizens -- or didn't even give humanity to black people.

BOOTHE: I think Kellyanne is right. The reason why they lost, Hillary Clinton didn't connect with people.

WILLIAMS: Yes, that was her fault.

BOOTHE: And she didn't have an economic driven message.

WILLIAMS: OK. But so Eric, when you look at what you -- this whole argument, it really comes down to an argument about Steve Bannon and whether or not Bannon, when he was at Breitbart, in his words, provided a platform for white nationalists.

BOLLING: No, no, it -- it's unbelievable that Jennifer Palmieri, given what she knows now, that this narrative that Lisa points out they picked up -- and I'll tell you exactly when they picked that narrative up. And I think it was the turning point in the election, is when Hillary Clinton went from he's bad. This is why you can't vote for Donald Trump or half the people who support Donald Trump are deplorable, that was a big sea change in the attitude.

People who weren't deplorable, didn't feel deplorable, maybe were even undecided up until then, decided, "I can't vote for that." I think that was a big change.

And here they are, after the election. She's still perpetrating this narrative that didn't work. If I were Democrats, I'd say I distance myself from her comments as fast and rapidly as I can. And also this whole alt- right.

WILLIAMS: That's what I wanted you to respond to.

BOLLING: Stay away from that.

WILLIAMS: OK, but I'm going to tell you, there are lots of Democrats who have trouble with Steve Bannon on just this point.

BOLLING: Juan, Donald Trump was elected by American people in the heartland. Take out the coast. As Lisa points out, 200 counties that voted for Obama helped elect Donald Trump. Not everyone is part of that alt-right movement. That alt-right -- there's a movement over there. But -- and Donald Trump himself has looked in the camera at "60 Minutes" and said, "Stop it. We're not about this. And we're not." It's no -- it's a losing debate.

Dana, so this is a very -- as you can tell just here on this set -- very charged debate. Kellyanne Conway said last night voters vote on what affects them, not what offends them. So if he's putting down John McCain, talking about grabbing women or Mexicans are rapists or thieves, she's saying, "You know what? That's not -- that didn't matter to our voters. What our voters cared about were economic issues, things that affected them."

PERINO: When it came to the choice.


PERINO: What they took. And I don't like to see anybody upset. So I don't -- and it's only been three weeks. So I understand the Clinton people are still feeling stung by the -- by the loss.

But I also, when I lose, I try -- I just go into complete humility mode and humble. And seek a way to understand, rather than to come up with things that just -- I think it's masking their real problem.

For example, you're looking at this Wisconsin recount. Hillary Clinton never campaigned there. And so there were some just nuts and bolts of the campaign that they totally missed.

I also don't like it when somebody doesn't get the credit where it is due. And I feel like Kellyanne Conway is not getting the kind of credit that is due as the first woman campaign manager to successfully bring a victory to a presidential candidate. She really deserves it. She's really tough.

And I would add one last thing. I do think that there is a mandate on one particular issue. And it is the Supreme Court. And I think that if that really helps drive the message forward -- and Mitch McConnell was really smart not to try to confirm Merrick Garland and say, "We're going to hold."

WILLIAMS: He's the winner.

PERINO: And that drove a lot of people.

So Greg, one of the more interesting aspects to this was, I thought, they're going to go after FOX News. Remember, Obama went after FOX News. You had that delightful piece on about this issue.

GUTFELD: Thank you.

WILLIAMS: But in fact, they went after CNN. They went after Jeff Zucker. And they said, oh, you let Trump have all the time on the air, unfiltered. You let his surrogates come on and tell lies, and then the anchors would try to come back. But the American people -- and this is coming, by the way, not from Democrats. This is coming from people who represented Rubio, Cruz, Bush.


WILLIAMS: Saying you just gave all the air time in the world to Donald Trump.

GUTFELD: Well, it's because he's entertaining.

Here's the thing. Palmieri -- is that how you say it?

PERINO: Palmieri, yes.


GUTFELD: She's like a villain who keeps firing the gun after she's out of bullets. And it's the race and bigotry pistol that no longer works anymore, because for the past eight years -- maybe even let's go back further, back to the late '60s -- that gun has been fired over and over again.

BOLLING: Remember those old squirt guns, the trick squirt guns, where they actually shoot you in the face?

GUTFELD: Yes, yes, yes.

BOLLING: They keep shooting the squirt gun that's shooting them in the face.

GUTFELD: Because you know what happened is it's like they expanded the target of abuse. It used to just be, you know, a narrow band of conservatives. But it worked. It scared conservatives. It terrified them. They were afraid to speak up. So they kept widening the ban to more Americans and more Americans and more Americans until it was including Democrats and liberals who were thinking about voting for Trump. So that if you weren't falling in line, you had this swath of America who were now racists, misogynists, sexists, Islamophobes. And that's when the gun ran out of bullets.

