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'The Five' break down what to expect


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KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Kimberly Guilfoyle along with Juan Williams, Eric Bolling, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld. It's 5 o'clock in Cleveland and this is "The Five."

Tonight's the night. We are just a few hours away from Donald Trump's shining moment when he accepts the republican nomination for president. The theme for the grand finale of the convention is "Make America One Again." This afternoon, Trump did a final walk through on the stage to make sure everything is just perfect for his close up. His running mate Mike Pence accepted his vice presidential nomination last night. He introduced himself to the American people and told them why he thinks he was chosen to be Trump's VP.


MIKE PENCE, TRUMP'S RUNNING MATE FOR VICE PRESIDENT: You know he's a man known for a large personality, a colorful style and lots of charisma and so, I guess he was just looking for some balance on the ticket.


PENCE: For those of you who don't know me, which is most of you, I grew up on the front row of the American dream. My grandfather immigrated to this country. I was raised in a small town in southern Indiana, in a big family with a cornfield in the backyard. Now if you know anything about Hoosiers, you know we love to suit up and compete. We play to win that's why I joined this campaign in a heartbeat.


GUILFOYLE: All right. Mike Pence reaching out to America to introduce himself, because many perhaps did not really know who he was. He kind of touched on about little bit Dana, to say perhaps you guys didn't know who I am. This is why I think I was chosen and then playing down the whole, you know, Trump has charisma, maybe he wanted someone a little subtle like myself.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Yeah, I thought that was great. So well written, and it was written for his voice. And he wasn't trying to be anybody that he's not, right? So he wasn't like, I'm going to come out here and try to dazzle you like Donald Trump, he's like I'm just going to be myself. Marc Thiessen in the column of "The Washington Post" today and saying that, "No matter what happens, this year in 2016, Mike Pence did himself a really good service and a good service for this ticket." And a really nice setup also for Donald Trump today who arguably, you always say this, but this is the most important speech of his life tonight.

GUILFOYLE: But it really is.

PERINO: It actually. This time it is.

GUILFOYLE: OK, fantastic. Greg, you're making strange faces.

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: You know, what I thought that was a great point he made about balance. He's like teller to Penn. You know Penn and Teller, you got Penn, who's the big tall, loud guy and the Teller is the guy that does all the cool stuff in the background. It's the presidential version of Penn and Teller. Pence achieved what was very important, not to be too memorable. You know, you don't want a vice president that starts, you know, wetting the carpet and turning over the furniture. He went in there, he did give a pleasant speech that was enjoyable and he's so airbrushed. He looks like somebody who would play Mike Pence in a movie about politics, like they don't have to find somebody. So I thought he cleaned up really nice.

GUILFOYLE: All right. So Bolling, what about the message for unity, the Republican Party? How did you think this whole scene went last night? And people seemed to be pleased with Mike Pence.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Well, yeah, but don't forget what happened right before Mike Pence.


BOLLING: That was part of the problem. And I kind of predicted this yesterday, like keep your eye in Ted Cruz. I was worried that was, what was going to happen, actually did happen and it did. So Mike Pence was left, trying to figure out how he's going to bring it back. I think he's a solid choice. I didn't ever think he was when Donald first said, "Mike Pence is my VP," but it make sense now, Pence makes sense.



BOLLING: Thank you.


BOLLING: I'll be over --


BOLLING: Well, one more day.


BOLLING: And Greg highlights the fact that you have Donald Trump. He is bombastic, he's out there and Mike Pence is all behind the scenes. That's great. But again, man, the whole rest of the night was, how are they going to fix this Ted Cruz problem?

GUILFOYLE: Yeah. All right, so how did you -- do you have something positive to say, you think it's going better now or what you think?

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: No. Remember yesterday I asked you, do you think this convention is a success? I just, I don't understand because I, to me this is like the worst convention I've ever seen. I seen a lot of them, but I mean, day after day, there's no consistent message that would appeal to people who may be undecided and they're looking and thinking gosh, I wonder if I could really go. Maybe I don't like Hillary Clinton so much. You know the real questions about her trustworthiness on -- so can I go for Donald Trump and now Mike Pence. Well, I think Mike Pence is forgettable. I got to tell you, I don't think most Americans knew him before and I don't think most Americans are going to remember him after last night. I think they are going to what Eric said, which is the theme of the whole day, all the headlines, all the news coverage, about Ted Cruz.

BOLLING: Yeah, but --

GUTFELD: You know, but can I -- could have --

BOLLING: . very quickly.


BOLLING: After Ted Cruz delivered this stuff, Newt Gingrich did a fantastic job .

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, he's --

BOLLING: . cleaning some of the mess up.

WILLIAMS: Come on. How are you gonna clean --

BOLLING: That Eric Trump .

WILLIAMS: Wait a second, wait a second.

BOLLING: . did very, very great in solid job.


GUTFELD: We'll talk about that in the next block.

BOLLING: I know, I know.

WILLIAMS: Ok. All right, all right.

BOLLING: I just want o make sure --

GUTFELD: But you're right, he did neutered, he neutered it. He did, he neutered it.


GUTFELD: But you know, to Juan's point, I think that the reason why you feel that way is, I think our expectations were really high, because this was such a unique convention, because you had a television star, you had the specter of conflict inside the party and conflict outside the building; violence and unrest and all the stuff. So you expected this to be overly dramatic when, in fact, it was kind of like -- it has been under dramatic, except for a few flashes here and there, I think.

WILLIAMS: And people tell me they think it's boring, Greg.

BOLLING: Well, wait till tonight.

WILLIAMS: And you know what, and part of it.

BOLLING: Wait till tonight, though.

