Rep. Blackburn hopeful Senate will support Trump's choices

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST:  As for the picks that you know, well, we have known them here.  


REP. MIKE POMPEO, R-KANSAS:  Americans care about jobs and keeping themselves -- keeping them safe.  And the Trump-Pence team can do that.  

LT. GEN. MICHAEL FLYNN (RET.), NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER-DESIGNEE:  Russia has made a move into the Middle East like they haven't made a move in 40 years.

CAVUTO:  So how...


CAVUTO:  ... that relationship change with a President Trump?

FLYNN:  I think it's got to become more of a personal relationship, because Putin has no respect for President Obama.  I wish -- I would love to cheer for our president, but I can't.  

SEN. JEFF SESSIONS, R-ALABAMA:  Look, he's putting the heat on.  

CAVUTO:  Right.  

SESSIONS:  This is a businessman.  You're not paying your fair share.  Why do we keep putting...

CAVUTO:  But if he's president, Senator, and he has that view, and it might make perfectly good business sense, hey, you're not paying up, is he more or less saying, well, I don't know, if you're attacked, we just might not?

SESSIONS:  You want me to give you the answer?  

CAVUTO:  Yes.  

SESSIONS:  Yes, they got to pay up.  


CAVUTO:  All right.  Who knew that all three of those guys would be future Cabinet members in a Trump administration, that is, if they're approved. In the case of Michael Flynn, he does not have to be approved as NSA head. Of course, that is a presidential appointment.  

All right, Tennessee Republican Congresswoman and member of the Trump transition team Marsha Blackburn with us.

Congresswoman, great having you.  

How do you think this process is coming along?

REP. MARSHA BLACKBURN, R-TENNESSEE:  I think this process is coming along just fine.  And it's so nice, Neil, to see that Donald Trump is in control. Mike Pence is right there also working.  He had a great day on Capitol Hill yesterday.  

We have people that are contacting us, Democrats, independents, Republicans from all across the country.  They are wanting to sign up to serve and to work in this administration, because they know this is a time to really get America back on the right track.  And they're looking forward to being a part of that -- that winning team, if you will.  

CAVUTO:  You know, you have already heard what Elizabeth Warren wants to do now.  And she's not too keen on Jeff Sessions.  Chuck Schumer said much the same.  I think he put out a statement.  

And, of course, he is the new Senate Democratic leader, saying that even though they work out together in the gym -- I didn't have to know that -- but that, even though they do, that he has serious issues with his immigration policies and the fact that he derailed what could have been an immigration agreement years ago, the Gang of 8 and all that other stuff.

So, how do you think this whole process is going to go, Congresswoman?  

BLACKBURN:  You know, Neil, I find it so interesting that that would be Chuck Schumer's tack.  

We just had an election.  The American people have spoken.  And they have elected someone who is going to come in and shake up Washington.  And Chuck Schumer should be saying, you know, I look forward to finding out, to sitting down, to working with Jeff Sessions, and to talking with him as he goes through this confirmation process.  We're never going to agree on everything, but for the good of the country, we all need to decide we're going to work together.  

Now, that in my opinion would have been a more productive response and I think people would really warm to having a response like that.  

CAVUTO:  You know what is kind of weird?  We're also getting comments now from Nancy Pelosi, for now the Democratic leader, even though that is not etched in stone.

BLACKBURN:  Right.  

CAVUTO:  She said that Senator Sessions has a record of racially charged comments, but she's going back to those he made in 1986 where he referred to another lawyer, young lawyer as boy.  

Now, the argument at the time, and I believe Mr. Sessions said at the time, was because the lawyer was so young, had nothing to do with his race.  And when I looked at pictures, the guy did look very young.  

But, be that as it may, they're going to play this racial card again and again and again, even though we're going back 30 years.  Are these going to be divisive hearings?  How do you see it playing out?  

BLACKBURN:  My hope is that they're not, that they will look at Jeff Sessions' record, his record as a U.S. attorney, what he did for civil rights, the actions that he has taken, his experience in the Justice Department, his experience as a U.S. senator, his commitment to the rule of law and to the U.S. Constitution.

And my hope is that they will look at those accomplishments.  I always believe actions and what you have done is where you should go, what you should be focusing on.  

CAVUTO:  All right.  Congresswoman, thank you very much for taking the time.  

BLACKBURN:  Good to be with you.  Thank you.  

CAVUTO:  All right.  Have a wonderful weekend.

BLACKBURN:  You, too.

CAVUTO:  All right.  


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