WILLIAMS: But I've heard you say that the media gave a lot of attention to Trump.

GUTFELD: Absolutely.

WILLIAMS: And so here's -- here's what they're saying. That you know what? You just let him run the field. And CNN said -- what I heard, they're going to make a billion in profits, their most profitable year ever. Media did do well.

GUTFELD: You know why Palmieri went after Kellyanne Conway?


GUTFELD: Because she's a woman.

WILLIAMS: A woman? That could be.

GUTFELD: Sexist, sexist, sexist.

WILLIAMS: All right, calm down, young fellow.

Stay right there. "Facebook Friday" up next.



GUTFELD: Welcome back. It's your "Mighty Mouse," Greg Gutfeld. Friday, "Facebook Friday," that's what we call it here. Great first question. I am going to go to you, Dana, and go around this way. This is from Jan M.: "What hidden talent do each of you have?"

PERINO: I'm supposed to answer for myself?

GUTFELD: That's an interesting answer. I don't even know what that means.

PERINO: I'm a great mimic.

GUTFELD: Oh, really?


GUTFELD: Actually, you are.


GUTFELD: Pretty good.

PERINO: I'm pretty good.

GUTFELD: You can't do any here, though, right?

PERINO: No. It's a secret.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

BOOTHE: It's supposed to be hidden.

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly.

PERINO: But I'm really good.


PERINO: You know who you are.

GUTFELD: No, they don't, actually.

PERINO: I'm really good.

GUTFELD: I kind of -- Eric.

BOLLING: Hidden talent is that -- numbers -- I love numbers. I can kind of eat, drink and sleep numbers. I also can eat really hot stuff.

GUTFELD: Really?

BOLLING: and handle it no problem.

My wife has the best hidden talent I've ever seen. She's never been -- among other things, she's never been medically trained. She can diagnose - - she can hear two or three symptoms...

PERINO: Really?

BOLLING: ... and nail what the issue is better than any doctor I've ever seen. It's uncanny what -- that ability.

GUTFELD: That's a good TV movie.

PERINO: "Name That Disease."

GUTFELD: Yes. That would be very depressing.

"Oh, it's fatal. Anyway, here's your parting gift. Literally, it is a parting gift."


WILLIAMS: I don't know how to answer this. I'm thinking, well, like...

GUTFELD: That's why it's a great question.

WILLIAMS: Well, people, you know, like -- If I say to people, "Oh, you know, I was a championship cross-country runner." People say, "Really? We didn't know that." Or you know, I was on the -- I was the captain of a championship basketball team. People say, "Oh, I didn't know you played sports." Or...

PERINO: Of course you were.

WILLIAMS: Then the people say -- this is the one that gets me. People come up to me and they say, "You know, I saw a book in the bookstore today, and it was by a guy named Juan Williams." Like, wait a minute.

GUTFELD: Who is that guy?

WILLIAMS: They don't associate the person on the TV...


WILLIAMS: ... especially with books about history. They just...

GUTFELD: Your secret talent, he doesn't -- you order the biggest thing on every menu, and then you eat it.

PERINO: At any time of day.

GUTFELD: At any time of day. You will have three full meals a day, and you're still as slim as a weed.

WILLIAMS: No, what Dana says is that I'm a grazer.


WILLIAMS: I graze. I just keep eating all day.

BOLLING: We've experienced that on some of these road trips. He can graze on the bus tour.


WILLIAMS: On the bus.

GUTFELD: Not just food. He'll eat anything.

PERINO: Also, he can sleep anywhere with a blanket over his head.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

WILLIAMS: That's a talent.

GUTFELD: That's amazing. Lisa, how about you? Secret talent?

BOOTHE: They're all very impressive. But I can throw a mean spiral. I grew up with three brothers. So if I had a ball, I could show you, but yes. Not anymore. Everyone knows now.

GUTFELD: My secret talent is I can fly. But I can't show you. I can't show you. It's only when I'm naked.

PERINO: Oh, God.

GUTFELD: All right. Real quick. Sorry.

John writes, "If you could eliminate one government entity" -- Lisa, we'll go this way, quickly -- "what would it be and why?"



BOLLING: She took the best one.


BOOTHE: Get rid of regulation.


WILLIAMS: I think that government shouldn't have anything do with arts.

GUTFELD: That's pretty good.

BOLLING: Really? That really is interesting.

I would eliminate the Department of Education, I think.