WILLIAMS: Part of the bar that you speak about was Donald Trump saying, "You know what, I'm going to have the most entertaining, the most spectacular convention ever." That's what he said.

GUTFELD: That's a little promise.


BOLLING: Well, it's not over.

GUTFELD: I know that's true. It's true.

GUILFOYLE: Can I promote (ph) --

BOLLING: The big final edge, yeah.


GUILFOYLE: Dana, you have a comment.

PERINO: I'm just gonna say, I've already packed. I'm ready to go.


WILLIAMS: Get out of here.

PERINO: But I also over prepare. I did want to make one thing, make a point about the theme yesterday, which was, "Make America First Again," would've might be a fine theme, OK. I think Greg made a good point yesterday, America is already first. So we don't need to do that. But I think if anyone was paying attention to other media that Donald Trump yesterday, he really undercut that message with his interview with "The New York Times" on foreign policy. I mean, it could not have been further be afar from what like Ronald Reagan talked about in terms of what galvanized the country to help protect and defend nations who might be under threat, like the Baltic States and it's a long interview. You can take a look at it. But part of being first, a lot of people in that room is that they grow up believing that America is the leader of the free world. And we want to stay that way. But basically, he was talking about how -- we have such terrible civil liberties record that we shouldn't be able -- we shouldn't judge any other country.

GUTFELD: It's very Obama.

PERINO: Well, he has worst -- yeah, it was. And that's not -- no. I understand that the mass public is not looking at "The New York Times" interview, but I found that to be really strange and undercut the message yesterday.

BOLLING: But also, and I'm not sure this is what they were going for, but the country over the last eight years is worse off than when he took over. Now we came out of a recession, but our household incomes are down.

PERINO: No, I'm just talking about the policy.

BOLLING: Our household incomes are down.

WILLIAMS: If you want to do this, this is the ridiculous thing, because look, you are big investor.

BOLLING: Can I finish? Can I finish?

WILLIAMS: Let me pick one quick point to you. You invest in the stock .

BOLLING: Yes, I do.

WILLIAMS: . market, right?

BOLLING: No, I don't Juan. I don't.

WILLIAMS: Stock market is at record highs.

BOLLING: That's it.

WILLIAMS: Oh no, that's not it.

BOLLING: In the middle of last week.

WILLIAMS: How about wages?

BOLLING: And everyone between --

WILLIAMS: Wages up last two years.

BOLLING: Once you get west of let's say .

WILLIAMS: Oh, come on.

BOLLING: . I don't know, New Jersey or east of Bakersfield, California, the rest of the country is saying, what's going on?

PERINO: Right.

BOLLING: This isn't good --

WILLIAMS: It's not true.

PERINO: I was just talking about the foreign policy aspect .


PERINO: . to "The New York Times" --

BOLLING: No doubt, but "Make America First Again" may have a lot to do with making America first on economics.

GUILFOYLE: Make America one again.

PERINO: I'm talking about the values of protecting people -- like believing in freedom and believing that we should help oversee.

BOLLING: Our economic freedom, we're like 30th in the world.

PERINO: Well, OK. Then you know what, that would be a great comment for him to make. That is not what he was saying yesterday.

BOLLING: He might say it tonight.

GUILFOYLE: Let's talk a little bit more about Pence, because he also made the case for why he thinks our country needs to rally behind his running mate, Donald Trump. Take a listen.


PENCE: You have nominated a man for president who never quits, who never backs down, a fighter, a winner. Donald Trump gets it. He's the genuine article. He's a doer in a game usually reserved for talkers. And when Donald Trump does his talking, he doesn't tiptoe around the thousand new rules of political correctness. He's his own man, distinctly American.


GUILFOYLE: OK. So do you think that this was helpful in terms of unifying, or saying this is why people should get behind Donald Trump? Did Pence make the case?

BOLLING: I mean it wasn't that compelling for me. I'll be honest with you. It wasn't a speech where I go, wow, that really, that you saw my Ted Cruz problem, you saw my unity problem that I'm seeing. But I think again, I know we're going to talk about it later, but it needs to be brought out right now. Tonight is the night that happens. Tonight is the night you Peter Field, I'm going to talk about him later -- amazing guy, followed by Ivanka Trump, followed by Donald Trump and he closes the show, a real showman. I think you have the whole lot reserve judgment about the whole convention until we were done with the convention.


GUTFELD: They should have a Trump dog get out there and bark.


WILLIAMS: What are you talking about?

GUILFOYLE: What do you mean compelling --


GUTFELD: Don't you get anything that is related to Trump should be up there. They should have a talking Trump steak.

GUILFOYLE: Because everything, Trump is awesome.


GUTFELD: By the way, he should begin his speech with the first paragraph from Melania's speech and go, just kidding. And then go fourscore and seven years ago.

PERINO: It would be funny like to make a joke about it.

GUTFELD: Make a joke about it.

PERINO: That's how you get over things.

GUTFELD: Because he's a funny guy.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah. And so Dana, we have Ivanka Trump, obviously, tonight, too. I mean, I think that's really going to be special because she's been widely regarded.

PERINO: Yes. And we're going to talk about --

GUILFOYLE: I know it's coming up next. Yes. So pointed --

GUTFELD: Oh, keep on, keep on point, Kimberly.

GUILFOYLE: It's like Thursday in the convention.

GUTFELD: Keep on point.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, a little OC --

PERINO: I did have a point, wait. I have a point .

GUTFELD: How dare you.

PERINO: . that it was something relevant. Oh, OK, about Pence's speech.


PERINO: So I didn't like the first and second night in terms of messaging for me. I was like .


PERINO: . I felt uninspired. I didn't feel like (inaudible) and Lucifer. I understand that Hillary Clinton is a unifying entity for republicans.

