Sean Spicer: Trump is starting right off the bat with real change

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, a big day of news certainly for team Trump, a lot of the notable figures in and out of the Trump Tower.

With us now is Sean Spicer, of course, the key communications guy at the Republican National Committee, joining us, I believe, from Trump Tower.

Sean, how are you?


CAVUTO: First off on these Romney meeting rumors, first, is that true?
They're going to meet, Donald Trump with Mitt Romney this weekend in New Jersey?

SPICER: That's correct, tomorrow morning -- excuse me, Saturday morning.

CAVUTO: OK, in Basking Ridge, I guess.

SPICER: Bedminster.

CAVUTO: Bedminster. I apologize.

Now, will he be offered, that, is Governor Romney, a post in the Trump administration?

SPICER: I think most of these meetings that the president-elect has had over the last 48 hours and will continue to have are opportunities for some of these people who are frankly the best and brightest, accomplished leaders in government and business and such, to share their views and beliefs and opinions with the president-elect and then for him to get to know them a little bit better or talk to them about some options for his administration.

But in 99 percent of the cases, it is an opportunity just to have an open and frank discussion about the ideas and opinions and suggestions they have about how to implement a Trump agenda.

CAVUTO: I see. So, these reports that maybe the media are pouncing on that he could be a future secretary of state, that is, Governor Romney, in a Trump administration, too soon to tell?

SPICER: Well, ultimately, every one of these decisions is going to be the president-elect's to make.

But I would say that anything -- anyone who is suggesting that any decision has been made about any particular Cabinet, until he himself says it, it's way premature.

CAVUTO: I hear you. Do you think it would be awkward?

SPICER: Well, no.

I mean, look, here is the thing. I think that one of the things that people have got to start realizing about Donald Trump is his commitment to enacting an agenda that's going to change Washington, shake things up, is what is at the core of him right now.

He is going to bring the best and the brightest, people who share that vision that he has articulated over the course of the campaign to make sure people come into government and are committed to making change.

He proposed yesterday a five-year lobbying ban for people who leave government. His goal is that you should be coming into a Trump administration to serve the American people and make this country better, not trying to server yourself.

So he is instituting a five-year ban on people becoming lobbyists after you serve in a Trump administration, and to take it one step further, a lifetime ban on anyone ever registering lobby on behalf of a foreign government. So, when he talked about bringing in real change, he is starting right off the bat.

CAVUTO: It's impressive in this, this idea that he wanted only die-hard loyalists or those who had been backing him a long, long time ago to be in his inner circle, he has proven that wrong.

He has met with Nikki Haley, he has met with Ted Cruz, and again this weekend meeting with Mitt Romney, none of whom were very big fans of his. So, yet, they meet with him.


CAVUTO: And Chris Christie, who was the earliest to back him -- just hear me out -- Chris Christie, the earliest to back him and risked a lot of his own political skin to do so, now, he seems to be lucky if he were the doorman at the Trump Tower at this point. What's going on?

SPICER: Well, look, first of all, Chris Christie is a valued member of this team.

CAVUTO: Is he still on the team?


SPICER: Absolutely. He's the vice chair of the transition.

But the reality is, is that Donald Trump isn't looking at this as who backed me or who is a Republican or who is a Democrat. He is looking at who is the best. Who is going to help get...


CAVUTO: Does he not see Chris Christie as the best anymore, when he bumped him down and got rid of his people?

SPICER: No, no.

Look, at the end of the day, he brought in the vice president-elect, somebody who has got 12 years of experience in Washington, D.C., and the leadership of the House of Representatives, an experienced governor and the leader of -- and the new vice president to say come in and take over the team. There's a ton of precedent for that.

Chris Christie is still a valued member of this team. But the reality is, he understood that we needed to get things done. We needed to do it right.
He wanted his vice president to come in and lead that effort. He understood how well he was respected and known in Washington.


CAVUTO: But what I heard about the Christie thing, though, Sean, is that part of it was that Christie was giving a lot of lobbyists' names and a lot of lobbyists, period, who were in the group. And Trump recoiled at that.
His son-in-law -- I don't know if this is true -- recoiled at that.

I don't know what the truth is. But, bottom line, they are out. It seems like Christie has been downgraded. And all these other people who were critical of him -- and it says volumes about Trump, I think, if it shows that he is not looking blindly to loyalists here. But I'm getting a different vibe.

SPICER: Well, he is not -- look, he looks at it like, are you going to get the job done? That's what he wants. He knows Mike Pence is going to do that. The rest of the team here is 100 percent committed to doing that.

That's why he went out of his way to say I'm going to have most forward- thinking lobbyist ban that anyone in Washington has ever seen. You are coming into government to serve the American people, not server yourself.
I'm going to make sure that people can't come in and lobby a foreign government because they have made connections through my administration.

So, at the end of the day, what this really is about is him showing that I campaigned and I made a promise to the American people that I was going to bring change to Washington. I was going to shake things up. I was going to advocate for every single American coast to coast who feels like their government hasn't heard them or listened to them.

And he is showing it day after day that he is keeping his word and he is getting things done.

CAVUTO: So, Sean, what did you think when Rand Paul, senator from Kentucky, former presidential candidate, said if Rudy Giuliani were up for secretary of state, or, for that matter, John Bolton, secretary, he couldn't support either, that they're too -- they're wild cards? What did you make of that?

SPICER: Well, I would just caution everybody, until Mr. Trump himself announces a nominee for a particular position, then it's not happening.

So, to speculate on who would be good or who would be bad before Mr. Trump talks about them is a little premature. But what I will say is, if you look at the caliber and quality of the people that come in and out of this tower the last 48 hours, and that he is scheduled to meet with in the next couple of days, it's pretty remarkable, Fred Smith, Eva Moskowitz, General Flynn, General Keane.

The list goes up and down of people who have been unbelievably successful in government, in business, in education. It's just phenomenal. And the quality of people that from the top is amazing. The number of people that are from the top is amazing.

And the number of people that want to be part of the Trump administration, we took almost 50,000 resumes in the past few days of people that want to do this.


SPICER: There's an infectious atmosphere occurring right now, where people who really want to see things happen, who want to see change occur, who want to make this country better are flocking to Trump Tower, who are submitting their resume to the Web site because they want to see it done.

And they know Donald Trump knows how to make it happen.

CAVUTO: Well, it must be a who's-who crowd. You were there, all right?

So, thank you very much, my friend. Thank you very much for coming.

SPICER: Thanks, Neil.

CAVUTO: All right.

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