GUTFELD: How about you, Dana?

PERINO: The Government Accountability Office.

GUTFELD: What do they do anyway?

PERINO: They do, like -- they just report -- lots of reports about the government.

GUTFELD: But they said entity, so I'm just going to say all of the parks.



PERINO: I'm for the parks.

GUTFELD: A lot of animals in there, bears. I don't trust them. Hairy things, don't trust them.

Anyway, do you want me to do another? No. They're good. I think they just gave up in the middle of this. They're like...

PERINO: Are they still watching?

GUTFELD: I don't know. I don't know. No, it's Friday. That's when all the producers go down to the bar.

BOLLING: They're at Langan's right now.

GUTFELD: They're getting wasted.

BOOTHE: And then come back.

GUTFELD: Because that's what they do.

All right.


GUTFELD: More...

BOOTHE: Hearing their names.

GUTFELD: I'm just going to go longer and longer. More from President- elect Trump's first post-election rally ahead.


BOOTHE: Last night, President-elect Trump spent a good deal of time thanking supporters. But he also squeezed in a number of digs to his doubters, specifically the mainstream media.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENT-ELECT OF THE UNITED STATES: Remember when they said, "He cannot win North Carolina"? So we had just won Ohio, Iowa and we had just won Florida. "Breaking news, Donald Trump has won Florida." They say, "Whoa!"

The people back there, the extremely dishonest press, said -- very dishonest people.


BOOTHE: Mr. Trump singled out one member of the press in particular.


TRUMP: How about when a major anchor who hosted a debate started crying when she realized that we won? Tears. "No, tell me this isn't true." And you know what she doesn't understand? Things are going to be much better now. She doesn't understand.


BOOTHE: He was clearly referring to ABC News anchor Martha Raddatz on election night. She says she wasn't crying, but she certainly sounded a bit choked up by the thought of a President Trump.

So Juan, I want to know -- you know, there has to be equal accountability. Right? So it's the media's job to hold candidates and politicians accountable.


BOOTHE: But shouldn't the media also be held accountable?

WILLIAMS: Absolutely. What do you mean?

BOOTHE: Well, that's what he was doing.

WILLIAMS: No. I think what he was -- he was mocking her. And I think that's what's a little much. I mean, clearly, I don't know if she was choked up or not. She says she wasn't choked up. But clearly, she was emotional about it to some degree. And clearly, she was wrong, to your point.

But I think he uses now the press as a whipping boy. And I don't know that this is totally true. We were talking earlier about how there's complaints about how the press, in fact, opened the door to Donald Trump. Gave him so much press time.

BOOTHE: Well, Eric, why do you think the media got things so wrong?

BOLLING: Because they're liberal. And they're vastly liberal.

My problem is, you know, Martha Raddatz did get choked up. She got emotional. And his point about -- this is someone who moderated a debate.

Also, Donna Brazile leaked questions of a debate to Hillary Clinton, as well. He had it -- it was so against him. It was, like, 90 percent against him. He has a right to do this. Can you imagine that she was getting choked up about him winning? That's a fair and balanced journalist? You think that's fair and balanced to cry about...

WILLIAMS: There weren't journalists on the right who were absolutely in support of him?

BOLLING: Did they moderate debates?

WILLIAMS: I think FOX had a debate this time.

BOLLING: Did you see Chris -- do you think Wallace would have welled up if Hillary Clinton won?

BOOTHE: There were a lot of pictures of various anchors on TV that night that were a little, you know, looking disappointed, if you will.

You know, Dana, the White House -- the next White House press secretary is going to have a huge role in working with the press. You know, what -- how important is that going to be for Donald Trump to identify a good press secretary? And, you know, what do you think that role is going to look like for them?

PERINO: Well, I love that job. I think it's a really important one. And I spent 50 percent of my time advocating and defending the presidency of the United States.

But the other 50 percent I really spent advocating and defending access of the right of the press to question the government. So I don't -- again, that could be Victorian era. But I think it's important, and I do believe that the president-elect will find that the reporters in the briefing room itself strive very hard to be fair. And I think that has been true for President Obama, and it was true for us.

BOOTHE: Greg, did Martha Raddatz cry?

GUTFELD: Well, I refer to the...

PERINO: She said she didn't, Lisa, I mean...

GUTFELD: I refer to this as Choke-gate.

BOOTHE: It's a joke.

GUTFELD: She was choking up -- they were talking about the military, if I -- and about the military under Trump.

I don't really -- here's the -- here's the truth here. You can't go wrong bashing media. We do it. They do it. The media does it to themselves. Everybody does it. And it's OK, because the media is already armed. They own the turf of communication. It's their -- it's their field.