GUTFELD: By hate.

PERINO: Exactly. That wasn't for me. What I thought Pence did yesterday was he was making the case for Donald Trump, which with what you want in a convention. You want the lead-up to be look at .


PERINO: . who we nominated. He's amazing. These were affirmative reasons why you should want to vote for Donald Trump. I thought what Pence did last night on that score was very good.


PERINO: And better than what anybody else has done so far except for Eric, Eric and Donald Jr., the sons.

GUILFOYLE: Who we will be .

GUTFELD: Seeing.

GUILFOYLE: . talking about anymore.


BOLLING: Seeing later?

GUTFELD: Seeing later.

GUILFOYLE: We will see them later, in fact.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

GUILFOYLE: Indeed we will. Yes.

GUTFELD: It is like -- it is Trump night. But it is, and it is also like talent night at a high school. This is where everybody has got to perform. This is where everybody came to see, it's got to finish high and it's got to be positive and aspirational, right? Because --

BOLLING: Yeah. Isn't interesting that --

PERINO: I don't think they should go to some dark place.

BOLLING: Isn't interesting that the most successful and most compelling speakers so far have been the Trump kids.

GUTFELD: Yeah, yeah.

GUILFOYLE: Yes. They've --



GUILFOYLE: Knocked it out of the ballpark.

BOLLING: I think that's the sons.

WILLIAMS: No, that is the message.

PERINO: I thought you liked Rudy, though.

GUTFELD: I loved Rudy.

WILLIAMS: Oh yeah.

PERINO: Right.

WILLIAMS: Rudy can't even talk anymore. He was so hoarse today. I mean to say, he's screaming at the mic of this.


WILLIAMS: But the message .

PERINO: Right.

WILLIAMS: . if you want to say, here's the message that I've taken from this convention, Donald Trump's kids like Donald Trump. They're speaking up for him; they're witnesses for him -- testimonies. I think that's why my colleagues are looking forward to Ivana, right?



WILLIAMS: Ivanka, yeah. So, but you know what, it's all about Donald Trump tonight. I don't think anything really else, I mean, and the thing is he's got to reach outside the TV screen to the people at home. I think Greg's not even going because he wants to stay in his hotel room to watch. Because I think that's how most Americans are gonna experience it.

GUTFELD: That's exactly why I'm doing it. I don't want to -- I want to watch it like some kind of insider. I'm going to be doing it in my hotel room .

PERINO: That's a real man.

GUTFELD: . in my robe .

PERINO: That's the real American.

GUTFELD: . with a bottle of wine, because that's how America does it.


GUTFELD: I'm a real American.


GUILFOYLE: Those pictures are (inaudible).

BOLLING: It's unbelievable. It says, -- it's just crazy what goes on the floor. It's so much fun to watch from the floor.

GUILFOYLE: But we're excited. Can you tell about tonight?

BOLLING: Can I get you?

GUILFOYLE: Greg broken off.

BOLLING: Can I point you?

GUTFELD: I don't know.

BOLLING: You don't know?

GUTFELD: I'm lazy.

BOLLING: Trying to get and to come with.


GUILFOYLE: We're gonna -- I'm going to put you in my backpack. All right, coming up --

GUTFELD: I could fit.

GUILFOYLE: You could. Ted Cruz ignites a GOP firestorm after refusing to endorse Trump at the convention last night. The Texas senator doubled down today. Hear him explain why he didn't back Trump, next.


GUTFELD: Last night, Cruz hit the boos.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, my God.


TED CRUZ, TEXAS SENATOR: If you love our country and love your children as much as I know that you do, stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.


CRUZ: God bless each and every one of you, and God bless the United States of America.



GUTFELD: Now, that's unity. Something tells me he saw that coming, and so did Trump. Donald knows good TV, and knew that would help him. As for Cruz, I'm no fan. He's pure ambition in search of a spotlight. But it's hard to blame him. After mocking his wife's looks, the accusation that his dad might have killed JFK, which I believe, maybe I would do the same thing. I mean, that's your wife and dad. If you don't mind that, you're a putz.

But Ted, if you're still mad, why not just say home?


GUTFELD: But we know that's not his style. Ted has never met a stunt he didn't like. But Trump supporters, why assume voting your conscience isn't a vote for Trump? Trump should have thanked Cruz immediately for the endorsement.


GUTFELD: Then laugh it off. After all, for him, insults come and go like boy bands. One day he'll call you a loser, the next the great guy, it's pro-wrestling, all good fun, right? I think. And maybe Cruz was remaining true to his principles, something some conservatives deem less important these days. Or, maybe it was self-preservation, banking on a Trump loss. To him, unity is nuts if you're unifying toward defeat. But who cares? The only reason this is news is because it's conflict and conflict is exciting. So Trump should take credit for this, for livening up the week with this stunt, and then move on. Because let's face it, he's said far worse.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, if that's your real name .

GUILFOYLE: That's correct.

GUTFELD: . I was still not sure.


GUTFELD: Should he, should he have --

GUILFOYLE: It's one of the names said.

GUTFELD: It's one of the (inaudible).


GUTFELD: Shouldn't he stay at home?

GUILFOYLE: Should he even stay at home? I mean get the point of being on principle and if somebody .


GUILFOYLE: . offended, you know, my family, my mother or father, or you know, a husband of mine.


GUILFOYLE: I would have 100 percent socked it to him. You know?


GUILFOYLE: I love passion. I love loyalty. However, if you feel that principled about it, then just don't go .




GUILFOYLE: That's why you didn't see Jeb Bush or other people going forward to speak. And you know what? That's their position. Fine, you respect that. But he instead went out there and, you know, got a very key speaking position at a very important primetime moment, and I think it's really backfired on him. And nobody likes a sore loser. So the good explanation today is that you offended my wife and my father. If you felt that way, then don't come. And he should have stuck with the constitutional principle and I like the way Newt handled it and said, actually, if you vote your conscience .


GUILFOYLE: . and vote for the person who will support the constitution, then that person would be choice, Trump or Hillary Clinton.

WILLIAMS: Did you ever see the guy after the circus goes through town and he has to come along with a sweeper?

GUTFELD: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

WILLIAMS: That was Newt last night. Trying to clean up for Cruz and it didn't work because you could still smell it.

GUTFELD: Did you see --


WILLIAMS: It was there.

PERINO: That was the --

GUTFELD: That was a metaphor.

WILLIAMS: This was the --

GUILFOYLE: Greg has that from Dana.

WILLIAMS: This is the worst. I can't believe this. You know, it's so interesting. On one level, you hear the suggestion, well, maybe, maybe Trump set this up, because Trump actually, his campaign .

GUTFELD: He knew this.

WILLIAMS: . negotiated and they got to read the speech before it was delivered. So unless he thought, oh, gee whiz, you know, Ted Cruz is going to be under so pressure from the audience which is oh, (inaudible), Trump people, because everybody else stays home. And he's going to feel the pressure, he's going to feel the moment and in that moment he's going to come out of him, then Trump knew what was coming, right?


WILLIAMS: He made a calculated decision to allow Ted Cruz to go forward. But what it suggests to me is, if the point of this whole exercise is party unity -- didn't happen.

GUTFELD: Eric, you are ready to just go, ah!


BOLLING: No, I think it's terrible. I think he should haven't, he shouldn't done what he did. He -- I said yesterday, there was a leak that he said he was going to run in 2020, no matter who the president is .



BOLLING: . at the time which means, against Donald Trump. Everyone said no, he would never do that. Oh I think you just saw him say, "I'm running in 2020, even if Donald Trump is the president." The thing is Chris Christie tried this in 2012 and it didn't work. Remember, he came up --


BOLLING: And made it all about himself .

GUILFOYLE: Instead of Romney.

BOLLING: Instead of Mitt Romney, and then he came back when he wanted to, maybe run for president this time. And it smoked him because he wasn't part of the party. If you're not going to be part of the party, then don't be, but don't pretend you're GOP, don't pretend you're a republican, because what you're doing is you're electing Hillary. You know what Hillary Clinton did today? Very smartly did. You know, her campaign has been all over the place, she should -- they can't -- she has no message. She has no conscience message. They gave her a bumper sticker, "vote your conscience, vote Hillary," is now the new bumper sticker.

GUTFELD: But that's my point, why can't vote your conscience be for Trump? Why did they just assume, it's because they feel guilty?

BOLLING: Because when he endorse him after he said to vote your conscience, because Donald Trump is the only one who will back the constitution, not Hillary.

PERINO: Well, I'm on -- I'm just a washed up former White House press secretary, so .

GUILFOYLE: You looked pretty good.

PERINO: . as I was walking home, I was tweeting my advice to the Trump campaign, because I don't really have direct contact. My advice was -- say thank you, senator. We are glad he was here and stop talking.


PERINO: All right. Oh, and not, you know, give this story more oxygen, which they did. I think the other thing is that they are two very different people. Donald Trump is a short-term thinker, and Ted Cruz is a long-term thinker. Ted Cruz doesn't even care about short-term consequences. Remember he did the shutdown the government, even though that was a fool's errand. Remember he was part of the Senate Conservatives Fund, which is basically running against republican incumbent and raising money off with them, that's why he got all those no friends in the United States. He just thinks about the long-term, and that's what he was trying to think about last night. Conversely, I think Donald Trump is thinking too short term and not thinking long enough term in terms of the party on a night where it was make America .


PERINO: . first again.

GUTFELD: But you --


GUTFELD: Yeah, and also, the moral of the story is, you can't expect unity from a party after you've torn it asunder.



BOLLING: Right, but don't put him on stage.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, by the way .

BOLLING: I mean --

GUILFOYLE: . he's gonna need some of these people, going forward. If he wants to run and have a good, great political future, I'll give what I talked to you last night, words just like disgusted, not happy with it. That doesn't seem like a guy or colleague you can count on. It didn't engender any kind of positive sympathy for him or, you know --

PERINO: I don't --


GUILFOYLE: . encouragement, going forward. I don't think so. I think it did him any favor.

GUTFELD: But (inaudible) didn't mean he ready.

GUILFOYLE: I mean he says love it, but no. What I'm saying, do you think that Ted Cruz can get elected in a general election just with his --

PERINO: I don't think that anybody who has appeared at this convention -- if Hillary Clinton wins, I don't think there's anybody here, at this convention, who can run and win in 2020.

WILLIAMS: Wow. So that's good news --

PERINO: I think it has to be somebody else and I don't know who's that is.

WILLIAMS: And Dana, is that good --

GUILFOYLE: It's not even (inaudible).

WILLIAMS: Is that good news .


WILLIAMS: . for Marco Rubio? Who did not --

PERINO: No, because the party --


PERINO: The other thing is look at the makeup of the crowd.



PERINO: Look at the makeup of the lineup.


PERINO: You cannot keep up.

WILLIAMS: I can't --


WILLIAMS: I can't believe how like this convention is.


WILLIAMS: It's unbelievable. But I was thinking Marco Rubio sends this video. He doesn't even come. And then, here are some of you guys suggesting, well, if you don't feel it, don't come. But guess what? The governor of the state Ohio --

BOLLING: I didn't suggest that.