So with -- imagine -- OK, let's put it this way. Imagine the media is like an armed gang. And Donald Trump is like this -- like this innocent pedestrian being chased. He just stumbled onto a rifle. You know, and he's just -- that's what a normal citizen is when they're dealing with the media. They -- when they fight back, they are outnumbered. And when they get the weapon, they should use it.

BOOTHE: All right.

GUTFELD: Another gun metaphor for me today.

BOOTHE: Yes, you're really into guns today.


BOOTHE: "One More Thing" is coming up next.


PERINO: It's time now for "One More Thing" -- Juan Williams.

WILLIAMS: Hey, so yesterday, I shared pictures of a couple, Ferris and Margaret Romaire of Louisiana, who have no wedding pictures. But their granddaughter sweetly arranged for them to have a photo shoot on their 70th wedding anniversary.

So guess what, Greg? Turns out the lovely couple was watching yesterday. And their granddaughter, Amanda, sent me a note today that I thought was so sweet. I just want to share it.

She said that "This moment ranks in the top three moments of my grandpa's life. He has so much respect for FOX and feels so honored that FNC shared the story."

Ferris himself also wrote me a note. And he said that, while he's a Republican who voted for Donald Trump, he has a whole new respect for this Democrat on "The Five" after sharing his story.

Well, Mr. Romaire, let me tell you, my hat's off to you, buddy. When it comes to big news, I think 70 years of marriage, it's one in a million. And I don't know anyone who's been married 70 years. To me, your story is worth FOX's time.

PERINO: Juan made a friend.


WILLIAMS: Yes, he did.

PERINO: You're next.

GUTFELD: All right. Tomorrow night, 10 a.m., "Greg Gutfeld Show." I've got Rob Long, the producer from "Cheers" and the new Kevin James show. I think he does that. And Kennedy. Love Kennedy. You know the -- Kennedy, our Kennedy.



GUTFELD: Greg's Prison News.


GUTFELD: I'm so excited by this. OK. This guy in Washington County got arrested. His name is Craig Buckner. This is his mugshot. He happened to be with his bird at the time that he was arrested.

Now, why does this bother me? Mugshots are taken so that you recognize the person. So if this guy is walking around without the bird, no one's going to recognize him.

PERINO: That's a great point.

GUTFELD: Thank you.

PERINO: Thank you for bringing that up.

GUTFELD: You're welcome.

PERINO: So someone on Instagram told me about this cartoon for kids in Hungary about a Hungarian Vischla named Frakk.

GUTFELD: Watch your mouth.

PERINO: F-R-A-K-K. It has English subtitles. You can find it on YouTube. And the Hungarian Vischla, like Jasper, was acquired by the owner to give his wife's cats a hard time. It's a great cartoon. So those of you who like Jasper.

Meet me in Texas this weekend. I'll be in Katy Mills, The Woodlands, College Station and Waco, Grapevine and Plano over the next two days. has all the details -- Eric.

BOLLING: OK. Very quickly. Tomorrow, "Cashin' In." Lisa Boothe will be on "Cashin' In" with me.

OK. Let's talk about the Carrier deal. It's a win, win, win, and here's how. Average wage of a Carrier worker, we looked it up. We went to Carrier, $70,000.

PERINO: That's great.

BOLLING: It is. It's great wages. Wages and benefits. You pay taxes on the benefits. $70,700, 1,100 jobs. That's $77,770,000.

But if you applied tax burden -- tax rate to that, 25 percent on average federal tax, 3.3 percent to the state, the feds are going to raise $19 million in taxes. The state is going to raise $2.5 million in taxes per year. So $700,000 per year investment by Indiana is going to return $2.5 million per year.

And let's not forget, $77 million worth of economic activity going towards the state, as well. This is a deal, guys. Anyone wants to do this deal should do this deal.

WILLIAMS: Yes, yes, 4.6 unemployment. You're saying "Thanks, Obama"? This is such a rip-off the American taxpayer.

BOOTHE: The state of Tennessee has been hit very hard. The Gatlinburg wildfires claimed 13 lives. And the southern part of the state has been swept by tornadoes.

But out of darkness sometimes there is life. A miracle birth coming out of those deadly tornadoes. It happened just this week. A Tennessee woman named Amber Newman gave birth to her daughter Ava on Wednesday after being rescued from her home that had been ravaged by a tornado. A team of 20 first responders walked three miles through tornado debris to get to her. She and her family were in it when it was thrown from the air, flipped several times before landing more than 200 feet away.

PERINO: All right. I don't mean to cut you off, but we have to go. Have a great weekend. "Special Report" is next.

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