WILLIAMS: I thought you --

BOLLING: I never said that.

WILLIAMS: I just heard that --


BOLLING: Yeah, get in line.

GUILFOYLE: Get in line.

BOLLING: You got to be --


BOLLING: Oh no, get behind the party, because if it's not this -- you have two choices. It's binary, one or the other.


BOLLING: And it's not Donald Trump, it's got to be Hillary Clinton.

WILLIAMS: Well, maybe not.

GUTFELD: Maybe Johnson.

WILLIAMS: Maybe not.

GUTFELD: Gary Johnson, you know.


GUTFELD: Come on, Eric.

PERINO: Can you basically dehumanize somebody and brand them forever as a liar? It was a, it just probably a mistake to have him come.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, but the thing is, he made a pledge. He honored it. He's somebody who is a strict constitutionalist, respect the constitution, be a person of your word, and then he didn't honor the pledge, so --

GUTFELD: But he honored his wife and his father, and that matters more than a pledge, a principles over party.

GUILFOYLE: But then he shouldn't have gone.

GUTFELD: Maybe so. All right.


GUTFELD: Ivanka Trump previews her big speech. I'm excited. Tonight on Fox News, she's introducing her father before he accepts his nomination. We're going to talk about that when we return.


PERINO: Tonight, Ivanka Trump will step into the spotlight when she introduces her father before he accepts the GOP presidential nomination. She's not only Trump's eldest daughter, but she's also a trusted adviser to her dad's campaign, and what some describe as his secret weapon. On "Fox and Friends" this morning, Ivanka gave a sneak peek into what we can expect to hear from her tonight on the RNC stage.


IVANKA TRUMP, DONALD TRUMP ELDEST DAUGHTER: I just think it's an unbelievable opportunity for me to be able to present to this country my father, as I know him. The Donald Trump I know is both incredibly capable and driven and strong, but also tremendously warm, and caring, and loyal, and empathetic. So it's really both sides of his personality that I think have made him such a great parent, such an effective businessman, and ultimately will make him such a great president.


PERINO: All right. So Greg, this is a big moment for Ivanka Trump and I think that she's going hit a home run.

GUTFELD: I have high expectations, because I do believe that Donald Trump's children are his classiest creations. Not his buildings. These are truly his Trump towers, or his tall children.

PERINO: Oh, it's like almost poetic. That was good.

GUTFELD: Not really.

PERINO: Kimberly, do you have any insight into what she might say tonight?

GUILFOYLE: Not the specifics, but I know that she's a very accomplished speaker. I've done some charity and things events with her, where she's, you know -- did public speaking. She's an incredibly nice and warm and genuine person. Really sharp business mind, as well.

So I think it's going to be a very huge plus for him tonight to be able to give a little bit more of his eldest daughter to America. It's really, I think, reinforcing the idea, "Wow, this is a great family." These children really represent the Trump family well. And I think that's an asset, because...

GUTFELD: He can't be evil if he has nice kids.

GUILFOYLE: And they love him, and they're well-spoken and articulate. And they certainly have been, you know, battle tested and really risen to the occasion. So -- and I think in that interview that Ainsley did with her, it really just shows she's very warm and genuine; she's very likable.

PERINO: Eric, I read something I thought was pretty sweet today. That -- I can't remember it was People magazine, I think. She did an interview, and they were talking to other people within the building. And they said that -- in terms of Trump Tower, not this building -- that Ivanka's call was the only one that Donald Trump would always take. It didn't matter what time she called, meetings, in the middle of a board meeting, he would get up, and he would take her call. Sometimes he'd put her on speakerphone and praise her in front of everyone.

GUTFELD: He takes my calls.

BOLLING: He does. He loves them; they love him back. But she's a -- she's a role model. She's a fantastic businesswoman, besides what she's doing with the campaign. She's well-respected. Did very -- did very well...


BOLLING: ... in a couple of different clothing lines, some jewelry. But also...


BOLLING: ... a good person. Yes, she's very good.

GUILFOYLE: ... dresses.

BOLLING: Are we talking about the other speakers, too? Can I just talk about Peter Thiel, just for a second?


BOLLING: This guy is amazing. This is -- I was trying to figure out what was the whole -- why was Peter Thiel going to be so highly placed. It's going to be Peter Thiel, then Ivanka, and then Donald Trump.

And I did do a little research. Aside from the fact that he started PayPal and became a Silicon Valley gazillionaire, and everyone, including Elon Musk, used to work with him in Silicon Valley...


BOLLING: ... he's Christian; he's anti-war; he's been -- he's a naturalized citizen; he's gay; he's a free trader. And so he checks all the boxes that...

PERINO: Free trader?

BOLLING: Yes. But checks all the boxes that people...

PERINO: They run that through the...

BOLLING: ... that people push back against, you know, the base.

PERINO: I think he's amazing.

GUTFELD: He wrote a great book. It was "Zero to One." It was a small blue book. I read it, wrote -- I mean, I must have underlined every sentence. I think it was called "Zero to One."

PERINO: Yes. He's incredibly smart.

GUTFELD: But great book to read.

PERINO: Did you meet him last night?

BOLLING: I didn't. I would love to. But he's said -- he's going to set up Ivanka. And then Ivanka's going to hand it over to Donald. And you know, Donald thrives in these situations.

GUILFOYLE: That's a great lineup.

BOLLING: Where he has, you know, 70 or 80,000 people -- I don't know what it is -- 50,000 people in the arena, just clapping for him. He -- this -- watch for a good, good, good show tonight.

GUILFOYLE: I think it's great for him with women, too. That's what I think is going to be great. Between, you know, Melania and Ivanka, I think that's going to help really soften the edges. At least that's what they hope.

WILLIAMS: Well, he's got to do better with women, Kimberly, in order to have any hopes of winning, and specifically, he's got to do better with married white women. I think it's like 35 to 55. And he has problems there. I mean, two-thirds of American women just think he's not a very good guy, and certainly not what someone capable of being trusted with their families and governing.

I mean, that's the key tonight: Can Donald Trump, you know, say to the American people, "All that stuff you've heard about me, all those provocative statements, all the controversy..."

GUTFELD: All the things Juan said.

WILLIAMS: "... oh, don't believe it. I'm such a nice guy." That's why he's had the family out there like that. And now Peter Thiel comes in. By the way, you didn't mention, the reason he's in the news is he's the guy that went after Gawker.

BOLLING: That's not why he's in the news.

WILLIAMS: Oh, please. He's the guy that -- he's the guy that...

GUTFELD: That's why you should love him.

WILLIAMS: ... put the money behind Hulk Hogan.

GUTFELD: You should love Thiel for what he did to Gawker.

WILLIAMS: Well, OK, we can say it. You don't have to hide it.

BOLLING: You think I hid it?

WILLIAMS: Yes, because let me tell you.

BOLLING: Hold on, hold on.

WILLIAMS: That is -- all of America said.

BOLLING: Hold on, hold on.

WILLIAMS: That's why -- that's why the guy is onstage.

BOLLING: Here's what I've got. Here's what: Christian, anti-war, naturalized, gay, free trader. Oh, and I forgot, he sued Gawker. I'm sorry.

WILLIAMS: That's not true. That's not true. It's not that he -- if he had sued Gawker, you'd say, "Oh, well, that's transparent."

BOLLING: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, he backed...

WILLIAMS: No, he secretly -- he secretly put money...

BOLLING: ... Jesse "The Body" Ventura or whatever, whoever.

WILLIAMS: No, no, to Hulk Hogan. To Hulk Hogan so all his sexual antics could be -- you know, come on.

GUTFELD: Hulk Hogan.

PERINO: Anyway, obviously, it is a great lineup; and you can watch all of it here on FOX News.

Stay tuned, because coming up next, one of "The Five's" biggest football fans got to go to the Pro-Football Hall of Fame here in Ohio yesterday. Juan made a trip there with his son, Raffi, and is excited to show you some of what they saw. That's just ahead.


WILLIAMS: We've all been having a great time here in Cleveland, for the GOP convention. As I mentioned yesterday, I took a side trip to check off a big item on my personal bucket list, a trip to the Pro-Football Hall of Fame. Even better, it turned out to be a family affair. I was really happy that my son Raffi was able to get a few hours away from covering politics for Circa News, so he joined me.


WILLIAMS: How can you be in Ohio and not come to Canton, Ohio, the Pro- Football Hall of Fame? Let's go inside.

Here I am, trying to throw a football. My hand in an imprint of Troy Aikman's hand. Let me tell you, Aikman had some nice-sized hands.

And we're looking at arm strength. Now, all three of these models are of men who weigh over 300 pounds. I weigh about 175. How much do you weigh?


J. WILLIAMS: So, it's no match, but we're doing the best we can.

Here's what it looks like when Raffi tries to go in the body of Jerome Bettis, the Pittsburgh Steeler running back. Now, Bettis is 5'11", 255. And as you can see, Bettis' waist is right here, a little above Raffi's naval.

Here are modern football helmets. The key thing here is, you can hear the coach inside the helmet. So here you go, Raffi. This is what you should do with your dad. You should have a helmet so your dad can talk to you at all times.

R. WILLIAMS: Then I'd have to communicate with you, though.

J. WILLIAMS: We're here with the president of the hall, David Baker. David, thanks for having us.

DAVID BAKER, PRESIDENT, PRO-FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME: Juan, great to have you to the most inspirational place on earth.

J. WILLIAMS: A lot of pro-football players have become politicians.

BAKER: It is a great game, and in many respects, the perseverance, the courage, the teamwork, you know, all the values that you learn in this game can help you go on in life. And, you know, the difficulty is that politics sometimes is about separating people. You know, whether you're a Republican or a Democrat or, you know, different demographics...

J. WILLIAMS: Black or white.

BAKER: Exactly.

J. WILLIAMS: But in football...

BAKER: In football, it's all about coming together. And the only color that matters is whether or not you've got the same jersey.

J. WILLIAMS: But one of the big lessons here for Raffi, and one of the inspiring moments in my life was watching Doug Williams, the first black quarterback, start a Super Bowl, win a Super Bowl, MVP of the Super Bowl for the Washington football team.

Locked and loaded and ready to play.

R. WILLIAMS: There you go.


J. WILLIAMS: I want you to throw me right over the middle. But just -- lead me just a little bit.

I'm going to stick to politics after this.



J. WILLIAMS: That was a whole lot of fun. You ever have a bucket list moment?

BOLLING: That was awesome. You got choked up in front of the Redskins.

J. WILLIAMS: Well, you know, it was -- it was...

GUILFOYLE: Oh, my God.

BOLLING: But you did get choked up.

J. WILLIAMS: Because it was Doug Williams. And, you know, that's the first time a black quarterback started a Super Bowl, won a Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP. And I remember, at the time, he had a tough time even cracking the starting lineup. And so for me, I lived through that. So I wanted to communicate it to Raffi, just you know, hey, this is a little bit of the past. Because he's a big...

BOLLING: And you had your boy there.

J. WILLIAMS: Yes, yes, yes. He's a big fan.

BOLLING: That was a nice moment.

J. WILLIAMS: It was a nice moment. So did you ever do any bucket list stuff?

BOLLING: I'm doing it right now, man.

J. WILLIAMS: You mean living?

BOLLING: Every day.

GUTFELD: You know what's on my bucket list?

J. WILLIAMS: What's that?

GUTFELD: I want to go to a bucket factory.

BOLLING: And then make a list?

GUTFELD: Yes, and then make a list.

BOLLING: Check it off.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

GUILFOYLE: You could fill it up, that's for sure.

J. WILLIAMS: Oh, my goodness.

PERINO: Juan, your son Raffi is very handsome...


PERINO: ... very well-spoken, a Republican. I might have to amend what I said earlier when I said there's nobody here at this convention that could run and win in 2020.

GUILFOYLE: There you go.

PERINO: Maybe we have to recruit Raffi.

GUILFOYLE: And he's very athletic, isn't he? My goodness.

PERINO: Did you used to -- did you used to play ball with him in the backyard?


GUTFELD: Control yourselves, ladies.

J. WILLIAMS: Yes, yes, yes. He's a great -- he is a great athlete. He was a star athlete in high school and then on hockey, played for a lot of the travel USA teams.


J. WILLIAMS: And then in college was on a champion lacrosse team.


GUILFOYLE: I love it.

J. WILLIAMS: Did you ever -- did you ever have a bucket...

GUILFOYLE: Juan, that's how everyone knows how amazing you are...


GUILFOYLE: ... because look at your family and your kids.

J. WILLIAMS: Well, look at that. Look at the arms, though.

GUILFOYLE: It's true.

PERINO: Like Trump.

J. WILLIAMS: I think we look like we have olive oil arms compared to those guys.

GUILFOYLE: No, I think it looks pretty good.

PERINO: Olive oil?

J. WILLIAMS: We look like olive oil. Look at these football players. Anyway...

GUILFOYLE: He's great. He's fantastic. I mean, this is, you know, the future of the Republican Party. That's why we're feeling so optimistic.

J. WILLIAMS: Yes, well, let me ask you: Is there anything you've ever, like, thought, "I'd like to do that," but you never take the time to go out? Like, I've never taken the time to go to Canton unless I've been here for the convention.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, which is special, too, because you got to do it in, like, a father-son field trip, which I think is very special.

BOLLING: I have a bucket list thing.


BOLLING: So, you know, I played for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the minor leagues.


BOLLING: I never made it to the major league stadium.

J. WILLIAMS: Guess what?


J. WILLIAMS: Bucket list is tomorrow.

BOLLING: Thank you.

GUILFOYLE: Bolling. V.P.'s.


J. WILLIAMS: You know, Dana, you've been in the White House. I mean, I think that is...

PERINO: I've got a bucket list item.

J. WILLIAMS: I was going to ask.

PERINO: My great-grandparents came from a small town in Italy. I think it -- I believe it was Torino area, but it was a small village near there. And they both lived within a mile of each other, but they'd never met until they both had emigrated to America. And that was in the late 1800s. The ranch is still in my family in Newcastle, Wyoming, and my Uncle Matt runs it. And I would like to go back to that village just to see it.

J. WILLIAMS: I wonder. I wonder if it's a beautiful place.

PERINO: So Peter, if you're listening, there's your list.

GUILFOYLE: And then capture it on Instagram for us.

GUTFELD: I'm just saying, I have something that rhymes with a "bucket list."


J. WILLIAMS: Oh, no. Stop it, stop it.

BOLLING: I dare you to say, the Perinos from Torino.

GUILFOYLE: He laughs every time when she says that.

J. WILLIAMS: All right. Too much fun.

Directly ahead, the Republican National Convention closes tonight with the star of stars, the man, Donald Trump, accepting the Republican nomination. Final thoughts from us, ahead when we look at the grand finale, next.


BOLLING: Donald Trump is just hours away from formally accepting the Republican nomination on his final night of the RNC. Our final thoughts ahead of that big moment.

Now, Dana, what are you looking forward to tonight?

PERINO: Well, I would love to be inspired. I also -- I find him very entertaining. I don't want him to be too scripted and restrained. I feel like he should be himself. But I know the temptation by the staff, because staff tends to fret and overthink things, is to try to, you know, hold people back. And I think that he should just go full-throttle and do his thing. I don't think there's anything to lose.

BOLLING: I would like to see him just not -- forget the prompter.

PERINO: That's what I'm saying. It's like be himself and, yes, let it rip, because I don't think there's anything for him to lose at this point. I think he should just -- like what do you say, roll the -- put it all...

BOLLING: Roll the dice.

PERINO: Put it all on the table?

BOLLING: All in.

PERINO: Or something. Like all in, things like that.

BOLLING: Greg. Any metaphors?


PERINO: I just don't gamble.

GUTFELD: I'm kind of with you: something positive that has you looking up and not down and feeling aspirational and not kind of exhausted.

I think that there's -- there's -- there is a place he can do this, where it's not teleprompter and it's not off the cuff. Just a list of items. And then when you -- you just go down the list. And I think that -- I don't even think he does that, and I think that would help him so much.

I think he realizes that news on the economy goes right to the back page next to the muffler ads the moment there's a terrorist attack. He knows that an economy without security is like surgery without hygiene; everybody dies. So I think it's important that he reiterates that.


GUILFOYLE: I'm looking forward to tonight. It's going to be exciting to be there and to be on the floor. I remember what it was like, you know, four years ago when Romney came in. So I want to kind of see the difference, feel the crowd, hear the comments.

Looking forward to Ivanka and then to Donald Trump. I think, you know, he's somebody who rises to the occasion. This is his night. This is his chance to make the case. And I think he's, you know, excited about that, and confident in doing it. I mean, look how well so far, like Donnie and Eric did. I mean, like, fantastic performances.

BOLLING: Now, Juan, can you watch this evening with an open mind?

WILLIAMS: Oh, yes. In fact, you know, I'm interested in political theater and political discourse, oratory, and he is so unique. I mean, there's only one Donald Trump.

The thing is, you know, you guys are talking about you want to see him be himself. But if he is too edgy, then it would defeat what I think is the goal of the speech tonight, which is to say to the American people watching at home, "I'm capable of governing this country. You can trust me at the helm of your country, your economy, your national security."

He's done a lot of things, including that interview Dana was talking about earlier, where he said he's not going to defend our NATO allies, that, you know, just makes people quake. Earlier, he said about bonds, you know, we can negotiate down on the bonds. That made Wall Street quake. People don't like that.

But if you can reassure them that actually, "You know what? I'm not the guy you've been hearing about. I'm someone different, someone you like," that's a winner for Donald Trump. But edgy, you've got to have a little edge, I guess, to please the base, but the base has had a lot of red meat and, you know, witches' brew on Hillary Clinton this week. It's time to do some outreach.

BOLLING: All right. That's it. Republicans, GOP, independents, this is your nominee. He's going to take the stage tonight, a few hours from now. It's the one. ABC, anyone but Clinton. All right. "One More Thing" up next.

GUILFOYLE: I was like, "Wait a second."


GUILFOYLE: It's time now for "One More Thing."

And yesterday after the show, I had the distinct privilege of meeting the brave members of the Homeland Security Investigation Special Response Team.

PERINO: That's awesome.

GUILFOYLE: Supporting HSISRT's come from all around the country, including Detroit, Chicago, St. Paul, D.C., Boston, New York, Tampa and Phoenix, and New Orleans. They are doing an absolutely tremendous job protecting the Republican convention site, so we personally want to thank them for their service, for keeping us safe and secure. God bless you all. And I felt like I died and went to heaven with all of those fantastic men, let me tell you.

PERINO: That was great.

GUILFOYLE: Some of them are right over there, too. Very cute.

All right. Eric.

BOLLING: OK. So all week, I've been highlighting law enforcement again, because blue lives matter; all lives matter. And it's important to see who these people are and what their backgrounds are all about.

First picture -- this is the first one -- these are the bike squad. They've been amazing. They're the first responders to any of the protests. They get across town very fast, and they show up. That's Mike. He's got four brothers and a sister. Ken, wife and two kids. Janice, wife, three - - two boys and a girl. Chris has a wife and three boys. Jake, a wife, one boy, one girl.

Next picture, please. Howard with a wife, one boy, one girl. Rich, a wife and two boys. Matt has a brother.

And that last one here. People from other -- law enforcement from other states are coming. This is South Carolina...

PERINO: Oh, yes.

BOLLING: South Carolina State Troopers.

GUILFOYLE: Those are your boys, Dana.

BOLLING: Sixteen kids between them. That's Darrell, Derek, Rupert, Scott, Brad, and Farrell (ph). I hope I got all of you guys.

And remember, these people strap on the vest every day to keep us safe.


GUILFOYLE: God bless them. I like the "Baywatch" of bikers thing.

BOLLING: Amazing. Yes, they move.

GUILFOYLE: Bike team, I love it.

PERINO: All right. We've been talking about how great Ohio has been. Cleveland, I think, is an amazing city, and they've something really, really fabulous. It's called EDWINS. It's a restaurant that's like chic French restaurant.

Here's the twist on it, though. It's a place where former inmates, people who have been incarcerated, go to learn all facets of the restaurant business and hospitality business. And they get in-depth training from being a chef, or maybe management, all the way through. And this is a documentary. It's called "100 Second Chances."

Bret Baier actually went and ate at this restaurant the other day. He said the food was spectacular, and it was totally inspiring. So it's called EDWINS, and it's in Shaker Square in Cleveland, Ohio.

GUILFOYLE: How nice.

PERINO: Very neat.

GUILFOYLE: Bret Baier with a good pitch.


GUILFOYLE: I like it.

Greg, come on.

GUTFELD: I'm waiting for you.


GUTFELD: Your banter.

GUILFOYLE: You're so well -- well-trained.

GUTFELD: Your banter was beautiful. All right. Go to this. My goodness.


GUTFELD: I hate these people!


GUTFELD: So if you don't know this, Mike Pence's wife, Karen, has a business called That's My Towel. There are these little trinkets that hook onto beach towels. She has -- small businessman, it's great.

Feminists, however, think it's hilarious. So they've been making fun of her. These are feminists from...


GUTFELD: ... Jezebel, Fusion, Huffington Post. So I want to -- why I hate these people is, generally, all bloggers have no talents. Like these -- I doubt these women can do laundry or anything. And they're making fun of -- they're making fun of women -- a woman who is doing a job. I hate these people.

WILLIAMS: All right. I didn't get to show you one of the highlights of my trip to the Hall of Fame. So I wanted to tell you, I got a behind-the- scenes look the archives and peeked at the most valuable football cards in America. So who would have guessed a 1965 Joe Namath is worth $300,000?

PERINO: I have one of those.

WILLIAMS: Oh, my goodness. It's part of what they call the Hope Diamond of American football cards, including an 1888 Harry Beecher card...


WILLIAMS: ... '35 Bronko Nagurski; and a '57 Johnny Unitas rookie card. Check out more about the archives on "The Five's" Facebook page. And thanks so much to everyone at the Pro-Football Hall of Fame for a great visit.

GUILFOYLE: All right. And that's it for us. Tomorrow, the road to Philly begins.

BOLLING: No Johnny Football, that.

GUILFOYLE: We are live from PNC Ballpark in Pittsburgh. "Special Report" next.

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